Biden and Dems are Getting Stuff Done

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Contrary to my pessimism about the midterms post a while back, my attitude is beginning to change. Things are getting better in the United States of America, and we have President Joe Biden and the Democrats to thank for that.

Meanwhile, the corrupt former president awaits his fate from many investigations and probes, and his sycophantic friends in the GOP proudly stand by him. This fact reflects the stark contrast between our two political parties. One party is working for the American people—the other works for one man and a deranged group of his cult followers.

To be sure, you may not like everything Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing. Some might not think the recently passed legislation, The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), goes far enough. Perhaps you believe centrist Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema played too significant a role and whittled down the bill to something far less meaningful than what you would like.

And that would be fine if you feel that way. I, too, would love for the legislation to have gone much further. The original Build Back Better, which Manchin and Sinema basically sank by themselves, was much more ambitious and addressed many more needs we currently face in the country.

But damn it, this legislation does a lot of good, especially in climate change. It’s the most significant investment we’ve ever made in clean technology and other areas that aim to reduce carbon emissions up to 40% by the year 2030.

The bill also enhances The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by increasing subsidies for millions of enrollees, at least for the next three years. If not for this specific fix, many people would be looking at a substantial increase in premiums for next year and beyond. And for the folks worried about what the spending will do to the budget, it’s fully paid for, mostly on tax increases for corporations and a more robust IRS that will go after wealthy tax cheats.

But the IRA is only part of what Biden and Democrats have accomplished in recent months. And, to be fair, a few Republicans crossed over to support some of the legislation, including the most we’ve done on guns in 30 years and the semi-conductor bill, which aims to bring manufacturing back to the U.S and invests billions in science and tech innovation.

It’s good to see Biden reach across the aisle whenever he can, something he promised on the campaign trail. In other words, Biden’s rhetoric on such matters was backed by action. Even some Republicans got on board, which is no easy task in today’s wildly partisan environment. I guess the old man knows a thing or two about how Washington, D.C works.

Let’s not forget, however, who the GOP is today. They’re an extreme party that continues to fall to the whims of a deranged and corrupt former president. A corrupt former president, mind you, who just had his compound in Florida searched for classified documents he failed to turn over to the Justice Department. Yes, it’s unprecedented in our history. But so is Trump, for that matter.

And it’s not just their blind allegiance to the former president. We must remember that the extreme GOP-appointed Supreme Court of the United States has shown us what it means to be bought and paid for by wealthy special interests. It’s their Court, and we, the American people, are paying the price.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade unleashed a wave of anger on the left and even many on the right. It seems that folks are not taking kindly to the personal and private interventions over women’s bodily autonomy. This ruling might be the one issue that tips the midterms towards Democrats.

But it could also be their extremist and unqualified candidates running in the fall elections. You can’t make up the stupidity of Georgia Senate candidate Hershel Walker or the carpet-bagging quack, Doctor Oz, running for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania. These guys have no business being in the Senate. Saying they’re laughingstocks is being too nice. It’s much, much worse.

The bottom line is this. The prospects for Democrats, as of this day, are much better than they were several months ago. The generic ballot, which has been a reasonably accurate barometer of who will take charge of Congress, has been ever-so-slightly leaning towards Democrats in recent weeks. Generally, in a non-presidential election year, the current president’s party does not fair well, especially in the first congressional election of the first term.

But maybe this year will be different. The winds might be shifting in the Democrats’ direction, but as they say, a few months in politics can feel like years. In other words, anything can happen. It’s hard to say what things will look like in November.

If, however, you look at the two parties and are honest with yourselves, the choice is clear. The party of Trump, the GOP, is the anti-democratic party that, at its core, wants to control women’s bodies, determine who you can love or marry, and remain solidly in the pocket of the wealthy and powerful special interests who will buy as many politicians as they can to get what they want.

Suppose you feel comfortable with that particular party. Then, by all means, vote for them. However, if you want the party that will protect our democracy and honestly tries to get things done for the American people, you will vote blue down the line.

To me, it’s an easy choice. The contrast is as clear as the bright morning sun. A party that clings to a man who tried to overturn a legal and fair election, and fields so many unqualified and unhinged extreme candidates for office, does not deserve to hold power in Washington, D.C.

Progress is not easy in our fractured political climate. But President Biden, yes, the old warrior whom the right loves to make fun of, continues to do the work for the American people. He, and the Dems, are getting stuff done. And we’re a better country because of it.


  1. Of course, Trump had been, corrupt from before day one, he only cared about his own welfare, nobody else’s, that’s why Biden had, won the presidential, election, but, in his term thus far, he had, some, blips too, which surely, makes the people wonder, if he is capable of, ruling a country, and, the midterm, is, merely, an, evaluation of the party that’s won the election from before, and, maybe, the Democrats are, getting a lot done, but, I’m sure, that the people won’t forget, the slip ups that Biden had had through his term, so, the midterm actually, is, nothing more than like that, progress report of the party that’s won the presidential election, nothing more, and, the Dems should not start celebrating, even if they won that.

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    1. For sure. No time to start celebrating. The election really comes down to a choice between a party that’s steamrolling towards fascism and fealty to one man versus a party that at least tries to pass legislation that helps the American people-not just the rich and powerful. It’s an easy choice for me. But what do I know? 74 million people voted for Trump. Somethings very wrong in America.

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  2. It’s disheartening that the main stream media plays down all the good Biden and the democrats have done. I saw this today and had no idea. Never saw a word of this on the news.

    “The Afghan Adjustment Act would give some 80,000 Afghans now living in the United States permanent legal status and enable them to eventually become U.S. citizens. Importantly, the proposed legislation has bipartisan support, having been cosponsored in the Senate by Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and in the House by four Democratic and four Republican representatives. The politics of immigration explain why it took this long for a bill to be introduced.

    The Afghan Adjustment Act is a first step to setting things right. The United States has long been a refuge for those fleeing oppression abroad, but with those who left Afghanistan a year ago, we owe a special responsibility. We must act quickly to ensure that we helped those who risked their lives to help us. Afghanistan is now virtually a failed state. Afghans living in the United States have no country to return to—and many thousands more left behind now face starvation, torture, and, in the case of women and girls, no hope for a normal life. We must welcome Afghans into the American community by guaranteeing their status as permanent residents..

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    1. No Mary, you will not hear about it very much. But you will hear about the chaos of the withdrawal. That’s what the media wants us to concentrate on. And btw, the taking out of the number two Al Quaeda guy didn’t garner a lot of news either. Yes, it was covered. But again, that’s good news. Heaven forbid!

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    1. You’ve got that right Roger. Once again, we must turn out in droves to keep them out of power. Cheney is part of a dying breed of the old guard Republicans. I do not know if that old guard will ever come back to what it once was. Trumpism will be hard to defeat.

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      1. These folk and their outlooks remind me of problem of trying to pin down the exact social political stance of the Germany Nazis.
        In short they have a hodgepodge of conflicting notions. We read that by getting rid of Cheney they are throwing out the elites. And the place their faith in a guy who has known nothing but wealth and privilege?
        Basically they appear to be looking for some time and place which may have been which is essentially for them and them alone.
        If they want to have their own ‘nation’. Nice try, but it won’t work. They are …. what? One-third of the voting population? They live in the same nation as other equally driven and vocal groups. Those groups are disparate and do not have basic common elite structures to make a play for taking government (yes MAGA might be bottom down driven, but its elitest wing provide the machinery).
        That said if The Right in its current form take hold, it will face a radicalised liberal and minorities issue, who having lost faith in the current system will start experimenting with more extreme responses.
        The Right, if in power, will find the structure of the USA is not suited to the imposition they would wish for. It does not come from that heritage.

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      2. As usual, you hit the nail on the head Roger. Btw, see Nan’s comment, as she responded to your comment but for some reason could not respond to you directly.
        To your point, though, what you’re describing is the simmering civil war we’re seeing play out right before our eyes. It won’t be with uniforms or anything like we had in the actual 1860s Civil War. But, the left and the right do seem on a collision course at some point Roger. It seemingly began with the election of Obama, and now capitalized and exacerbated by the disgraced 45th president.
        Convicting and throwing him in prison will surely enrage his crazies. I say, let them be enraged. To not do it, will only enable him or someone else even worse than him in the future to tear down our fractured democracy.
        Tough times ahead Roger. Tough times indeed.

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      3. Thanks for the heads up with Nan’s comment Jeff. WP does like to vex us.
        Your fear for the future is one which has troubled me for a few years now. It’s playing out like Northern Ireland in the 1960s. One community trying impose on another. It’s not going to work. They are living in a fantasy land.
        It’s already started:
        And if the current republicans seize a hold in the mid-terms and are perceived to have ‘stolen’ the election (the door swings both ways) the risk of folk turning up at their rallies or pro-life ones and shooting at random increases exponentially. And then as we agree there’s tit-for-tat, and so on.
        There will be blood on the hands of Trump, Cruz and the like.
        The only hope is a massive turn out to vote against the republican candidates. Of course they will howl, again. But numbers will tell. Not voting by choice is not simply being lazy or trying to be politically astute (that boat sailed long ago) it is irresponsible. The fate of the USA is at stake (And by default Ukraine and Taiwan, to name but two).
        As you say Jeff, tough times.

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      4. I really like the Ireland example Roger. Makes total sense. As for the uptick in murders of law enforcement? When you have an-ex president spewing hatred and lies about those officers, especially the FBI, what you get is the lunatic in Ohio showing up at a field office with an AR15 and a nail gun. Only to be gunned down himself. He died. In the name of Donald Trump. SIGH. That says it all my friend.

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    My blogging buddy Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has found some things to be optimistic about and I like the way he thinks. We all need to remember that amidst the dark terrain of today’s political landscape, things ARE getting done, there IS hope for our future. Thank you, Jeff … I think we all need to remember that we have a president who cares about ALL the people, not only those with money to burn!

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    1. Thanks, partner! So much appreciate the reblog, as always. Yes, it’s really hard to be optimistic these days but we simply can’t ignore good news, even when our media likes to accentuate the bad. That’s what I was trying to do. And isn’t it something that after nearly two years, the disgraced former president continues to suck all the oxygen out of the room? My God, I’m so tired of him. And, he still has not been charged. If he does, that will mean even more months/years we have to deal with his ass. UGHHHH. Can’t he just, uh….keel over? LOL!!!

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      1. I feel cruel for saying it, but I’m with you … his death would be a welcome relief. I long for the day I can log onto a news site and not see his ugly mug or his name anywhere! Of course, even if he died of a natural cause, you know the Republican Conspiracy Party would immediately go into high gear claiming he was murdered by some nefarious ‘deep state’ operatives. President Biden would be blamed, Liz Cheney would be blamed … sigh. Keeps life interesting, but I could do with a little less ‘interesting’ in my life!

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  4. This response is to a comment by Roger that came in my email, but I don’t see it here on the post. I did have problems when I tried to post it as a message came up that said “the system” was having problems and to “try again” … ?? Maybe he had the same problem? Anyway … here is my comment. Hopefully it will make sense.

    Roger, in the last two sentences of your first paragraph, you write EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking. It truly makes me wonder … are these people BLIND? Are they so caught up in the rhetoric put forth by the orange blob that they can’t see where it’s coming from?

    He may be dumber than dumb in many ways, but he definitely knows how to work people and things to his advantage. And once people get caught up in an idea, it’s scary how it tends to magnify. And, as we’ve seen here in the states — how it eventually shuts out all other perspectives.

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    1. Thanks Nan…..For starters WP does like to mess about doesn’t it? I think it’s happier with folk who are running their small honest businesses and paying bucks for its space. Good luck to them. But oh WP……
      I am probably sounding like I’m on a loop (we used to say broken record, but I try and keep up with the times)….but Trump have never struck me as someone being in charge of anything, just an ego with a straight road to his mouth. He wanted to play politics and the MAGA crew hauled him out of the Walmart Bargain bin sale of Action Figures and boy does he do just what they want him to, and none of them have a clue of the potential forces they are playing with.
      Those millions of firearms are not their exclusive property

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  5. Brookingslib and Jill Dennison, Joe Biden belongs in a hospital dementia ward. The only lucidity he has, which is almost none, is induced by medications in all likelihood.


    1. THAT is a VERY demeaning comment in itself, but to say it about the POTUS is totally unacceptable. The fact that you don’t like the way the U.S. is being run is your personal choice, but to attribute it to the mental capacity of its Leader, IMO, borders on treason.

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      1. I think there are some folks who think they’re ‘owning the libs’ when they spew this nonsense. We can’t tolerate it, Nan.

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      2. Brookingslib, I was only comparing the different results. Covid did not exist until Anthony Fauci started meddling in and funding the research in Wuhan, something that really is not helping matters. In case you did not get the memo, many nurses have testified that most Covid-positive patients are those who are fully vaccinated.


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