Why Would Anyone Ever Vote for a Republican?

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From time to time, I like to pose a question to those out there who vote, at least those who do so fairly reliably every two years: Why in the hell would you ever vote for a Republican?

Because, quite frankly, the evidence is overwhelming that the GOP, as it is presently constituted, represents a clear and present danger to the American people. Do you think that sounds a little harsh? Too bad. I write and speak as someone who’s seen enough of this party to know we’re in deep trouble if they’re ever able to get power back. How much more evidence do we need?

Voting for a Republican president these days will get you the possibility of more crackpots and extremists who will sit on the Supreme Court for years into the future. Look no further than the current iteration of radical judges occupying that body, brought to you by and from the most corrupt president in our nation’s history.

Yesterday, those three Trumpist judges and the other conservatives appointed by previous Republican presidents halted a Biden administration mandate for companies with more than 100 employees to begin requiring vaccinations or testing and masking. Listening to the oral arguments from a few days ago, how they would rule was pretty apparent. But hearing the actual reasoning put forth by these idiots makes my head explode.

The science is evident on the effectiveness of these vaccines against COVID and how mandating them for various occupations has led to very few terminations and high levels of compliance. But the Court decided, in their infinite wisdom, that OSHA didn’t have the proper authority to issue such a mandate. According to them, Congress needed to weigh in for such a mandate.

The fact is, Congress did weigh in – in 1971 when OSHA was created and whose mission is to “ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and enforcing standards by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance.” I’m certainly not a lawyer, but it sure seems OSHA was well within its scope of authority here. But what do I know? The radical right judges are all Ivy League-educated. Surely they know more than me.

The administration argued that thousands of lives could be saved if the mandate were to be enacted, along with slowing the transmission. But, to no avail with these folks. They don’t care about saving living and breathing humans – only fetuses, it appears, for we’re inching closer and closer for this radical Court to overturn Roe v Wade.

Again, elect Republicans, and this is the kind of United States of America you’re going to get. God forbid we allow vaccine mandates because, you know, how dare the government tell me what to do with my body? But how about women and the right to choose what to do with their bodies? Never mind. You will do as you’re told.

Elect more Republicans, and you may also find that your vote will never count if they happen not to like the outcome. State legislatures have already passed legislation throwing election authority to themselves instead of election officials. So, if Donald Trump were to run in 2024 and lose again, they would simply send their own electors to Washington and change the results.

We, of course, could put a stop to these shenanigans if only we could pass voting rights legislation currently circulating in Congress. Unfortunately, Democrats need all 50 Senators on board to change the filibuster rules. They do not, as there are two, who I shall not name because they do not deserve recognition, continuing to support the ridiculous and arcane rule.

While those two Democrats deserve all the ridicule they’re getting at the moment, why are all 50 Republican senators against these voting rights bills? Shouldn’t that be the pertinent question from all media to these senators?

Why would they be against automatic voter registration? Why would they be against making voting a national holiday? Why would they be against creating minimum standards for allowing mail-in ballots, a two-week early voting window, and other actions that would make voting more accessible and safer?

We know the real reason for their continued resistance to voting rights: When more and more people vote, they lose. It’s that simple. They have no platform anymore, just an immense thirst for power. Thus, in their eyes, suppression of the voting electorate is the only answer, especially with the continued demographic shift in the country that is not favorable to them.

Elect more Republicans and watch them ban even more books, yell and scream about critical race theory being taught in schools (it is not), continue to block any meaningful gun safety legislation, advocate for more tax cuts for the wealthy, scapegoat immigrants, ridicule science, and deny that climate change is real. In my view, these are all deeply troubling and do present a clear and present danger to our country and, indeed, our democracy.

Are these the kinds of things you want for the United States of America? Unfortunately, there appear to be several million folks who wish to have that kind of country. They saw the election of the first African-American as president, and most of them couldn’t handle it. Their version of America was coming to an end, but their hero and leader came onto the scene in 2016 and gave them a sense of hope.

I’m perplexed, confused, and dumbfounded as to why 74 million of these people ignored what happened during his four-year term and still decided he was worth their vote. And now, unless Democrats can somehow manage to pass meaningful voting rights legislation, that individual could again become president of the United States.

Is it worth the risk? If you’re an independent voter or disgruntled Democratic who sometimes crosses over to the other side, can you please explain to me why this would somehow be a wise decision? Sometimes, I believe, it’s better to vote for the lesser of two evils, so to speak, than to cast your vote to a deranged party that still kisses the ring of an autocratic loser former president.

I realize that Democrats are not perfect and have said so on numerous occasions here. Surely they’re better than the lunatics on the other side, though, right? Are they not at least trying to help people in this country? Are they not trying to save lives, rescue our drowning democracy, and create a more equitable and fair society for all?

To me, voting for a Republican is beyond dangerous. Am I wrong?


  1. As radio commentator Randi Rhodes would say, “Save the fetus; hate the child.” It’s the Republican way. These folks who would vote for Trump again are deranged and, yes, as January 6 showed us, dangerous.

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  2. I have a terrible feeling it will take another uncivil war before anything in this country changes and God help us all if the Republicans win again. If they ever chose a real platform rather than one that has them “supporting” so many of the things that sound good to the masses who have shown in the past they will follow the lead cow, things might have a chance to change, but the way it’s going I wonder how much longer this country can stand. What took the Roman Empire a millennium to fall America less than three centuries. Root cause? MONEY. The Republicans have it the masses want it and are willing to listen to and follow the gander who promises the golden egg without asking where he got it.

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    1. I hope you’re wrong my friend. But I cannot disagree with your premise. Something is definitely brewing and simmering in this country. I wrote a post last week saying how we need to charge and prosecute Trump. But I also acknowledged how that also presents problems. Making him a martyr, etc…But in the end, we simply cannot let his crimes against our country go unpunished. I’m hopeful it still will happen, but still, charging an ex-president is unprecedented in this country. Will we have the nerve to do it? I

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  3. No my friend, you are not wrong. Those who would vote for the former guy again have already said they do not value democratic principles and would welcome an autocracy. They have been fed a steady diet of bullshit from Republicans and the likes of Fox “News” and are too lazy or uneducated or ignorant to think for themselves, so they grow fat on the lies they are fed. My best hope is that Trump is in prison by the time November 2024 rolls around, and therefore ineligible to run. Even so, though, there will be another just like him … likely DeSantis … who will take up the reins. The best thing we can do is to continue trying to educate the masses, explain what would happen if we turned over the country to a despot, and hope to get through to at least a few. Sigh.

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    1. Yes, DeSantis appears to be the idiot in waiting for the GOP. What a disaster he’s been. But, he’ll probably win reelection in Florida. Because…well..it’s Florida. Maybe the national media will do it’s job in explaining how awful he’s been? I know, fat chance!

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      1. Yep, he and Greg Abbott and a few more I could name … peas in a pod … a rotten pod filled with rotten peas! The media could make a very strong, positive difference, but instead they’ve decided to hand President Biden out to dry. Some days, I’m glad I’m old, y’know?

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  4. I agree with Jill. You are not wrong. And I say this as a registered and loyal Republican from 1973 until early 2017. I’m no genius, but neither am I utterly stupid. But I was sufficiently gullible to fall for and stay captive to the con for 44 years. I participated in Republican caucuses and campaigned for Republican candidates. As I reflect now, I’m shocked at my naïveté. Trump’s ascendence was, for me, a sufficient shock to the system to bring me to my senses. But his rise to power only stiffened the resolve of many of my family members and friends. I cannot reason with them; they angrily cut me off when I try. The Republican Party has become history’s largest and most dangerous cult. Our nation is truly in a perilous era.

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  5. Jeff, when I left the GOP around 2008 to become an independent, I had three principal reasons:

    -the stance on climate change
    -the unhealthy embrace with evangelicals and NRA
    -the greater propensity to make things up

    Republicans would typically see the last one and say both sides lie and they are right. But, it is not a normal distribution, being more heavily weighted to the right. And, in the age of Trump it has only gotten worse. I can argue policy with Democrats, but with Republicans I have to correct their misinformation.

    I said this about ten years ago, but most Republicans are voting against their economic interests and have no idea they are. Your first picture pairing two sets of GOP voters speaks volumes.

    And, what I find funny is the GOP is making such a big deal out of election protections based on the Big Lie perpetuated by Trump and his sycophants. Looking back to the Voter ID and gerrymandering bills that got passed in state legislatures since 2010, the GOP cheats far more than the Democrats do, although they both are prone to game the system.

    But, if people are concerned about climate change, please do not vote Republican. If people are concerned with civil rights, please do not vote Republican. If people are concerned with healthcare access, please do not vote Republican. If people are concerned about voting rights, please do not vote Republican. If people are concerned with the environment, please do not vote Republican.

    My former party used to tout being the party of values, law and order and fiscal responsibility. They do not check any of these boxes anymore. Lying is not a value. Rationalizing an insurrection caused by a Republican president is not lawful. And, increasing the debt and deficit just as much as Democrats do is hypocritical. But, in short, when the truth tellers are vilified and the liars are aggrandized in the party, that shows the party is untethered to the truth.

    Democrats are not perfect, but I do not see the same level of lying and malevolence as I do under the GOP. Until the party leaders are told the truth matters and held to account, this won’t change. Keith

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    1. I was hoping you would weigh in Keith because you and Jerry are the two guys I look to in these situations because both of you are former Republicans who’ve managed to see the light and leave the party. You both know it’s out of control.
      I do realize there are still some decent R’s out there. But boy, when they come out and sound reasonable, they’re attacked, maligned, and in some cases, threatened with violence. It’s such a dangerous time.
      Dems for sure aren’t perfect. I do not begrudge those who decide to vote third-party, or not vote at all as a protest. But, in many ways that does more harm than good. I’ve always said a viable third-party, one that could actually make in-roads throughout the states, would be an excellent backstop against excesses on both sides. But, it’s so damn hard for any party to gain a foothold. The game is rigged, as you know.
      Unfortunately there are millions who do not see life the way you, Jerry, and other so-called Never-Trumpers see it. If they did, we’d be in a much better place. All we can do is keep writing, get the word out, and speak the truth. Every little bit helps!

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      1. Thanks Jeff. That may be the former president’s one true talent – to rig the system to make a sale. Fear sells, so he uses fear often. Now, we just learned from Senator Rand Paul in a speech to medical students, misinformation is a good tactic. Sadly, that is true, but it should not be. What should be telling to MAGA folks is folks like Rep. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger know they are going to get death threats and be vilified by the Trump sycophants, but they speak out anyway. Why would they do that? It does not do any good, but after calling Cheney, Kinzinger, Romney et al when they show political courage, I call my rep and Senators, who are Republican, and tell them I complimented the truth tellers and need for them to follow suit. Keith

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      2. Yes, Cheney, Kinzinger, and a few others deserve all the credit in the world for speaking out. Good on you for calling the reps. They do risk death threats, and, as it seems, banishment from the party itself. They shall be on the right side of history when it’s written. The others who followed the snake-oil former president? No way.


  6. Good post … you said lots of things many of us can’t help but agree with. Yet it was depressing as well since the storm winds are blowing harder and harder against Democracy.

    This … They have no platform anymore, just an immense thirst for power. … is spot-on, but I would add AND MONEY. Quite frankly, I’ve often wondered how the ENTIRE group of Republicans always vote according to the loud-mouths, but it has become more and more apparent that if they didn’t, they would immediately be blackballed and criticized and could very well be booted out at the next election … thus losing that substantial income they’ve come to depend on.

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    1. Thanks Nan. I’ve always said that until you get at the heart of why things are so screwed up-money, dark money in politics-we’re never going to get the democracy we deserve. There’s some good stuff in the Freedom to Vote Act, which goes to some of these issues. To be honest, it’s probably the one thing that McConnell and the others are just as worried about. They like the status quo. They want no limits on campaign contributions. To them, money=speech. I cannot disagree more!!! Get the big money out politics, make it fair and equitable for everyone-not just the wealthy contributors, and maybe even have publicly financed presidential elections. It’s such a heavy lift though. Highly unlikely we get anything substantial done with a 50/50 Senate.

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      1. Republicans have their “”money-uber-alles” power, and nothing will ever take it away from them–EXCEPT MAKING THEIR MONEY WORTHLESS!!! THE American people are too invested in their own money to realise that if the economy fails, the rich will not be rich anymore. But how much is the normal American family sacrificing if their money becomes worthless (Most of it is already in the form of credit, not credit owed to them, but credit they owe to the already rich! Where is the loss?) Meanwhile, if your money was to become worthless, all the rich would have are big long lists of numbers signifying nothing!
        If only Americans were willing to look at the facts behind the facts. Money is power. Worthless money is powerless! Imagine if Trump et al were suddenly poor!

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      2. Interesting insight rawgod. It is always about the money, isn’t it? The rich are basically a bunch of hoarders. Instead of just hoarding junk, though, they hoard their wealth by shielding it from taxation in faraway places that couldn’t care less. And when D.C. politicians try and find new ways to go after that wealth, they simply find other ways to hide it. They always seem one step ahead. Personally I’d be ok if we went back to the days of a 75% top tax rate. It will never happen, of course, because they own politicians and the media. How do we people ever compete with that?


  7. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I have voted for a Republican a few times in the past, but I would have to be out of my mind to do so today. The Republican Party, by its own admission, now has no ideology, no platform, and only seek dominance at whatever cost to We the People. Our friend Jeff has written an excellent post that perfectly reflects my own views of today’s GOP and I am sharing it with you this afternoon. Thank you, Jeff, for both your words and implied permission to share them!

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    1. Thank you partner! Always. Our good friends Keith and Jerry weighed in on this in comments Jill. I was hoping they would because those are the kinds of former Republicans whom we must always amplify and scream out to the world. If only the rest of them had their wisdom and common sense. Gee, we just might have a better country, right?

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      1. My pleasure! Yes, I saw Keith’s and Jerry’s comments on your post … they always add something of value to our words. Yes, if the rest would listen, would seek facts instead of propaganda, we could have a better country, but don’t hold your breath. Sigh.

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  8. What we are enduring now is nothing new in this country’s history. Yes, the country came to blows over slavery, and it’s rather hard to fathom how poor white could be duped into dying for that institution. However, the country almost came to blows over the “cross of gold” in the 1890s. The Know Nothings of the radical right have been around in the US now for almost 200 years.

    Civil war now? The Louisville police pioneered what will happened when they disabled CB radios of people planning potential violent protests over school integration in the 1970s. A handful of tech companies can disable at will any electronics used by rebels, leaving them to do what? Imagine that you announce a revolution and suddenly no phone, no computer, no car. Your fingerprint, your voice — anything you try to use immediately stops working.

    What’s changed is technology, and that’s going to continue to change our world in ways that a lot of people are going to dislike. As we automate manual labor (now we are working on fully automated farms, which require cows but not people), there will be no role for the half of the US population that opted out of college. However, they vote and they have guns. Unless we can redefine a future for them, a certain level of insecurity is destined to permanence. Violence yes, revolution, not so much.

    What’s powering the radical right? There are real issues. Alienation. Lack of goals. Declining opportunity. Inability to achieve financial security. Declining standards of living. Plentiful booze, drugs and guns are simply gasoline for a raging fire. Very fertile ground for fear mongers.

    The financial divide between the rich and what used to be middle class is a destroyer. The rich have done their best to distract the public from the core issues by raising largely irrelevant or non-existent side issues. Immigration, Antifa. critical race theory. Whatever. Whatever fiddle works while Rome burns. However, the future winners will be the techno elite, not the current crop of Trumps, Waltons, oil barons and certainly not the rank-and-file radical right.

    As usual, science fiction writers already have looked at this future. Some of what they have envisioned is truly horrible — making entertainment out of killing the redundant or the reinvention of forms of slavery.

    Unless we focus on the key underlying forces changing our world, of which the climate is only one, and make viable plans for a very different future, we’re going to be stuck with what happens, That may not be good.

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    1. Thanks for the eloquent comments Vic. I cannot disagree with anything you say. It’s always amazed me that many of the radical right continue to vote against their own interests by clinging to the GOPs fear-mongering. They really do that well. In fact, it’s what they do best. They know how to appeal to people’s worst fears. Or, to put it more specifically, fear of “the other.” Obama’s election, I’ve always said, was the final straw for many of these folks. Trump, with his carnival barking BS, knew exactly what he was doing by questioning Obama’s citizenship. He was able to strike a fraying nerve in the community of the white working class-that their days being the dominant race in America was coming to an end-unless they began to fight.
      I don’t know how it all ends up Vic, but it’s certainly a dangerous time we find ourselves in. The solutions are complex and quite possibly, unfixable.

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      1. We’ve got to bring the other party back to reality somehow. I fear it might be too late. Losing 7 out of the last 8 popular votes to democrats ought to be a defining moment. But, it’s not meant to be. They know with the Electoral College there’s always a chance they can sneak out a win. So they merely double down and try to cheat and suppress their way to victory. Tough times Vic.

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      2. Part of the issue is mentoring progressives to be politically smart. The set back in Virginia was caused largely by polarizing buzzwords that most voters don’t really understand. Fundamental change requires support from moderates. The left thinks that because it has the best interest of most people at heart, it should have their support — but “should” is meaningless. People are risk averse, and unless they really understand and climb aboard, they are inherently biased to vote against change. That bias and progressive ineptitude is what heartens the idiots.

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      3. Democratic messaging stinks. Always has. Until that improves, you’re right, there will be more ‘Virginias.’


  9. why are democrats against voter id? polls indicate that the majority of the country does not oppose this basic requirement that you need to get on a plane, to buy a beer, to drive a car, and almost everything else to be a participant in our society? If anyone can get an id for these activities, it’s not unreasonable for them to show such documentation to vote.
    That’s not okay but vaccine passports are? More hipocrasy from the people who vote for these fools.
    This voters rights bill isn’t really about rights at all but to fedrelize elections and that’s unconstitutional.
    I’m glad the court struck down biden’s stupid mandate, it’s not the damn business of the government what the hell i do or don’t put in my body. oh, and to ease your mind of the notion that I’m a conspiracy theorist, I am not antivaccine, I don’t believe the stupid notions of microchips or nano technologies being in the vaccines, etc, though these things could be medically possible some day with advances in technology.
    The problem I have is that, less than a decade ago, pfizer and these other companies were decried by the media for criminal activities and rightly so. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. But now, all of a sudden, we’re supposed to trust these drug companies? I don’t think so.

    And, if they don’t have anything to hide, why did the FDA want to put a 75 year hold on releasing the information surrounding the trials of these vaccines/ That seems a bit suspicious to me but I’m just an ignorant trump cultist aren’t I?
    More people have died from covid under biden’s watch and this fool said that he would shut down the virus. bullshit, he’s shut down his feeble mind. i know people who have gotten covid after they were vaccinated but I thought vaccines were supposed to work? more bullshit and you people believe every word of it.


    1. Scott, at least people who are getting vaccines are trying to be active participants in fighting a disease that at present is virtually unfightable. One miniscule microscopic being is capable of bringing down THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE! Those who refuse the vaccines, no matter how bad the vaccines are, are succumbing to what they see as their fate. I would rather fight than die uselessly. And that is the crux of the matter.

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    2. I personally am not opposed to voter ID. In these voting rights bills, they merely set a minimum standard for what’s acceptable. In other words, instead of a photo ID, why not include something like a recent utility bill, or something similar. It’s all about compromise. Joe Manchin put it together and he’s always been on the side of Voter ID.
      Why would you be against making election day a federal holiday? Why would you be against allowing a two week window for early voting? Why would you be against allowing for easier registration?
      I know why Repubs are against all of this. They don’t want the masses to vote. Why? Because they’d consistently lose. Do you fall for BS about massive voter fraud Scott? Because that’s what it is. BS. Do you realize that since 2000, their have been massive studies that showed how with nearly a billion votes cast, the amount of voter fraud has been as statistically low as getting hit by lightning. The last election was one of the most secure in history, by the way-no matter what the previous pathologically lying disgraced president says.
      Scott, vaccines are safe and effective. The Supreme Court was dead wrong on their ruling. We will never get rid of Covid, thanks to the kind of thinking you just put out there. The unvaxxed are allowing this thing to not only linger, but to continue morphing into different variants. I blame the 30-35% who’ve declined to get the shot for all of this. They’ve been begged and bribed. I’ve had it with them. Let them deal with whatever fate they endure.. It’s on them-not Joe Biden.

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  10. To eyes overseas all you say is true and the questions asked should be answered.If you continue down the road the Republican States are signposting and the Supreme Court are enforcing you will end up with a slave race of poor and disadvantaged people with more joining them daily. And The onlly allies the U.S will have will be wherever there is a Dictator involved. It’s possibly the case that one of these is already doing what they can to bring this about. The KGB are experts at disruption.

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    1. Very true David. We’re not in a good place, and the pandemic has done nothing but bring out the worst in some of our citizens over here. I do not think that Congressional Democrats have the fight or fire in their bellies for what’s needed. I hope and wrong but I’m not seeing it.

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  11. As I said to Dweezer on Jill”s blog, voting for the lesser of two evils is what has gotten democratic countries in this state in the first place. If you had demanded candidates of worth and honour early on, that is what you would have right now. But you lapsed, and were not honourable to yourselves. You accepted mediocrity, and what you now have is less than mediocre. Please admit it!
    So now the horse of Democracy is near death, if not already dead. Stop kicking at it. It is not going to suddenly rise out of the sshes like a Phoenix. It is time to find something new, something that cannot be torn apart or rendered useless.
    Americans say they have more ingenuity than any other people on Earth. So prove it. Quit hanging onto the past. Create something new!

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    1. I still think we need another viable third party over here rawgod. It sounds like a simplistic solution but maybe it would work. Perhaps we’d hold the other two party’s feet to the fire a bit better. It’s not going to happen anytime soon, however. As I’ve said, the game is rigged, as it has been for a long time. Until that changes, we get what we get. And what we get, is not good.


      1. It would help, and I have said the same in years past. Four might be best.
        But the “paryies-that-be” are not about to give up their monopolies. Over the years of my life I have heard rumours of fhird party start-ups, but I don’t know any that have succeeded to even provide a partial slate of candidates. Aside from Russia and a few other one-party states, the US seems to be the last bastion of a two party system. (Facts not checked, lol!)


  12. Hi Jeff
    When the noises which are coming out of the loud majority vilification wing of the Republicans are distilled what we have is a very long list or tirade of what they are against: Gun Control, Rights of Minorities, Responsible Environmental Control, Abortion, Unbiased Teaching of History, Equality of Genders and so on. In fact a collection of reactionary, repressive and considering they are ‘all against Big Government’ a hypocritical series of measures to intimidate and coerce the individual by weight of one group into society- mostly white conservative biased male orientated.
    Basically. Why vote for this brand? If you are a white person who wants to keep a tight hold on your centuries old imposed privileges looking for any excuse or tawdry notion to justify your actions. That’s why. Mob mentality. Nothing new here folks, and of course not unique to the USA, so everyone else get off your high horses, here is a nation whose time of torment has come around again, it’ll be your turn soon enough.
    There is a body of thought in US political theory (theory for grown ups that is) referred to a ‘Cyclical’ which proposes an alternation between Liberalism and Conservativism in the national mood. This is an interesting idea during stable times but tends to breakdown when the US enters a period of social pressure where consensus breaks down across the political divide at ‘street level’ and matters become tribal. This is when we move into what I personally refer to as The Ulster model where your politics are strongly defined by your community; there are myriad parallels around the world, and throughout history.
    I would love to be in a position in a couple of years time to be able to say ‘Oh dear. What a polemic you posted. Whatever were you thinking about when you wrote that? See how it all calmed down and turned out OK,’
    In the words of the old song ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice?’

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    1. I hope you’re right Roger, that this is something cyclical in nature and that we will come out of this ok on the other side. Something just feels a lot different this time. Surely electing the MAGA guy like we did may have something to do with it since we’ve never had such a man like him before. Yes, we’ve had bad presidents. But, no, not an authoritarian type like him, or one that spews lies like you and I breath air.
      Keep your thoughts with us over here Roger. We’ve got a tough year ahead, with the mid-term elections looming. We must pull out all stops to keep these lunatics from taking back power. I just don’t know if we can, though.

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      1. I’ve bent everyone’s ear enough about my Action Toy opinions on Trump, so let’s move on.
        Yes 2022 will be a year of Indication. We can be sure that every MAGA and fellow traveller types will be out there voting. It is therefore the solemn duty of everyone else who does not care for their ways to get out there and vote.
        My adopted nation is always in my heart and mind Jeff. To see it sink thus hurts. Apart from two issues my wife got me for birthdays I had to sell off my Doonesbury Collection, far too painful to read of those more relatively balanced times.
        The true hope of what America could be, will always be inside of me.

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  13. Jeff, I just saw this in a weekly newsletter that I receive (The Dispatch Weekly). The articles are actually pretty bi-partisan — and I thought this was spot-on.

    As I like to say (more and more often, it seems): Two things can be bad at once. And, unfortunately, that seems to sum up the state of our politics. We have one party largely in the thrall of a man who spread lies about an election and stood by idly as his supporters attacked the Capitol. We have another that wants to spend trillions of dollars and jam through sweeping, transformational legislation at a time most Americans would be happy with stocked shelves at the grocery store and the mail showing up on time.

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    1. I think that comment is pretty spot on although I might add that people would also like the pandemic to be over. For many, it’s over anyway because they’re ready to get on with their lives.

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  14. Sunday pm

    Hola, Jeff–

    Excellent essay. You are a very talented writer. Thanks for so generously sharing your thoughts with us.

    My comments will have to be brief this evening, due to treacherous weather events in our neck of the woods.

    Think I’ve mentioned more than once that I have no enthusiasm or fondness for either major legacy political party. And, nothing’s changed.

    Also, believe I’ve mentioned that seniors’ (federal) benefits are my bailiwick–the only reason I decided to blog, when I finally figured out that calling in to progressive talk radio and C-Span’s “Washington Journal” wasn’t gonna get the message out, sufficiently.

    I hold no personal animus for any lawmaker (even if I strongly disagree with their policy stances), but, it was sorta a bitter pill to swallow when I recently heard Reid lionized, considering that he and Pelosi backed O’s and B’s so-called “Grand Bargain.” (you know, the one intended to dismantled Social Security and Medicare as we know them)

    Unfortunately, I didn’t save to a thumb drive, any of my posts on this topic. And, now, it appears that the Matt Bai piece is paywalled.

    But, in case any of you can get around the paywall, below is the link to the article that tells how the Administration–along with a willing Reid and Pelosi–would have sold out seniors, and near seniors–if Boehner could have gotten Eric Cantor and the rest of his Caucus to go along with big tax hikes, in exchange for slashing so-called “entitlements.”

    “Obama vs. Boehner: Who Killed the Debt Deal?”

    This entire investigative piece is a major eye-opener. I encourage anyone who wants to know what really went down (regarding the GB) to read it. (Again, if you subscribe, or, can get past the paywall.)

    After the Dem Establishment, along with the MSM, took down Gov Dean, we dropped our Dem Party affiliation. Without a doubt, the “Grand Bargain” fiasco that Bai describes in his piece was the last nail in the coffin, as they say.

    (Thank God Boehner was despised by enough of his Caucus that he couldn’t get their backing to follow-up on his Oval Office “handshake/deal” with O.)

    With so many Congresspersons not running again, we’re bracing to see if they’ll pass Romney’s “Trust Act.”

    IIRC, it passed as a non-binding amendment attached to budget proposal in February 2021–with 71 Senators voting in favor of passing it. I’m wondering if one reason for their frantic push for new (non-senior) programs is so that they can use the increased budget deficit to justify pushing the Trust Act through, attached to an Omnibus Bill, for instance. Obviously, lawmakers would face no consequences if they pass it on their way out the door. Wouldn’t be the first time that something like that has happened.

    Sorry to end on such a sour note . . .

    Heh, hope you Guys aren’t in the path of the winter storm that’s hitting our region. Take care and stay safe.




  15. Hope all is well with the weather Blue. Stay safe and well!
    You will have to enlighten me on Romney’s Trust Act. I’m not sure what that is. Or, if I get a chance, I’ll do some research on it over the next day or two and see what it pertains to.
    I get your frustration with Dems. Yes, thank God that “grand bargain” didn’t go through. I was disappointed that Obama was contemplating this. The yelling and screaming for bi-partisanship and how he couldn’t work with R’s was probably why he was willing to do it. But, in the long run, it did not happen.
    Being an independent, or not affiliated with any party, is certainly your choice and your right as a voting American. Myself? I’ve always been a Dem, through thick and thin. And I will always remind people that most of the things we take for granted…Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, worker protections, worker’s rights, disability protections, the 40 hour work week, minimum wage, and many others, are the result of the Democratic Party. Also, if climate change is something you care about, Democrats are also the party that believes in science and is at least trying to forge our way off of fossil fuels and into green energy. Oh, and it’s also the only party that currently believes in democracy, which is beyond troubling.
    So Blue, while I think you and I are on the same side of a lot of issues, we can agree to disagree about our party affiliation. I cannot and will not, ever vote for a Republican in my remaining years on this planet. Even before Trump became president I felt that way. He merely cemented it in stone.
    I appreciate you Blue, and again, please stay safe!!


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