The Party of Trump in Disarray

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On Monday, President Biden and the Democrats officially passed a historic Infrastructure bill with bi-partisan support. It’s been called the most significant investment since President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway project in the 1950s.

In other words, this is good news for the American people. It’s going to mean millions of jobs, along with helping our global competitiveness and moving forward with climate change mitigation. While the media will quickly change the narrative to how lousy inflation is under Biden and how Vice-President Harris is unhappy, we must continue to set the record straight about which Party is moving the country forward. And which one continues to lose its mind.

If you didn’t realize it before, I’m here to provide a small sampling of just how dysfunctional, crazy, and, dare I say it, in disarray, the GOP has become.

When 13 House Republicans crossed over to vote for the Infrastructure Bill, you’d think they’d get at least a modicum of positive feedback from their Party. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Some have received death threats for having the nerve to vote for replacing lead pipes, repairing roads and bridges, and giving rural communities universal access to broadband for their constituents.

And why would that be? Why would these 13 Republicans receive such despicable treatment from members of their Party? Because it gave Biden a victory. And in the political climate of today, you cannot give Democrats a win of any sort. It’s about power, and you do whatever you have to do to seize it from the ‘radical leftists.’

What about when it pertains to public safety? Surely Republicans would not be so callous and disgraceful by purposely disregarding their own people’s health instead of giving the Democrats a victory, would they?

Once again, it appears that yes, even sacrificing their own is acceptable as long as they’re trying to “own the libs.” Republican governors across the country don’t care much for Biden’s mandate that companies with more than 100 employees must either get the vaccine or submit to regular testing regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. So, much like their dear leader, former President Trump, they’ve decided to fight the mandate in court.

That’s right. These governors are fighting Biden on the mandates even though they know for a fact that mandates work. Most people will get the shots, even if they might not like it, to stay employed. Sure some might not do it, but it’s a tiny percentage.

What it does is keep people safe, reduce everyone’s risk for catching the virus, and, in turn, put the pandemic in our rear-view mirror and begin to claw ourselves out of the economic morass we’ve been living through for almost two years.

Ah, but there you have the ugly and inconvenient truth. Getting rid of the pandemic and improving the economy helps those damn Democrats. The GOP cannot allow that to happen. So, what’re a few thousand more lives to sacrifice? Hell, Kevin McCarthy wants to be Speaker of the House. Isn’t that more important?

Speaking of McCarthy, today, in the House of Representatives, one of his minions, Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona, became one of only 23 members in the history of that body to be censured.

Gosar decided several days ago that tweeting out an animated depiction of him murdering Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be a real hoot to his followers. Oh, and a threat to President Biden also was part of the clip. Again, in today’s MAGA GOP, it’s considered a badge of honor to act so disgracefully.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave McCarthy over a week to respond somehow; a rebuke, a condemnation – something. But it was not meant to be. So Pelosi acted because McCarthy decided his blind ambition for her job was way too important. You must show allegiance to the crazies and Trump or risk everything. But sure, he’s the next guy up if Democrats lose the House next year. Good luck with having that guy in charge.

I could mention the QAnon crackpots who gathered on Dealey Plaza in Dallas, hoping to see John F. Kennedy Jr. return to help re-instate Trump. But I won’t.

I could also mention what’s going on with the Republican Senate primary in Ohio with former state treasurer Josh Mandel and Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance battling it out with a few others to see which one can kiss Trump’s ass the most. But I will not.

There are many more examples of one of our two political Party’s complete escape to la-la land. But hopefully, I’ve painted a pretty clear picture of where we are today. I’ll probably revisit this subject soon because it seems as though there is no bottom anymore.

Oh, wait. Did I mention that Trump’s one-time campaign manager, Steve Bannon, was indicted the other day for failing to comply with a subpoena and vowed to “go after Pelosi and Biden?” See? It’s hard to stop.

In closing, I’d like to point out that many of the polls out these days are saying that the Democrats will lose big in the 2022 mid-terms. It’s less than a year away, but it certainly is looking bleak at the moment. And, of course, the media is already saying it’s over for Democrats.

But is it? Are the American people going to reward the Republican Party? For being the Party of insurrection? For allowing a crazed and disturbed loser president sitting in Mar-a-Lago to continue to lie about the 2020 election? For running the country into the ground for four years, giving tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires, and ignoring the worst pandemic in 100 years?

Boy, if so, we have to wonder what country some voters are currently living in. I want to think that swing voters and Independents will save us from allowing these folks to take charge of Congress again. Democratic voters, too, will hopefully turn out in droves to keep it from happening.

For now, though, we wait. We wait to see how things will look in a few months. So far, Biden and the Democrats are trying to govern the country. The just-passed legislation was a big deal. Hopefully, the Build Back Better bill will soon follow. If passed, it will be enormously transformative and help millions of struggling Americans.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for further updates concerning the dysfunctional downward spiral and mental health deterioration of the modern-day Republican Party. These days it’s hard to keep up.


  1. I can’t believe that you even have a little bit of pride in what this administration is doing to the financial condition of many people in this country. You must be very proud that a lot of people won’t be able to enjoy their holidays as they have been able to do in previous years.


    1. You mean like cutting child poverty in half? That’s terrible isn’t it Scott? What a terrible man he is to do such a thing. Or, is that fake news? Like overseeing nearly 200 million vaccinations and creating over 5 million jobs since being elected? Like seeing wages rise faster than we’ve seen in decades? Fake news?
      Keep searching Scott. I’m waiting for the caravan of migrants at the border. That will be the next far right outrage. Or, maybe critical race theory? Yeah, that’ s a hot one for the radical right. Maybe a public book burning or two? That’s also a new thing from the far-right ‘cancel culture.’ No matter what, you and your pals will find something to yell and scream about. Meanwhile, the rest the people who actually pay attention will continue to let you know the real facts. Even if they’re inconvenient for you. Thanks for the comments. Have a good day

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  2. the corruption of the GOP is top-down, because the former president isn’t moral enough, that’s why, everybody who works under him, doesn’t have a stricter set of morals, which brings about the downfalls of the Republican party…the heads of these political parties need to set themselves straight, to lead by example, but, they just don’t, they all have private agendas before the people’s, best interests.

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    1. Power. It’s really the only thing the current Republican Party cares about. They certainly don’t believe in government itself, although they spend every waking moment trying to make sure they keep their ‘government’ job. Even supporting someone like Trump doesn’t matter to them, as long as it helps them win re-election. I wish I had a crystal ball as far as knowing how this all plays out. I’m not encouraged.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Can’t say it any better … and this really concerns me!!
    “For now, though, we wait. We wait to see how things will look in a few months. So far, Biden and the Democrats are trying to govern the country. The just-passed legislation was a big deal. Hopefully, the Build Back Better bill will soon follow. If passed, it will be enormously transformative and help millions of struggling Americans.

    Meanwhile, stay tuned for further updates concerning the dysfunctional downward spiral and mental health deterioration of the modern-day Republican Party. These days it’s hard to keep up.”

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  4. Excellent post, Jeff–thanks.

    Under pressure to finish a project, so will have to swing back by to comment at length (later next week). But, from what I’m observing, I do tend to believe the latest polls showing that Dems are struggling with some voters, including, approximately 2/3’s of Independents. (needless to say, a lot could change between now and next November)

    Much of it has to do with inflation, of course–especially true for folks living in the South and Mid-West (according to CNN, inflation if higher in these two regions). Also, it’s probably of particular concern to those on fixed incomes–seniors, disabled, etc.

    Personally, I’m less than pleased about the palty spending on senior-related programs in the Covid Relief Bill (only 1.4 Billion out of 1.9 Trillion for seniors), and, if Nicole W on MSDNC 😉 is correct–only 35 Billion (for senior-related programs) out of a total of almost 2 Trillion in the bill passed earlier today.

    (I’ll limit comment on today’s bill, since I believe that the Senate may alter it considerably, making most points moot. For sure, don’t put much stock in what “talking heads” say–prefer to read the bill. But, tired of messing with it, until they have a “final” product. All the drama is getting old.)

    If Dems take a shellacking in 2022, I think that the primary obstacle will be the “senior” vote. Heh, the $2000 OOP cap on Part D RX’s is great. But, $35 insulin has been available in Part D plans since (at least) last year. Drug negotiations will be extremely limited, and, negotiations don’t begin for several years. So, not much change in Medicare RX prices any time soon.

    There’s quite a bit of concern around here about the huge Medicare premium increase. (for some seniors, the increase may nullify what was considered to be a decent COLA adjustment for 2022) Taken with skyrocketing premiums for other types of supplemental insurance, such as Medigap insurance, and, with no federal subsidy being offered to seniors to offset these increases–as is being done for those enrolled in ACA, Medicaid, etc.–Dems may find that some seniors feel like they’ve been thrown under the proverbial bus.

    This will especially be true if McConnell and Schumer strike a deal which allows for the attachment of Romney’s so-called “Trust Act” to the upcoming debt ceiling bill. (in effect, the “Trust Act” would create committees to slash Social Security and Medicare benefits, as we know them–just like O and B attempted with their “Catfood Commission”) IOW, a bipartisan effort to strike a “Grand Bargain” which Establishment Dems and Repubs have aspired to achieve for over a decade–albeit, pretty much under the radar for the past several years.

    Got a hint that this might be the case from a comment that Sen Rob Portman (a retiring Repub and well-known budget hawk) made on business news network. (he said that they hope to “tackle entitlements” during debt ceiling negotiations) Also, per CNN reporting, McConnell and Schumer met today to work out a debt ceiling agreement.

    Think the (debt ceiling extension) date was extended from Dec 3, to Dec 15. Will be relieved when that date has come and gone. Phew!

    We’re enjoying chilly temps here (20’s), but, Mr Blue and I love it, since it reminds us of Interior Alaska. 😉

    Everyone have a nice weekend!


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    1. Thanks Blue for the insightful commentary. I, too, wish the BBB had more for seniors. But I also realize that we get what we get because Joe Manchin is calling a lot of the shots these days. As is Krysten Sinema. With such a narrow majority, the margin for error is so super slim. Dems will, most likely, lose the House in 2022, and maybe even the Senate.
      Like I wrote in my post though, so much can change. And when you think about it, Dems have achieve a lot. A whole helluva lot, considering the narrow margins. Unfortunately, inflation is certainly a big deal. And Covid is still here. I hope things are much better come summer time. We shall see.
      Have a great day and rest of your weekend!


  5. The Republican Party is in disarray because it no longer has any foundational principles. It is, simply, Donald Trump’s Party, and whatever Trump believes and says at any given moment is what it believes in–even if two consecutive Trump declarations are contradictory.

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  6. do you know what infuriates me about the democrats? their hypocrisy on every single issue. environmentalists lecturing us about energy when they fly around in their damn corporate jets. social distancing and wearing masks when they are the ones without face coverings in huge celebratory parties and weddings. they demonize fossil fuels but take corporate donations from oil billionaires. and what makes me even more angry is bloggers who tacidly support this hipocrasy by not being fair minded about it and calling it out for what it is. Supporting people who believe in the notion of “do what I say, not what I do” is a terrible thing to do because you’re telling your audience that you’re okay with this kind of immoral behavior and I have to wonder, what does it say about your heart and your own moral compass? Think about it.


    1. Did I ever say Democrats are perfect? No, I have not. I’d like you to tell me when, over the past 5 decades or so, that the Republican Party has ever done, or passed anything that remotely benefits working class Americans or poor people. Are there a few Dems who take corporate contributions from fossil fuel companies? Unfortunately, yes. I condemn them for it and have advocated for a complete overhaul of campaign finance laws. Have you heard of the For The People Act? This is a law that would deal with a lot of this stuff; campaign finance, lobbying, etc…And guess what Scott? The Republican Party, nearly every damn one of them, are against it. Why? Why are they against getting rid of gerrymandering? Why are they against uniform voting laws that would make it easier, not harder to vote?
      You know why Scott. But you’ll never respond. Bottom line is this. That party knows it’s the party of white people. Pure and simple. Demographics are changing rapidly. People didn’t like it when Barack Obama became president. Yahoos and idiots around the country couldn’t stand it. So they do everything they can to depress and suppress the vote. They don’t want Blacks, Hispanics, young people, Asian-Americans, to vote. Or, at the very least, depress that vote. They fear losing their white dominance in society.
      One party is trying to address big money in politics, gerrymandering, voting rights. The other glorifies violence, denies science, and yells about critical race theory, that no school teaches in the first place.
      It’s a disgraceful party. Through and through. And, I might add, increasingly violent. I will not let you get away with trying to equate the two parties as one in the same. They are NOT.
      I never thought we’d see another civil war in America. With the election of the last guy, the traitorous, insurrectionist, racist in Chief, we now have millions ready to take up arms. Shame on you for falling for it Scott. I fear for this country because of uninformed and gullible people like you. Educate yourself please. And stop infecting my blog with your ridiculous rhetoric and pathetic ‘both sides’ BS. And don’t worry about my moral compass. You’re the one who sticks up for insurrectionists and racists. Later.

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      1. I hate to get in the middle of this, but …

        The main thing I personally see between the Republicans and the Democrats is the latter simply goes about its business, trying to help everyone (not just a certain demographic), whereas the former is primarily focused on and tries to pass laws that benefit, as Jeff said, the wealthy white.

        Further, I find it rather interesting that oftentimes the Republicans will accept the good things instituted by the Democrats, but will then turn it around to make it sound like THEY are the ones behind it all. In fact, I recently read how a Republican gushed about replacing an old bridge, yet was one of the individuals who voted AGAINST the Infrastructure bill.

        Unfortunately, in this day and age, discussion and compromise have become dirty words to the Republicans. In too many instances, they have flat out voted against things simply because it was proposed by the Democrats.

        It’s to the detriment of the PEOPLE of this nation that POWER and CONTROL and MONEY have become the determining factors of how things are done. On both sides.

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      2. You can get in the middle anytime you want Nan. This blog, if nothing else, is about fostering conversation and debate, in a civilized manner. You always add something of value and I very much appreciate it. I’ll debate Scott anytime he wants. As long as he refrains from personal and verbal attacks, he or anyone else is welcome here. By the way, you’re spot-on in your assessment of the way things are in the political world. I’ve asked Scott to provide me with something…hell, anything…the Republican Party is trying to do to help the people of this country. And I mean all people. So far, he’s been unable to do so. I’ll continue to wait.

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