A Pessimistic View of the Mid-terms

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I try like hell to be an optimist. I keep thinking my fellow Americans will ultimately do the right thing when it matters most. When they see the clear difference between our two political parties, they will surely choose the one that gives us the best chance of continuing to live in a democratic society and address the vital issues confronting us in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, of late, I’ve failed to maintain that positivity. I find myself increasingly in the category of folks who say the November mid-term elections will be a catastrophe for Democrats. Our current president has done a lot to move the country forward. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter to folks.

The American people are pissed. About everything, it seems. And, if I’m to be completely honest with myself, why shouldn’t they be? Inflation is out of control; the pandemic is still lurking, although we’re in a much better place than a year ago; and war is raging in Eastern Europe with a brutal dictator hell-bent on bringing back the “glory days” of the Soviet Union.

According to many economists, we’re headed for a recession in the coming months, which will add even more anxiety and uncertainty. And with Putin threatening the rest of the civilized world with nuclear weapons, how much more of this can we all take?

Of course, the irony is that none of it is President Biden’s fault. Most of the current problems we face, at least the economic ones, predated his arrival in the oval office on January 20, 2021. The pandemic wasn’t his fault, nor were the supply chain issues and inflation that goes with it. However, it doesn’t matter. The incumbent guy usually gets blamed when people pay a hundred bucks to fill up their tanks.

It doesn’t help that our mainstream media fails to remind folks of Biden’s accomplishments – at least not often enough. The jobs report every month since he’s taken office has been astoundingly good. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created, and we’re back to near full employment way faster than economists had predicted. The American Rescue Plan, which included an enhanced earned income tax credit, helped many Americans stay out of poverty.

However, it’s inflation that gets covered most. Bad news sells. The good news gets a shrug.

When the disgraced former president left office, we saw long lines at food banks. Lately, we haven’t seen that. Unfortunately, we might start seeing it again real soon. With a 50/50 Senate and two Democratic senators who seem pretty content to help out the GOP, legislation over the coming months that could help many people will probably not happen.

And then there is our current Justice Department, headed by Attorney General Merrick Garland. The clock is ticking and ticking fast. Yet Garland doesn’t seem in a hurry to hold those in power accountable for the attack on our democracy on January 6, 2021. I realize the issue is complex, and you certainly can’t haphazardly charge a former president with a crime unless it’s ironclad.

But my God, what else does he need? The January 6 Committee has already said there’s enough evidence to suggest that the former president committed crimes. But they’re reluctant to send a referral to Garland, sensing he might resist pressing charges if it looks like a partisan political act. Garland’s lack of action is already causing consternation among Democrats. Many, myself included, think that Donald Trump will get away with it – just as he has throughout his life in the public arena.

I realize a lot can happen between now and the November mid-terms. Sure, things could change. Maybe the war in Europe winds down, inflation worries ease, and the economy continues to surge ahead. But the trend lines ahead do not look good. Hope springs eternal, they say. But my hope is filled with dread.

So get ready for a metaphorical blood bath in November, folks. Do you like the book banning and anti-gay bills circulating in state capitals? Indeed the newly empowered GOP will likely offer up some similar legislation. Or maybe you want to see daily hearings about Hunter Biden’s laptop and even an old favorite, Hillary Clinton’s emails? Hell, we may even see impeachment inquiries into Biden as well.

After all, he’s old. Can they impeach him for that?

If you like those things, you should either sit out the election or vote for the GOP. If you want a political party with no ideas whose thirst for power overrides everything else, then those are your people.

If you think that a women’s right to choose to have an abortion is illegal, or should be, then, by all means, vote GOP. If you think critical race theory threatens white supremacy, vote GOP. If you believe that voting rights should be limited and suppressed, especially for people of color, then once again, you know what to do.

There are other reasons to vote for the GOP as well. Maybe you’d like to see more drilling in sensitive areas across the United States and increased subsidies for the fossil fuel companies. Perhaps you’d also want to see tax cuts for people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Or maybe you might want to see Trump’s wall finally completed.

And, if you think our democracy is safe, with no need to protect against a future autocrat – one who might even be worse than Trump, then again, please head to the polls in November and punch the card for the Republican Party. Surely they will reward you for the kind of country you want.

By the way, when I say Republicans have no ideas, I’m only partially correct. Indeed, when Senate Majority Leader McConnell was recently asked about his party’s platform in 2022, he said he’d “let us know.” Unfortunately, Florida Senator Rick Scott ignored Mitch and released his 11-point plan for America. He calls it a rescue plan. I call it a plan for America’s continued decline.

Rather than bore everyone with details, some of the highlights (lowlights) include taxing poor people, so they have “skin in the game,” banning same-day and automatic voter registration, banning abortion and porn, banning trans men from women’s sports, and mandating that all government programs “sunset” in five years. I wonder if that last one means ending Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? I digress.

Anyway, if you like Scott’s plan, go for it. Vote GOP. Even though McConnell hasn’t endorsed it, this plan is exactly what Republicans are all about if you know anything about politics. Scott is merely saying what Mitch and the rest of them would love to do if only they had power.

Thankfully, there is one saving grace if the GOP wins back power: We still have a democratic president who will hold the crazies in check. None of their ridiculous ideas or policies will ever see the light of day. Biden would surely veto much of it.

But make no mistake. If Republicans achieve power, you will, at the very least, see performance art politics on full display – every day. You’ll see hearings galore, followed by soundbites on nightly news showing America which one of them is crazier than the other.

If that’s what you want for your country, reward the GOP with your vote. Unfortunately, I fear that too many of my fellow citizens will do just that. Am I wrong?


  1. I share your anger, your distress and disappointment, my dear friend. You have put into words everything that I’ve been feeling and people need to hear this! People need to wake up and realize that the nation we once knew is being destroyed, brick by brick, and is nearing the final layer of destruction. The media hold a large part of the responsibility for the destruction … as you say, they downplay the positive things that the Biden administration has accomplished, while blaming him for every damned thing, including their coffee being cold in the morning! And the people … ignorance is NOT bliss, and I’m sorry but any damn fool who still believes Trump’s Big Lie is ignorant … hopelessly so. I must reblog this, for it speaks volumes and EVERYBODY, whether Democrat or Republican, needs to understand what is happening here!

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    1. Thank you Jill! I really appreciate the reblog. And yes, the destruction of the country continues. I keep hoping for folks to wake up. While the election is still a ways off, I just can’t see things changing enough to make a difference. If people turn out, at least those that have a working brain, maybe we have a chance. I think a bunch will sit it out though. Damn, I hope I’m wrong. We need a miracle Jill and I’m just not seeing it.

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      1. My pleasure, Jeff! Last night when I read Brosephus’ post, I knew I had to reblog it, and then today when I read yours, I felt the same. You have said so many of the things I’ve been thinking! You know what bothers me most? The utter ignorance of so many people in this country! Check out the comments from Dawn Pisturino on my post “Don’t Wait ‘Til It’s Too Late!!!” And she seems to honestly believe the crap she spews! And Orca Flotta, who honestly believes that Vladimir Putin is the kindest, most beloved man on the planet!

        On another note, I’ve been giving some thought to a project for us to collaborate on … just a raw idea now, but I’ll email you within the next few days. I’m eager for us to put our minds together!

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      2. I look forward to hearing from you Jill. You’ve got my attention!
        As for Ms Pisturino, I responded to her BS a few minutes ago. I kept it civil Jill. It was tough, though. Boy, you are so right. There are so many just like her running around this country. It makes me ill, quite frankly. I do not know how we combat it other than to keep speaking the truth, Jill. What else is there?

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      3. Yeah, it’s time we come out of our cocoons, our funks, and get this show on the road!!!

        Ms. Pisturino … I think she just likes to argue, as I find to be the case with many of the trumpeters these days. They like to argue, they like to yell loudly, and they know damn well they’re wrong, but they aren’t about to give up, for they fear that would make them look like the fools they are.

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    2. The media is mainly owned by the Wealthy, and it does not serve them to shine Biden in a good light. The Republicans have already shown their willingness to kowtow to the Wealthy, because, for the most part, they are already wealthy too, or they are willing to sell their votes to the highest bidders, those being the wealthy.
      And from everything I have read, they have already brainwashed the brainwashable. People get on the internet and repeat what they hear on FOX NEWS as if it is gospel truth, Democrats are believed to be Evil Incarnate. And they will defend thoee beliefs in the face of any fact to the contrary.
      Sorry to say, your nation is going, or already has gone, off the deep end. And the Democrats are putting up a lacklustre fight, as if they have already conceded losing the the Mid-Terms. It is a sad state of affairs. AND YOU HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME TO CORRECT IT!

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      1. You’re right, rawgod. Democrats are definitely “putting up a lackluster fight.” Yesterday, there was a Democratic state Senator from Michigan, who gave a speech before the legislature. It might have been one of the most powerful I’ve ever seen given by a Democrat. Full of passion, heart, and anger. I wish we could bottle it up and give to every damn Democrat in Congress because they could learn a few things from her. But your point is absolutely spot-on. We need to fight them, and fight them with vigor, passion, and truth.

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      2. Right? Totally agree Mary. This ought to be “Democrats MUST do better 101.” Instead of ignoring or letting them get away with lies, you have to confront them head-on. She did an unbelievable job.

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  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Jeff hasn’t been posting much of late, but when he does, he DOES! This post says everything I’ve been feeling, and likely much of what you’ve all been feeling of late. Please take a few minutes to read and think about it … share his words if you feel so inclined, for we need everyone to understand where the current path leads. Thanks, Jeff!


  3. Just a small side note on your rant (which, BTW, I totally agreed with) …

    You wrote about Garland Merrick and made this observation … “Garland’s lack of action.” Thinking about this, one can’t help but wonder if this could have been a problem had he been allowed to join the Supreme Court. Hmmm.

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      1. No, I’m wondering if his hesitation, which is resulting in “lack of action,” been a problem if he were one of the SC judges? IOW, is this delay simply “politics” or is it part of his nature to be extra/overly cautious?

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      2. Ahhh. I gotcha Nan. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s his nature to be overly cautious, which is related to him not wanting to appear ‘political.’ My hope is that there’s a lot going on at Justice as it relates to the Jan 6 coup, and we’re just not privy to most of it. If not, that means you know who keeps playing golf, inciting the crazies, and leaves us open to something even worse next time. I’m not optimistic

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    1. So true. I keep thinking who can the democrats run for President in 2024. Someone who came along out of the blue like Obama…Biden is a good man and has done a lot of good things, that the press overlooks and does not report, but he lacks the passion and charisma.

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      1. AND … he’s old! IMO, we definitely need some younger blood. Experience and years of service have their place, but so does verve, enthusiasm, and NEW ideas.

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      2. Per my comment to Mary, I agree Nan. He’d be what, 81 if he were to run and win? That’s too old in my view. Besides, can you imagine how hateful the GOP ads will be?


      3. They really need to find someone. I still think Michelle Obama is the best choice, but she is too smart to run. She has seen the stress of being POTUS up close and personal, and she wants no part in it. And that is what makes her IDEAL!

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      4. I think she would make an excellent president and would handily win the nomination if she were to decide to do it. Sadly, she’s said on numerous occasions she’s not interested. Can’t say I blame her.


      5. Although I agree with you that she would be ideal in so many ways, I would hate to think what “certain politicians” (and others who think as they do) would do to her if she were elected. There would be no end to their desire to destroy not only what she stands for, but her as a person as well. I TRULY hope she doesn’t change her mind!


      6. And, let’s face it Mary. He’s old. I’m not saying just because he’s old that’s a bad thing. And I think he’s doing a wonderful job on so many things. But, we need an infusion of energy in 2024. I hear he plans on running. I hope he changes his mind.

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  4. Reblogged this on Michael Seidel, writer and commented:
    Jeff’s post and pessimism is a mirror to my views. The way the GOP behaves shocks me, but the Democrats react with such ineptitude. Oddly, while Republicans want to curtail rights and end government programs, effectively dragging the United States back several decades, it’d the Democrats who are using political strategy and tactics from the 1950s to counter the GOP’s machine. Make no mistake, it is a calculating and cunning machine that the GOP uses to throttle freedom, democracy, and equality, while blaring that they’re all about freedom, democracy, and equality. The truth is outed by the GOP’s actions (and lack of it), but as Jeff points out, and others highlight in comments, soundbites, amplified, repeated, and distorted, rule US politics.

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    1. Thank you Michael, I really appreciate the reblog. And, you’re spot-on in your analysis of what we’re up against. The GOP is not only cunning, but they are diabolical in how they go about spreading their misinformation. Telling lies over and over resonates with a lot of people-at least the ones who are gullible enough to believe them. Or, they’re just too damn lazy to research things. We better wake up fast Michael. I could not agree more.

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      1. Thanks, Jeff. Let’s hope more awaken to what the GOP is doing and move out of Trump’s shadow, so that we have a governing, better functioning government again. Meanwhile, can we do something about the Democrats and Big Money?


  5. This is indeed a bleak picture Jeff.
    It is time to raise the rhetoric up another notch or two. Time to spread out a few home truths and wake folk up.
    The Republican approach is shallow, based on doctrinal White Panic and that does not mean all white folks can say ‘What a shame. Still not my problem,’ For it will come to their doors too. Time to ram that home to them.

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      1. The day Trump slithered into the Whitehouse Jeff.
        The trouble is a lot of folk didn’t shout long and hard enough, or thought him a single fluke that would go away when everyone turned their backs on him. They did not perceive the grouping which had put him there.
        I never saw anything funny about him either. It was one time I was critical of SNL, of turning him into a lampoon. You lampoon someone of that nature and you make them acceptable.
        The whole movement is unacceptable to the well being on The USA.
        And sadly for folk such as you the opposition rarely lacks the Fire in The Belly to take them on and win over the undecided or steel the groundswell of the opposition.

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      2. 100% Roger. This is no time for timidity. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party suffers from way too much of it. We need “Fire in The Belly” times a thousand.

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  6. If this is too long delete it, but it’s my favorite poem from Yeats in 1919. It comes with modern interpretation that fits today.

    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst 
Are full of passionate intensity.”

    Yeats wrote these lines in 1919, the year after the Great War saw the collapse of three royal houses—the Habsburgs, in Austro-Hungary; the Hohenzollerns, in Germany; and in Russia, the Romanovs, whose double-eagle was replaced by the hammer and sickle insignia of the Bolsheviks—and a pandemic killed off a significant percentage of the population. His was a topsy-turvy world.

    A century and change later, the world is just as topsy-turvy. Anarchic forces are again on the rise. There is no center, at least not politically. Things do seem to be falling apart. And there is no question that the worst are intensely passionate.

    Yeats was interested in the occult. He made horoscopes and read tarot. “The Second Coming” was supposedly the product of some sort of automatic writing, the collective consciousness using him as a vessel to articulate itself. Which makes the second and final verse all the more ominous:

    “Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

    Here, Yeats describes a vision, like something from Revelation—and it’s not a hopeful one. Sure, there is a Second Coming, but the “rough beast” he foretells is not to be confused with the Prince of Peace. And he was right! In 1919, Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin were already walking the earth. Fascism was on the rise. The world had yet to endure the Great Depression, or the unspeakable horrors of the Second World War.

    What the poem really means, I think, is this: When the leaders of the forces of good are absent—when their voices are silent; when the rest of us must rely only on blind faith that they are working on our behalf_the minions of darkness and evil brazenly ascend. In such a void, a rough beast can indeed slouch his way to rebirth at Bethlehem (or, if you prefer a more temporal example, to election to the White House), perverting all that is virtuous and true, and causing those of us fighting on the side of truth and justice to lose faith (“lack all conviction”).

    In short, it’s the silence that dooms us.
    The falconers need to raise their voices.

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    1. Thanks for sharing that Mary. Like the old saying goes, history does repeat itself, does it not? The forces of darkness are trying to prevail. We cannot let them. But it’s a scary time right now. No doubt about it.

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      1. Brookingslib, both are bought and paid for by corporations. They both engage in name-caling and arguing in public settings and yet very likely attend all of the same parties behind the scenes.


      2. Nan, they are all liars. They both want control over the population. Libertarian-types seem to believe that people should leave each other alone and stay outv of other people’s perconal business.


      3. Sadly, it’s a human trait, so that makes Libertarian-types just as guilty as any others. The trick is finding that rare exception among the masses. And good luck with that!


      4. I’m still waiting to hear of any successful libertarian government in the history of the world. To my knowledge, the answer is none.


      5. Somalia is, and has always been, a failed state/country. There will never be a successful libertarian government. It’s a philosophy and theory. Nothing more-nothing less.


      6. Because you tout being a libertarian and have said America would be better off with that type of government. That would be a disaster in my opinion, as would be a pure socialistic type government.

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      7. Brookingslib, wrong on both counts. Donald Trump believed in the vaccines and yet he never tried to force them upon people. Joe Biden believes in them and yet he also wants to mandate them, so who is the bigger tyrant here?


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