Will Sarah Palin Join the Clown Car Caucus?

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Is the Clown Car Caucus about to expand? The infamous Sarah Palin has decided she’s the best person to replace long-time U.S. House of Representative Don Young of Alaska, who recently passed away. When you think they can’t get crazier, the loony bin opens up, and another one escapes to join their merry group of carnival barkers.

The irony, of course, is that Palin is the undisputed and groundbreaking founding member of the illustrious and growing team of crackpots and conspiracy theorists who currently make up a sizable chunk of the GOP. That’s right; without her, we may never have seen the likes of Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Lauren Boebert (Colo.) – or Donald Trump. What a tragedy and catastrophe that would have been for all of us who revel in the comedic buffoonery.

Perhaps the people of Alaska will decide Palin should stick to appearances on Fox News and elect someone different. I suppose that’s being a bit optimistic, but it’s possible nevertheless. After all, there are multiple people ready to compete in the primary to replace Young. I suspect that her celebrity and ability to be as Trumpy as the best of them will win the day.

Unfortunately, Palin’s entry into our national political consciousness rests with one man: John McCain. The late Senator from Arizona, a man I respected and admired, severely damaged his reputation and legacy by choosing her as his vice-presidential running-mate in the 2008 presidential election. It was an act of desperation that started with a bang but ended fizzling spectacularly. It’s not the only reason McCain lost, but it certainly contributed mightily.

I remember working the day after he announced Palin as his running mate. The reaction among many of my co-workers, at least those who paid attention to politics, was overwhelmingly positive. They thought it was “brilliant,” “bold,” and “thinking outside the box.” Of course, that was before she started to talk. Soon, the accolades thrown in her direction became a deafening silence.

There wasn’t much in between the ears, in other words. But Palin was good at something that Trump perfected into an art form. When it came to grievance politics, she was pretty damn good. Who can forget her infamous quote about Barack Obama “palling around with terrorists.” From a typical Republican voter’s perspective, it was brilliant. Going after Obama, a person of color with a funny name, Palin was ripe for the crazies, even back then.

Unfortunately for Palin, though, her life after failing to win with McCain in 2008 hasn’t panned out very well. She’s failed at a few ventures, including a gig paying her a million bucks a year at Fox News. It’s pretty pathetic she couldn’t even cut it at Fox. But it doesn’t matter much in today’s world of crazy politics. Failing at business or anything else is merely an afterthought in today’s GOP. All one has to do is look at the guy who won in 2016 – he of the multiple bankruptcies and other misadventures.

The failures of Palin, in other words, will not preclude her chances of winning Young’s seat. Because in our present political climate, it’s not about what you’ve done before but how good you are at owning the libs. And Palin, much like Trump, excels at it.

If she wins, she’ll fit right in. The culture wars will be running hot in this year’s mid-terms. Banning books, being anti-gay/transgender, and the perils of critical race theory will all be on the ballot in many districts this fall. While we certainly had cultural issues in the 2008 election, nothing back then comes close to the bigotry and far-right freak-outs we now see daily.

And it all means that Sarah Palin will have a fighting chance in the fall for victory. If she prevails, she will immediately vie for the craziest of them all. It’s a tough contest, to be sure, but is there anyone else more qualified to lead the charge against the “radical left?” Indeed, in her statement announcing her candidacy, she mentioned how the left was destroying the country, and she needed to join the fight.

Much like Boebert, Greene, and fellow Reps Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Madison Cawthorn (NC.), and Paul Gosar (AZ.), though, Palin will not offer much by way of policy. It’s not what they are in Congress for anyway. It’s about saying the most ridiculous thing you can and hoping a few clips show up on Fox and other right-wing media outlets.

Policy doesn’t matter much to most D.C. Republican politicians anymore anyway. Asked by a reporter what platform and policies they would offer if they were to win in November, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “I’ll let you know.” Palin will fit in nicely if victorious.

Palin would undoubtedly be first in line to be the de facto chair of the Clown Car Caucus. Yes, the others will have seniority over her, but nobody can question her crackpot brilliance. The others may have to defer and concede to Palin for the title of unofficial spokesperson. Surely a power struggle will ensue. But in the end, her legendary and pioneering status as queen of the crackpots will ultimately win out.

And the king of them all, Donald Trump, has endorsed Palin. Indeed her victory is all but assured.


  1. Not so fast, partner! Given that Palin’s popularity dropped from 93% to 54% during her couple of years pretending to be Governor of Alaska, and given that she resigned with more than a year left in her term, I’m not so sure the people of Alaska are ready to send her to Congress. At least, I hope not! If you remember, back in the day I awarded her the title “America’s #2 Bimbo”! Nothing I’ve seen since has convinced me that there is a brain behind that ugly face. But alas, partisan politics are alive and well, and the GOP has sold its soul to the lowest bidder, so perhaps Palin would fit right in. I shudder to think …

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    1. I hear you Jill. She does have 51 other people to deal with. That’s the number I’ve heard as far as folks running for that seat. I suspect many of those 51 are way crazier and pathetic than her. I think it will be fascinating to see how far she goes and if she gets traction of any kind.
      The thing is, I’ve lost so much faith in the American people these days. It seems we’re always on a race to the bottom. There are so many uninformed and, let’s face it, stupid voters anymore. Sometimes it depends on where you live I suppose. Alaska does have the ability to elect moderates-think Lisa Murkowski-so, maybe they will surprise us, eh? Hard to say Jill. I feel that the celebrity factor certainly plays into this. We shall see how it all plays out. BTW, I agree with the #2 Bimbo designation. But hell, I think she’s fallen from that stature now, what with Marj and Boebert running around. She has it in her, though, to supplant them both. After all, she’s the gold standard Jill!!! LOL

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      1. The one thing in her favour, name recognition, might be enough to win her the election. Yeah, I heard there were at least 50 vying for the seat … and it’s possible that some of those would be even worse than Palin!!! And you’re probably right … there are so many more contenders now than there were back when I first awarded her that title in 2016. At the time, the #1 Bimbo spot went to Michele Bachmann, but even she has had the good sense to largely stay out of the headlines these days, having been replaced by Boebert ‘n Greene! Oh, but Bachmann did support Sarah Palin when she went to a New York restaurant back in January just after testing positive for COVID. So much stupidity in this world!!!

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  2. “As I’ve watched the far left destroy the country, I knew I had to step up and join the fight”. What does this woman know about The Far Left? I live in the Far Left. The closest is Bernie Sanders and even then the UK Far Left would be picking holes and complaining to their hearts’ contents. And since ‘destroying a country’ takes a while am I to assume she’s including Trump’s tenure in the Whitehouse?
    I’m nominating that as her Most Politically Ignorant Remark, and that’s against some other pretty stiff examples.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    SHUDDER!! … “The infamous Sarah Palin has decided she’s the best person to replace long-time U.S. House of Representative Don Young of Alaska, who recently passed away. When you think they can’t get crazier, the loony bin opens up, and another one escapes to join their merry group of carnival barkers.”

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  4. I agree with much of what you said in this post. But I think you were a bit too harsh on John McCain. It was my impression that he really wanted Joe Lieberman as his VP candidate, but the Republican party pressured him to go with Palin.

    McCain was an old fashioned Republican, who still held to the idea of public service. But the party had already changed to making culture war issues central.

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    1. I kind of agree with you Neil. However, it was he who had to ultimately make the final decision. Steve Schmidt and others, if I remember correctly, did push him to choose Palin. I bet you McCain regretted the decision very early on. It really was an act of desperation. They knew Obama was going to be tough to beat.
      The truth is, though, it was a massive swing and miss. And I don’t really know if it would have mattered who he picked at that point. The momentum Obama had was too much to overcome. Unfortunately, choosing her opened the door to the loony tune GOP we’re seeing play out across the country. For that alone, I will always see McCain’s choice as a huge mistake.

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  5. Excellent and witty post, Jeff. As to Jill’s question about whether our nation’s education system is failing, I’d say, overall, no. Could it do better? Yes. But, as I’ve said before, I place most of the blame for this craziness on my folks, white evangelicals, whose churches have turned into misinformation and disinformation factories. And, as I’ve also said repeatedly, the evangelical community went astray when it wedded itself to the Republican Party. That marriage ruined both entities, which is why I’ve left both. If they ever divorce and return to their original callings, I might return to them. Meanwhile, Republican politics + evangelical doctrine = lunacy.

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    1. Thanks Jerry. I saw a quote the other day on Twitter that someone posted that was attributed to former Senator Barry Goldwater. It was exactly what you are saying-that the Republican Party’s marriage with the church was going to be extremely problematic. He was worried about it when it started to gain steam. I think you could say he was a very wise man.

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