Bye Bye Unity

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Unity, huh? I have to admit; I thought President Biden might get at least a few weeks of relative respect from the media as well as Republican politicians. Boy, was I wrong.

I also was hoping the far-left might cut the new president some slack too. You know, maybe see what’s actually in the proposed $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill before criticizing it profusely? Wrong, again.

I wrote several months ago in this space that I thought Biden was the best man to try and unify the country. I still feel that way. But I also acknowledged that I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Frankly, I expected the Republicans to come at him with fierce resistance to everything he tries to do. And, true to form, a myriad of catcalls and complaints already are infecting the airwaves and internet. Here are just a few:

“How are all these Executive Orders unifying the country?” ” Reversing Trump’s directives is not the way to lower the temperature.” “How dare he try to propose progressive solutions to fix all of our problems?” “Biden needs to come down hard on Putin’s crackdown of protestors.” “Firing Trump appointees is too partisan and sends the wrong message.”

I’ve got a simple reminder to the radical right as to why it’s perfectly normal for President Biden to try and enact his proposals and fulfill promises from the campaign: He won – Trump lost. If it sounds harsh, too bad. Because in every previous incoming administration, that’s the way it’s done. You win the election; you come in and try to pass your agenda, especially if the previous administration was from the party on the other side. We may not like it, but that’s the reality of politics.

And to be clear, what Republicans always fail to mention is the fact that their president, who lost by seven million votes, will go down as the worst and most divisive president we’ve ever seen. A president, mind you, that these very same politicians rarely criticized or held to account for his corruption and incompetence. So, spare us the self-righteous indignation, please. Republicans have no credibility, nor do they have any right to lecture the incoming president on what it takes to unify.

Until the roughly 150 or so Representatives and Senators produce a written mea culpa to the American people for helping to incite the January 6 insurrection, they’ve got no standing whatsoever. Congress should expel many of them; others need to be censured at the very least.

For their part, the media fuel the flames of disunity by ginning up the ridiculous notion that Biden is nothing but a fake populist Democrat because pictures showed him wearing a Rolex watch. Oh, and the new president’s nerve to have a Peloton Bike, a high-end fitness machine. How dare he? What kind of message does that send to hard-working Americans?

You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m not even going to dignify such a line of bullshit. I will point you to the following article from the always spot-on journalist, Eric Boehlert, for his take on this nonsense in today’s piece in PressRun. Eric knows and reports on media hypocrisy better than anyone in the business, and his viewpoint is well worth checking out.

But while we know what to expect from radical right Republicans, as well as fake media outrage concerning Democrats who might make a few bucks when out of office, I’m going to pinpoint my most furious frustration to those on the far-left.

When I refer to the far-left, I’m mostly referring to those who have a militant and undying devotion to Bernie Sanders, and, to a lesser extent, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In many cases, these are hardcore socialists who seem to revel in their chance to criticize Democrats more than they do Republicans, or even more telling, Donald Trump.

In effect, this effort is along the same lines as the ‘both sides do it’ mantra. It’s the same refrain you hear that Democrats and Republicans are the same, but the Democrats are worse because they’re not far left enough.

And within 24 hours of Biden’s inauguration, many of these folks were already calling Biden a liar and corporatist for going back on his claim that he was for $ 2,000 checks for the American people. If you remember, the $900 billion relief bill passed in December included $600 payments for those who qualified.

Over the next several weeks, what transpired was a debate on whether Biden’s bill would include an additional $2,000 check, or whether it would be $1,400, which would fulfill the original $2,000 total. So, folks, we’re talking about a difference of $600, and many on the far-left are blaming Biden for reneging on his promise.

To me, it was merely a matter of semantics. I always figured Congress meant the new bill would make up the difference from the one passed in December. According to the socialist crowd, Biden lied. I had it out with a couple of these individuals on Twitter, and here are just a few examples:

The thing is, I’m sympathetic to many on the far-left. I think that Medicare-for-all and free or reduced college tuition are worthy goals for us to achieve. I’m also well aware of the human suffering going on and how people desperately need financial help. However, I’m also aware that President Biden has narrow majorities in the House and even less in the Senate. I know our socialist friends want Biden to do an Executive Order or enact these two enormous policy proposals through reconciliation. They also want recurring $2,000 payments for the duration of the pandemic.

I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen. You’ve got to be pragmatic when it comes to the political reality of Washington, D.C. My advice to the two people in my Twitter example was to please give the new president a chance to succeed. Let’s let him do what he has to do to get things done. We need to give him some space and time to do that. Already calling him a liar over a few hundred bucks is not helpful. I could not convince them.

So, while I’m still hopeful our new president can unify the American people, I’m somewhat less optimistic than I was a few weeks ago. The trajectory is already heading downward, unfortunately. The rhetoric is already toxic, the radical right-wing media is spewing even more lies, and the far-left is unhappy.

Welcome to the new Washington, D.C., Mr. President. Sigh.


  1. I couldn’t help myself … I left a rather crude retort on that Jessica person’s tweet. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’m just effing furious right now! The damn democrats are shooting themselves in the foot, and taking us down with them! Give the man a chance! Sigh. I swear, if I get the chance to leave the U.S., I will jump on it! Great post, Jeff!

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    1. Thanks Jill, and thanks for the reblog! I saw that retort to Jessica. All I can say is, you go girl! She deserved it. I see that she also responded ‘in kind’ LOL…to you as well. You know, the reason I’m on Twitter is because I feel the need to call people out for their misinformation, idiocy, stupidity, and just plain lies. I don’t know these people from Adam, but they can’t just spout shit and act like what they say is the unvarnished truth. It is not. And now, after Trump, instead of always responding to the cult, I find myself responding to the far-left naysayers. I don’t think it’s going to end either. I mean, 5 freaking days Jill. 5!!! That’s how long Biden’s been in office. SIGH!
      Yes, my blood pressure goes up when I’m on Twitter, but I will continue to stay on there for the reasons I mentioned above. Again, the Trump cult AND the far-left now. UGHHHHH. I better hit the doctor for some strong blood pressure medication!

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      1. Heh heh … I try to refrain from name-calling, but when I’m highly pissed, sometimes it just flows off my fingertips before I can stop myself. Yep, Biden is being blamed for all manners of things that happened before he took office, and for things he hasn’t even had time to do yet! And today, a judge stopped his immigration order! I’m spitting nails! Sigh. I am beginning to think this nation is doomed … by our own hand. Ship of fools! Enjoy your time off, my friend!

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  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    If you don’t have something to growl or curse about today, our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has something to help you find your grumbly growl! Fellow democrats are shooting themselves … AND US … in the foot. Intentionally. Because they sold their brains for a box of Cracker Jacks! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Thanks Jeff — great post!

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  3. Well said, Jeff. For far too many at the extreme ends on both sides compromise has been a curse word. People need to learn to work incrementally. It’s better to get part of what you want–and that you think the nation needs–than nothing. This is akin to the Trumpist wing of the Republican Party in Arizona expelling Cindy McCain and other Republicans who aren’t sufficiently pure in devotion to Trump. I’m quite certain Trump loyalists in Congress will not wait long to find some excuse to have a Biden impeachment trial on some insignificant transgression. And that will widen the already chasmic divide. Years ago I was an optimist. No longer.

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    1. Thanks Jerry. Yes, the Arizona GOP has lost it’s mind. And similar statements were made from the Texas and Oregon GOP statehouses. Trumpism has infected our politics all the way down to freaking dog-catcher. I don’t know how we minimize these folks. It won’t be easy


  4. Joe will not be distracted by the noise. First and foremost is ramping up production of vaccines, testing and ppe. He knows nothing of substance can be achieved before the virus is under control.

    I totally agree though that there are many in Congress who need to be removed and/or censured.

    Also agree that Democrats need to stop eating their own.

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  5. Everything I read here is just political garbage, used by both sides to make a name for themselves. The leader of the conservative party in Canada is doing the same thing with Pfizer vaccines right now. There are none available from Belgium right now, and we have no contracts with Pfizer, US. Yet aTrudeau is being coal-raked because he didn’t foresee Pfizer shutting down their production line to make it produce even more than it us right now–short-term pain for long-term gain. It is out of Trudeau”s hands, but his major opposition is revving up their public by condemning Trudeau. Grandstanding. And that is what I see in the USA. Shit-faced grandstanders trying to divide even further. Unity, hah! You might as well fight for individualism,, you’ll have a better chance at success.

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    1. True rawgod. It’s all about making the other party look bad. Who wins the daily news cycle…who can spread bad stuff about the other guy..etc…It’s a deep infection, spurred on by a 24/7 news cycle and social media. You really have to tune out the noise and focus on the facts. But people do not want facts. They want to listen to what they want to hear. I don’t know the answer my friend, but it’s troubling as hell.

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      1. As long as the media caters to these asswipes, nothing can be done about it. The public needs to raises their voices and boycott stations and newspapers that feed into it, but as you said, the public loves the bullshit.

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      2. Yes, I don’t see how it’s ok for networks that are allegedly ‘news’ outlets to continue spouting lies over and over. I wish there was something we could do about it. There used to be a thing called the Fairness Doctrine back in the 80s where stations that did editorial content also had to broadcast the alternative view. Unfortunately, Reagan did away with it. Maybe some form of that could be brought back. But, the whacko radical right would bitch and complain that they’re being picked on and muzzled. Ughhhhh. I’m so sick of it.

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      3. Hope you carry around airline barf bags wherever you go to get your news. They should be real cheap right now, considering the airlines have little use for them, lol.

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  6. Arguing on Twitter is about as useful as beating ur head on a rock. The platform is counter productive to reasonable debate or even civil dialogue. It’s a huge waste of time, ur arguing with senseless trolls who revel in aggravation, it’s exhausting. Better off blogging out ur frustrations.
    On a side note, Antifa/ BLM are already burning Biden flags and chanting “Not my President”. You would think they’re Trump supporters! Sigh.


  7. I’,m also disappointed but partly surprised. I expected no less from the right who will try to undermine anyone and anything from the Democrats. Easily forgetting the damage their arty has caused with enabling Trump. They should still be in a phase of feeling guilt if only that was possible. Joe Biden has been in just two weeks and t my mind is trying hard and making progress. I am sorry that the stimulus cheque will only be for $1400 but I do understand it. My surprise is that the left, his own party are trying t undermine him. I expect the republicans to lie about unity but I thought at least the left could practise it until Joe Biden has had a chance to make something of his proposals and slow the Covid down.

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    1. Thanks David. Yeah, there’s so much anger out there. Everything is splintered. Moderates, liberals, far left….The bottom line is that until we get a handle on Covid, nothing else matters. The economy won’t recover, people will remain out of work, our hospitals will continue to be stressed. And on and on it goes. I’m willing to give the man a chance. He deserves that. I saw the first poll of how people perceive Joe in his first few days/transition and it’s very encouraging. One poll had him at 63%. Trump never cracked 50. NEVER, in his four years. So, Biden does have some good will that he’s built up it appears. And he will need every bit of that to enact his agenda. I think most people in America are willing to give him the space he needs. We have to ignore the fringe malcontents as much as we can and keep reminding them of the challenges we face. With a little luck and perseverance, perhaps America can have a nice and somewhat normal summer. I hope so David.

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  8. Jeff, nothing will happen overnight, we just have to keep pushing, asking questions and follow-up on the responses. We must reach out to those who are showing political courage and tell those who are not, how disappointing it is when they don’t.

    I have been posting questions on websites of conservative opinion hosts. I know I am likely whipped like a dog, but my questions are not posed to incite, but get them to think. Here is a recent example, which I will post on my next blog.

    “What continues to fail me is when people look past the courage and conviction of folks doing the right thing to fault them on their message. I see it today with people posing death threats to Republicans who dare push back on the deceitful former president. Don’t the folks who threaten realize that the recipient knows they will receive such, yet they do it anyway? Now, why would they risk so much? The people of courage are the ten GOP representatives who voted to impeach the former president. My question is why did only ten do so, when it is clear the former president lied to repeatedly, invited, revved up and sicced these tin soldiers on the Capitol. Five people are dead and members of Congress were in danger. This former president needs to be held to account. It is that simple, says this independent and former GOP voter.”


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    1. You’re right Keith. I think that’s one of the reasons why you and I do what we do. Your posting is spot-on. Hey, if we only reach a handful, to me, it’s worth it. It’s why I go on Twitter. I get into it with many on the far-left, as well as the far-right. If I make them think even a second about their fools errand, I’ve done what I set out to do. Keep it going Keith. I’m with you!

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  9. OK, we know that picking holes in the Right’s hypocrisy is like the proverbial shooting fish in a barrel. I’m devoting my ire here to those perennial pests the ‘Dreaming Left’
    At the onset let me distinguish between ‘The Left’ and the ‘Dreaming Left’ The ‘Left’ is a stance which covers all sorts of folk depending on your perspectives. To a Republican with a sense of proportion and perspective they would naturally see ‘Liberals’ as on ‘The Left’ and leave it at that. The ‘Dreaming Left’ is my own label and is written from a perspective so far ‘Left’ of theirs as to give them as many nightmares as I could to a Trump supporter. These are folk without a sense of perspective, of factual history and an understanding of how the folk in the rest of the nation or community work.
    They seem to believe that all they have to do is to repeat their own mantra and all will be well, without realising their very words can be turned against them by the extremists on the other side of the political divide. They have this annoying tendency to attack their own party leadership with the same vitriol which should be reserved for the true opposition and elevate the failed leaders of their own wing to martyrdom. They have no idea of the concept of unity and claim anyone from within their own party who objects to them is either a sell-out or has been brain washed. We have them (to use a British saying) ‘by the shed load’ in Labour and are the reason why there is Brexit and Boris Johnson for the simple reason in their arrogance they have failed to study the population as a whole and not one little wing.
    A populations as you can tell from the election results have a very strong ‘conservative’ streak and have to be pushed by ‘extremes’ (as you can also tell from the election results) to kick back. If you really care about your nation the important action is to unite it. Trump being a class idiot never understood this, but you can tell Biden does. Anyone who criticises him from within his party is failing to understand the threat from the Right is still raw, vivid, and has a potential to swamp them.
    From my own stark and pragmatic stance, the object is to get into government and work from there, and to convince everyone to work together, the rest is mere detail. Anyone within the Democrats who persists in plays of public petulance because ‘Their Guy’ is not at the top is quite frankly not just a ‘traitor’ to party unity but a betrayer to The People by allowing the unrepentant Right to continue its assault on Liberty. It is a war folk and if you are not on one side you are helping the other.
    In the UK I consider Corbyn and his followers in very much the same light. They failed. By their own vanity and hubris they failed. And that when you are dealing with the welfare of the People is what counts.
    Get alongside Biden, if you don’t you are helping the mob that put Trump in the Whitehouse, simple as that.
    Get on board or make room for the practical pragmatists. That’s how Democracy truly works, the alternatives are all nightmares.

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    1. Awesome insight Roger. Yes, we must get behind Biden because I’m telling you my friend, the other political party is now full-stop authoritarianism, with no sign whatsoever of pulling back. I feel there’s a brewing violence coming from the so-called MAGA cult that portends to do real damage to our democracy. I’m talking terrorism Roger. I fear the Jan 6 insurrection was nothing more than a dress rehearsal for what’s to come. I’m glad we have a seasoned politician at the helm now. He’s the right man at the right time. The far left needs to recognize this and come together and relegate the kooks and crackpots to the dustbins of an asterisk in history. Otherwise, I fear the worst Roger.

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      1. For ‘starters’ I hope you all had a good break Jeff. You deserve one.
        All Americans would do well to read the recent histories of Ulster (1966-1996) and the Lebanon from 1980 onwards.
        Both are stark examples of what happens when sectarian fractures boil up as these are never straight forward divides because there are always fractures within fractures.
        Whereas I very much doubt there would be the chaotic factional warfare which plagued The Lebanon when each group set up their own armies, there is the nascent threat of the urban and civic conflict of Ulster.
        This is no time for disaffected members of the Democratic Party to be grumbling because Sanders did not make it. The luxuries of ‘soft’ factionalism is over. Get on board, or get out all together (and suffer the consequences).
        Biden is the best you have at the time.
        As I have said before there may be another character in the wings, as yet unidentified of either party who is getting more angry over the split and looks to grabbing the USA and be knocking heads together- that will not be pretty; it might seem entertaining, the possible thought of a tough Republican squashing MAGA and its unholy crew, but Americans might be queasy when the dust settles and see what might be the final price of a new United States of America, in which ‘United’ will have morphed from the ‘dream’ into an inflexible creed in which folk might find their previous ‘wiggle’ room stifled. And there might be a vigorous supressing of anyone of tries the militia ploy, which will bring its own terrorist kick-back and the cycle begins.
        Republicans and Democrats need some stern talkings to by those from other nations which have legacies of this sort of thing.

        Take care you guys

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      2. Roger, we need to have you address an open session of Congress! Tough love like the kind you’re talking about is what’s needed in this tumultuous time for our country. First, though, in my view we must rid the Congress of the very extremes–the gun nuts/conspiracy theorists like two of the newest female members. We shall see what the Minority Leader in the House will do with these two crackpots. My thinking is he won’t do a damn thing. But pressure is mounting for something drastic to occur. If he does nothing, he merely is rubber stamping what they stand for. If he goes along with either expelling them, or at the very least, stripping them of any committee assignments and censuring them, it will send a strong message that this line of crap is not to be tolerated. I’m not hopeful of the latter Roger. I nope he proves me wrong.

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      3. Thanks Jeff.
        That would be fun, though I daresay something would troll through WP and finding out my far left socialist credential and howl indignation.
        Another person who it would be fine to have around would be Robert Kennedy. Now there was a fellow who know how to play hardball. Politicians, Corrupt Union Leaders, Hoover, set them up he knocked them down. Mind you not a fellow who would forgive a slight either. Still as the saying goes ‘Horses for courses’.
        Had Bobby and LBJ ever settled their long standing feud they would have been unstoppable. Then there was the assassination, so we will never know.

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      4. RFK is one of my heroes Roger. There’s that moment, the night that Martin Luther King was shot, where he was campaigning in Indianapolis and he improvised such a calming and heartfelt speech. I think it was one of the most powerful speeches/moments in our history. I think he could have one the presidency that year. Sadly, well, the rest is history, as you so aptly pointed out. And yes, LBJ. Wow, what a hard-nosed tough as hell politician, eh?

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