America’s Wake-Up Call-Can Joe Biden Unify the Country?

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I come to you today with a high dose of anxiety and reality. We’re now ten days away from the most consequential election in modern times, and I cannot say how this thing will turn out in any uncertain terms.

Over the past several months, Jill and I have tried to give you facts and opinions about why this election is so important – first, with Discord & Dissension, and now with America’s Wakeup Call. We’ve talked about the critical issues facing us, as well as the differences between the two candidates.

Whether it’s climate change, the federal judiciary, problems with voting, or how we’re viewed in the world, to name a few, we think we’ve made a compelling case that Joe Biden is the right choice – the only option – on November 3, 2020.

But as this will be my last post for our project before the election, there’s something else about Joe Biden that we must discuss. It’s not about any particular issue or any legislative proposal. Nor is it about whether he’s more qualified than the current president (he is).

It’s about whether Joe Biden is the right man to unify the country. And perhaps more than any other issue we’ve talked about, it might be the most challenging thing to do if he assumes office on January 20, 2021. Because damn it, folks, we’re as divided as I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

You’d have to go back to the 1960s to see anything close. Maybe those days were worse when you think about it. We lost three icons to assassinations. Our military was involved in a bloody war in Southeast Asia that took hundreds of GI’s per day at its height. Our cities were burning, our campuses were a hotbed of protest and resistance, and it seemed as though we’d never survive it all as a country.

But somehow, we’re still here. We did survive, albeit damaged and bloodied. Our Constitution, always a work in progress, has kept us going through tumultuous times. A flawed document, to be sure, yet it’s stood the test of time – until now.

We have a president in office who has no regard for that document, nor does he abide by any of the norms most previous presidents have adhered to since the beginning. And while divisions were present before he took office, he’s done nothing but make them so much worse. The division is his elixir; unification is his kryptonite.

One of Biden’s main narratives throughout this campaign has been that we are currently in a battle for the nation’s soul. I could not agree more. He said that when he saw the current president praise ‘both sides’ during the Neo-Nazi march at Charlottesville, he knew he had to answer the call. There was no excuse for the kind of bull-horn racial animosity spewed by the United States’ sitting president.

And now here he is, on the cusp of possibly becoming the 46th president of the United States, at a time when even wearing a mask to protect others during a dangerous and unrelenting pandemic has become a political football. What will Biden do to heal and unify the country if he wins the election?

Based on the countless endorsements from current Republicans, former Republicans, and independents, it’s pretty straightforward how he will attempt to unify us. And one thing for sure is that it’s going to upset a few people on the left.

There’s so much bad blood between the political parties today. Some on the left say we’ve played nice for way too long. It’s time to start fighting as the Republicans do. I, for one, am very sympathetic to this view. On many occasions in this space, I’ve said how disappointing Democrats have been trying to play by rules while the other side plays to win.

But I’m also pragmatic about how things work in Washington, D.C. Biden knows the inner-workings of D.C. politics perhaps better than anyone, as he’s been a part of it for 47 years. And it’s why I think he’s well-suited to use that experience to his advantage.

Just yesterday, it came out that he’d consider adding someone like former Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich to his administration. Of course, it’s nothing new, as Barack Obama and many other presidents have chosen rivals and people from the other side of the aisle to work in their cabinets. It’s a show of unity and a willingness to hear different viewpoints.

I do not doubt that Biden will attempt to do the same. Some on Twitter yesterday were not pleased that he would go down this road. Others, though, were entirely receptive to the idea. It’s a delicate balance he will have to navigate. We should give him the leeway and space to do what he thinks is necessary to move us forward.

I also believe he’ll reach out to current Republicans, especially in the Senate, where he spent 36 years to gauge their support for specific legislation pieces. I’m thinking of Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and maybe even Rob Portman of Ohio. It’s worth a shot, if nothing else, to show the American people he’s willing to do whatever it takes to heal the immense divisions we face and get things done for a change.

My friends, I fully expect Biden to do some things I may disagree with. There will be times we’ll all feel frustrated if he doesn’t hold as firm to progressive values as we’d like. But we have to give him a chance, do we not? People are dying as we speak due to the inaction and incompetence of the current president. Many more are drifting into poverty and hopelessness. We’ve got to let him try and navigate these troubled waters.

Of course, he cannot continue to court the other side if they do nothing but smack his hand in response. After all, it’s what Republicans did to Obama, led by the grim reaper Mitch McConnell himself. There may come a time where the filibuster becomes a relic of the past. I hope it doesn’t have to go to that, but it’s certainly an option Biden must consider if he gets nowhere with a recalcitrant rival political party.

Biden will cross that bridge if and when he comes to it. For now, if elected and sworn in on January 20, 2021, unification must be one of the first things on his list. We’re a nation at each others’ throats. It seems like we’re so far apart on some days, common ground is nothing but a pipe dream.

But if anyone can bridge the divide, it most certainly is Joe Biden. He’s not as disliked, generally, as Hillary Clinton was in 2016. Indeed, most of that was a result of the right-wing media’s constant and unrelenting pursuit of looking under every rock, nook, and cranny for anything that even looked like a scandal – not to mention the despicable misogyny.

Biden simply doesn’t have that kind of baggage, though. His favorable ratings are far better than Clinton’s were at this time of the campaign in 2016 and will serve him well if he manages to win. It’s called political capital, and I, for one, hope he’s able to use it to his advantage.

So here we are on the eve of our national wake-up call. We’ve divided along so many lines: rural vs. urban; Black vs. White; Republican vs. Democrat; pro-mask vs. anti-mask. You name it; we cannot agree on much of anything.

We need a unifying figure, not a man who’s spent the last four years exploiting our divisions. We need a good and decent man – not a self-centered pathological liar who spits on the Constitution and exhibits a reckless disregard for human life.

Joe Biden is that unifying figure – I’m convinced of that. He’ll reach across the aisle whenever he can, and there might be a few senators willing to go along. However, I’ll reserve judgment on the Republican Party depending upon how they do in the upcoming election.

If they’re soundly and overwhelmingly defeated, I hope that they will look inside their souls and see what a pathetic and rudderless ship they’ve become. If they can do that, enough of them, that is, they will have a willing partner in Joe Biden. If not, they’ll continue to be an irrelevant political party that can only cheat their way to power.

We’ve seen so many Republicans, other than the current Congress members, reject Trump-ism to the fullest extent. People like Cindy McCain, Colin Powell, John Kasich, and others have endorsed Joe Biden. Some progressives don’t like it. I, for one, think it’s a good thing.

These people have chosen to be Americans first. They want unity over division, decency over inhumanity, and competence over disarray and chaos. For that, we should all be grateful.

If Biden wins, I have no doubt he’ll use that sort of goodwill to his advantage. The only question is whether the Republican Party’s elected leaders are willing to meet him halfway.

So do I think Joe Biden is the right guy to unify our country? Absolutely. I want to believe the rest of America will come to the same conclusion. If not, the soul of this country may be lost for a generation. We cannot let that happen.

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  1. Excellent post, Jeff. I expect Biden to win, and when he does he will face an unenviable task in trying to right the ship of state and repair all the damage Trump and his minions have inflicted. The last thing he will need is resistance from those who should be first in line to support him, because, as you so eloquently outlined, his first and most urgent task will be to try to unite this angry nation. People of goodwill, like you, good man, must do all we can to help him.

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    1. Thanks for that Jerry. The thing is, and this is why I’m somewhat hopeful, Biden is not hated by Republicans, especially in the Senate. I got a sense that many of them really did despise Obama, and I won’t even get into why I think that was.
      But maybe that at least gives this country a fighting chance to actually get some work done for a change. I hope that’s the case, at least. Certainly a Democratic majority Senate is the best path forward, but if he can sway a few on the other side on some major stuff? That would be a good thing.


  2. Jeff, I enjoyed this analysis and believe it is spot-on. I agree that Joe Biden is the man to spearhead the healing of your country. His integrity, decency, and honesty will serve him and the nation well. I am comforted by the thought that he doesn’t have to achieve much to overshadow the Trump legacy. By the way, I’m quite certain Joe will win and be inaugurated on my birthday!

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    1. Agreed Jim. He wasn’t my first pick. But, as you said, he’s the right person at the right moment. Obviously Trump thought this way back when Joe announced he was running. After all, he was impeached for trying to dig up dirt on the man. Fingers crossed Jim!!

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    1. Thanks for that LaDonna. And thanks for the follow. I now follow you as well. You have a very compelling blog!
      Yes Joe is uniquely qualified for this moment in time. We’re suffering so much in this country. He, of all people has the empathy and understanding we need to get back on track. Thanks again!

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  3. more evidence that biden doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. If Trump had made this kind of blunder, the hipocrits in the mainstream media, facebook, twitter and the blogging community would be talking about it for weeks, maybe months as they take great pleasure in the cognative decline of their political nemisus.


    1. Trump is a human gaffe machine Scott. Where the hell have you been for the past four years? He slurs his words, can’t pronounce people’s names, has trouble walking half the time or even drinking a bottle of water. Is this now the road you’re traveling on?


      1. Thanks for commenting on a post from well over a year ago. What am I wrong about? You want that moron back in office? Surely you don’t


      2. He’s not lying to our faces on a daily/hourly basis like the previous guy and the rest of his pathetic administration did. Big difference


      3. Oh. I get it. All politicians lie and Trump wasn’t that bad. Is that your reasoning? Well, guess what? He WAS that bad. He was the worst ever…by far. He WILL be judged in that way. It’s said you cannot see that. We’re from two very far places friend. Good luck


      4. Brookingslib, how many politicians swear to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution in public and yet debase and ignore its limitations when convenient?


      5. Do tell. How do you think Obama ignored the Constitution, and was Trump part of the crowd of politicians who ignored it as well?


      6. Brookingslib, Barack Obama said that he would have acted without any approval from Congress on any matter in any manner he saw fit.

        Donald Trump never violated his oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution insofar as I know. Nobody can prove that he did either.


      7. *Sigh* You missed/ignored the point (why am I not surprised?)

        You asked “how many politicians …”
        Jeff asked YOU to tell him how many.
        And I asked that you name names.
        The only person you named was Barack Obama.

        If would seem from the tone of your question that you have a LIST of politicians that ignored the Constitution. Please provide the names of these individuals.


      8. Since you’re on the topic of tyrannical behavior, I wonder what your reaction is to the event on January 6, 2021 and whether the disgraced 45th POTUS deserves any blame?
        Is it ok for a sitting president of the United States to call Georgia’s Sec of State to ask if he could ‘find’ 11,780 votes? (It’s on tape, btw) Is it ok for him to spread lies and ignore the results from 50 different Sec of States and legislatures?
        Friend, the guy is a horrific human being and criminal. He’s under multiple investigations, including the Georgia phone call and other interference with that state’s electoral issues. If that’s not tyrannical behavior I don’t know what is. Surely you would agree? And BTW, nothing Obama did…repeat..nothing he did compared to how Trump trampled the norms and precedents set forth by most of his predecessors, which I might add have been essential in preserving our fragile democracy. He, on the other hand, took a dump on it and tried to overturn a legal election. Those are facts you cannot ignore. But maybe you do?

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Anytime you’d like to refute them, I’m all ears and eyes. But please do not send me anything remotely associated with right-wing propaganda. I will not engage or tolerate it. Thanks for participating


      10. Not when the facts are known, have been reported on by numerous credible news organizations, and in my example, he’s on tape. You dispute it was Trump who asked him to find 11,780 votes? Was that just ‘Trump being Trump’ to you? Friend, he’s a seditionist traitor. God help us if he’s not held to account.


      11. Brookingslib, The David Pakman vs. Ben Shapiro discussion on the gun issue, which had people of opposing political inclinations, was not unfairly slanted. It was on David Pakman’s Show, however, both men governed themselves with a great deal of class.


    1. Nan, you got it a**-backwards. Joe Biden being able to unify the country? That is absolutely laughable.

      Brookingslib, 93, 000, 000 people were out of the workforce under Barack Obama. Of course, people who claim that the economy was so great at the time were probably self-employed and had built-in job security.


      1. Thanks for your contribution friend. I’ve said all I’m going to say to you on this subject-as well as the gun issue. We disagree. Period.

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  4. Brookingslib, I shared a video that originated from David Pakman’s show with you where he was discussing the gun issue with Ben Shapiro. Was that Right-wing propaganda despite David Pakman having Left-leaning inclinations?

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