The United States of Idiocracy

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Idiocracy – Disparaging term for a society run by or made up of idiots (or perceived as such).

In just the last few days, some news put an exclamation point on why this election is the most important in modern history. The radicalization of a particular segment of our population — the sheer idiocy of their movement — must be soundly defeated and put away forever.

*On a Texas highway, a caravan of the Trump cult appears to try and run off the road a Biden/Harris campaign bus. The current president praised the ‘people of Texas’ for how much they love him. No condemnation of the incident as of this writing.

*Another caravan of wild and radicalized Trumpers attempted to block traffic on the Garden State Parkway Sunday afternoon near Lakewood, NJ. Their Vehicles were decorated with American flags, Trump campaign flags, and many supporters with MAGA hats. Another caravan attempted the same thing on New York’s Mario Cuomo Bridge around the same time.

*Here in Brookings, OR, a pickup truck, decked out with Trump memorabilia, was seen on Saturday afternoon with an effigy of a Black Lives Matter protestor sprawled out on the hood – apparently ‘run-over’ and murdered.

*In Harris County, Texas, the state’s Supreme Court denied a request from radical right-wing activists to invalidate over 127,000 votes cast at drive-thru polling sites. The group is pursuing a similar lawsuit in federal court. There are currently a hundred or so active voter suppression lawsuits making their way through the court system.

*A group in Graham, North Carolina, was pepper-sprayed during a street protest/walk from a church to a polling station. Police say they only did it because the protestors refused to disperse after an 8 minute moment of silence blocked the road. Protestors allege that it was an act of voter suppression.

*It’s being reported the current president and administration are planning on declaring victory on election night, whether all the votes are counted or not.

Folks, I have no idea what will happen in less than 40 hours when the first polls begin to close. But as you can see from just some of the events in recent days, the country is seemingly sitting on a nuclear keg bomb, ready to explode at any minute.

When we see the caravans of idiots with their American and Trump flags waving in the wind, many carrying military assault weapons, how is it any different from when we saw scores of ISIS fighters rolling down the streets of Iraq in a victorious show of force? So far, nobody is getting hurt, but can we honestly say these deplorable’s won’t do something crazy if their dear leader loses?

I can only hope that the massive turnout of early voters is a sign that we’re about to see a wave election the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades. If not, we’re in for some of the most tumultuous days we’ve ever seen in America.

Indeed, our way of life, our institutions – democracy itself – is on the ballot. The current president’s followers will not accept his defeat. The question then becomes, how will we as Americans deal with this group in the days ahead? What will they do if their savior is handily defeated?

I’m going to try and stay as positive as I possibly can over the coming days. Most of the political pundits and veterans of campaigns say that our system will prevail in the end. Every vote will be counted, they say. This year, though, we will have to be patient.

We haven’t had an election in the middle of a pandemic before, so it’s absolutely a distinct possibility that we will not know the winner of this election for several days due to the onslaught of mail-in ballots.

And we indeed haven’t conducted an election when one of the candidates is an unhinged narcissist and chaotic autocrat who’s actively trying to undermine our electoral system – not to mention egging on his supporters to intimidate, wreak havoc, and take to the streets if need be.

So, on my final post before this most monumental election, I want to say to all of you: please stay as calm as you possibly can, ignore the wrestle-mania-like atmosphere, and if you have not done so already – VOTE!

As my good friend and blog partner Greg wrote about so eloquently yesterday, vote tomorrow and it will make you feel “big and strong.” It’s the one thing we have as American citizens that cannot be taken away from us. We can make a stand against this threat to our country by making our voices heard. Let us rid ourselves of this dangerous man and his racist and out of control followers.

We’re in The United States of Idiocracy, ladies and gentlemen. This is their legacy; this is their movement—time to crush them into oblivion.

So folks, until next time, be well and stay strong. In the end, We will prevail. Damn it, we better.


  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    The nation seems to be devolving right before our eyes, with Trump fans shutting down highways and doing everything in their power to intimidate voters. Worse yet, Trump is actively praising these efforts, these brainless twits who would gladly see the destruction of this nation. Jeff has written his final post before the election and he echoes my sentiments almost perfectly. Thanks so much, Jeff! Here’s to a better future 🥂

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      1. Oy Vey! So true. The F bomb keeps flowing from my mouth these days like it’s nothing. If my mother were still alive she’d threaten to wash my mouth out with soap!! LOL

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  2. Good luck, America. You have never been my favourite country, with your self-important belief in how superior you are, and your arrogance.
    Well, I hope i am wrong, that you really are good people underneath the face you present to the world. But I fear yoour election itself is as meaningless as an election in Putin’s Russia. The results are predetermined. The fix is in. Trump told us as much months ago. These latest news bits are just the tip of the iceberg of what is going to happen tomorrow, and in the coming days.
    Trump”s followers are idiots, yes, but there are over 100 million of them. You can’t just round them up and send them to Antarctica. THEY are the squeaky wheels who will be heard around the world. And they won’t be happy until all non-Repuglycans are dead and/or gone. Or they are…

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    1. Well rawgod, I’d like to think what you say is not true but I too fear what will happen-especially now that he will have a 6-3 Supreme Court waiting in the wings. My only hope is that the rule of law will prevail. It’s hanging by a thread over here my friend.
      By the way, I doubt there’s a 100 million of them. I’m thinking more like 60 or so. But whatever the case, yes, they will be vocal. They will scream and yell and do what they do. If we kick their ass like I hope we do, those screams will barely be a whisper.


      1. What is40% of 330 million Americans? I guess a lot of them are children, but they are being groomed to be Republican children, so they still count. That’s over 130 million. I thought my 100 million was being nice, lol.
        As for them being barely whispering, I doubt that. Whether Trump orders it or not I expect the right wing militias to converge on DC, armed to the teeth, to lock Biden out–thereby locking Trump in.
        And this is the possibility 180° opposite to the whispering. Trump’s last act as president will be to push those red buttons that sit silently on his desk.He is not a good loser!

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      2. Well, those are certainly the worst case scenarios rawgod, and I’m well aware those things could actually happen. We just have to wait it out and hope for the best. It won’t be easy.


      3. It will not be easy, and Trump’s hands could not be dirtier, but I see this as beyond Trump’s control. It is now in the hands of his followers, and from the number of votes he got yesterday there is no way even he can control how they will react, and he already told them it is okay to react, any way they please. If this happens as I am afraid it will, he will absolutely deny everything–but with that stupid smug look on his face that says, I am the greatest god there ever was.
        I do not want to be right, Jerry, but I am afraid for you that I will be. Here I say, I’ve said my piece. I don’t want to even think about it anymore.

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      4. As if on cue rawgod, I saw a tweet from him earlier this morning: Stop The Count!!! The man is beyond pathetic.


  3. Jeff, no matter how low the limbo bar of bad behavior goes, the US president can slither underneath. For someone who craves being considered a great leader, whenever there is a choice between being a leader or lying, denigrating, bullyong, acting corruptly, or supporting bad actions, you tends to the latter rather than the former.

    He has endangered his most loyal fans to COVID-19, he has made them act less cautiously toward safety protocols, he has left them out in the cold as he flies away, and he has openly told them he does not want to be there. And, these are his fans. As for the rest of us, we just get the sown seeds of racial injustice, division, and voting concerns from this person. Our global standing has fallen greatly. Instead of being a leader we need, he has been an agent of chaos and incompetence. Keith

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    1. If Biden wins Keith, unquestionably and without a doubt, that is, we can put his presidency out to pasture. It will be merely an asterisk in American history. A huge mistake-an aberration. If Biden doesn’t win, though, our global reputation will be shot for decades to come, as will our democracy. I’m very nervous about it my friend. Good luck to us all!!

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  4. This is the sort of talk which is needed at this time Jeff.
    The mob which put Trump in and determined to do whatever it takes to keep him in the Whitehouse and they are pushing the opposition to the stage when folk in the opposition start to say ‘Enough’ and push back.
    And then if you are not careful you will start to learn how the ordinary folk of Ulster felt in the final quarter of the 20th Century, or if you want to go back in your own history those living in Kansas in the years prior to the Civil War.
    These Trump supporters really do not understand what forces they are playing with

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    1. I think you’re right Roger. All of these lines to vote early-last I heard, over 100 million, in my view represents a complete rejection of the current president. In 2016, we had roughly 131 million vote in the entire presidential election. I’ll be anxious to see how much we expand that amount this year. It’s pretty clear though, Roger, if American votes in massive numbers, Republicans lose. And they know that, thus all of these idiotic court challenges trying to throw out legally cast votes. It’s anti-American, my friend. And they’re the ones who like to call themselves true patriots? No way.

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      1. Quite so Jeff, quite so.
        We were watching the news last night (well to be accurate Sheila was watching I was ranting) and the responses from the local authorities to various childish attempts by the Republicans to block votes through the court were met with defiant responses.
        By the American standards they are nowhere near patriots.
        In fact they are more the sorts that one of our Prime Minsters of the 18th century…Horace Walpole spoke of:
        “The very idea of true patriotism is lost, and the term has been prostituted to the very worst of purposes. A patriot, sir! Why, patriots spring up like mushrooms!”

        ….and you and I know Jeff how to grow mushrooms…..

        Take care, well be thinking of you and yours.
        Roger & Sheila

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      2. Thank you Roger. And same to you and your wife. I think…I hope..we will make the world proud tonight. Well, maybe not Russia or North Korea. But, you know what I mean. The world is watching this election closely. We cannot disappoint, again. Stay safe my friend!

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      3. I had hope Jeff, I had hoped.
        Sitting here at 8:10 GMT it looks like the worse case scenario… ‘Undecided’, so much room for the Right’s Conspiracy Crew .
        At least with Gore vs Bush the process was civilised and had a certain air of albeit skewed dignity

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      4. Yes, I felt that way last night Roger. Today? Much better. I think we’re going to win this thing. We just have to be patient, ignore you know who, and count all the votes. Keep your fingers crossed for us Roger! We’re teetering, but not cracked yet!

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      5. I am thinking of you guys always Jeff.
        And worry about you ordinary folk and the USA as a nation I can’t get worked up about Brexit or Johnson’s inept crew anymore; they’re both filed in the ‘Another British Muddle’ cabinet.

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      6. Sadly this creature does not have the dignity or the concern for the overall well being of the nation to accept the result with good grace.
        If you feel you have the case you can actually challenge a result in a restrained and carefully presented way being mindful that you have a responsibility as do all elected official to maintaining the order of the nation.
        Without resorting to Full Metal Jacket Gunnery Sergeant language I cannot continue in my description of that creature in the Whitehouse.

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      7. Many folk in their forties might be horrified at the language and gestures from the two ‘elderly’ occupants of this house whenever that creature is mentioned on the media.
        Marines?…Hah! Nothing, we could teach them a few!!

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  5. thank you, Jeff, for all of your thoughtful posts leading up to this election. I am sure they have caused many people to think twice about who they are going to vote for. Let’s hope the outcome is known fairly soon, and without a lot of disruption to our way of life. And let’s hope the good guy wins…

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    1. Jim, thanks for your kind words and thanks for taking the time to read us. Means so much. I hope you’re right. When we launched over 2 years ago, that was one of our main goals: make people think. And, just let it be known that in our two-party system, there are distinct differences between both parties, and candidates. I’ve never signed on to the prospect that ‘they’re all the same’ crap. It’s just not true. And yes, Go Good guy!!!!

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      1. Well Jim, I was like you at 9:45. Angry AND nervous. But, today, I feel a little better. Things are going in the right direction it looks like. Of course, we know the president of chaos will rant and rave. We must ignore him and count all the damn votes!

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