“Now Vote!! It Will Make You Feel Big And Strong!”

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On every Election Day eve in America, veteran CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer used to sign off his broadcast with the words of his late mother: 

“Now vote! It makes you feel big and strong!”

I never forgot her words because they always inspired me! That’s how I feel while leaving the polls, passing the line of voters I was standing in only moments before.  To this day, walking back to my car, I feel taller and stronger than all those people who tried so hard to suppress my right to choose my nation’s leader. I’ve never taken my vote lightly and I’ve never missed an election since turning 18 years old so many years ago.

Please vote! It’s the only way your voice can be clearly heard when changes are needed.  Voting makes a difference… that’s why so many bad people try to make it difficult for you to exercise that right. If you don’t vote, they’ve beaten you.  If you do vote, you’ve beaten them!

If America seems dark and sullied to you, do something about it. Don’t waste your vote by staying home because America needs you more than it ever has before.  Not exercising your right to vote gives all your power to the man down the road with all the ugly banners and flags in his front yard, who will get out and vote. Let your voice be heard as well!



It WILL make you feel big and strong!


      1. Absolutely buddy. I’m feeling a little better about things…but still very uneasy. I hope we know by this evening, but I doubt that will be the case. We’ve got to be patient and not listen to the noise coming from you know who. Every vote MUST be counted!!


  1. I’ve never understood not voting. I’ve never missed a vote and never will, if I can help it. I do think of all who made it possible for me to exercise that right!! Thanks for your comment!!


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