Dear Kentucky, Please do us a Favor

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A letter to the voters of the great state of Kentucky:

For the last 36 years, you have elected Mitch McConnell to the United States Senate. The loyalty shown to Mr. McConnell is genuinely something I’m sure he takes quite seriously and appreciates greatly. However, this year, I’d like to ask you a favor. Would you please consider removing Senator McConnell by voting for Amy McGrath on November 3, 2020?

Yes, I know. Who am I to ask such a thing? Well, I’m a concerned American who currently resides in the great state of Oregon. I’m about as far away as you can get from your state, not just in miles, but also in political ideology. But I’m also an individual who believes that we can and should do better for all Americans. And the truth is, your Senator has almost singlehandedly stopped hundreds of pieces of legislation.

Now, you might think that all of this legislation is nothing more than an attempt to turn our country into the United States of Socialism. And why wouldn’t you? The Senator himself has declared that he is the only one standing in the way for such a calamity. After all, he’s anointed himself as the ‘grim reaper,’ the man in charge of obstructing all Democratic legislation.

But I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Admittedly, I do not know every single piece of legislation coming across your Senator’s desk. But what I will say is that there are legitimate and worthy endeavors that would help all Americans, not just a select few at the top or other well-connected corporations and individuals.

For example, there are several bills regarding the security of our elections, such as the Securing America’s Federal Elections Act (H.R.2722), the Foreign Influence Reporting Act (S.2242), Duty to Report Act (S.1247), and the Election Security Act (S.1540). All of these bills would help safeguard our elections from foreign influence, require candidates to report offers of assistance from foreign governments, and require paper ballots in our federal elections, among other things.

But Senator McConnell continues to block these bills from even a debate on the floor. I’d ask that you ponder that for a moment. Why would he do that? It seems to me that as fellow Americans, you’d want to make sure foreign governments stay out of our business. For some reason, the Senator doesn’t think that’s necessary.

On health care, there’s the Protecting Americans with Preexisting Conditions Act (H.R.986), as well as the Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act (H.R.987). Both of these bills are self-explanatory, but again, the good Senator doesn’t seem to think either is worthy of debate.

Frankly, I could go on and on. There are bills to raise the minimum wage (H.R.582), eliminate forced arbitration clauses in employment, consumer, and civil rights cases (H.R.1423), protecting consumers (H.R.1500), and protecting pensions (H.R.397). There are nearly 400 pieces of legislation that will never see the light of day as long as Senator McConnell remains Majority Leader.

But I get it. The Senator brings home the bacon, as they say. He makes sure you get your fair share of the pork that flows freely out of Washington, D.C. Why just last year, McConnell secured approximately $1 billion worth of federal spending and tax breaks to your great state. Having one of your own wielding that much power in our country must be quite intoxicating.

But folks, it’s not like your state is performing very well when compared to others. According to the U.S News and World Report, Kentucky ranks 44th in health care (49th in senior care according to the United Health Foundation), 38th in education, and 39th in the overall economy in their 2019 findings. According to the U.S. Census, your state also ranks 46th in poverty with a 16.9% rate, placing it in between Arkansas and Alabama.

So, my friends, how about we change course this year? Senator McConnell has had 36 years as one of your two senators. From the data I’ve provided, Kentucky can and should do better. I’m not saying that it’s all his fault. We’re a complex nation to be sure, and we can’t put all of the blame on one man.

But we can certainly concur that he’s a significant part of the problem, can’t we? Do you realize that our politics is controlled by the big money interests of billionaires and corporations? And do you also recognize that your Senator wants nothing to do with reforming how we finance our campaigns in America? He is the one person standing in the way of meaningful reform.

We’re supposed to be a government by the people, for the people, and of the people – not one controlled by a select few. Surely you can understand the dilemma the rest of America faces. We’re not getting anywhere with the political stalemate going on in Washington. Many of us would like to see some progress. I want to think that you do as well.

So this year, I’m respectfully asking that you consider a change. Head over to Amy McGrath’s website and see what she’s all about. Try to keep an open mind about her. I realize the political hatchet job has already begun. Your Senator is known as a rough and tumble politician who covets only one thing: power. And he’s not going to give it up without a fight.

She’ll be the next coming of Karl Marx before too long. But all you need to do is look at who she is, a 20 year Marine Corps officer who completed two combat deployments and flew 89 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. She served in the Pentagon as Marine Corp’s liaison to the State Department and other federal agencies. She earned a master’s degree in global security from Johns Hopkins University and is a graduate of the Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction’s Program for Emerging Leaders.

She’s also received several honors, medals, and other awards throughout her 20-year military career. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but raised in Kentucky, Amy is 45 years old, married, and has three children. Currently, she lives in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Her views and policy positions are considered the middle of the road. She’s referred to herself as a moderate democrat. Again, your Senator will portray her as something much more scary and radical. Please do not fall for it. The facts do not support such a depiction.

So Kentucky, the rest of America awaits your decision on November 3, 2020. Please keep an open mind and give Amy McGrath a fair shake. That’s all we can ask because the stakes in this election are as high as ever. Progress on a whole host of issues hangs in the balance. I realize that Democrats don’t have all the answers. But I also recognize that your Senator relishes stopping legislation that would help so many people, including several in the state of Kentucky.

If you can find it in your heart to do us a favor, please remove Mitch McConnell from the United States Senate. I realize it’s a lot to ask. But trust me when I say this: Kentucky, and the rest of America, deserves better.


One very concerned citizen


  1. I agree with your goal of having McConnell out of office, and McGrath elected to replace him.

    I disagree, however, with the idea that McConnell has stopped hundreds of pieces of legislation. McConnell could not do that without the support of the criminally corrupt and traitorous Republicans.

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    1. Technically true Neil. He’s been the lynchpin since he’s been Majority Leader though. He was also the architect of stopping most of Obama’s judicial nominations. This is not all on him…but he’s the guy with the power, and he’s using every bit of it….He’s got to go

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  2. Jeff, McConnell is not unlike NC’s Senator Jesse Helms who won and continued to win because of his dog whistle racism and us against the world schtick. Embarrassingly, we kept returning him to DC. In mock student polls around the country, Helms would lose 90 to 10, yet he won the vote that mattered. Keith

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    1. Very similar to KY Keith. He’s deeply unpopular, yet he keeps on winning. I suspect he’ll win again this year too. It’s so hard to dislodge these guys. He pretty much will have to retire on his own I suppose. KY, and America deserve so much better.


      1. There are far, far too many instances where the uninformed simply vote for the person who represents the party of their choice. In this case, of course, it’s the Republican party. To do otherwise (i.e., vote -gasp!- Democrat) is worse than a sin against “heaven.”

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      2. For sure. He certainly knows his state and what makes the people tick. He knows what gets their goat about Democrats and he exploits it. He’s got the money, name recognition…oh, and he’s a scoundrel!! It’s going to be easy Nan. I think Amy McGrath would be an excellent choice. But easy for me to say…I don’t live there. I wish they’d wake the hell up!!

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      3. Jeff, I was responding on another blog about coal miners not being helped. We have known for about eight, maybe ten, years the demise of the coal industry. Why have elected officials not discussed and proposed renewable energy sources, job retraining and transition compensation? Solar energy jobs dwarf coal energy jobs in America, but this is not news, or should not be. An energy consultant said it best on NPR, Donald Trump represents coal owners not coal miners, there is a big difference. Mitch McConnell has done the same.

        By the way, even Trump with his intent, cannot stop the coal mining fall-off. One of his huge donors went belly-up and he was none to happy. But, market forces drive things and natural gas and now wind and solar, with their lower costs, are killing coal. Last time I checked, the wind blows and sun shines in KY.


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      4. It sure does Keith. Much of what you said would require forward and progressive thinking and action. But, as we know, it’s sorely lacking in Mitch’s state, and many others. Leadership, innovative and bold, is what’s needed. KY will never get that with McConnell. They deserve better


  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Mitch McConnell is the poster boy for why we need term limits … the man has long overstayed his welcome in the U.S. Senate and needs to be put out to pasture. Our friend Jeff has written an impassioned plea to the good people of the State of Kentucky to please remove this wart from our posterior! Actually, Jeff phrased it far more kindly than I would likely have done, which is why he’s so great at what he does! Thank you, Jeff … let us hope Kentuckians are listening!!! The few I know are ready to dump Mitch, but they obviously don’t speak for the whole.

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      1. In the era of Trump, I find myself using a certain F word a lot more than I used to. I don’t know, it just seems so appropriate!!! LOL


      1. Term limits, re-districting of gerrymandered states, and getting big money out of political campaigns are the three essentials if we are ever to have fair elections in this country again.

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      1. Interestingly, most of the Kentuckians I know are anti-Trump, even those who identify as republicans! Let us hope they are fed up enough with Moscow Mitch to send him packing this time.

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      2. It’s amazing that I’ve read recent surveys that show his approval ratings are dismal in KY. Yet, he’s going to win, isn’t he? My wife and I discussed that very thing last night and are at a loss as to why that is. McGrath would be such a welcome change for the state. Too bad too many are blind to that. UGHHH

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  4. You are way too kind, i think we can safely say Moscow Mitch is very much to blame. As majority leader of the Senate, rejecting every bill proposed by Dems is unconscionable.
    Give Ms McGraft a chance, she couldn’t be any worse. I totally agree about term limits, unchallenged incumbency breeds corruption.

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  5. I’m Kentucky all the way and all my life. And as soon as we can get Twitchy Mitchy out of his cushy position of power the better. BTW, are you aware that he began his political career as a Democrat? Back then there weren’t enough Republicans in Kentucky to stir a pot of burgoo. He switched parties just before his second or third term, not sure because I was busy raising kids and a huge garden as well as other fun parts of farm life back then, but I do remember how betrayed so many people felt. Unfortunately he is catching up with Amy who has my vote if I will be able to vote. Depends on whether T.M and his friend in the dirty white house in D.C. are able to sabotage the absentee ballots or not. After 77 years my right to vote now is in the hands of a phychopath and his posse of outlaws. And to be honest, most of his votes will come from the one issue voters, the Right To Life vote, against abortion which I personally find abhorrent! Abortion, that is. But too many people I know are voting Republican because they stand, on paper only, against abortion! Okay, I think it’s murder too but so is this virus that is killing so many people because of the idiots demanding their “rights”. I have a few rights too, the right to live without contracting a virus that could have been slowed or even stopped in the beginning if our stupid leaders had not decided it was a Democratic plot against them. I had better close this out if I’m going to keep it civil. Just wondered if you knew the good Republican senator as well as the prez. both started out as Democrats. Also, for many of those 36 years Twitchy ran without opposition so he is really having to fight this time. I want him buried under some of that pork that you mentioned but that the average person here never saw. The last time he did anything for the regular family and workers was when he pushed thru a road repair bill but that was so long ago most people don’t remember he did that — back in the 70’s I think.

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    1. Yes, I did know that Mitch started out as a Dem. He changed when he thought it was politically expedient for him to do so. And, I guess it was the right choice, because damn it, he’s still there!
      I respect your feelings on abortion but I also respect your views that he needs to go. You live there so you know what’s going on. It’s gonna be very tough for Amy. I’m sure she’s already being painted as the next coming of Nancy Pelosi. GEEEEZ. You deserve better!
      On a side note, I have a special place in my heart for KY. My mother’s father-my grandpa-was born in Booneville, KY in 1903. He had 12 brothers and sisters. I have fond memories of traveling there as a kid for a family reunion and visiting his relatives. I’ll never forget my grandpa pointing out the large homes that you could see off of the freeway, most with huge white pillars. He’d always say, “Son, these were the plantations where slaves worked the fields. I never forgot that. Had to be in or around 1970-74 or so.
      That being said, his bros and sisters were some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. Most of them have long passed.
      I just hope your state does the right thing and removes this slithery fool! The rest of us would really appreciate it!!

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      1. You wrote … He had 12 brothers and sisters (!!!). From what I’ve read, families this size were not uncommon in the “olden days.” Probably because abortion wasn’t an easily available option for the overworked woman. Sure glad I live in more modern times — even though there are those who still cling to outdated mores.

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      2. Yes, very common. Both my father in law and mother in law had large families as well. They were born in 1936, so yes, not unusual at all. I never thought about the abortion angle but you might be right on that.

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  6. It’s time Moscow Mitch either decided to play fair and either checked all the bills that have been posted in the last twelve months jointly by both parties or declare himself a fraud in the job as he declares himself only there to stop any Democrat Bills but actually checks none at all for either party which is surely what he;s paid for,

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  7. Play fair? Mitch McConnell does not play fair. In fact, he doesn’t play at all. His trophy room is packed tight with political footballs that never saw the light of day after being sucked into the black hole he pretends not to have in the bottom drawers inside his trousers. He took his power home a long time ago, and refuses to give it up.
    I have no idea where his personal money comes from, but you can bet after 36 years in the Senate he knows how to funnell more than his fair share of public funds into Swiss banks. I further bet he is double dipping at the public trough, collecting his Senate salary as well as his senior’s pensions, etc.
    Kentucky has a lot of snakes, but Moscow Mitch is the slimiest.
    HAS ANYONE EVER TRIED FOLLOWING MITCH’S MONEY? I bet it would make it an impossible-not-to-laugh laundry list of past indiscretions that you would have to commit suicide if you didn’t laugh scenario.

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    1. Agree 100% rawgod. Like you said, he’s so damn slithery his money would be hard as hell to trace. The fact his wife is Secretary of Transportation is a little slimy too, don’t you think?


      1. Didn’t know that, but Nepotism is a signature of the GOP. Taking a look at Dear Mr. Trudeau in Canada, it seems to be a feature of the Liberal party. All brands of politicians seem to need to feast at the public purse. Should Biden get elected, he best be very conscious to not commit the sins of his predecessor. Folks will not stay behind him if he reacts at all like Trumpelstiltskin did.

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      2. Not what I said, Jeff. All I said was the speech was full of political rhetoric. I am sitting at arm’s length from your situation. I can separate the man from the speech. In the comments section I read no 6 degrees of separation. Joe’s speech, the wobrds and the voice, touched on every “Hot Button” isvsue, maintained within an ultra calm and dispassonate tone.
        Where wss the passion?


  8. The polls say that McConnell will have to die in order to be out of office, He has a healthy lead in the race this year, in part due to the fact that many Kentuckians (I used to be one) live in a fantasy world, don’t vote, or both. Remember, this is one of the states that has a new county every 35 miles and likes to keep politicians in unnecessary jobs. (Yes, county borders were once defined as how far one could ride on horseback in a day, that those definitions are still in use, creating massive inefficiency and opportunities for corruption.) If the college basketball teams are idled this year, Kentuckians might take note. But that impact will come after the election.

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    1. Unfortunately I think you’re right Vic. Well, he’s 77 so who knows, right? I sure wish we could just beat the hell out of him at the voting booth though. That would send such a message to the rest of the country. I know I’m being delusional but I can hope, right?

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  9. If there is any justice at all in the world Twitchy Mitchy will lose, but unfortunately the person who said Kentuckians don’t bother voting is embarrassingly correct. I live in a hi-rise (for this area) senior building where normally the polls are in our building, just a short elevator ride for all of us, and we have too many people bragging about how they have never voted, That’s shameful! I’ve told them that if they don’t vote they can’t criticize the results I’m learning to just keep my mouth shut though. Hearing those fools argue that they have as many rights as anyone else makes my blood boil and when a person has MS they don’t need boiling blood! I just can’t handle people who brag about how much they don’t know about everything.

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    1. We have so much stupidity in this country. It’s a five-alarm fire as far as I’m concerned. Social media, in my view, has made things worse. People can just spout off and say whatever they want. And so many people just take it as the gospel. This really has to change. FAST

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      1. I read a quote by Abraham Lincoln on FaceBook and loved it so copied it. “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Signed: Abraham Lincoln”. I think maybe that says it all!

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  10. He who knows not,
    and knows not that he knows not,
    is a fool; shun him.

    He who knows not,
    and knows that he knows not,
    is a student; Teach him.

    He who knows,
    and knows not that he knows,
    is asleep; Wake him.

    He who knows,
    and knows that he knows,
    is Wise; Follow him.


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