Bad Moon Rising?

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Some random thoughts on election eve.

I’m writing this post on election eve amid dark storm clouds on the horizon. There are two kinds of dark clouds. The first type exists because I live in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s what happens on a typical November day.

The other, however, is the type I’m worried about the most. And that is, unfortunately, the sad reality that I may wake up on Wednesday morning (or most likely later in the week because of vote count delays) with a Congress that the MAGA crazies will have taken over.

That’s right, the House of Representatives and the Senate may fall to folks with no interest in governing or following the rule of law. There are many reasons for such an occurrence, not the least that most presidents, in their first term, end up losing seats. There have been a few exceptions here and there, but it’s far more common for it to happen than not.

But let’s be honest about the situation. We have inflation in our economy that’s putting the American people in a foul mood. And the opposition political party is pouring billions into ads reminding the people of who’s in charge. The headwinds, right now, are ominous for Democrats. If they can somehow hang on, it would be a minor miracle.

The reasons for inflation are nuanced. But the voting public doesn’t care about nuance. They care about what they pay at the pump or grocery store. Someone has to take the blame, and the party in charge is the one that does in most elections.

You might think that this year could be the year that bucks the trend. Democrats are up against an opposition party that has completely lost its mind, and election liars permeate candidacies all around the country. And the right-wing Supreme Court put a stake through the hearts of America’s women by overturning Roe v Wade earlier this year. Surely those two things are enough to scare enough folks from voting for that party.

Not according to many of the recent polls, unfortunately. The last one I saw, from NBC, showed that the generic ballot of which party the public would like to be in charge is tied at 47%. Should I be excited by such a result? Is the momentum in the last few days shifting toward Democrats? I’m not optimistic. Many other polls show a worse outcome.

One thing is sure, though. If Democrats do hang on, we can be sure that the caterwauling and gnashing of GOP teeth will be on full display. They’ll indeed point to all of the polls that show them winning both the House and Senate. How on God’s earth could Democrats have pulled it off?

You guessed it: Rigged!

Candidates like Kari Lake in Arizona’s gubernatorial contest have already placed doubt about the outcome, as have numerous others. If they win, all is well. If not? The Democrats cheated. The heads I win, tails you lose factor popularized by the disgraced 45th president. They’ve all taken on the worst characteristics of the former president. Unfortunately, much of the country has as well.

Last week, Rachel Maddow proposed a compelling question during her Monday night show: If elections are no longer considered viable or even necessary in our system of government, what is the alternative? The answer, quite frankly, is violence. How else does one stay in power if an election they lost is treated as being rigged and plagued with fraud?

The only way to circumvent the process is through violent means. Oh, you can go through the courts, act like you’re following the rules, and hope one of them sides with you. But in the end, if you’re willing to send a mob to obstruct the democratic process, you will resort to just about anything to achieve or maintain power. The rioters failed last time. If an election liar wins a governor or secretary of state’s contest this time, all bets are off in 2024.

What happens if they lose tomorrow? Will we see concessions or chaos? We shall see.

One thing’s for sure, and I’d be willing to bet a few bucks on it: Democrats will accept defeat, barring some overwhelming evidence that shenanigans were present. They’ll be pissed, of course, because nobody likes to lose. But in our political system – one purported to be a democracy, you concede when it’s clear that you lost. That’s how we’ve managed to stay intact over the last two-plus centuries. Since our country’s birth, every president has adhered to this standard, except the last one.

Over 40 million people have voted in this election already, with turnout very high in many areas. I’ve resigned myself to a GOP majority in both houses of Congress. One saving grace is that Democrat Joe Biden is president and will veto any crackpot legislation that might reach his desk.

And, let’s face it, as I mentioned above, the GOP has no idea how to govern, nor do they even want to. What they will do is overreach. They’ll be as extreme as ever, putting Marjorie Taylor Green and other crazies in charge of committees investigating Hunter Biden and Dr. Fauci, among others. Indeed, impeachment is probably on the horizon – never mind for what reason other than revenge.

Is this what the American people want?

So, we wait. Outside my window, the dark clouds finally burst. A torrent of rain and a little hail make for a perfect climax to the end of this post. My mind drifts to the great Credence Clearwater Revival at this moment. I cannot get the opening refrain of Bad Moon Rising out of my head:

I see the bad moon a-risin’

I see trouble on the way

I see earthquakes and lightnin’

I see bad times today



  1. I too am experiencing the storm clouds … for real and politically. But let us think POSITIVE and send good vibes out into the ether. MAYBE things will turn out better than we dread.

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    1. You were right in trying to stay positive Nan. Next time I need to ignore the noise/polls/mainstream media. Things didn’t turn out quite as bad did they?

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      1. Yes! And, I just learned that Ballot Measure 114 passed, which will make Oregon one of the most strict gun regulation states in the country. I love it! Of course, the gun nuts will challenge in the courts. But for now, definitely a positive

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    1. Good on you Neil. I tried to take a “Expect the worst-hope for the best” attitude. It sure turned out better than I thought. Although things are still not quite settled. Patience is a virtue they say!

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  2. Jeff, ominous post. Here are some random thoughts from my post today. Sorry for the length. Keith

    The day to officially vote has arrived in America. Will America take a step back from its democracy or will it say to some belligerent autocratic thinkers enough is enough? Here are a few thoughts, again from an independent and former member of both parties. I mention this often as I want people to know I have some conservative bents around financial stewardship and progressive bents around civil rights and opportunities.

    Please vote, if you have not doneso already. If you have, well done.

    If you care about our planet and battling climate change even more, please vote.

    If you care about the civil rights of all people on our shores, please vote.

    If you care about the right for a woman to choose what to do with her own body, please vote.

    If you care about healthcare access for all Americans, please vote.

    If you care about financial programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, please vote.

    If you care about requiring more truthfulness and civility in politics, please vote.

    If you want to people to address real issues rather than contrived ones, please vote.

    To be frank, the halls of legislature no longer are filled entirely with people with good morals, ethics and sense. We have some folks we are not only less than competent, they are more than mean-spirited. Sadly, we have hundreds more just like this lot who are running for office today.

    This last statement is unnerving is as Bill Maher put it so well, this is how autocracies start, by electing the people who have sown seeds of doubt. As Maher said the other night, Hitler and Mussolini were elected into office and brought along like-minded folks.

    If anyone touts the former US president’s bogus and unproven claims of election fraud in this election, they should not be voted for. Full stop. They are purposefully gaslighting you to get elected, just as the former president has done all of his adult life. He did not just wake up, run for office and start deceiving people. That has long been his modus operandi. This is why I did not vote for him in 2016 or 2020. I want my president to be more truthful than not.

    We have one Senatorial candidate who is against abortion, unless it is his baby and he needs to pay to get rid of it. We have one Senatorial candidate who as a doctor on a TV show was hauled in front of Congress for peddling snake oil miracle cures that were untested and harmful to people when taken with other drugs. We have another Senatorial candidate who owns a gun shop, presenting a fairly significant conflict of interest, but also has posed a even tighter nationwide abortion ban.

    People need to look at the candidates and vote. Even if you don’t agree with me on all issues, please vote. The problem with elections in America is not fraud, it is not enough people voting. That has always been the case. One party does not think that.

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    1. Wise words Keith. Sorry I didn’t get back to you before the election. Everything you say is spot-on, and it seems as though many in the electorate heeded your words. Many, if not most, of the crazies were defeated. A few managed to win but Trump’s influence might-and I say this cautiously-might be starting to wane. Let us hope!


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