Are you Ready for Revenge, Hunter Biden, and Dr. Fauci?

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I could give you many reasons to vote for Democrats in the midterms. But that’s not my focus in this post. I want to offer you some reasons to vote GOP instead.

If you’re a vengeful person who likes to hold grudges and get people back for what they’ve done to you, then, by all means, vote GOP. Because if they take control of Congress this year, you can be assured that revenge will be at the top of the list of things they will unleash upon the American people.

The Democrats had the nerve to impeach Donald Trump. Not once, but twice – the only president in our nation’s history to suffer such a fate. Now, the former president did do a few things that warranted impeachment. If you try to hold up aid to a foreign country, such as he did with Ukraine, to enhance his political prospects in the 2020 election, you might be worthy of impeachment.

And, if you incite an insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, by repeatedly lying that the election was stolen from him, you also might be worthy of impeachment. But, to most of the Republican Party, never mind. Those things did not rise to the level of removal from office. What the Democrats did was so out of line. If they regain one or both Houses of Congress, they will indeed move to impeach our current president, Joe Biden.

You might think there ought to be grounds for impeaching Biden, but today’s Republican Party seemingly doesn’t need one. Some believe impeachment must be on the table if they regain power. That they currently have no concrete reason for doing so is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is payback.

They’ve got to get the Democrats back what they did to Trump. Whether the possibly future Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, would be on board for impeachment is unclear. But if there’s one thing about McCarthy, that’s as clear as day is that he will do and say whatever the political winds are telling him to do. The base of GOP crazies surely is already salivating at the possibility.

Maybe, though, you need a little more motivation to vote GOP. How about wall-to-wall investigations of Hunter Biden’s laptop and Dr. Anthony Fauci to whet your appetite? If you thought endless Benghazi and Hillary Clinton investigations were a hoot, then surely you’ll gravitate towards what will become daily clown show hearings, spearheaded by the likes of Jim Jordan and company. McCarthy may even allow Marjorie Taylor Green back on committees to showcase her masterful political skills.

But perhaps endless investigations and revenge are not enough to convince you to vote for GOP candidates. Maybe abortion, critical race theory, abolishing The Affordable Care Act, and trying to gut regulations are more to your liking. Of course, with Joe Biden still president, the chances of any legislation getting through are highly improbable.

However, if it’s strictly the performance art you like, you must vote GOP. Because of what they lack in their ability to govern, they more than makeup for it by yelling and screaming to the public about what pisses them off. They’ll complain about the border all day long. Still, other than building a wall or severely limiting even legal immigration, they never have any serious policy proposals that would help the situation. Why do that when you can score cheap political points with the base?

So, again, we know that whatever outrageous and extreme policy proposals they put forward will most certainly be met with the Biden veto pen. The only things they have left are sham investigations and possible impeachment proceedings against Biden for whatever ginned-up reason they can find. You can be sure, also, that January 6, 2021, will be buried so far in the ground that you will have thought that the insurrection had never occurred.

If the GOP wins the House, it will be nonstop Jim Jordan and his crackpot caucus. If they win the Senate, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Rand Paul, and Tom Cotton will all take leadership roles on their various committees. His personal vendetta against Dr. Fauci will take center stage in Paul’s case.

The sad part of it all, unfortunately, is that having a serious and viable opposition political party is essential for our democracy. It’s never good to have one-party rule all of the time. Holding an administration accountable is part of the checks and balances our Founders included in the Constitution. But when you have a party that was taken over by a con man and leader of a cult (MAGA), giving them the keys to power risks nothing less than the destruction of our system of government.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ve made the final point to sway you to vote for the Republican Party in November. It could be that this democracy thing just isn’t doing it for you. Perhaps you like what Mr. Putin is doing in Russia or what Fox News’ hero Victor Orban is doing in Hungary. The march towards authoritarian-type government seems to be taking hold in various regions of the world. At one time, the thought of that happening here in the United States was unthinkable.

Not any longer.

If it’s performance art you like, vote GOP. If you want revenge and petty sham investigations, vote GOP. If you like scapegoating marginalized folks, vote GOP. And, if you’ve soured on democracy and like strongmen leaders who lie, cheat, and spit in the face of the rule of law, then, by all means, vote GOP.

Have I made my point? Have I convinced you to vote for the Republican Party?

I’ve done my best. Now, the rest is up to you.


  1. When the morale of one party had gone down so low, but, the people are, dissatisfied with the current party in power, they show their upsets by voting for the, worse party, and thus, screwing over the, entire, country…

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  2. The Democrats had the nerve to impeach Donald Trump. Not once, but twice – the only president in our nation’s history to suffer such a fate.

    If you think two impeachments are a big deal, how about THESE TWO HARDCORE FACTS…

    Of the U.S.’s forty-six (46) total Presidents in office, 27 were licensed lawyers prior to being elected into the White House, or nearly 59% of all U.S. Presidents. Thirty-one (31) of the forty-six of them served in America’s Armed Forces prior to entering the White House.

    In other words, well over half of America’s Executive leaders had 1) legal and/or government experience PRIOR to taking office or 2) distinguished service in our Armed Forces…

    Until Jan. 2017.

    To rephrase then, only one (1) U.S. President in our entire nation’s history had neither prior public service or practicing law in any capacity, nor any military experience whatsoever before becoming president; that was sadly Donald Trump and only him. He had no governing or relevant job-experience for the Presidency whatsoever in any capacity compared to all previous 44 Presidents!

    And that glaring inexperience legally, governmentally, and militarily showed horrendously in all manners all four years in office! Just a little factual tidbit about how asinine about half of American voters were in 2016. 🤦‍♂️

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    1. Thanks for that Professor. That’s pretty telling, isn’t it? A perfect guy for the Republican Party in that they’ve railed forever about how government was the problem, not the solution. Well, when you put a man so inept, corrupt, and bereft of an ounce of decency, in power, you get chaos, incompetence, and disaster. I hope the people who voted for him are happy with themselves.

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  3. Your sardonic wit plays well here! Excellent post and all good points, my friend. It seems far too many are willing to sacrifice We the People, not understanding that in so doing, they are also sacrificing their own future and that of their children/grandchildren. I never thought I’d see the level of ignorance, of total disregard for sanity and good governance that we see today. The clowns truly are running the GOP circus … I’ve never much liked circuses and certainly don’t wish to live inside one!

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    1. Thanks Jill. I’ve now gone back to pessimism about the midterms. For a while there I was starting to feel a little better about the prospects of keeping Dem control of Congress. Lately, though, the polls seem to be tightening again. I know, polls are polls. But, geez, the stupidity of the American people is off the charts. What do you think? Are you optimistic than me?

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      1. No, partner, I am no more optimistic than you at this point. Oh sure, there are some races I am cheering about … I don’t think Mastriano or Oz can win in Pennsylvania. But others … I think Vance will win here in Ohio, and I think Kari Lake will win in AZ. Others, too, of the right-wing, maga persuasion are likely to win. If Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, I swear I will go stand on the Interstate and wait for a semi truck to come smash me to smithereens! Sigh. I never realized until recently just how much utter ignorance exists in this nation. Sigh.

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      2. That ignorance you mentioned? It’s most definitely on display by a certain Georgia candidate, isn’t it? The (apparent) fact that so many are so blind to this definitely doesn’t speak well for our nation.

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  4. “But, geez, the stupidity of the American people is off the charts.”

    Always remember that 100 is supposed to be the average IQ. So about half the population are dumber than that.

    We need only look at the 2016 election. It should been obvious that T**** was not competent for the job. Yet he was elected.

    The “sapiens” part of “homo sapiens” is a misnomer.

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    1. Sigh. So true Neil. We have a chance, as Americans, to make a statement this fall. The only question is, what kind of statement will it be? A rejection of the anti-democratic GOP, or, will people simply want to punish the Dems for high inflation and vote for idiots? I hope for the former, but think it will be the latter. Unfortunately

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  5. I was going to comment by adding one more point to your list of reasons for voting GOP, but you and other commentors already added it: stupidity. I’m sad to say that the political party I was aligned with for more than 40 years is the party of stupid. I watch videos of folks like The Good Liars interviewing MAGA faithful and I’m astonished at how stupid people can be. Every time I think I’ve heard the dumbest MAGA moron, the interviewers find one with even fewer brain cells.
    Whether one agreed with the GOP of old, there were still some people within that era’s party who weren’t totally insane. Not anymore. It’s full speed ahead to the loony bin. Future political races will be between sanity and insanity. Period.

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    1. All true Jerry. The stupidity and ignorance are beyond alarming. I think most of these people refuse to listen to or read anything other than what they believe. That, and an education system that continues to fail the American people, leaves us open to having millions of uninformed and hateful people. I do not know what the answer is. Frankly, it’s way too late for these folks. They’re beyond reach and hope.


  6. The National Review–a magazine I was subscribed to during the early 2000s, I admit with some regret–recently ran an article again pointing a finger of guilt at Fauci, implying that he profited directly from the Covid crisis, and even that he might have been responsible for its creation. Here was the response I posted:
    Put away those pitchforks. Return the ropes. Let’s have a little context (which the article lacked). Fauci is one of 77 federal employees who were paid more than the president in 2020. Are you angry folks going to go after all 77 of them? At least 10 U.S. senators have a net worth that far exceed that of Fauci. Will you go after them. Donald Trump claims to have a net worth in the billions. Does that make him a criminal?
    So, in 2020, Fauci was paid a $900,00 speaking fee, and apparently that makes him an overpaid leech. In 2007, The Learning Annex paid Donald Trump a speaking fee of $1.5 million. What does that make him?
    I saw nothing in the article that shows a direct tie between Fauci’s income and his involvement in advising the government about the Covid pandemic.
    Cool down, folks–most of you who likely claim to be proud capitalists. If the market says Fauci is worth millions, why are you concerned that he has accepted such money. Would you turn it down?

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    1. Wise words Jerry. Yes, I’ve seen the Fauci bashers out in full force. We ain’t seen nothing yet if R’s when Congress back. Heaven help us.

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  7. So you are telling me that maybe I should vote for torch light parades, jackboots in the streets, Nuremberg-style rallies (already had a lot of those), parody government with all the decisions being made by the former guy, Goebelesque propaganda spewing out of the mouths of right wing talking heads 24-hours-a-day, destruction of the social safety nets, Orban-Putinesque ideologies, return to racial discrimination and LGBTQ hatred, neo-nazi Christian Nationalists armed and everywhere with a free hand …is that what you are proposing as one of my choices? No thanks. I will let the brainwashed clueless hordes that follow Trump take the lead in that madness.

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    1. I think you’ve got it all figured out John! Yes, my sarcasm is exactly that. But it’s also a warning for some of the folks out there who are legitimately pissed about high inflation and want to punish the party in charge. They do not want to hear of the many reasons we’re experiencing such high costs. Only, “let’s punish the Dems and give the other party a shot.” Maybe in another era, I could understand it. But after what we’ve seen of this GOP over the past several years, we simply cannot let them have the levers of power. They do not deserve it. And, we really might lose our democracy. I hope that’s enough to keep the power in Dem’s hands in November. Sadly, I have my doubts.


  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Here’s the true truth!! ,,, “If it’s performance art you like, vote GOP. If you want revenge and petty sham investigations, vote GOP. If you like scapegoating marginalized folks, vote GOP. And, if you’ve soured on democracy and like strongmen leaders who lie, cheat, and spit in the face of the rule of law, then, by all means, vote GOP.”

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