My Side is Losing

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I apologize in advance for the pessimistic headline. I cannot come to any other conclusion.

It’s been a minute. I’ve been off this platform for a while –the most extended time since Greg and I started this blog four years ago. And to all of you who take the time to read what I write over here, I want to thank you. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

That said, the last nearly six weeks have brought about some interesting developments in my life, including starting a part-time job and finally succumbing to Covid-19. Yes, after almost 2.5 years and being fully vaccinated and boosted, I tested positive late last month for the virus.

It wasn’t fun. But I still consider what I had to be a mild version. It took me about a week to start feeling better, but I eventually bounced back. Luckily my better half is still part of the dwindling number of people who have not gotten Covid, which makes me very happy.

Unfortunately, while those personal issues have contributed a bit to my long absence, I’d be lying if those were the only reasons. And that brings me to the pessimistic headline I apologized for at the opening of this post. I’m a lifelong progressive and member of the Democratic Party. I do not say that with regret. Those of you who read my posts know where I stand.

But I’ve grown to concede that my side is losing the battle grudgingly. And it has struck me at my core. Since my last post, I’ve lost the fire in my belly to confront the radical right on this platform. I’ve said a lot in the past four years. And I do not regret any of it. I’ve come at this from the very beginning with a sense of urgency. I knew that what I was seeing in this country looked and felt like we were in the process of losing everything.

By everything, I mean democracy itself. The election of 2016 was only the beginning. I knew deep in my soul that if the disgraced former president lost in 2020, he would not accept defeat. I wrote about that here. Sadly, my prediction was correct. I wish I’d been wrong.

We’re teetering closer than ever to the abyss. We still have not charged the dangerous ex-president, and I remain less than optimistic that we will. Again, I hope I’m wrong on this as well. But he remains an elusive target, and I’m not sure we have the people in charge with the kind of intestinal fortitude it will take to charge an ex-president.

I don’t know what it was that eventually wore me down mentally. I believe it’s been a confluence of many things, some going back more than a decade. It appalls me to no end when I think about how Democrats were asleep at the wheel while Republicans began gerrymandering on steroids in 2010.

Look at what’s happened by not taking it as seriously as the GOP did. They’ve rigged the game now to the extent where it is in the state legislatures that they’re making their most radical push to mold this country into their twisted and fascistic vision for America.

They want to take us back to the days of coat-hanger abortions, as many states are now banning the practice altogether, thanks to the radical, bought, and paid for Supreme Court of the United States. They’re going after the gay and transgender community with uncompromising zeal. They do not care who they offend. It’s the ideology, stupid. And it seems as if we’re powerless to do anything about it.

Climate change is nothing but a hoax to these people – and unlimited gun ownership seems to be the goal. With five religious nutcase radicals on the Supreme Court, three of whom were nominated and confirmed under the twice-impeached former president, we’re simply out of ammunition to confront the other side. It seems that no matter what progress we want to make, the Court is poised to strike it down, regardless of whether over 70% of the public is for it. Can you say tyranny of the minority?

With every new radical decision, the idea of a more perfect union continues to deteriorate rapidly. And now, with word that the Court will hear a case that might give legislatures the final say in our electoral process, we may be closer to democracy’s extinction than ever before.

And in this dire moment that needs met, and met vigorously, I fear that Democrats, nationally and state-wide, are not up to the task. The other side is loud and obnoxious. Democrats are meek and play by the rules. Yes, I’m being very general here because there are some Democrats out there with the appropriate hair-on-fire approach. But not enough, unfortunately.

I will admit that the January 6 Committee has given me at least some hope that people will be held to account. They’re doing an excellent job, and I’ve been paying close attention to these hearings.

But I’m left feeling somewhat hopeless that the hearings are getting this country’s people to pay attention. Most are concerned about the troubling inflation and subsequent high gas prices more than whether the former president tried to keep himself in power and overturn a legal and legitimate election.

These people couldn’t care less in my neck of the woods in rural Southwest Oregon. After the powerful last hearing, where former Trump staffer Cassidy Hutchinson revealed harrowing details of what the former president was doing on January 6 and the days leading up to it, I began to feel a little better about things.

But then I went to the grocery store and saw a couple of pickup trucks with American and Trump flags. Side by side. Traitors. That’s the word that came to mind. I won’t write the other words because some of you might be offended.

And then came the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, preceded by Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York. Hell, did I forget about one? I can’t keep up anymore. And indeed, another one is about to occur any day now. Again, majorities of people in this country want stricter gun control. But what we get is a stripped-down version of gun safety legislation. So much more needs to be done. Are you optimistic it ever will, though?

We’ve dropped the ball in America. We’ve let the other side determine what kind of country they want while we sit back and wonder whether we should eliminate the filibuster or expand the Supreme Court. We know if the shoe were on the other foot, the GOP would do what they needed to put forward their radical agenda.

If they take back the Senate, you can rest assured they’ll pass an outright abortion ban. Instead of Democrats codifying Roe v Wade, they’ll codify no more abortion in America, and their radical pals on the Court will affirm it wholeheartedly.

Once again, I apologize for the downward spiral of this post. My friends, we’re losing, and we’re losing badly right now. We’re not dead. At least not yet.

I’m not ready to concede defeat. But I need some positive thoughts from all of you. Perhaps you can talk me off the ledge. Am I missing something? Is my pessimism premature?

I need help.


  1. Sadly, and unfortunately, I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything you wrote. For me, what is the most discouraging is the lack of FIRE within the Democratic party. Oh sure, there are some that are making noise and rattling cages, but not near enough. It’s like they’re all in this canoe that’s just floating down the river towards the falls while they placidly enjoy the scenery.

    And what adds to the discouragement is while the voting public is getting a steady diet of the crazies (and not just on Fox!) and their radical ideas … “our side” just mutter-mutters incoherently into the wind.

    IOW … where are OUR fire-breathers? Where are OUR giants? Why isn’t someone out stomping the HELL out of these loud-mouths?

    *frustrated sigh*

    Sorry about the COVID. My other-half and I are just now winding down from it. We both had it back in 2019 before it was officially “identified” so we knew from our symptoms that it was hitting us again … and the tests confirmed it. Fortunately, with all the vaccines & boosters, our cases were *comparatively* mild. However, both of us believe this virus is not going away and it WILL be back somewhere down the road.

    Sorry for such a long comment. Just wanted you to know I can identify with all you wrote. You’re not alone.

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comments Nan. Yeah, I guess you could call it a general malaise that I’m feeling. I think the one thing that has me the most down is the situation with the Supreme Court. I mean, these people are certifiably nuts. And there’s not much we can do about it.
      I’m hearing Democrats on Twitter and elsewhere talking about expanding the court etc…But, really? Can you see that actually happen? That would require a ruthlessness and spine I just don’t see from Democrats in leadership. At the very least, we should reform the Court-give them term limits, a code of ethics they must adhere to etc..Again, the odds for such a thing are very low.
      And when they say just give us a couple more Senators and we will ditch the filibuster, do we really think that’s going to happen? I think there are more Senators than just Manchin and Sinema who don’t want to touch the filibuster. We just don’t hear them talk publicly about it.
      So, we are where we are Nan. It’s not good but I plan on remaining in this fight-even if I’m a bit down on everything at the moment. We must get through this somehow. Thanks again for the comments, and all of your support over the years. I appreciate it!

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      1. Did you happen to read my blog post a short time back on “fixing” the Supreme Court? Personally, I do NOT think adding members is the answer. Who’s to say it wouldn’t get lopsided again down the road? And the chances of adding age and/or term limits is slim to none.

        Anyway, as I said, I DO appreciate and understand what you’re feeling. I think MANY of us are “down on everything” right now. Maybe the Jan. 6th hearings will bring some relief. 🤞🤞🤞

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      2. I did not read that Nan. I haven’t been reading much of anything lately. But I’m intrigued. I will check it out because I think you’re right about that. Let’s say we expand it to 13, then the Repubs get back in power and push it to 15, or even 20. Or hell, maybe they take it back to 9. One big mess, any way you look at it. There’s got to be a better way. I will check out your post.

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  2. Thanks.

    I agree with a lot of what you said.

    I also have not given up. But I am saddened to see what is happening.

    For me, it was obvious that the 2016 election was about the Supreme Court. But too many on the left failed to see it that way. And now the extremists have captured the court.

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    1. Thanks Neil. And that’s what has me so demoralized. The Democrats did NOT take the Court seriously, and we’re all paying the price for it. There was a time where we could count on them to protect our democracy. That time is no longer. I just don’t know what we can do. They are on a mission to throw us back to the 1850s-not the 1950s. Our options right now are so limited. The fact Trump was able to put three of these whackos on the Court is beyond the pale. Be well Neil, and thanks for taking the time to weigh in. I really appreciate it.

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  3. I agree with all you say Jeff but I will not give up the Democratic fight. I will March in Madison for womens right to choose as I did in DC. I follow the insurrection hearings closely and remind my friends of the truth spoken. It sickens me that Milwaukee will most likely be the seat of the RNC convention since Covid robbed us of the DNC. Keep up your posts. Keep up your fight

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    1. Thanks for that Sherri. Good on you for still fighting. I’m not giving up. I can’t. There’s simply too much at stake. We have to find a way to turn this thing around. The radical Republican agenda must be defeated. I hope we can keep both the Senate and House. It’s gonna be a struggle, though. Keep it up Sherri!

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  4. I’m rather new to your blog. What I’ve read I’ve enjoyed.

    I can’t say that I particularly enjoy this post.

    But I agree with it.

    I flip-flop between defeat and resignation, and a determination to not let the bastards get me down. Unfortunately every day I lean further towards the former.

    “I’m not sure we have the people in charge with the kind of intestinal fortitude it will take to charge an ex-president.”
    I’m holding out hope on this one. Garland is still in charge until January of 2025. If he’s taking the time to build a lockdown case, I’m good with that.

    “It appalls me to no end when I think about how Democrats were asleep at the wheel while Republicans began gerrymandering on steroids in 2010.”
    Their playbook is evil genius. They’ve been starting with school boards and city councils and working their way up. I’m hoping that the Dems will wake up and follow suit.

    “Once again, I apologize for the downward spiral of this post.”
    No apologies necessary. We need to sound the klaxon long, loud and frequently.

    “But I need some positive thoughts from all of you. Perhaps you can talk me off the ledge. Am I missing something? Is my pessimism premature?”

    Positive thoughts?
    Trump seems to be losing some of his grip. The January 6th Committee is loosening some of the Trump grip.
    We can hope that the divide between diehard MAGAts and the mainstream will fracture the GOP.

    We can hope that the recent extreme court decisions, particularly Roe, will galvanize resistance.

    I’m hoping that Abbott’s extremism in Texas will open a hole for O’Rourke to take advantage of.

    The governor of my state, California, is playing hardball and he is polling well in national polls. I’m hoping that Newsom throws his hat into the ring in the 2024 presidential race. MAYBE, more Democrats will follow Newsom’s lead. I’m seeing more Democrats being exasperated by Biden’s milquetoast posture and I think that’s a good thing. We need to admit that Biden was the placeholder whose only value was defeating Trump.

    What we CANNOT do is give up. That makes it all a fait accompli. Hang in there.

    I know that there’s a lot of hoping in there. With luck and work sometimes hope becomes fact.

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    1. I appreciate you weighing in Paul, and welcome! I’m glad you stopped by and will continue to do so. I just followed you on your blog.
      I appreciate the encouraging words. Boy, I sure need it. I must say that your comment about Newsom is spot-on. Music to my ears. I just have a feeling about him. He’s got charisma, and he’s a fighter. He never shies away from fighting the crazies. The more I see of him, the more I like his chances of being president someday.
      Will that day be in 2024? Hard to say. But I spend time on Twitter and Kamala Harris has quite the following there and in other circles. Some of them are saying she’s the most likely person to run. I’m just not so sure about her yet. I think Newsom’s political skills are better. What do you think?
      Btw, I really like Joe Biden. And I think he’s getting a bum rap for a lot of the crap that’s going on. But, I agree with you that he really is just a placeholder. I do not want him to run in 2024. I actually do not think he will run. He just can’t say that. I think he’ll announce he’s not running, sometime in mid to late 2023. I might be wrong. I don’t think I am though. Then, we can have an honest debate as to who should be the heir apparent candidate in’24.
      Again, welcome aboard! Hope to hear from you more in the future.

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      1. “I think Newsom’s political skills are better (than Harris).”
        Absolutely. Newsom is the consummate politician and I mean that in the best way. I’m certain that he’s driven by power but I’m pretty darn certain that he’s also driven by a duty to do the right thing.
        “He’s (Newsom) got charisma, and he’s a fighter.”
        I don’t if you recall but in 2004, Newsom bucked the whole nation and, as mayor of San Francisco, ordered the city to start issuing licenses for gay marriage.
        Just recently he’s announced that California will begin producing insulin and selling it below market value. I’m not sure how it’s going to be pulled off but he’s DOING things and not just flapping his jaws.
        Right now Newsom says he’s not running, but he might just be playing politics.

        “ Btw, I really like Joe Biden. And I think he’s getting a bum rap for a lot of the crap that’s going on.”
        I’m really conflicted about Biden. Clearly he was dealt a bad hand and he has to do the best with what he has.

        To be honest, I haven’t been overly impressed with any president since LBJ. He just screwed up, and badly so, with Vietnam. For me every president since has shown some measures of mediocrity, or downright incompetence (Bush and Trump) or lack of basic morality (Ronnie Rayguns. I liked Obama – a lot. He had/has all of the qualities to be an exceptional president. Maybe more experience in the Senate and a lot less of Mitch McConnell (who will go down in history as one of the worst Senate Majority Leaders).

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      2. It will be very interesting, Paul, to see what Newsom does. As for the insulin issue, yes, a very bold thing for him to do. And you can contrast that with the complete idiocy of Republican governors like Stitt of Oklahoma, who is launching an investigation into critical race theory allegations. You cannot make this stuff up.


  5. I better not comment because I feel exactly as you do…I’m old and I’m glad…
    But I will tell you I try to look at the long view…by long, I mean 30/50 years or longer, from now. I’ll be dead but either things will have swung back to a liberal progressive kinder society not based on greed and religion or we will be some large 3rd world country riddled with religious nuts, poverty, even higher crime, disease, even poorer, if any education and and no voice anymore as in voting. We will be like some of the Mideast..a few super wealthy king like leaders and the rest poor ignorant unhealthy conspiracy theory and religious nuttery laden ideologies.

    Then again climate change will make it all a moot point.
    And I guess I commented after all.😊

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    1. Thanks, as always Mary, for your thoughtful comments. You speak the truth. I cannot disagree with any of it. We are, without a doubt, at a precipice in our history. Perhaps not since the Civil War have we been so dangerously close to losing what we all took for granted not so long ago. I hope we end up like your very optimistic vision. Sadly, it seems we’re much closer to the other one. Democrats are our only hope for a better future. And, unfortunately, I’m not inspired by that fact. We need fighters, and I just don’t see enough of them. Perhaps someone will emerge. Otherwise, the crazies will win. I don’t want to think about that….

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      1. That guy! Ughhh. I agree. I shudder to think of him being in charge some day. Let’s hope to hell that never happens

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  6. You’re not wrong in having the pessimism, and I do agree with where you are coming from. It does feel like a losing fight right now. However, the optimist inside of me wants to tell you to stand up taller and don’t succumb to the detriment that Orange #45 worked hard to create. As democracy is in jeopardy, we should fight harder, even if there is a chance we will lose. Then you can say that you didn’t give up and give in, and you will feel better about being pessimistic. It’s weird to say it that way, and I am sorry that you have been through so much.

    Voting is how we beat the other side, and the act of getting louder than the masses controlling our destinies is the other way we beat them. The hearings of Jan. 6 has thrown a wrench in a lot of plans and agendas. We have been here before in our history books. Let’s beat them at their own game.

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    1. Thanks so much Amy. I need that optimism. And, I will not give up. It’s too damn important, and people like you and me care about what happens to this country. I will never stop caring. It’s not in my nature. So, the struggle continues. My hope is that with the recent Supreme Court decisions, the electorate will show up in droves. It’s the only way the progressive side can win. Massive turnout. Because we know damn well the crazies will turn out. They are just as equally motivated to throw us back to a time none of us want to go back to. I appreciate the pep talk and good on you for the positivity! I certainly need some right now

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      1. You’re welcome! I try to keep up the optimism to keep from breaking down myself and by hoping that it will spread to others one person at a time. I think people are becoming aware, and I know there are still so many that fell in line with the brainwashing of MAGA. It was basically David Koresh meets Charles Manson for a good while, and it takes a while to heal that kind of control over people.

        I’m glad that I found your page, and it’s a pleasure conversating with you 🙂

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      2. I’m glad you found us too! And your comparison is very apt. Manson and Koresh. Yes, the blind dedication to a dangerous and narcissistic madman will not turn out well. So many of these folks simply do not have a clue as to what’s going on in the real world. January 6 means nothing to them. They’re more concerned with BLM and Critical race theory. You cannot reach these folks. It’s very unfortunate.

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      3. It makes you wonder what it will take for them to come back to reality. My idea is that we have to give them a candidate that less people hate. I don’t know who that is yet, but I am working on it 🙂 There will be civil wars to come, but I feel like they will be necessary again.

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  7. Well, thus far the comments haven’t been exactly uplifting … largely because all you say is right. BUT, Partner, I’m not about to let you slink into some dark place or turn away in disgust and lose yourself in the depths of despair! NO! Yes, things are beyond bad in this country, but not hopelessly so … unless we all give up, throw our hands up and say, “Okay, you win … I’ll just go play Solitaire now.”

    Now, I don’t have any words of wisdom … just in case you were waiting for some. All I know is that if we give up the fight, then we lose for sure. Nan is right that the Democrats seem lackluster, as if perhaps they’ve already given up … with a few exceptions. Think of Stacey Abrams who stands a real chance to beat Kemp in November. And Val Demings in Florida. We cannot stop now, Partner! Let’s find something to work together on when you feel up to it … and by the way, I AM truly sorry you caught Covid, but glad that you’re getting over it and that your wife is okay.

    Believe me, I understand the angst and go through it at least 2-3 times a week, but … let’s not give up yet … please? 🥺 Sending you big hugs, my friend and writing partner!

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    1. Thanks, as always Jill. You know I value your wisdom on everything that’s going on in our world. Nobody understands it better than you. And no, I’m not giving up. I simply cannot as it is not in my nature. Yes, It’s a struggle right now. But, this too shall pass. We simply cannot let the lunatics win. They’ve rigged it pretty damn good though, haven’t they? It’s gonna take a lot of toughness and perseverance in order to get through this. But, I know you’re there fighting the good fight every day. It’s an inspiration partner. And yes, I’d love to do another project at some point. Perhaps closer to the mid-terms? We shall see. Thanks again Jill for the words of encouragement. Damn. I sure need it.

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      1. We’ll stay in touch, my friend, and soon we’ll come up with a good idea to collaborate on … there’s just too much to take in right now, I think. Keep well, dear friend … the world hasn’t ended yet, and we’re gonna do our part to try to ensure it doesn’t anytime soon!

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    1. Yes, it’s very unfortunate. I will crawl out of this hole at some point. And hopefully you’ll crawl out of it too. It’s just too damn important to throw in the towel.

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  8. My friend, I, too, am very near a point of utter despair. I try to persuade my Trumpist friends. “Just look at the overwhelming evidence of corruption within the Trump administration specifically and within the Republican Party generally as presented in the January 6th hearings,” I say to them. Their response? “I will not watch that witch hunt.” What can we do when a third of the country has completely lost any grip on reality and refuses to listen to any reason? What can we do when another third of the nation fiddles while our nation burns? As I wrote in my most recent Grumpy’s Grumblings post,
    “So, it’s too late now for the cult’s zealous followers to abandon or turn on their messiah. They must remain firm in their convictions. And if that means burying their heads in the sand as almost daily new revelations emerge of their messiah’s turpitudes, particularly from the January 6th Subcommittee, then so be it. Sand-filled facial orifices are, apparently, a small price to pay for being able to blissfully ignore the step-by-step dismantling of our constitutionally protected form of government.”
    I assume I still have another 20 years left on this planet. So, I think I’m ready to just take an existential leap of faith and pretend all is fine so that I don’t curl up in a fetal ball while I await my final day.

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    1. Thanks Jerry. You have a unique perspective, coming from the evangelical community. I know you’re dumbfounded as to the complete complicity and acquiescence so many in that community have towards Trump. There is simply no changing any of them. And, the ones who aren’t necessarily evangelicals but are merely low information/unintelligent voters. I’m trying my best to keep my head above water. We’ve come through so much as a country in the past 246 years. Will it survive Trumpism? I’m not so sure. We shall find out very soon I’m afraid.

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  9. Thanks Jeff. Democrats are lousy marketers. As an independent and former member of both parties, mostly Republican as an adult, Dems have a better story to tell on a lot of fronts, yet they let Republican marketers control the narrative. And, with opinion folks on Fox and even worse sources of information, the narrative can be hammered home.

    These marketers for the GOP search for and create wedge issues to discuss, which are usually blown out of proportion. But rather than talk about giving more money to rich people and helping them keep it, they make sure we talk about the wall, CRT, Replacement theory, the failed stimulus, failures of socialism in places like Venezuela and Cuba, et al. When someone genius said “Defund the police” that may have been the absolutely worst slogan ever.

    As Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman once said, “Donald Trump has no second paragraph.” He does not need one. Make him get past the bumper sticker slogans and name calling. Make Republicans explain why Republicans testifying under oath that the former president lied to them and had a heavy hand in the insurrection is not a concern.

    Conservative pundit Michael Gerson said the “Republican party is in decay.” He is right. That is a true bumper sticker from a very astute source.

    Dems are surprised we have a conservative SCOTUS. My answer is what did you think would happen? Trump put a roster of conservative judges he would choose from out in advance. He knew that was one of his few selling points.

    Dems need to vote. Dems need to make their concerns known as they did in the 2018 midterms. Otherwise, you will lose the majorities and may end up with a president worse than Trump – a competent bully. Keith

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    1. Keith.
      I have been privileged to read more than a few exceptional posts and responses to other posts written by yourself. This one is there ranking as one of your best. A clarion call to the battered ranks of the Democrats, while a mature and incisive critique of the failure of its overall leader.
      If this dreadful state of affairs is turned around it will be thanks to the efforts and perceptions of folk such as yourself.

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    2. Thanks Keith, for your usual wise and common sense approach to all of this. Boy you are so right when it comes to lack of marketing. Dems simply do not have the media infrastructure to compete with the loudmouths on the other side. It should be a slam dunk in November. But you and I know it won’t be. Anything can happen but I suspect the GOP will win back the House and Dems will keep the Senate. If that does happen, you will see any investigation into Trump cease and Hunter Biden’s laptop will be the new obsession. Every day.
      We either turn out and vote en masse, or we don’t. That’s the ballgame Keith. And control of Congress hangs in the balance.

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      1. Jeff, I hope you are right on the Senate. We cannot forget the endless Benghazi hearings, which Kevin McCarthy told the truth about on air and had to withdraw his candidacy to replace John Boehner as Speaker. What did McCarthy say on air? That the hearings were designed to discredit Hillary Clinton as a candidate for president.

        I am grateful that former Trump Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has written an op-ed telling Republicans to pay attention to the House Select Committee hearings as Republicans are testifying under oath about their concerns over Donald Trump. My blog yesterday cites this piece and as a link to the op-ed.


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      2. Yes, if they win either or both Houses of Congress, the likes of Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Green will become the voices and faces of the GOP. God help us all.


  10. My dear blogger friend … how did you manage to get inside my head and write the exact words/feelings that I have? I’m originally from Puerto Rico but the American way was ingrained in my mind since my early years, many moons ago. I started really paying attention to politics after 2016.
    I can’t believe what I see … it definitely hurts my mind, my soul!! I had a mild moment of peace after the 2020 elections then Jan 6 happened!! I can’t see this going anywhere but down … and it’s stolen my peace again and it truly hurts!! I’m so sad, disheatened and disappointed. Thank you for this post … at least it validates what I’m seeing and shows me I am not alone!! From the heart … on another note – I too tested positive for COVID after being fully vaxxed and boosted!! All good now … ❤

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    1. Thanks Dr. Rex. I’m glad you’re ok on the Covid front. It just goes to show you that this thing is not over. It’s still changing/mutating. I dropped my guard-stopped wearing masks etc..and I got it. Still don’t know from where. Oh well, we’re both good and that’s all that counts.
      Yes, I vented my feelings and I appreciate everyone weighing in. I think most are feeling a bit discouraged these days. I know I’ll break out of it at some point. But boy, can the news get any more bleak? Let’s keep our head up as best we can Dr. Rex and hope for better days ahead. That’s all we can do!

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  11. Firstly Jeff I am sorry Covid caught up with you, but glad you got the better of it. May your return to health continue.
    It grieves me to see my adopted nation brought so low by folk invoking forces of which they do not fully comprehend and in return some of those who oppose them feeling the fight is lost and it is time to steal away. And I wish there were constructive and upbeat words within me. Sadly, the shadows of our own collective European histories cloud my perspectives. Thus, stealing away is not a likely option available. Not in the long term.
    A group which does not embrace a middle ground emboldened by its successes will want more, irrespective of the risks involved. Thus, they will come for not just the minorities be they racial, religious or social. They will come for everyone. They will expect flags to be displayed. They will expect ‘you’ to keep ‘your’ women under control. They will hound and persecute without fear of law. They will in effect bring back the militia style rule of the KKK of the early 20th Century. Many will seek a ‘quiet life’, but it will be one under supervision.
    However, they will not have control over all of the US and there will be fault lines with tectonic tensions. As you have witnessed white extremists will carry out terrorist acts. Then there will be repercussions for groups on the Right are instrumental in the formation of groups on The Left and Minority Communities, starting as self-defence but will conduct their own terrorist acts. And so it begins, the spiral of violence. For you do not try and seize complete control over a five time-zone continental size nation with a history of democracy without a push back.
    I wish I had more comfortable words, but they are not afforded to my European vision. We have fought too long, too hard, too bitterly, often for futile reasons not to know what our children (The White American) is capable of.
    So, prove me wrong. Take up the struggle through the ballot, the courts, the streets, the civil disobedience. Seize the narrative, spread the word that unless the USA steps back it will face, at least a Northern Ireland writ large, at worst a Lebanon /Iraq / Libya. And yes, it can happen. No nation is immune.
    And raise the spectre of this possibility. If you have to scare people into action. Tell them to shake their elected officials into stopping this slide.
    Sorry my reply has to be like this Jeff. Like some ragged, wide-eyed, raw-boned would-be prophet.
    Prove me wrong folks. Prove me wrong.

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    1. Thank you Roger for the kind words and well wishes.
      And thanks for your usual wise advice and historical perspective. I agree with all of it, especially, “Northern Ireland writ large, at worst a Lebanon/Iraq/Libya.” I think that’s where we’re headed Roger. I want to prove you wrong, but I simply cannot at this point. Let’s see where we are after our 2022 election. I’m not very optimistic about it but maybe the country will surprise us. I hope so.
      On a final note, what I find very interesting is the stepping down of Boris Johnson. No, not that he stepped down. But how even he eventually did what was right because it was best for the country. I find that refreshing. Imagine if Donald Trump did what all of his predecessors had done-simply concede the election. There would have been no January 6. And we could have moved on as a country. Well, we know what happened. If only Trump had been more like Johnson-in this regard at least. What do you think Roger?

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      1. Here’s to being pleasantly surprised Jeff. Maybe folk will eventually take the cotton wool out of their ears and listen to the alarm bells.
        Actually Jeff the Johnson saga ran like a Shakespearean tragedy or Tennessee Williams play; take your pick.
        There was one scandal too many. In this case appointing a known sexual predator to a position of authority, then either denying or ‘forgetting’ he knew of the man’s record. This was another case of Johnson not caring for rules and regulations when they applied to him or those he appointed. What added fuel was that government minsters were sent out to make public statements defending him when they had been given false information. This started a landslide of resignations from the UK ministerial ranks (UK governments are complex things either like jigsaws, Lego buildings or a house of cards depending on the situation). Despite a number of previous indicators by which a PM should have packed up weeks ago, Johnson clung on, claiming he had a mandate (actually he didn’t; The Conservative Party did- big difference). Eventually with no talent left to call on to staff the government and folk telling him he should go, he was crow-barred out. Even then he did not go at once but is arguably staying on until a new leader is found (another contentious step).
        Commentators here have actually been likening Johnson’s actions to Trump’s in so far as denying the obvious. By good fortune Johnson’s support base in the public is not as proportionally widespread nor is its ranks heavy with hysterical conspiracy junkies. His demise was more like a very British version of the film ‘Downfall’.
        Thus Jeff, he did not go for the good of the nation, he had to go because he could not govern as a PM. Johnson’s integrity and sense of duty are far outweighed by his sense of self-importance and eye for the money. He will retire form the front of UK politics, maybe plan a comeback or equally possible write his account of things, find himself a cosey column or two in newspapers and various other ways to make money by staying in the public view, which will be very irritating for a large portion of the UK (Actually in 2019 on the mainland, England, Scotland and Wales less folk voted the Conservatives than the other parties combined).
        From here on in the future is uncertain though, once more in a British way.

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      2. You’ve explained it Roger, as only you could do. I get it. He’s no hero, that’s for sure. I am heartened, though, that so many people did resign. They basically forced him to go, which is, in my view, honorable. If only some of the folks over here had done more than simply wait till they could get book deals rather than tell the public what a lunatic Trump was. It’s amazing how some of them, for example former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, have come around to say he was dangerous. For God sakes, the man worked in the White House for a long time. He knew what was going on. Yet, he sat on his hands and predicted that Trump would gracefully accept defeat. Well, we all know THAT did not happen.

        The complicity. The sycophancy. The enabling. It’s all quite troubling, Roger. So much could have been done to prevent Jan 6 from ever happening. The real question now of course, is whether we have the guts to charge an ex-president with crimes. I’m not hopeful. Thanks again Roger for all your wisdom.

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      3. Thank you for your kind words Jeff, although I can’t claim wisdom; more of a case; to use british vernacular and in one of the many London accents:
        ‘It’s bleedin’ obvious! Inn’ it?’

        When comparing Watergate with Trump’s antics in 2019-2020 and the results the latter says more about the mindset of a portion of the USA population. Nixon still had his supporters at the end but they accepted the way the die had rolled and ended up. The Cult of Denial and Outrage and not winning is degrading as well as dangerous. They resemble a slightly diluted Taliban or ISIS.
        And a very grim desperate argument for the usefulness of an authoritarian Stalinist or Bejing style government to sort them out, which quite frankly is no more than they deserve.
        We keep on hoping for sanity to return and better times.

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      4. Perhaps Jeff there is a finite supply of sanity and with the increase in global population it’s spreading thin.
        Though that doesn’t fully answer why tens of millions of americans believe in qanon, tRump, that the last presidential was rigged, and currently elected officials can make looney tunes statements and still stay in office.
        I need more on research my idea.🤔

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  12. Sadly, I share the same sorrow. Some thng posive… we are learning that takng today’s middle road is really hurting us. Can the filibuster! Pack the Supreme Court. Listen to the progressives!!!

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  13. Hello Jeff. Most of what can be added to the conversation has been except that our current Democratic party leaders including Biden seem to want / think they are living in the 1980s where the political parties tried to work things out with each other. Where they would spend time with each other and work things out, give and take. They would compromise. That is the time frame Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi seem to think they are living in. They need to wake up. Biden keeps trying to find common ground with McConnell to the point where he was willing to put a hard far right anti-choice judge on a lifetime federal bench if McConnell would promise to let more of his nominees be approved faster. WTF. Current republican party thinks compromise means they get everything they want, and the democrats apologize for not giving in sooner. During TFGs term Schumer kept making deals to simply not object to his nominees without getting anything in response but early recesses. Pelosi keeps going on interviews saying we need a strong Republican party. What side does she work for? You never hear McCarthy saying they need a strong Democratic party? These people need to step aside and let the younger generations who understand the public is tired of spending all their life trying to survive while the upper incomes enjoy unheard of luxuries. The US people want what people in other countries have, a higher quality of life and a government that works for the people. Let the democratic leaders not so enamored of corporate money lead for a change. People are tired of voting for parties that work against them. Hugs

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    1. I cannot disagree with anything you say say Scottie. It’s time for a new generation indeed. I’m pretty sure Biden is not running again even though he says he is. He has to say that. Undoubtedly that will leave the door open to someone younger. You simply cannot treat this version of the Republican Party like the days of yesteryear. Those times are long gone. These are the fascists and authoritarians and we must keep them from the levers of power. It’s a tough task but damn it, we’re teetering so close to the edge of losing it all. You cannot negotiate with these folks.

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  14. I understand the pessimism. However, I’ll leave you with this view…

    Every 50-60 years since this country was founded, we’ve gone through some type of upheaval or war. When you set it out on a timeline, there’s the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and then the Civil War. Those roughly fit that time spacing.

    After that, the internal wars ended, and things shifted towards social upheaval. There’s the Red Summer of 1918 and the early Jim Crow violence followed by the 1960s Civil Rights Era. We’re now sitting within that 50-60 year window. This is just our time to deal with dragging the backwards thinking folks along into the next Era. Their gains, while outwardly menacing, will not be permanent.

    America cannot fail now, especially since we would pretty much take the world with us because of the intertwined world economics. We just need to take a second, wipe our brows, roll up our sleeves, and bend the moral arc of justice towards good.

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  15. the supreme court just gave the abortion deal back to the states so all of you nuts whining about how they’re going to take us back to the 1850’s are mentally deranged. I guess the 10th amendment doesn’t mean shit to you people/


    1. Hello Scott. You seem to have missed the 9th amendment. It says just because a right is not specified in the constitution doesn’t mean the people don’t have it. It says that the constitution really doesn’t have to list all the rights that people have.

      The Ninth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that the federal government doesn’t own the rights that are not listed in the Constitution, instead, they belong to the people. The 9th Amendment states that the rights not specified in the Constitution belong to the people, not the federal government.,people%2C%20not%20the%20federal%20government. Please try to reason things out before calling names. Thanks. Hugs

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  16. The anti-life Roe vs Wade protesters fizzled out in a week – abortion is just another losing issue for Democrats hyped by their communist media propagandists.


  17. Monday, 10 July

    Hi, Jeff–

    Hope to catch up with you Guys in your most recent post, to update latest news regarding Medicare drug pricing reform proposal.

    By the way, very sorry to hear that you fell ill with Covid. Hope you’ve fully recovered by now, and don’t have any lingering problems or symptoms that are associated with “Long Covid” (I think that’s the correct term). Fingers crossed–so far, Mr Blue and I have avoided it. Of course, we’ve continued to live in a relatively isolated bubble–still have “contactless” deliveries of groceries, etc. This area consistently has a high “infectivity rate.”

    Thank goodness, our Golden’s surgery went very well. For her sake, we had to keep her in medical boarding status for 3 weeks (IOW, until the incision was pretty much healed). She’s a very bright dog, but, also, super reactive. So, she needed to be under 24/7 supervision, in case she decided to chew up her “cone” in order to get at her belly/stitches.

    Take care.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the well wishes Blue, and good hearing from you. Yeah, I’m recovered from Covid. It seems like everyone is getting it these days. This version is very contagious. Obviously. Luckily I’m vaxxed and I think it helped in the fact my bout wasn’t that severe. Glad to hear your Golden is doing well. We’ve got to keep them around as long as we can! They’re as much a part of the family as any human being!

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