What About the “Woke” Right?

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According to our conservative friends, being “woke” refers to those who are ridiculously politically correct and who speak out too much on social injustice. It’s commonly used as a pejorative term when referring to those on the left, increasingly paring it with phrases like “woke mob” or as a sledgehammer, using “anti-woke” to proclaim their vehement opposition.

The right-wing’s been successful at putting the term into the general public. And they do it by minimizing and mocking those standing up against generations of injustice suffered by marginalized folks such as the LGBTQ and people of color communities.

But the truth is, while they like to hang the term on liberals, we could and should hang it around the necks of today’s GOP and use it the same way on them. Because what we’re seeing right now play out across America is beyond radical. Perhaps we could call it “extreme wokeness.” Whatever you might want to call it, it’s dangerous to the country, and we’re on the verge of going back to the United States of 1950.

I’m not being hyperbolic; I’m only going by what I see happening daily. GOP legislatures are rolling back rights that Americans have grown accustomed to for decades in state after state. They’re banning books, picking on gay people, doing away with voting rights, and outlawing abortion. If this isn’t being woke, what is?

And speaking of abortion, the recently leaked draft opinion of the United States Supreme Court, which purports to overturn the nearly 50-year settled law of Roe v. Wade, we see where this is all heading. Many folks in this country would like nothing better than for women to be barefoot, pregnant, and out of the workforce entirely. How long will it be before the Court decides to look at contraception and gay marriage? It seems as though nothing is safe anymore.

Those who thought the Obergefell decision in 2015 that legalized gay marriage was settled law think again. As it is presently constituted, this Court remains a clear and present danger to the rights of millions of Americans.

As we all know, the GOP has been hellbent on overturning Roe for decades. With that prospect seemingly within its grasp, we can be sure they won’t stop there. They never do. They’ll overreach, thinking they have a mandate. That ‘mandate,’ especially as it pertains to Roe, is fueled by the views of around 30% of the public. Today’s radical right can never be accused of being good with math.

The bottom line is they don’t give a damn. They’ll force their radical dogma down all of our throats because it’s what they do best. And they’re also banking on the fact that Democrats won’t turn out in November, at least not enough to prevent them from winning at least one house of Congress.

But sure, let’s get lectured by them on how far to the left Democrats have gone. Elon Musk, the mega-billionaire with more money than God who recently purchased Twitter, seems to think the left has gone the most radical.

In the following tweet, Musk suggests that he’s a centrist who voted for Obama in 2008 but has since seen the left go so ‘woke’ he doesn’t recognize the Democratic Party anymore. Musk’s a pretty funny guy, using stick figures to show his take on the political landscape. But if you look closely, he seems to conveniently overlook what has happened to the other political party in our country.

He fails to mention that on January 6, 2021, the other political party’s people tried to overthrow a legal and fair election, trying re-install the guy who said it was stolen from him. And let’s remember that over half of that party still believes Donald Trump won.

Many of them also adhere to the crackpot conspiracy theories concocted by QAnon, who think Democrats are running child sex trafficking rings, among other ridiculous and outlandish beliefs. Oh, and let’s not forget which party glorifies guns in America whose politicians love to post pictures on social media of the arsenals of weapons they possess – many of them with their small children smiling alongside.

Let’s face it; the GOP has sold its soul to one man – a man who disgraced the office of the presidency like no other. But sure, let’s let Musk and the GOP label the left as a bunch of “woke” radicals. Let’s ignore where these folks are trying to take the country. Let’s forget their allegiance to the man who tied to destroy America and makes fun of people who give a damn about civil rights, health care for all, or student loan forgiveness.

Can progressives go overboard at times? Sure they can. But to say they’re a danger to the country is ridiculous. The left did not enter the Capitol on January 6. They aren’t banning books and abortion – nor are they trying to take away people’s right to vote. A majority of Americans favor policies advocated for by Democrats. Poll after poll shows that most people do not want Roe overturned.

Polls also show that most people would like universal health care, a robust climate plan, and increasing and protecting Social Security. These are mainstream issues with widespread support. But because black folks were protesting during the summer of 2020 over their unjust treatment by police, somehow, the left is branded negatively as being too “woke.”

It’s time to call out which side is the real “woke” side. It’s the people who want to take us back to the time of coat-hanger abortions and hide some of the historical blemishes of America by banning books and making up stories about critical race theory.

Woke, itself is a term that is in a constant state of flux. It’s changed over the years and continues to do so. But the left has allowed it to be hijacked by the radical right. The truth is, the word refers to being ‘awake’ about issues of importance. The Urban Dictionary has a more recent definition: “The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue.”

If we take the Urban Dictionary definition at face value, how can being “woke” not describe what Governor Ron DeSantis and others in Red States are doing legislatively? Banning books and prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory is only the tip of the iceberg for these people. They are playing to the extreme base of their party by exploiting social issues, thinking it’s the best way to win elections.

Look, Democrats aren’t perfect and have made their fair share of mistakes. But I honestly believe most want the country to make progress. That means giving folks a helping hand when needed, standing up for everyone’s civil rights, ensuring our democracy withstands the assault from the far-right, and ensuring our government institutions are being held to account.

It’s a far better choice than the current GOP and their “woke” agenda of controlling women’s bodies, worshipping a failed and corrupt ex-president, white supremacy, anti-immigration, religious fanaticism, embracing autocracy, and rejecting science.

The next time you hear a GOP politician complaining about the “woke” left, maybe you should tell them to take a look in the mirror. Because in today’s world, the real “woke” folks are trying to overthrow democracy and take us back to an era we thought was long gone.


  1. I don’t thnks, that, because we are, radical on some of the issues like gun control, abortion, etc., etc., etc., it would be correct, to, categorize ourselves, one another as, left, or, right, as we all have, that bit of a rebel, in us all, we just, differ from one another, as to, when our more, “radical” views, come out to, play…

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  2. If you look at the Eisenhower years, you will see that the GOP was further to the Left than the Democracts are today.
    And this idea of not fighting the GOP tooth and nail is costing us severely. We allowed them to take over the Supreme Court. We allow them to stop in the Senate every bill that will benefit the average American. We had a president try to usurp our Constitution and become a dictator, and it looks like he is going to escape punishment for that. And we allowed them the radicals to dig in and hurt the efforts to stop COVID.
    The middle road of Obama and now Biden makes enemies of both wings of the Party. Swing one way or the other. It got us Trump and a grievous loss of our rights. The people won victories under FDR and LBJ because both said forget trying not to hurt feelings and just do what is right.
    The first step is to pack the Supreme Court and overcome the riff rafff the GOP has insalled.

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    1. You’re not wrong Don. The Democrats have shown time and again that they do not have the spine to fight like hell. Or, at least fight for stuff like the other side. It’s frustrating beyond belief and it’s making it harder and harder for me to get motivated. And it doesn’t help that that dictator you talked about is still walking around like he didn’t do a damn thing wrong. I think that is at the heart of my displeasure at this point. I feel he will get away with everything. I sure hope I’m wrong

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  3. I somehow missed this post when it first came out. You make so many good points here that I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just settle for saying that, by the Republican’s newly made-up definition of ‘woke’, I am proud to be ‘WOKE’!!! So much better than being a racist, gun totin’ bigot, don’t you think? Good post, Jeff.

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has neatly summed up the “State of the Nation” these days. Let me just say that by the Republican’s faux definition of the word “woke”, I am PROUD to be WOKE … I have to live with my conscience 24/7 and my conscience likes me being Woke! Thanks Jeff … great summation!

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  5. What really bothers me, across the Pond, is how partisan people are becoming and, worse, intolerant. You are either with me or against me. This does not have the mark of a great democracy – whichever the side of the Pond you’re on.

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    1. You’re correct. The polarization is only gettin worse. Nowadays, you can just say anything no matter whether it’s a fact or not. Lies are amplified and facts are drowned out. It’s troubling, and it’s a global phenomenon-not just an American one.


  6. When people try to insult me by calling me “woke,” I thank them for recognzing my humanity, and tell them how proud I am to be called “woke.” This throws them for a loop. They don’t like for their insults to be taken as a compliment. The more people who do this, the less the GOP cultists will use the term. Because, really, it is a compliment, no matter how they try to use it.
    So I have to disagree with cslling the GOP crowd woke, except in that they recognize where they have to fight against “wokeness” in order to kerp their followers adleep at the wheel.
    But I have been saying all along the Dems are nothing but sheep, trying to stand on the high moral ground while the Repugs use every dirty tool possible to make the high ground flat. I am not saying go out and harm MAGAts, but don’t just sit like sheeple waiting to be slaughtered, because that will not be hard to do right now. Taking the high ground means losing the war!

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    1. the Dems are nothing but sheep

      Unfortunately, I must agree with you. They have some great ideas, but then allow the Repukes (and even certain Democrats) to walk all over them and end up making “modifications” to please THEM! I believe in compromise, but some of what’s been taking place is ridiculous!


      1. I kind of understand it, they don’t want to stoop to the level of the GOP. But that is not working! Someone somewhere has to say, enough is enough! Will anyone step up? I’m not seeing a tarnished knight, let alone a white one…

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    2. Yes. The fight cannot be won on their playing field. They play to win. Dems play within the rules and then wonder what the hell just happen. They better sure as hell be “woke” times a hundred this November.


  7. Good post Jeff.
    I’ll be honest, I’m wishing for the day someone calls me woke.
    I used to have so much fun knocking down those who used the term ‘Snowflake’, with the opening line ‘Oh I was hoping you’d use ‘Snowflake’, then tell them how inappropriate it was as an insult…..They never did reply.
    I wanna knock down a right-winger using ‘woke’…No fair.
    (Sorry ’bout that,)

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    1. Thanks Roger! Yeah, I will wear it with a badge of honor if they want to call me “woke.” When I call them the ‘radical right’ I’m not sure they understand. LOL

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      1. I’ve not met one yet who could construct a discourse supporting their views.
        The responses tend to be a mish-mash of accusations and slogans.
        I lost a blossoming friendship to the Tea Party that way.

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      2. How true Jeff. I can recall with sadness the conversations I used to have by e-mail with this person fading until they were simply their latest commentary with no response to things I might have written to them.
        Then they stopped writing altogether.
        Just as well probably.


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