Nothing Will Tarnish the Messiah’s Crown

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Our good friend Jerry has another post out today. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading. Thanks Jerry!

As I caught a clip of an interview Dr. Deborah Birx did on MSNBC recently, my mind quickly began recalling the myriad other former Trump administration cabinet members and officials who have openly criticized their former boss.

Birx, who served as the Trump administration’s White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, has been making the rounds of network and cable TV news programs answering questions about her new book Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, COVID-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It’s Too Late. In her book and in the interviews, Birx says she tried to counter the COVID misinformation being spread by the former president. She said she even went so far as to tell Vice President Mike Pence that she was publicly countering Trump’s loony and dangerous assertions about a virus that was killing Americans by the thousands. And Pence, she says, told her to “Do what you need to do.”

Yes, even Trump’s sidekick knew that, for the good of the nation, he had to give his loyalty to sanity and truth over his boss’s derangement and lies. And, perhaps also for the good of the nation, Pence recently garnered the gumption to declare, “President Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election,” and “The presidency belongs to the American people, and the American people alone. And frankly, there is no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president.”

Coming from the cautious, restrained, often timid former vice president, that seems like a pretty harsh denunciation of the former president. But it’s mild compared to criticisms from other former Trump administration officials, such as the following:

“You never can tell with Trump. His relationship with the truth is very tenuous.”

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  1. Just read this over there and commented

    Excellent post and spot on. And if trump doesn’t run, DeSantis will and the same white nationalist evangelical bigoted so called Christians will vote for him as well. I’m in Florida and believe me, he is positioning himself to run or to be the veep and drop right into the position if trump were to win and then resign for some reason and there wouldn’t even have to be an election.

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  2. It’s mind-boggling that this individual has so much power over people … but then so did someone else some 2000+ years ago. Regrettably, some people are simply unable to direct their own lives and instead, need someone else do it for them. No matter the circumstances.

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    1. It really is mind-boggling Nan. John Dean wrote a book about the conservative mind. I didn’t read it but the gist of it is that conservative-minded folks actually are more prone to autocratic dictator types. They want a strong man telling them what to do and talking tough. I believe that idea has a lot of merit.


      1. Interestingly, I seriously considered writing a book about the “Republican mind” myself. But the way I was going to approach it is how emotions seem to play a large role in their thinking. Think about it. How often do you approach a topic with facts and figures, but the Republican responds via the “attack” mode? Unfortunately, life’s demands never allowed me to pursue my goal. –sigh–

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      2. It would be a worthy project Nan. But I get it. It takes a lot of time to do something like that. But to your point about facts, yes, it seems many R’s have an innate aversion for them. You can show some of them data, recordings, photos, etc…and it just doesn’t matter. It’s all about the way in which they think about the world and how they wish it to be-not how it is. Very troubling. Btw, I bet the book would be awesome if you were to do it!

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  3. The more I read about the tragic state of American politics and the measure of support these shabby, bigoted, self-opinionated, flaw creatures garner, the stronger is my conviction The White Panic faction of the voting public will support and vote for whomsoever they believe will do their bidding and fulfil their intolerant wishes.
    If anyone Trump, DeSantis or Cruz thinks they control that groundswell then they are deluded. They will be expected to perform as told by the slogans and the radio pundits tell them. They may think they can get away with that. Fine. Dream on.
    What will they do when the opposing groupings of the voting public decide ‘The Hell with this’ and take their own anger onto the streets with more than placards.
    Sorry Jeff I am becoming a bit fixated on this, but you are talking to someone who lived through watching the communal violence of Ulster for a sizeable portion of his adult life; and was one of the lucky ones, I had the Irish Sea and Wales (IRA non-Target).
    It’s like watching the same story unfold.
    And I want to be damn well wrong.
    (Vlad you should have waited)

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    1. It’s the old adage about history repeating itself Roger. The thing is, I was too naive to think it couldn’t happen over here. Boy was I wrong. And the election of 2016 was THE stark reminder that it can happen here. If we don’t show up in November, I shudder to think what lies ahead my friend. Please keep pulling for us!

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      1. I think that’s a great idea Roger! You know more about politics over here than most people I know. Count me in as one of your first followers if you do it!

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      2. Thanks Jeff for your kind words and support.

        I set up a new blog, which naturally since this is Word Press was a severe pain in the fundament.
        And posted up on it. Jill reported the links were not working (Why was I not surprised to read that?).
        Now, here’s the latest way through the WP maze (I think).
        If you go to my main site’s post:

        Which introduces the new blog and follow the link at the very end you will find the new post.

        If not. successful….. We will all gather to together and swear a fearful oath on WP, and try again.
        (Sometimes sardonic humour is the only way to cope)

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      3. Thanks for that Roger. I will definitely check it out either later today or tomorrow. Yes, WP has caused us all a little heartburn at some point hasn’t it?

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