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Our friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings has another post out and I would like to share it with you. This one is a bit different. In fact, it’s very different in that I usually do not do sports posts, unless it somehow relates to social or political issues. However, I’m a huge sports fan personally and I now find out that Jerry is as well. So in other words, if you’re a sports fan you will surely enjoy Jerry’s piece. If not, maybe you won’t. I will leave that up to all of you to decide. I’ve included an excerpt below, followed by a link that will allow you to continue reading over at his site. Thanks, Jerry!

I apologize. I indicated that my previous post about the NBA would be an anomaly, a “one-off.” Sorry, it will now be a “two-off.” So, here we go…

NBA analyst Nick Wright seems hell-bent on convincing NBA fans that Nikola Jokic winning this season’s MVP award will be the worst thing any Serbian has done since Gavrilo Princip started World War I by assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

“History is gonna judge me right on [Jokic not deserving the MVP award],” Wright said following the Denver Nuggets’ game-three loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Not Even in the Top Five?

Last season, when Jokic won his first MVP, Wright said he was the worst winner in 35 years. And throughout this recently concluded season, Wright repeatedly referred to Jokic as overrated. Despite Jokic having even better stats than he had last season when Wright’s NBA analyst peers overwhelmingly voted for the smooth-shooting and deft-passing center to win the prestigious award, Wright still won’t even rank him among the league’s top five.

Based on statistics, Jokic absolutely deserves the award. But Wright downplays stats—at least when those stats point to Jokic’s dominance. Wright says computer-generated advanced stats are the only justification for voting for Jokic as MVP. And, says Wright, those advanced stats are given too much weight in the voting. The leader of a team that gets swept in the first round of the playoffs cannot be considered an MVP, Wright declares. Never mind that the NBA’s MVP award has always been based on the regular season, not on the playoffs.

To continue reading, please click here: Grumpy’s Grumblings


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