Choose Ye This Day: Duped or Evil?

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Our good friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings has another post I’d like to share with you. In it, Jerry once again ponders the troubling aspect of evangelicals still standing by the disgraced former president-even when he fails to condemn the murderous Russian dictator’s actions in Ukraine. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading. Thanks Jerry!

Is a leader who refuses to condemn or even acknowledge evil—when the evidence of its existence is abundantly apparent to any honest observer—evil himself?

Are people evil who refuse to condemn—and who even celebrate—a leader who refuses to condemn evil?

By now, any adult who isn’t hopelessly fixated on the latest Netflix series is likely aware of Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity’s repeated efforts to get his close friend Donald Trump to condemn Putin’s murderous invasion of Ukraine—and of Trump’s repeated refusal to do so.

I don’t need to add another voice to the many that have already condemned our former president for his embrace of Russia’s evil dictator. Why expect anything better from this mercenary man who has no moral compass? Instead, my concern is with the Trump followers who could at any moment turn on their TV or computer and watch the footage of corpses lying in crumbled Ukrainian hospitals, schools, and apartment buildings, then watch their pseudo-messiah praise the man behind the atrocities and still be avid MAGA supporters.

To continue reading, please click here: Grumpy’s Grumblings


  1. Just commented over there…

    I’m sure white evangelicals and their kin cheered during the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, killings ordered by god in the bible, the torture and murdering of 6 million Jews, numerous atrocities in the Middle East, China etc. and on and on it goes to now include minorities and LGBTQ people in the modern world, not to mention abortionists. The killing of anyone they don’t approve of is OK with them. So I’d say willfully ignorant and duped, but driven by their own entrenched neurological evil. These people have a mental illness.

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  2. Jeff, Jerry, it only goes to show you that no matter how low the limbo bar goes, the former president can ooze beneath it. Before his death, Senator John McCain wrote that the former president said traitorous words when he sided with Putin in Helsinki over his own intelligence officers. That was before, the former president actually instigated seditious acts before, on and after January 6 against our government. Putin is a malevolent acting autocrat. To be put on a pedestal is not only poor form, it is misplaced. Yet, we need to consider the lack of veritas of the source of the adulation. Keith

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    1. It’s troubling Keith. We have an entrenched group of people in this country who simply do not want to hear anything that contradicts what their ideology/worldview is. The so-called “confirmation bias” is only getting worse. When 74 million folks can still vote for such a fraudulent pathetic man, what does that say about America?

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  3. Are America’s white evangelicals easily duped rubes? It’s either that or evil.

    I’ll go with “easily duped rubes”.

    I used to tune into an evangelical radio station while driving to work. I think it was part of the Salem network. Many of the advertisements seemed to be aimed to very gullible people. It looked as if the advertisers considered this audience a self-selected group of gullible folk.

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  4. The irony that a right-wing grouping of Americans are supporting a Russian leader with a long communist past must has many a ghost of Cold War politicians and military aghast.
    Why Trump’s Whitehouse did not resounded with spectral manifestations and lamentations is beyond me.

    As I have often wrote not enough research is being done into the medical affliction of Terminal Stupidity. (Though Trump has the most extreme form and is beyond cure, when the time comes he probably won’t realise he is dead)

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      1. Yeah Jeff.
        I’m furious about Ukraine, but in my grim Military / International Relations (Realism) school of thought ‘I get it’. Old History is being played out there, older than before Columbus reached the wrong country but said he didn’t.
        What’s going on it the USA is breaking my heart; my adopted land. I’ll stop there, I’ve already filled up a page or so on Jill and Keith’s posts in tirades about what ‘They’ve’ done to ‘My America’

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      2. Sometimes Jeff, the words are dried up by the rage except for invocations to Nemesis the Greek goddess of Vengeance on humans who would commit hubris.
        Which for a Christian is ‘kinda messed up’. And goes to show how corrosive all this is getting.

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