What Would GOP do if January 6th was a Democratic Insurrection?

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I want to offer our friends in the GOP and other radical right members a hypothetical surrounding January 6, 2021. And then ask them a simple question: What would you do if the perpetrators were from the left?

Let’s say, for instance, that we had elected a progressive Democrat in 2016 — one who was incredibly popular with his base but a very polarizing figure. He championed Medicare-for-all, in addition to many other ‘radical leftist’ programs.

And not only that, he was a megalomaniac narcissist that continually went after his rivals, upended the norms of democracy, and laid the groundwork for questioning the election results were he to lose a reelection bid. The only way he could lose, he’d say, was if the other side cheated.

As it turns out, that particular president lost his reelection bid and immediately began to question the results. He said that fraud was rampant, and his administration’s frantic attempts to undermine, overturn, and circumvent what was an otherwise free and fair election were launched in earnest.

The radical left — spearheaded by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) were instantly triggered, culminating in massive protests on the street and rallies in state capitals across the country.

The defeated one-term president would not concede the race and used social media to rally his troops. Democratic politicians, in fear of their safety from the base, went along with the disgraced president and failed to convince him to do what was best for the country.

Finally, it all came down to January 6, 2021, the day on which the Constitution required Congress to certify the election formally. The massive rally down the street from the United States Capitol began early that morning. Democratic politicians on the far left whipped the crowd into a frenzy, ending when the loser president implored his cult-like followers to head to the Capitol to “save democracy.”

Indeed, thousands of them heeded the president’s call, forcing their way inside, beating and maiming hundreds of police in the process. Several died in the immediate aftermath of their injuries. Antifa and BLM rioters defecated in the hallways, desecrated monuments, and searched for the Vice-President, who would not succumb to his boss’s demands not to certify the election.

While the National Guard eventually quelled the chaos, the loser president had sat quietly in the Oval Office, admiring the work of his devoted cult. He refused to issue a cease and desist order for hours, watching the riot unfold on video — proud of what he’d incited just hours earlier.

Congress did do its job later that evening certifying the election, setting the stage for the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States on January 20.

We, of course, know what happened on January 6, 2022. The only difference in the above hypothetical scenario was that a radical right president, Donald Trump, perpetrated and incited what happened on that day.

Our Republican friends would like us to forget what happened, though. While a few of them have managed to state the obvious that it was an insurrection, many of them still try to downplay it.

Do we have any doubt whatsoever, though, what the reaction from the GOP would be if it were a Democratic president who did what Trump has done? Four U.S. citizens were killed in Benghazi, and Republicans spent $7 million on that investigation, which included an 11-hour testimony from Hillary Clinton. If a Democratic president had incited a riot on January 6, do we honestly think Republicans would roll over and move on?

Would not the United States Treasury vault be opened, multiple investigations ensue, subpoenas be issued, and hours upon hours of public testimony televised?

And that’s not to mention the right-wing echo chamber — namely Fox “News,” and others, which would be demanding resignations and jail-time for all who participated, including the former president. Tucker Carlson, and the like, would have a field day with a Democratic insurrection. And, quite frankly, so would the mainstream media.

When the Republican National Committee decided to censure Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger the other day, as well as criticize the January 6th Committee for going after those who were only participating in “legitimate political discourse,’ we saw today’s version of the Republican Party on full display.

They can’t let go of the former president. Instead of allowing Cheney and Kinzinger to do their jobs trying to find out what happened on January 6, they’re chastised and humiliated for having the gall to go against Trump.

It was good to see some Republicans speak out against what the RNC had done, including Senator Mitch McConnell. But, as usual, it’s the bare minimum. We should expect nothing more from them, for it is what we’ve come to expect from a party that can’t seem to get on the right side of democracy.

Why is it so hard for Republican politicians to answer the question: Was January 6th a violent attempt to overturn a legal and certified election? So many of them twist themselves in a pretzel when answering, or like in House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s case, sprint away from a reporter in record speed.

It makes me wonder how many folks even think what happened on January 6th was a big deal. I’m pretty sure most Democrats and middle-of-the-road independents believe it was. But the rest of America either doesn’t give a damn, or they’re getting their information from erroneous sources.

Make no mistake, though; what happened on that day was a big deal. We came within an eyelash of losing it all. To the RNC and others who call themselves members of the Republican Party, January 6th was not an exercise in legitimate political discourse. It was a violent insurrection.

And every damn one of them running for election this year needs to answer for that day, just as you know Democrats would need to do if the shoe were on the other foot. The media pounded Hillary Clinton over her emails. They need to bash Republicans for something that was a million times worse.

You’re either a believer in democracy, or you’re not. You either think the January 6th Committee has the right to get to the bottom of what happened that day, or you’re not. You either believe Donald Trump was primarily responsible for that day, or you’re not.

And then they must be asked how it would be if Democrats had entered the Capitol that day, set up a gallows outside to hang the Vice-President and others, and demanded their cult leader be re-installed as commander in chief.

The answer to such a hypothetical requires that the individual answering be a person of good faith, honesty, and integrity. Unfortunately, those traits are lacking in today’s Republican Party. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what they would do if it were Democrats who perpetrated January 6th.

It’s what the Democrats are doing as we speak — on steroids.


  1. I would love to see some of the die-hard Republicans respond to this post! As you and I both know, if the tables had been turned, the Republican Party would be out for blood! Insurgents wouldn’t be getting the slap-on-the-wrist they are currently getting from the courts, but would be getting sentences of 20 years or even life, if not the death penalty! There is a noticeable double standard in our government. I’ll check back in a day or so to see if any Republicans comment, but my best guess is they’re too cowardly to do so.

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    1. You’re absolutely right Jill. Most of them are too cowardly to respond. And, they’re hypocrites as well. We shouldn’t expect them to look at anything in a nuanced way. It’s whatever benefits them politically. So yes, if a Dem president did this, it would be lights out-or, as you say, out for blood! Ironically, though, Dems could use a little of this aggressive behavior. Too often they come across as weak and accommodating. For instance, why is Donald Trump not been subpoenaed yet? Why is his ass not forced to answer questions for 11 hours like somebody else we know? Until they do that, I will not be satisfied. Enough with the kid gloves!!!

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      1. These days we are seeing hypocrisy on steroids!!! No, they won’t likely read your post with anything resembling an open mind, nor comment with civil discourse … it’s not their way. Though I must admit I’ve allowed my own temper to flair a few times on some of the more ignominious tweets I’ve seen. A sign of the times, I suppose … we are so bitterly divided that tempers are on a hair trigger these days. I hate this … hate the people who are part of the current hostility between right and left. A telling example … when Nancy Pelosi tore up her COPY of Trump’s SotU speech a couple of years ago, Trump called for her head on a platter, saying she committed a felony by destroying a classified document, which of course she didn’t and it wasn’t. Republicans joined the call for her head, but today, you hear almost nothing about the boxes of classified documents Trump removed from the Oval Office and then destroyed! Where’s that outrage now??? Sigh. Don’t mind me, I’m just exhausted by it all and want to go knock some heads together to see if I can knock some sense into them! Hope all is well with you, partner!

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      2. Yes, the seemingly brushing aside by the media of what Trump did with the documents reflects their overall normalization of him during his presidency. Everything is, “well, it’s just Trump being Trump” Nothing to see here. Move on. My God, look what they did with Hillary’s emails!!
        Frankly I’m kind of at the point where, hey, indict the idiot, or move on. We hear all of the ‘breaking news’ of stuff he did over and over. Yet, he continues to play golf, raise a ton of money, and spount crazy BS from the ‘office of the 45th President.’ I’ve had it, Jill.
        I still think he walks on everything. I still hold out hope Merrick Garland might do something. But that’s fading more every day. Maybe the Georgia investigation? That one might have a real chance. But we’re so far from anything happening with that.
        Bottom line at this point? It seems to me that if you’re president, you really are above the law. What else are we to glean from this?
        I’m doing well, and I hope you are too. I know you had one helluva ride these past several months. Are you on a good path?

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      3. Well … it seems that if you’re a white Republican president you are above the law, but can you just imagine if Obama had destroyed classified documents and removed 15 boxes of them from the White House when he left office? He’d be in jail or more likely on death row right now! Sigh. I, too, have hopes that Merrick Garland will indict him on multiple counts, but like you, that hope is growing dim.

        I’m doing some better, but still have days when I can barely leave my chair, but at least I seem to be past the point where I nearly pass out every time I stand up and I’m able to do a little of the house chores plus somewhat keep on top of my blog, so I’m definitely some better.

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      4. I’m so glad to hear you’re on the mend. It’s awesome having you back in the saddle Jill! Like I’ve told you before, we need your voice-and you!!

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  2. Yes, an excellent question. I don’t doubt that the Republicans would take a far stricter view if they were not protecting their own people.

    The Republican party has changed. It is no longer the party of Lincoln or of Eisenhower. Many of today’s Republicans do not believe that all men are created equal, and they do not support the non-establishment clause of the first amendment.

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    1. You’re so right Neil. With Trump, they made a deal with the devil. And they can’t breakaway. They’ve taken on his personality, his criminality, and his lack of respect for norms and traditions. Unacceptable!

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