Turn the Corner and See More Trumpism

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Our good friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings as another post out today reminding us that Trumpism is alive and well, especially in the evangelical community. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading. Thanks Jerry!

We’ve finally turned the corner on Donald Trump and Trumpism, some pundits now proclaim. Following Trump’s advocacy of the COVID vaccine, particularly during his interview with Candace Owens, many of Trump’s most loyal lackeys openly opposed the former president. Briefly. Crazy conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, for example, went so far as to threaten to expose many of Trump’s darkest secrets. Yes, apparently there are even more.

Trumpism Trumps Jones Et Al

The world should see those dark secrets Jones threatens to expose, but it’s unlikely the daft radio show host will follow through on his threat. Jones understands the undying loyalty of Trump’s base. He knows that pointing out the emperor’s nakedness would only ignite the ire of the Trump masses. Those loyal masses love Alex Jones, but they worship Donald Trump. Were Jones to publicly cross the Messiah, he would be excommunicated from the Trump cult—or worse.

Those analysts who happily herald the erosion of Donald Trump’s power are deluding themselves. They don’t understand the evangelical mindset.

Those analysts who happily herald the erosion of Donald Trump’s power are deluding themselves. They don’t understand the evangelical mindset. With a few exceptions, white evangelicals have crowned Donald Trump as their savior. I mean this not as hyperbole, but in the truest sense of the word. In a contest between one messiah who called for loving one’s enemies and another messiah who advocates merciless revenge, they chose the latter. While the itinerant Jewish Messiah promoted repentance, white evangelicals chose the new messiah who stated, “Why do I have to repent, why do I have to ask for forgiveness if [I’m] not making mistakes?”

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  1. I agree with Gumpy 100%…and there’s enough idiot hate filled youngish (40/50s) people that will keep his legacy going. I’m glad I’m old.

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  2. Yes, it would seem that ‘Americans’ have drunk enough of the Kool Aid that they are forevermore rendered slaves to the likes of the former guy and will follow him off the looming cliff. Sadly, the rest of us will pay a steep price for their ignorance.

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  3. So why doesn’t our current Jim Jones just add some arsenic to the kool Aid and offer it to his loyal followers — after drinking most of it himself, of course. Or why can’t most of his loyalists learn to read – or maybe learn to understand what they read. And why the heck don’t they put the insurrectionist on trial for the murders of the people in D.C. last year? Updates from the FBI say they are still looking for some of the other leaders. Get Hitler first and then see who will hang with him!

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    1. Hello Roger. Or maybe Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, he of the fist pump showing his encouragement of the insurrectionists on Jan 6. That guy has fascism written all over him.

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