COVID-19 is Here to Stay and it’s Time we Accepted it

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We’re never going to be over COVID-19. The unvaccinated have spoken loud and clear. They simply care more about themselves than the rest of society, and all of us will now have to deal with the ramifications, far into the future, unfortunately.

We’re going to have to learn to live with it. The vaccines have been out there for a year now and we still can’t seem to convince these folks that taking them is the right thing to do. Frankly, I’m tired of dealing with these people. 

I’ve come to this sad realization today, although I’ve thought that’s the case for quite some time. I don’t know what it was that finally made me come to that conclusion. I suppose it’s been a confluence of things since the beginning of the pandemic that finally pushed me over the edge.

But it could be that, in 2016, we elected a man to the office of the presidency who simply didn’t believe in the idea of America. He only cared about himself and was willing to do anything to get reelected — yes, even downplaying a raging pandemic. And he managed, somehow, to attract millions of followers who believe everything he says. That sad fact alone laid the groundwork for the dangerous politicization of the entire pandemic and put us in the perilous place we now find ourselves. 

Things could have gone so much differently if Donald Trump had simply fought the virus as hard as he did peddling lies about the election he legally and fairly lost in 2020. 

The disgraced former president, by the way, does not get a pass for finally going on the offensive in the last two days, telling people they need to get vaccinated. Is it a welcome development? Of course. But his failings from the beginning of this plague will haunt him forever. How many thousands of deaths are attributable to him may never be known. Too little, too late, as far as I’m concerned. 

What his election also showed us, though, was how many gullible and simple-minded folks we have in this country. These people still hang signs proclaiming their dear leader’s greatness and hope he runs in 2024. Never mind, of course, that this is the same person who tried to overthrow a legitimate election and incite a coup on January 6, 2021.

The pandemic, and America’s disastrous handling of it from the beginning, revealed a troubling fissure in our society. The hate and division spurred by out-of-control social media and an unhinged misinformation campaign leave us dangerously close to losing everything previous generations fought and died for.

Look, we have some of the best minds and scientists in the modern world, bar none. But in today’s America, some of these same scientists are looked upon with vile and distrust. Hell, some GOP politicians have called for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s arrest and imprisonment. For what? I wish I could tell you because I have no idea.

The man has devoted his life to saving lives. For that, he receives death threats and comparisons to Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi butcher who performed hideous experiments on Jews in concentration camps. It’s disgusting and despicable. But this is precisely the kind of discourse accepted by millions of brain-dead Americans every day now.

It’s pretty bad when you dread going to the grocery store nowadays. Because when I walk through the doors, with signs stating the need to wear a mask, what you see is the worst of selfish Americans. They proudly walk throughout the store without masks — laughing and going about their business like they don’t have a care in the world — daring anyone to say something to them.

I want so desperately to confront these folks. I want to start quoting statistics and tout how safe and effective vaccines are. I want to tell them what a-holes they are, too. That’s not who I am, though. I’m not a confrontational guy and would never do such a thing. If they say something to me, however, and it’s disparaging in any way, that’s another story altogether. I will not back away from an idiot spouting idiotic BS.

And now another variant is upon us — Omicron. Much is still unknown about it other than that it’s way more transmissible than the Delta type that’s been killing people in this country since the summer. However, early data shows it might not be as deadly as Delta so far. We can only hope.

And we do have a new pill just authorized by the FDA from Pfizer that shows a near 90% efficacy in keeping people from severe disease and other treatments that have demonstrated success. Still, though, vaccination is what will get us out of this mess. And until we can convince the anti-vax jerks to get the jab, we’re going to be constantly battling spikes and new variants. 

The brainless out there will say, “See, we told you the vaccines are worthless and don’t work!” But what you cannot explain to these people is that this virus is a novel one that we’re still learning about. Yes, we’ve gotten mixed messages. Yes, we’ve also seen guidelines changing continuously. But that’s because the virus is constantly changing as well.

More mutations and variants are indeed in our immediate and distant future. And we have none other than the clueless and gullible to thank for that. Some, undoubtedly, are in ICUs as we speak, begging for a vaccine they should have gotten months ago.

Recently an ad was purchased in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by a group of Northeast Ohio-based hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic and Summa Health. A single word defines the ad:


The letter is literally begging the folks of that community to get vaccinated. They’re overwhelmed, tired, and stretched to the limit. ICUs are overflowing; morgue trucks are on the way. The vast majority of people in the hospitals are unvaccinated.

When I saw that letter, it hurt. Summa Health is in Akron, Ohio, where I spent the first 42 years of my life, until moving 17 years ago looking for greener — and warmer pastures. But my family and a lot of good friends are still there. It will always be my hometown, no matter what.

But many of those same family members and friends are the ones for whom the ad targets. And many of them are tried and true Trump-loving radicals who refuse to get vaccinated. I dread going back to visit these days because of the ignorance and allegiance many still show for the disgraced 45th president: that and a fear of saying something I might regret.

With only about 55% of Ohio residents fully vaccinated, Christmas 2021 will be a painful one for the Buckeye state. I wish I could talk some sense into them. But it wouldn’t do much good, I suppose. The only time it appears to sink in is when they’re sitting prone and on a bed in the ICU.

It didn’t have to be this way. But in our current environment of misinformation, lies, and a propensity to distrust anything government tries to do, what choice do we have but to learn how to live with COVID-19? 

Because of my former home state and others just like them, this is our destiny. I’ve come to that conclusion, and I’m not very happy about it.


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Couldn[t ave said it any better!! … “It didn’t have to be this way. But in our current environment of misinformation, lies, and a propensity to distrust anything government tries to do, what choice do we have but to learn how to live with COVID-19?”

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  2. This is an excellent post. You said everything I feel. What I think about so much is how so many people, some quite smart, ever got to this position of such extreme brainwashing. I’m no genius and I could see the clear picture of trump years ago and not a good one. So I’m wondering if humans are dividing into some kind of subset or has pure insanity seeped into half the population. Yes there’s social media and Fox News, but I sense it’s more than that. Something fundamentally wrong. I can think of no other explanation.

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      1. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m hoping that once this variant rushes through the country, we’ll get there. But geez, whenever I think that another one pops up. I think most of America is downright sick of it. I’ve got family members who’ve told me that. A few more got it in just the last two days-fully vaxxed, and partially vaxxed. Luckily none of them are seriously ill.


      2. Reading about your family members is a bit unnerving. While we want to believe all those shots in the arm are protecting us … can we really be sure? Like I said … a bit unnerving. (Glad that the cases are mild!)

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      3. They say that getting the booster is imperative now. I got mine several weeks ago but yes, it is unnerving as far as all the breakthrough cases we’re seeing. I’m trying my best not to get it but if I do I can only hope that the vaccine does what it’s supposed to do-keep me out of the ICU/hospital. So far it seems that it’s working. Fingers crossed!

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    1. Thanks Mary. Yes, I believe there was a book a few years back about the “Dumbing down of America.” You might be on to something there. It does seem that the lack of education or ability to think outside the box is running rampant in our society. I wish I knew why. Several reasons I suppose. But yes, it’s downright frightening these days.


  3. Hi, Scott, Nan & all OTFV’ers!

    Appreciated both your replies to my last comments in a November post. Figure it’s a tad late to revisit the topic; but, hoping that after the New Year, I’ll be able to reply in a more timely fashion. If all goes as planned, will likely revive my long-abandoned political blog. Time will tell . . .

    Later, hope to add my two cents to the post regarding the Second Amendment people/movement. Thanks for yesterday’s post–share your feelings of frustration with the entire pandemic mess. Have strong opinions regarding the lack of availability of in-home COVID tests, especially, regarding the triage of such a limited supply. There are about 333 million people in the US–how the heck will 500 million test kits make a dent, if sent to the population, in general?

    The Administration needs to forget their website idea, and using Medicare enrollment info, send a couple or three 2-packs of antigen tests to every enrollee–obviously, prioritizing folks over age 65, and, persons with disabilities. How difficult is that to figure out. (Then, begin sending out test kits “upon request” to everyone– including, the young and healthy–once the supply of them has been greatly increased.)

    Luckily (for us), the day before the President announced beefing up testing, we were able to nab several 2-packs of BinaxNOW test kits at a local Walgreens (by ordering online, and picking up at RX drive-thru). They’ve since sold out. As has Amazon. Walmart (here)–restricting to one kit per order placed.

    Anyhoo, just wanted to wish everyone a nice Christmas holiday. We’re not traveling, so, it’s been very quiet for us. But, nice and relaxing. Also, unseasonably warm, after several unusually cold spells. Go figure.

    Take care, and stay safe.


    “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”
    ____George Bernard Shaw
    Irish Dramatist & Socialist (1856-1950)

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.”
    ____Will Rogers, Actor & Social Commentator

    Since I began blogging, I’ve usually signed off with a favorite axiom(s), even in comments. Hope that’s okay, here. 😉

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    1. Good to hear from you Blue. I agree with you about the website/home test situation. I see nothing but bad stuff happening with that. I like your idea about sending them all out to Medicare recipients. That makes total sense.
      I’m thinking the companies that make these kits, and the administration deserve some blame here. They both seemed blind-sided by the fast spread of omicron. Now, it’s catch up mode. Covid just will not go away, will it?
      I hope 2022 is a better year Blue. Because the last two have been pretty bad. Take care and thanks for checking us out. I value your comments.

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      1. Heh–thanks for so graciously allowing me to drop by and vent. 😉

        I could be wrong, but suspect that Covid will be with us–in some degree/form–for years to come. There are many nations with less than 10% of population inoculated (if what I hear is accurate). So, we’re pretty much mentally prepared for our “lifestyle change” to last for at least another year. (Sigh)


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  4. I become sad, angry, frustrated when I hear people disparaging Dr. Fauci. And, sadly–and not too surprisingly–many or most of those Dr. Fauci critics are my folks, white evangelicals who–also unsurprising–get all their news from Fox or NewsMax. A couple months ago I heard an interview on NPR with Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Facui’s recently retired boss at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Collins is an evangelical Christian, but not one of the brain-dead type. He said his heart breaks at the constant stream of criticism he hears about his good friend “Tony.” He called Fauci one of the smartest, kindest, most-honest human beings he’s ever known (that’s my paraphrase from memory). But, of course, most evangelical Fauci critics would never hear Collins’ interview because they’d never even consider listening to NPR. No, they’d rather get their “real” news from the likes of Hannity, Carlson, and Ingraham, each of whom would, no doubt, publicly disparage their own mother for higher ratings.

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    1. Hi, Grumpy–
      Thanks for your post. I’m not an evangelical, but, surrounded by them. (Having said that, I did grow up in faith community–participating in church music programs as pianist from age 9.)
      I think I know what the beef is with Dr Fauci, generally. (for many conservatives) Will put in my two cents when I’m on laptop.
      Have a good one

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    2. Grumpy, I sometimes wonder if ONE of the reasons these folk like Faux News so much is because the “reporters” ​are story-tellers. Yes, they sprinkle in a bit of “real” news, but mostly they’re opining and dressing it all up with all sorts of big bad monsters and ogres and demons (i.e., “liberals”).

      I mean, think about it … they already LOVE the bible stories, so why not?

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    3. Fox News and the others you mentioned are a cancer on society Jerry. Two former Australian Prime Ministers, a conservative and a liberal, both have acknowledged as much. I hold them all directly responsible for thousands of deaths. I just don’t know how we counteract them though. I’d love to be able to ban them but it will never happen. Thus, we’re screwed my friend..

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  5. Jeff–
    My apologies–comment above was intended to acknowledge your (and Nan’s) replies to previous Nov post.
    Guess that’s what they call a brain fart! 🙂
    (On phone–hope this comment is readable.)

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  6. Hola Jeff, Nan & Grumpy–

    Not to be contentious, but I’m rather concerned that so much censorship has occurred/is occurring. Pushed to help Mr Blue with a project, so, will elaborate on my specific concerns a bit later.

    Covid postponed our recent post-retirement move to South America (part-time or seasonally, that is). But, several of our colleagues there have expressed concern about the direction we’re taking here (social media censorship). They’ve lived under a civic/military dictatorship in a country that will surely never go in that direction, again. Or, at least, we hope not.

    Mr Blue and I listen to all 3 main cable channels (CNN, MSNBC & Fox) on XM radio. As someone who’s not exactly wild about R’s or D’s, trust me–all the hyperbole and vitriol can be a tough row to hoe on a good day. No argument about that. 🙂



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    1. If someone wanted to torture me, they would tape my eyelids open and force me to watch Fox for more than 1 hour. If they wanted information, I’d give it to them in less than a minute!! LOL

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  7. Hey, Jeff, I hear ya!

    Regarding Fox, I only listen to the Sunday political show with Chris Wallace, who just recently split to go to CNN+ Online, and one late evening news show. Apparently, some left-leaning writers, such as G Greenwald and Aaron Maté pop up there from time to time. (usually watch their segment on Twitter, so I don’t have to wade through all the anti-immigrant BS, etc.) Rest of the time, we listen to CNN, and, a couple hours of MSNBC (which varies).

    Bottom line, when obvious misinformation/disinformation is bandied about, I get the network program transcripts, research it, and rip it apart in one of my so-called “Reality Checks.” 🙂

    IOW, I don’t listen to any of them as a trusted news source. Just the opposite.

    For over two decades, we’ve listened to all the Sunday network and cable news political programs. Now that we’ve dumped cable teevee, we listen to the replay of all of them on C-Span (XM Radio).

    Hope to get back by, and post a comment/update on Part D RX cost/pricing negotiations. Going to try to post a video of a Forbes business conference. It was very revealing, regarding the true nature and/or goal of the effort to negotiate Medicare drug prices. Phew!


    “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”
    ____George Bernard Shaw
    Irish Dramatist & Socialist (1856-1950)

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.”
    ____Will Rogers, Actor & Social Commentator

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    1. I always tell my right-leaning family and friends that they need to stop watching Fox. If they want to find a mainstream media outlet that’s pretty much down the middle I always recommend Reuters, The Associated Press, USA Today, and even The Washington Post/New York Times. Now, the latter two some might say lean left, and maybe their editorial writers do, but they still have quite the array of good reporting, and, of course, immense budgets.
      I usually get crickets or shrugs of the shoulders though, for most still watch Fox, and get their news from Facebook. That, Blue, says it all as far as I’m concerned. It’s why we’re in the mess we are today.
      Take care!

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      1. Just lost a lengthy reply when I tried to log into my WP account, Jeff.

        In a nutshell, mostly agree with your POV. Only difference, somewhat believe that one might be well-served to “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” 🙂

        IOW, having some awareness of conservative news reporting, may help in pushing back against false memes, etc.

        Must say, come from the Thom Hartman school of thought that The Financial Times is one of the best sources of accurate news reporting.

        (business news media organization/reporters don’t usually try to mislead wealthy investors–or so they say!)

        Have a good one.


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  8. To clarify comment above, I’m all for cutting the price of RX’s. Who wouldn’t be?

    What concerns me is that the same former Enron hack whose foundations/organizations have near destroyed the VA Formulary–approximately 60-70% fewer drugs than are included in the typical Medicare Part D formulary per Senate subcommittee hearings–is now worming his way into trying to dictate which RX’s will be covered by Medicare. (And, perhaps, private sector formularies, too. I’ll let someone else worry about those folks, since I barely have time to stay abreast of Medicare “reform.”)

    My bailiwick is policy as it relates to programs which affect seniors. The 2010-appointed “Catfood Commission” and so-called “Grand Bargain”–which were intended to dismantle Social Security and Medicare as we know them–was the sole impetus for me to begin blogging.

    Still is.


    “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to, and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.”
    ____Frederick Douglass, Social Reformer, Orator, Writer, and Statesman

    “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.”
    ____Gilda Radner, Comedienne

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    1. I wish I was a little more informed on that issue Blue. I’m not though. But yes, I’m all for reducing costs. We pay the most of any modern Western countries. Something has to change.

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      1. Yes, something needs to change.

        Having a problem with logging in this evening. But, in a few days, if I can resolve that problem, I’ll see if I can post the Forbes video.

        (and, provide background on the particular billionaire being interviewed, including his apparent sway over some Dem Party affiliated organizations, such as AARP. btw, current AARP CEO was a Reagan Dem from Mobile, AL area–posted photo of her shaking hands with Reagan at the White House a couple of years ago)

        From her Wikipedia entry,


        Education and early career

        A native of Mon Louis Island, Alabama, Jenkins graduated from Theodore High School in Theodore, Alabama, in 1976 and went on to attend Spring Hill College where she majored in Political Science.[2]

        After graduating from Spring Hill College in 1980, she became a voter outreach worker on Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Presidential Campaign.[2]

        Following the campaign in 1981 she began working as an executive assistant at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and later moved to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), where she served as special assistant to Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole from 1985 to 1987.[2


        This corporatist trend (AARP) began in earnest under Bill Novelli during the Bush Administration. What a shame. Sure isn’t my parents AARP!


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  9. Sorry for the delay Jeff….I tend to zone out over Christmas Day, Boxing Day and The Day After…..Anyway my wife bought me this cool lego set…..
    Your post is spot on target. Covid is here. Whatever it’s origins may have been, in the big scheme of things the way Life and this planet work it is part of the cycle of Life which has been around this planet for 3 billion years (maybe even longer according to some arguments). And we have to deal with it.
    Those who deny and rage can be broken down into the following:
    1. Folk who have read too many of those pandemic / zombie novels and are scared of a ‘post apocalypse world’ so they seek any notion that fiction will not become reality……or the version they read in the 1001 novels.
    2. Folk who don’t like it when all the nasty sorts of things which folk in the Third World have to deal with come knocking at their First World Door.
    3. The Right-Wing folk who will not accept that their notion of how things should be has not made their idea of society immune to diseases.
    4. The Left Wing folk who having lived on a steady diet of neurotic fantasies that governments and big corporations are in control of everything (ooohhhh boy there’s a fantasy if ever there was one) and believe this is all a plot to…… (fill in the blank)
    5. Folk who think it’s a plot to discredit Donal Trump.
    6. Folk who don’t want their life style interrupted by ugly facts.
    7. Folk who don’t care what happens, because it won’t happen to them, (apparently)
    There are sub-groups and cross-overs but let us not bother.
    They all share one common arrogance and conceit….. That somehow Humanity is above Nature, and is complete control of Everything.
    The rational of us should not have been surprised; the great foolishness that 9/11 was master-minded by the US government was a big enough warning that folk will swallow effluent rather than face facts.
    Meanwhile the other virus Terminal Stupid spreads unchecked.
    Take Care Jeff.

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    1. No apologies necessary Roger. Good to hear from you and hope you enjoyed the holiday. I can’t argue with anything you said. I love the last line though: Terminal Stupid spreads. I can’t think of a more apt description.
      On another note, the wife and I recently watched a movie on Netflix called “Don’t Look Up.” It’s a fascinating look at exactly some of the things you just spoke of. More than anything, though, it’s about climate change and how so many people simply don’t care about it or are so self-absorbed with social media and the like, that they are incapable.
      Perhaps you’ve seen? If not, I highly recommend it. The satire involved is priceless and the not-so-subtle references to Mr. Trump are awesome.
      Take care my friend and Happy New Year!

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      1. Yes I’ve heard about that one Jeff. We don’t have Netflix at present but more by accident that design ended up with Amazon Prime, it may turn up there. Sounds worth a watch.
        If an apocalypse ever comes my way I will take comfort in the antics of the deniers and the Conspiracy crowd all frantically saying it won’t happen, right up until the last second.
        In fact I might try and get the last message out on Social will read…
        ‘Oh yeah?’

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    2. Hi, Roger–

      Regarding #4, think I know where that comes from. (based upon my observations as a blog moderator)

      IMO, it stems from lack of critical thinking skills–which could apply to some of your other categories, now that I think about it.

      I haven’t blogged for as long as many of my blogging pals, but, I cut my teeth at two now defunct blogs–Fire Dog Lake (Jane Hamsher) and Corrente (Lambert)–which I believe got their Admin policies right.

      (not to say that either community was perfect, of course)

      Both of these blog masters demanded (when I was there) that commenters/posters be able to defend their factual assertions with backup material, if asked.

      This was helpful, in that this policy can help cut down on the volume of misinformation/disinformation that can flow from blogging communities.

      Have a good one.


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      1. Hi Blue.
        Those were blogs I would have liked to have visited to have seen them working.
        It is easy to post up an opinion but quite another thing to support it with evidence; evidence which can be viewed as impartial and not someone’s wanderings, that is.
        Take care

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  10. Good Evening, All–

    Will have to swing back by over weekend to post video about Part D drug negotiations, but, as a result of watching video of the Forbes forum–then doing a web search–realized this afternoon that Mr Blue and I will be subject to the very toxic measure that I was railing about.

    That’s because the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) CVS/Caremark has decided to adopt that billionaire jerk’s new drug pricing metric. It’s similar to (fashioned after, actually) the QALY metric which is used by numerous countries to ration medical care, including RX’s.

    (it is a measure which disadvantages the elderly and/or infirm, especially those with chronic illness(es), because it rations so-called medical “resources,” with a bias against both those cohorts)

    We want nothing to do with it. Made call to Medicare–no help there. Furious, since there was no disclosure at Medicare website, or at our Part D Provider website. Regardless, we hope to find a federal (Medicare) channel to go through to seek a waiver, so that we can participate in a special enrollment period, and make a plan change for 2022. There are currently several grounds for participating in a special enrollment, but, none of them apply to us (moving, getting extra help, etc.)

    The actual provider customer service either didn’t know anything about it, or, were playing dumb. Not sure which.

    Sorry if this sounds somewhat cryptic. Will try to explain once I post video (if it works in comment section).

    Have a good one.


    “Every time I lose a dog, he takes a piece of my heart. Every new dog gifts me with a piece of his. Someday, my heart will be total dog, and maybe then I will be just as generous, loving, and forgiving.”
    ____Author Unknown

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  11. he’s got some fantastic points here. follow the money, that’s what it’s all about, that and total control of your life.


    1. Here’s what I will say Scott. Of the thousands in the hospital right now, 80-90% of them are unvaccinated. Do what you feel you must. Oh, and here is something for you as well. A lot of info from Johns Hopkins, a highly reputable source. I highly suggest you read the whole thing so you can compare it to the piece you sent me. Then, you can make your own judgment:


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