We Will be Outgunned

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I’ve been mulling writing a post about this, but our good friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings is back this week with an outstanding new post warning us of the looming violence from the Trumpist crazies. Folks, this is not hyperbole. We’re in deep trouble.

I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading. Thanks Jerry!

If you aren’t depressed and anxious, you should be. If you haven’t read this December 20 Newsweek article, you’d be well served to do so. The article’s author, David Freedman, went inside some of the far-right Trumpist groups—in-person and virtually—and learned that millions of Americans are well-armed and itching for a civil war if Donald Trump is not re-elected as president in 2024.

The article’s frightening content didn’t surprise me; for more than a year, I’ve been warning anyone who would listen that this violent revolution is imminent. But seeing the Newsweek article’s fact-based confirmation brought a new level of distress.

For today’s far-right—including a huge percentage of evangelicals—an itinerant preacher who called his followers to love their enemies is a freeloading pansy with a snowflake message.

Then, add to that article’s frightening revelations the cheers and standing ovation bestowed upon Kyle Rittenhouse at the December 20 Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix—with the utterly bonkers, hate-mongering Rep. Lauren Boebert as a keynote speaker—and you have a nightmare scenario in the making. The far-right, dominated by the mind-numbed Trump cult, has made the violent subjugation of the nation its new rallying cry.

Faux Patriotism, Purloined Faith, and Trump’s Millennial Reign

For today’s far-right—including a huge percentage of evangelicals—an itinerant preacher who called his followers to love their enemies is a freeloading pansy with a snowflake message. The real heroes are those who take up arms to crush their enemies—particularly if those enemies are fellow Americans. Trumpism—disguised as patriotism—has displaced the way of the prince of peace.

I noticed that phenomenon just this morning on my pre-dawn walk around my neighborhood. Where once manger scenes dominated suburban homes’ Christmas-season adornments, now gaudily brilliant red-white-and-blue lights form massive American flags on the sides of many houses within my upper-lower-middle-class neighborhood. I was shocked at the number of homes that now appear to have substituted a militant form of Americanism for traditional Christianity, especially during the Christmas season.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump comically takes credit for restoring to America the phrase Merry Christmas—as if such a thing ever were necessary. He could more accurately take credit for wrapping the entire Christmas season in a puerile package of red-white-and-blue pugnacity. Oh Holy Night must make way for You’re a Grand Old Flag—or perhaps even more precisely for most Trump-worshiping Americans—Take a Knee, My Ass.

But restoring a vacuous slogan is, unmistakably, merely a means to the more politically charged end of restoring Trump to the U.S. presidency many believe is rightfully his by divine decree. (Some go even beyond that. Pastor Johnny Enlow has claimed that God made Donald Trump president of the world.)

To continue reading, please click here: Grumpy’s Grumblings


  1. Yes, indeed, this is deeply concerning.

    We have spent a lot of effort dealing with the COVID virus. In the meantime, an insanity virus is on the loose and wreaking havoc.

    My only consolation is that I am getting old, so I won’t have to live through much of this. But I am concerned for future generations.

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    1. I hear you Neil. Same here. I fear none of us will be immune to it though. Even if Democrats come together and get a voting rights bill through, it will be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court and will probably be overturned. Sigh

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  2. These folk would do well to bear in mind that those who yearn for wars and start them are invariably the ones who don’t win them.
    A few photos of the battlefields of the ACW and The Axis dead should be posted up as replies to their fantasy rantings.

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    1. I know what you mean Roger. It’s like some kind of deranged fantasy for these people. War is hell. Always has been, always will be. Clueless dolts. Every one of them.

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  3. Jeff, I do take some comfort in the sentencing of some of the Capitol insurrectionists. People who followed the guide of the former president and infiltrated the Capitol, causing deaths and destruction are finding themselves in jail, often with remorse.

    Following the word of the former president has long been a fool’s errand, well before he was elected. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for the person for years said it well before the 2016 election, “Donald Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence.” His niece Mary said after the 2020 election that her uncle “will burn it all down to avoid losing the election.”

    These folks with guns are letting themselves be swayed by a seventy plus year old toddler whose fragile ego cannot tolerate losing (in your best toddler voice say with me “I didn’t lose, I won by a long shot. They stole it from me.”). Just this week, Bill O’Reilly said he had to console Trump because his fans booed him (ironically for saying something right).

    Jerry is right, we should be worried, but we need to keep after elected officials and others asking them to step up and remember their oath and reflect on what it means.


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    1. Yes, we do need to keep after elected officials Keith. And if Democrats cannot get some kind of voting rights legislation through, and quickly, I fear what Jerry wrote about is a likely scenario. I just don’t know about the sense of urgency. They’re saying the right things. But, we shall see. The first months of 2022 will extremely important. We’ll see what happens.

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  4. I had to laugh at the “president of the world” comment because that’s just complete lunacy. anyone who believes that trump is divinely appointed is either totally out of their minds or they have to resign themselves to the reality that perhaps their god isn’t infallible as they have been lead to believe by some of his sad representatives and that he can and does make mistakes, like lending rush limbaugh tallent.
    it brings to mind a scene from the next generation where Picard dies of a heart attack and q says “You’re in the afterlife and I’m God”, to which picard responds, “you’re not God, the universe is not so badly designed.

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  5. Very scary article and I’m glad I’m old too. But I could live another 10 years or more and we’d all be seeing the hell it will become, especially when you throw in climate change.

    I get, to a degree, racism, religious fanaticism, hatred of the “other”, as this has always been with humanity for thousands of years.
    But I don’t get the extreme cultism that started with following trump, but I believe is morphing into a thing of its own. I think they’d even kill trump if they felt he was not on board anymore in any way. Just like he was booed for saying to get the vaccine.

    Rittenhouse is being groomed for the future…just wait and see.

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  6. Nan, how many law-abiding gun owners are responsible for gun deaths on a massive scale?

    Brookingslib, I read the full text of the Second Amendment. Proponents of gun control clearly only pay attention to the part of the militias being necessary to preserve the security of a free state. The latter part is deliberately dismissed.


    1. Rag … I don’t know the statistics. I do agree that “law-abiding” gun owners are not the problem. The PROBLEM is too many people think guns are the solution to their feelings of angst, anger, insecurity, prejudices, etc. For these people, it’s far easier to whip out their AR-15 (or even a handgun) and simply “get rid of” what they THINK is causing them problems.

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      1. I won’t even honor your “democrats” snide remark … but I will say that some of the folk that do these atrocious killings are not always “mentally ill.” Many have been shown to be normal folk who suddenly go off the deep end … with a gun in their hands. This is why mental health programs are not the be-all, end-all. They will HELP, but getting rid of the weapon will do far more good.

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      2. No. I’m serious … because what you wrote in that “democrat” comment did NOT come across with any tinge of sarcasm. The use of emoji’s (e.g., 😄😎😉😖,etc.) frequently help to avoid any misunderstandings. You should try them.

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    2. I’ve read the full text many times. There’s nothing in there that would prohibit the right to regulate guns. Antonin Scalia said is much with his majority opinion in Heller v D.C. AR15s, and other similar weapons must be banned in America. There’s no place for them in a so-called civilized society. I will continue to advocate for the ban and other safety measures. Enough is enough

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