Did Trump try to Take out Biden With COVID-19?

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Before 2016, if someone were to suggest to me that a current sitting president may have tried to take out his challenger at a debate with a deadly transmissible virus, I’d have asked them what kind of weed they were smoking and buy a few joints off of them.

But then we elected a sociopath.

With recent reporting and a new book out from the disgraced former president’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, it appears that Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus nearly six days earlier than first reported. Under normal circumstances, the first positive rapid antigen test would have triggered an immediate cessation of all activities and a more accurate PCR test. But then again, nothing was ever normal between January 20, 2017, and January 20, 2021.

According to Meadows, Trump tested negative when they did a second rapid test, seemingly justifying why he didn’t halt all activities. CDC guidelines state that a more accurate PCR test should immediately follow to verify the first positive. But, we all know that the former president ignored science from the beginning of the pandemic, so his actions were more than predictable.

The specific period in question was in late September 2020 when Trump and current President Joe Biden were locked in a heated battle for the presidency. According to an extensive analysis by the Washington Post, Trump came in contact with more than 500 people from the day he tested positive until the day he was hospitalized at Walter Reed.

During that time frame, Trump’s reckless behavior was on full display. His positive test was hidden from the public, his inner circle, and his top public health officials. He never took preventive measures such as wearing a mask or social distancing. He carried on as if nothing was amiss.

The night he first learned of the positive test, he was on Air Force One, en route to a massive rally in Middletown, Pa. Even though Trump was aware of the test results, he continued to the event, never telling any of the staff, aides, or journalists accompanying him on the plane.

Whether he was contagious or not at that point is beside the point. No previous president, or the current one for that matter, would have conducted themselves in this manner. But we’re talking about sane people who would know better, not an unhinged narcissist.

In addition to the Pennsylvania rally, there was the infamous “super-spreader” event at the White House Rose Garden to announce his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court; a private reception afterward with nobody wearing masks; a mask-less Trump news conference in the White House briefing room; and a gathering in the East Wing for Gold Star families.

Speaking of those Gold Star families, Trump, if you remember, seemingly blamed them for his infection in an interview on Fox News. You’ve got to hand it to him; the guy loves the military – even though many of them are “suckers and losers,” as he allegedly referred to them at one point, according to Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in The Atlantic.

After the first initial positive test result on September 26, Meadows, in his book, remarked that he sensed something seemed wrong with the president, that he was “looking a little tired,” assuming that maybe he had a slight cold.

Three days later, on the day of the debate in which he huddled with a group of advisors, including former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Meadows thought the president looked “slightly” better. Christie, of course, would later contract Covid, as would nearly 24 of Trump’s inner circle by the end of October. We would later find out that Christie’s condition was dire, eventually needing extensive treatment in intensive care.

So we do not know if Trump was contagious the night of the debate, held in Cleveland. Only Trump himself would know how he felt. Indeed, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he was shedding virus at that point. But, in true Trumpian fashion, he refused to wear a mask when entering the auditorium, as did his equally irresponsible family members.

Doctors from the Cleveland Clinic, overseeing the debate’s testing protocol, offered Trump’s family the opportunity to wear masks, but they proudly declined. It goes to show you that the apple does not fall far from the tree with these folks.

So there he was, at the debate podium, yelling, screaming, and interrupting the 77-year-old Biden at every turn – unleashing millions of aerosolized particles from his big mouth for nearly 90 minutes. Yes, they were socially distanced, and the venue’s ventilation most likely helped prevent the droplets from ever reaching Biden.

I suppose we’ll never know for sure if, in the back of his demented and diabolical mind, Trump didn’t hope that a few of those droplets drifted over to his campaign rival. You know, maybe not kill him, but certainly, knock him out for a few weeks. Or, hell, perhaps he did want to infect him fatally. Again, with what we know from the previous four years of hell, the amount of depravity it would take for Trump to even think of pulling something like that off would surprise no one.

Let’s remember that Congress impeached Trump the first time for trying to enlist a foreign government, Ukraine, in digging up dirt on Biden. He knew Biden was his chief political rival at that point, and it showed how far he was willing to go to damage him for political gain.

Yes, the irresponsibility of a sitting president deliberately parading around without a mask, not telling anyone he tested positive, and knowing full well he might be infected with a deadly virus will undoubtedly be yet another disgraceful page for the history books.

When I mentioned above that we elected a sociopath in 2016, I’d like to offer the following definition, courtesy of dictionary.com:

A person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

I’ll leave it to those of you who read this post to determine if that definition accurately describes the 45th president.


  1. Jeff, I cannot speak to that, but what I can speak to is the former president confirming that he said in an interview on February 7, 2020 with Bob Woodward that he knew the dangers of COVID-19. This was before several rallies later that month with his most ardent fans, where he put them at risk without telling them they were, but also continued his Democrat hoax rhetoric naysaying the disease. Later in June, he held a rally in Tulsa, where six of his staff had COVID-19. It is believed this is where former candidate Herman Cain got the virus and later died. Then there was that infamous White House party where he and others may have contacted the disease in September.

    The word you use above applies. This is sociopathic behavior. In order to hear applause, he will put his most loyal people at risk. And, yet this people will still do anything for him. It truly boggles the mind. Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith. I just saw an interview with Chris Christie where he said it was “inexcusable” that Mark Meadows never told the group of people who were doing debate prep with Trump, that he’d tested positive. He said he’s 100% convinced he got Covid from Trump. He nearly died Keith. And, he called Trump a friend. Although he did quantify the ‘friend’ remark that that was before recent revelations. All of the people in that room were tested daily for Covid-he did not know how often Trump was being tested.
      Bottom line Keith? The recklessness and disregard for human life is breathtaking. And he was the president of this country. What an embarrassment.

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      1. Jeff, reckless disregard for others is his modus operandi long before he became president. It makes those who refused to go work for him even happier with their decisions. And, it may have saved their lives. Keith


      2. That’s right. Never paying contractors, defaulting on loans, suing everyone in sight. That’s what he did before president. No surprise he conducted himself in this manner while president.


  2. people will still do anything for him. It truly boggles the mind.

    The pull of power and money is extremely difficult to overcome for many people. Even though tRump’s credentials are shaky regarding both, his talent for bullsh__ has convinced many that they too can reach the heights of political influence.

    And as far as him spreading COVID, I have no doubt. Especially when you consider he can’t stop talking and bragging about himself, imagine how many people were exposed!

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    1. For sure Nan. Referring to my comment to Keith, just think how despicable it was to Chris Christie. For crying out loud, the guy nearly died because of Trump’s reckless disregard for anyone but himself. The news keeps getting worse and worse. And he’s not even president anymore!

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      1. Wow! That graphic fits him to a T. It’s still hard to believe he was ever president and millions voted for him. I do not recognize this country anymore.

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      1. Here’s a cheerful thought Jeff.
        Assume of the world population 4,000,000,000 (billion) are adults. Now we know that approx. 75,000,000 of the USA voting population voted for Trump, assume a similar number around the world think he’s also worthy of a vote, that makes 150,000,000; that comes to 3.75% of the adult world. Some even being generous and rounding up, I would suggest 95% of the world’s adult population think he is a prize Klutz. Heck, since it’s the season of Good Will and lower that to 90%.
        Am I being reasonable, or am I being reasonable?

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  3. the fact that you’d entitle this post as a stupid question like this, sadly demonstrates that you’re gullible enough to actually believe such a lunatic conspiracy, meanwhile, you’d be right onboard ready to demonize anyone who believes things like 9-11 didn’t happen, or that maybe there were some questional issues happening in the 2020 election.
    It’s also amazing to me that people like you and Jill continue to demonize his rallies and other motorcycle events as “superspreaders”, wait a minute while i get my shaking under control so I can type again…,okay, I’m better now, but events of great celebration and corination like victory rallies and gatherings the moment Biden was announced or protests over the explosive summer of 2020, all of which there was no social distancing and no mask wearing are just fine and dandy. No transmissible activity can happen there right?
    don’t you see the hipocrasy of your writing, the totally irrational suppositions of your insight, the complete fallibility of your logic? If this is the kind of thing which you deem worthy tools for engaging in debate, it’s a sad day in our society for what was once the art of the argument.


  4. I’d put nothing past this POS.
    The gold star families… he couldn’t care less about, yet the young boys in the military are often indoctrinated into “God, Country and Guts” mentality and believe trump is wonderful. I have several distant relatives in the military (young and full of macho),through marriage, who feel like this.

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    1. So true Mary. He’s bamboozled so many in this country. You’d think the military, in general, would not support a 5 time draft dodging traitor. But, this is America today. Nothing makes sense anymore.

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  5. oh yeah, I just heard of a study where 34 out of 43 cases of people who had the scary omicron varient, were people who were vaccinated or even had a booster. 34 out of 43, not 2 out of 43 but 34. I thought vaccines were supposed to work? I know you’ll have nothing to say about it but that’s okay. One question I have that I know you don’t have an answer for is when is the stupid going to be over? Everyone knows, well people who are objective and logical in their thought processes, that this covid shit is nothing but that at this point, total shit, absolute crap, just a way for authorities to clamp down on the citizens. but you and your readers , you want more lockdowns, more vaccines, higher prices, and as many people to be as miserable as possible. You guys believe fauchi is a god with no flaws or even the possibility of malicious intent and that anyone who questions his words of divine edict must be among the uneducated and stupid among us, when, in fact, the opposite is true. People who believe the words of this person are the ones who are willfully uninformed and ignorant.


    1. Ya’ know, Scott … this isn’t my blog, but if it were I would call you on your continual references to “you” and/or “you guys.” When you make accusations directed at the reader (or listener), you immediately lose the advantage in your argument. You’ll make a far better case by staying neutral and discussing the ISSUE, rather than assuming you know how others feel about it.

      Case in point: “You guys believe fauchi is a god …”. No, I don’t believe the man is a god. I believe he knows what he’s talking about far better than the average individual, but a god? Hardly.

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