The Sanctity of Life Party?

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On most days, parents drop their kids off at school, hoping they get a decent day of education and come home at night for supper. However, in the United States of America, that, unfortunately, is not always the case. There are times when some of those children do not come home. Because in this country, we value the right to have a firearm over the right not to be mowed down by a lunatic.

Only in America is this the case. And we have one political party that continues to look the other way and allow it to continue, unabated. This is also the same party that calls itself pro-life. The problem, of course, is that the only lives they consider sacred are the ones that sit in the womb of a mother.

The rest of us? Not so much.

On the day of yet another mass shooting at one of our schools, where we received the usual “thoughts and prayers” mantra, the GOP official account on Twitter tweeted out the following:

The tweet was a reference to what was going on at the Supreme Court of the United States where the justices were hearing a Mississippi case that would ban abortions after 15 weeks, which, if affirmed by the court, would essentially overturn Roe v.Wade and with it, nearly 50 years of precedence.

On Tuesday, on the same day of the mass shooting, GOP senators held a press conference proclaiming their belief in the sanctity of life, imploring the Supreme Court to uphold the Mississippi law. Later that evening, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy had had enough and headed to the Senate floor to make an impassioned speech calling out the utter and complete hypocrisy of those senators:

“Do not lecture us about the sanctity of life when 100 people every single day are losing their lives to guns,” Murphy said.

The senator is correct. These Republican senators, and their counterparts in the House, continue to ignore the bloodshed on the streets of America because, damn it, we cannot take away the rights of our citizens to bear arms. God forbid we do some common-sense legislation to try and prevent crazies from acquiring guns in the first place and getting weapons of war off our streets.

To be clear, the shooting on Tuesday had nothing to do with background checks that might flag someone from acquiring a gun due to mental illness. It appears, however, that the father of the young man purchased the gun a few days ago. Charges may still be coming for the parents for allowing their son access to use the weapon in this horrific crime.

Does it matter, though? Isn’t the real issue that we have more guns than people in this country? That we’re awash with so many military and semi-assault-style weapons seems to be the problem. But the GOP and their gun-toting members only want more of those types of weapons on the street. After all, they’ve got to have those weapons if the government goes too far. At least that’s the reasoning I keep hearing.

The fact is, the GOP calling itself the pro-life party might be the biggest misnomer in the history of humankind. It’s not just them lecturing the rest of us on how precious the fetus’s life is while ignoring children being slaughtered in the classroom. It’s much more than that.

All we need to do is look at how the radical right has been during the worst pandemic in over 100 years. We’ve been bombarded with scenes of maniacal parents attending school board meetings, threatening members, and yelling about school mask mandates. Those mandates, by the way, were put in place for the sole purpose of protecting those children from getting COVID and from spreading it to their families at home, some of whom may die if infected. Isn’t that the actual pro-life stance? Shouldn’t we do all we can to protect the children from harm? Is wearing a cloth mask that much of an infringement on their rights?

These are also the same people who go mask-less in grocery stores and elsewhere, regardless of signs saying they need to wear them. It’s an entirely selfish act, ignoring health and safety protocols all in the name of their ‘personal freedom.’ If they infect someone who ultimately dies, so be it.

There’s also word that some GOP senators are advocating for shutting the government down in the coming days. But this time, the reason is to take a stand against the Biden administration’s mandate that businesses with over 100 employees must be vaccinated. That’s right, let’s shut down the government because the radical liberals are trying to save lives.

Meanwhile, some GOP governors now reward employees who ignore vaccine requirements with unemployment benefits if they lose their jobs. By all means, let’s incentivize people who dangerously and recklessly endanger others. This is who they are, folks. They do not care about the lives of others. It’s about taking a stand and showing up the radical left.

And this is the pro-life party?

But, sure, go ahead and lecture us about the sanctity of life and how important it is to save the life of a fetus. Never mind that outlawing abortion or severely restricting it hurts poor women the most. But that shouldn’t be a big shock. Being poor is their choice, they keep telling us. If only they could pull themselves up from their bootstraps as they all did. If only we could all be like them.

Once a kid is born, the GOP raises their hands to say hallelujah – then says, in so many words, “you’re on your own, kid. Good luck.” That doesn’t seem to mesh with their disingenuous stance on valuing life. At least not in my view.

Hell, we’ve even got GOP members of Congress threatening to assassinate their colleagues these days, which was met with even more embarrassing silence from house leadership. It’s all about devaluing lives, mocking non-Christian religions, and being as terrible to others as they possibly can.

Yesterday was a watershed moment in American life. I listened to those arguments before the Supreme Court and came away from it with a sorrowful feeling. We’re on the verge of something very dark in this country. If the court does what it seems they’re poised to do, we will enter into a new phase, especially for women. What the evangelicals did by standing with Trump, even while knowing he was a despicable human being, is now bearing fruit for them.

The radical judges he gave them are now ready to deliver what they’ve always wanted, on a silver platter no less: purging women’s rights back to the days when Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet were the top shows on television. Subservient to men, out of the workplace, and carrying a baby to full term, no matter the circumstances; that seems to be the goal.

I’m sorry, but the GOP is not the party of life. They stay ominously silent when it comes to the thousands who die each year from gun violence yet preach to the world about how concerned they are for the health and welfare of the unborn.

Time and again, they side with the gun lobby, rather than a large majority of Americans who simply want to regulate and control dangerous weapons – not take away their right to own a firearm.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if GOP politicians had the same zeal and emotion dealing with regulating guns the way they do when regulating women’s bodies? How much better of a country would we be?


    1. Yep. But the story was, of course, that Biden botched the withdrawal. Not the fact that he ended the 20 year nightmare. But, that’s to be expected in today’s media.

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  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I had every intention of writing a post about Tuesday’s school shooting in Michigan, the 29th school shooting so far this year — a year that had most schools closed until August. However, before I could put fingers to keyboard, I found this post by my writing partner Jeff, and since he said everything I wanted to say and did it even better than I could have, I am sharing Jeff’s post instead of re-inventing the wheel. Thank you, Jeff!

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    1. Thank you Jill! So good to have you back. Yeah, my mind’s been spinning in recent days. It’s so hard to concentrate on one thing anymore. The news just keeps piling up day after day. And, frankly, most of it isn’t good. We’ve got lots of work to do partner!

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  2. The Republican Party takes no responsibility for anything their policies create. All that matters to them is taking away freedoms from those they do not like or care about (women, non-Christians, the poor, people of colour, free-thinkers, the list goes on and on) and handing freedoms to those they like (whites, Christians –esp Evangelicsls –, gun manufacturers, legal criminals, backward thinkers who do not want to see humans progress, the rich, corporations, capitalists, climate-change deniers, war hawks, this list goes on and on too).
    They cause much more harm than good, but they refuse to look. “IT”S NOT MY FAULT!” is their rally cry. The thing is, it is all their fault, but it is also the fault of any left-thinking person who allows them to get away with these practices.
    If we are not ready to stand up and be counted, we may as well hand them the keys to the Government. They might not “be” in power, but they in fact still “”have all the power.”
    It might be too late to take that power back, but can we do less than to die trying?

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    1. You speak the truth rawgod. I just wish Democrats fought like they do. No, I don’t mean doing anything illegal. I mean fighting them like they fight. To win! And do whatever it takes. If it means doing something radical like adding D.C and Puerto Rico as states, do it. If it means reforming the Supreme Court, i.e, either expanding it, or putting in term limits, do it. If it means reforming the filibuster, do it. But, I know they will not do any of those things. It’s not in the party’s DNA. Until it changes, the GOP will continue to find ways to take power and send us back to the 1950s. That seems to be the goal, doesn’t it?

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  3. Reblogged this on Michael Seidel, writer and commented:
    Yes, the hypocritical sanctimony that the GOP brings to everything now: death is okay for COVID-19 as long as they’re saved from the tyranny of wearing a mask. They’re against abortion but for capital management. Mass shootings and murder? Of course — for this is the ‘life is precious’ party — with an asterisk.

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    1. Thank you Michael for the reblog! You’re absolutely right. This party is literally killing this country. Hell, they’ll even sacrifice their own voters, if it means getting power back. If you could label them like a psychiatrist would, you’d have to call them psychopaths. I really can think of no other word.

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  4. There’s corruption, everywhere, and every time, when, politics are, involved, and, ordinary people’s lives, don’t matter, to the officials, voted into office, for all they care about, is, how to, hold on to, power, as long as they, possibly, can, and, there’s, nothing that we the people, can do, about, it…

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    1. Well, there is something we can do. Register as many people as possible to vote and make sure they show up on election day. We must overwhelm them at the ballot box. And, if Dems would grow a spine, reform the filibuster and pass a voter’s rights bill. I know, a daunting task. But it’s doable. It’s all about the will to do so.

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  5. Thanks Jeff. I have long said the GOP is the “pro birth party” not the pro-life party. As you note, there is a huge difference. The stance against healthcare access is telling and especially ironic since the ACA is patterned, in part, based on a Republican idea. The stance against better gun governance still amazes me in light of the number one gun death cause in the US being suicide and the routine mass shoottings. The stance against vaccines is amazing as means to cover for the failure to govern by the previous president whose hoax calling and naysaying has led to more than several hundreds of thousands of deaths (per researchers) than should have occurred. The fact he placed his most ardent supporters in jeopardy in February, 2020 knowing they were in danger (per an interview with Bob Woodward) is telling. The stance against helping people in poverty climb ladders is telling. Democrats are not perfect and I can argue policy issues, but I am amazed at how this pro-life message by the other party. goes unchecked. Keith

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    1. Thanks Keith. And to your point about Trump knowingly putting his supporters in harms way, the recent reporting that he was walking around with Covid right around the debate with Biden, tells us everything we need to know about him. That fact is, his presidency was even worse than we could have imagined, and we all thought it was terrible. If he recklessly gave Covid to others, how is that not a crime? Or, at the very least, ripe for civil lawsuits. It’s a despicable act beyond almost anything he did. And that’s saying something.

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      1. Jeff, I think we have long felt the Trump presidency was far worse than even we knew, as there is so much buried beneath the covers. The fact he could not retain staff or would fire them if they did not continue to genuflect is telling.resulting in the worst turnover. A story that fits into the above is six of his staff on site at the Tulsa rally had COVID and it is alleged former presidential candidate Herman Cain picked up COVID there before he succumbed to the disease. All of his most loyal fans would be mortified by a central truth to his character – he does not care about them and actually mocks and uses their loyalty. Why would he have rallies when he knew the dangers? Keith

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      2. Keith, you ask … Why would he have rallies when he knew the dangers?

        Surely you know the answer, but if not, let me help you out … HE. DOESN’T. CARE!

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      3. Nan, Jeff answered correctly for me. I agree 100% with his assessment. The former president would risk someone’s life just so he can hear applause – that is sociopathic behavior. Keith

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    1. Thank you Dr. Rex! No need to pardon your French. If I could, my posts would be nothing but four-letter words to describe how I feel these days!!

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  6. After decades deep within conservative evangelicalism, my observation is that a rather small minority of evangelicals holds a principled and consistent “pro-life” conviction. The majority parrots a “pro-life” view because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to do. That these others take the “pro-life” position only because of peer pressure does not mean they would not go to war to defend it. Far too many withing evangelicalism lack any real, principled convictions; most go wherever peer pressure pushes them to go.

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    1. I agree Jerry. I do know that there are conservatives out there, and even some liberals, who are consistent when it comes to pro-life. In other words, they’re anti-abortion, but they are also anti-death penalty as well. Most of the modern day GOP tout their pro-life anti-abortion stance, but also are proud to say their pro death penalty. I’ve always said that the Pope has always been the most consistent religious leader, at least on this issue.

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  7. I’m Australian so I probably shouldn’t comment but…this post was brilliant. Something sick has happened to the Western world. Black is now white, good is bad and bad is good, and neither logic nor science have any place in the corridors of power. We’re always behind the times, but Australia is heading in that direction too, and it scares me witless.
    Stay well.

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    1. Thanks for the nice comments. I agree. We’re seeing a move toward authoritarianism all around the world. To be honest, I never thought it was possible in this country. Boy was I wrong. I just don’t know how we can stop it at this point, other than at the ballot box. I thought Jan 6, 2021 would be a wakeup call. For one political party it was. For the other, they’re merely doubling down. Please keep your thoughts with us over here, ok?

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      1. I know, Jan 6 shocked the whole world. I worry about all of you. So many of my online friends are in the US. I truly hope people will come to their senses, and soon. 😦

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  8. Your post brings into sharp relief the harsh fact that with the election of an African American president the dam of the Republican Party’s infrastructure and conventional outlooks gave way to a flood of hysterical, racist, talibanesque street and bar politics which has been 30 years re-building since its last inceptions in the 1920s. Reason has been swept away and any inadequate with a string of insults against Biden can get a devoted following on social media.
    GOP might have been a fondly used acronym by both sides when, arguably it was the party of conservative responsibility, now it resembles nothing other that a large number of Southern Democrats of the late 19th to mid 20th century.
    If it announced the name ‘Republican’ was dropped and replaced by The National Freedom Party (both words are favourites amongst the intolerant political wings) I would not be surprised.

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    1. Sad but true Roger, and good as always hearing from you. You can literally say that they are now, without a doubt, a political party that is actively rooting for Covid. I know, sounds crazy, right? But really, that’s how far they’ve sunk. Multiple deaths and infections, ironically most being suffered from Trump/Republican counties in America, makes Biden look bad and gives them a more likely path to power in 2022 and 2024. It’s sick. It’s disgraceful. It’s pathetic. But it’s the modern day GOP Roger.
      Please be well friend!

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      1. This is bad Jeff. What is really troubling me is these folk are so set on regaining control of the USA they have lost all sense of judgement.
        Let’s remember:
        ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time,
        And you can fool some of the people all of the time,
        The divide is such they cannot practically run the USA as they want it.
        On the mundane level You can see by the amount of court cases they fail to even get moving and the number they lose, how at ground level there is strong opposition.
        Whereas there are outrageous and violent acts carried out, perpetrators and their supporters are having to face the consequences.
        There may be a ‘packed’ Supreme Court, but what happens when at the lower levels of government and community people just turn against those rulings because they no longer see the Court as unbiased.
        And that is just one level of the binding which used to hold the USA together.
        There is a potential for levels of harsher kick-backs against the Right and as much as they wave their semi-automatics that will not be enough.
        They are going down as one of History’s Tribes of Fools- because History runs the long, long game and they are not equipped for it.
        Take care Jeff

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      2. As usual Roger, you say it better than 99% of Americans. Your understanding of what’s going on over here is inspiring. We need some of that brain power to rub off on those who only believe what they want to believe, because someone on social media told them so. Take care Roger!

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      3. Thank you Jeff, I would still rather be proven wrong.
        What’s happening is an old story that Greeks of the classic era would recognise and then The Romans too.
        Skip forward to the 15th Century and the era known as The Wars of the Roses; the herd mentality of the London mobs were ever a factor in the politics.
        Then we have Hitler and Mussolini who spoke to the ‘common people’…and look how well that worked out for them and their nations.
        The lesson is those who try and play this card find it never matches the stakes they are playing for.
        The problem is the spread of the toxicity. I was recently on a FaceBook group whose mission was to form an alliance of opposition against Johnson’s govt and use tactical voting against the govt party. There was the usual in-fighting of course and after seeing some blatant mis-representations I began to doubt if I could even trust some of the words of folk supposedly on my side.
        Back to being a political orphan again?

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