What do we do About a Death Cult?

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I wonder how many Americans were aware of a mass shooting in Collierville, Tennessee, last Thursday, September 23? I suspect a few might have heard about the incident, but it certainly didn’t garner much attention from the national news media. And why should it?

After all, according to the Gun Violence Archive, since September 18, we’ve had 29 people killed, and 104 wounded across the country due to shootings. In other words, just your standard nine-day period at any given time in this country. It’s as normal as grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning or taking a shower after work. It’s what we’ve come to expect; thus, we move on about our business.

Incidentally, the mass shooting in Tennessee occurred at a Kroger supermarket. The perpetrator was a disgruntled employee who shot 10 of his co-workers and four customers (and then himself) who happened to be there at the wrong time. You know, the ones who were grabbing supplies or whatever they needed for dinner later that evening. Yeah, it could have been you — or me.

Yet, we’re told by the gun crazies that an incident like that one is simply the price we must pay for our 2nd Amendment God-given rights. That’s right, the nerve of those people simply trying to live their lives the best way they possibly can, only to be interrupted by a mentally ill man hell-bent on revenge and taking his own life.

If I were a betting man, I think I could place a pretty large wager that many of those same people who believe they should be able to have whatever gun they see fit are many of the same who yell and complain they have to wear a mask in public to protect themselves and others from a deadly pandemic. I could be wrong on that. But I doubt it.

Because in today’s America, death isn’t much of a thing to some folks. It’s about principle, they say. How dare the government tell them what to do? Not only should they be able to refuse to wear a mask, but they should also be able to carry a loaded semi-automatic rifle for all to see. Because, damn it, they’re the real Americans. The rest of us are a bunch of mealy-mouthed snowflakes.

Even as intensive care units were filling up over the past month, mostly in rural red unvaccinated America, protests erupted at school board meetings and health care facilities over mask and vaccination mandates for public school kids and workers. Deaths from COVID, in the meantime, rose by the thousands. Again, that’s simply the price we must pay for the crazies to have their freedom.

It recently came out that Alabama, for the first time on record, had more people die in 2020 than were born. “This past year, 2020, is going to be the first year that we know of in the history of our state where we actually had more deaths than births,” said Alabama Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris. “Our state literally shrunk,” he said.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Alabama is one of the worst states regarding vaccination rates. Currently, only 52.4% of the population has had at least one shot. Apparently, the people of that state haven’t gotten the memo that vaccinations work and keep people alive. Or, perhaps even worse, maybe they don’t care? Once again, “Freedom!”

To be fair, this isn’t to pick on one particular state because some of their neighbors are not much better, and some, like Mississippi, are even worse. The Governor of that state, Tate Reeves, twisted himself into a pretzel during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper last week, trying to explain why his state would rank 2nd in the world for deaths per 100,000 if it were a country. No worries, said Reeves, what about Biden? Or something of that nature.

I’m left with only one conclusion: We’re dealing with a sizable portion of this country who belong to a death cult. I don’t know what else to call it, quite frankly. Although, I might add that many of these same folks do care about unborn fetuses. They say they’re the real pro-life folks. Once you’re out of the womb, though, it’s all in God’s hands, they say.

Pretty soon, we’ll be over 700,000 deaths due to COVID. It’s been a rotten nearly two years by any stretch of the imagination. In the meantime, thousands more were shot and killed or took their own lives by firearms during that same period. We’re surrounded by death, it seems, and the cult, as I call them, shrug it off as a plot by the deep state, Dr. Fauci, the libs, or Bill Gates.

The thing is, many of these deaths could have been prevented. In the case of COVID, through vaccination, which is widely available now, and if we had had a president who took the pandemic seriously from the start. At one point, that president’s administration contemplated sending five masks to every American household until they found out, of course, that it was only killing “those” people in blue states.

As for guns? When I say common-sense gun safety regulations, the crazies blow a gasket. You want to confiscate all of our weapons, they say. Maybe deep down, I’d kind of like to do that. But I’m not naïve. It’s never going to happen, but we can and must do better, though. America continues to be the poster child for violence across the globe, at least in developed countries.

Getting people out of cults; deprogramming them through therapy and other means isn’t an easy endeavor. How do we, at least those who believe in keeping people safe, healthy, and alive, solve such a problem when that cult membership totals well into the millions?

It’s a question far above my pay grade. All I know is that I plan on going to the grocery store later. I’ll have my mask on, even though I’m fully vaccinated. I also will not be carrying an AR-15 anywhere on my body. I hope I make it home safely. Hopefully, I won’t run into a disgruntled employee who’s “having a bad day,” as we were told one of them was having in a mass shooting months ago.

Hopefully, I won’t get a breakthrough COVID infection either. The odds are that I won’t. But you never know because who knows what kind of variants lurk out there due to the death cult allowing them to fester? All it takes is a jab in the arm and a piece of cloth on the face. It’s simply too much for them, I guess.

I’d simply ask that these folks start to value life instead of tolerating so much death. I have just as much right not to be infected or shot as they do to parade around with protest signs and AR-15’s.

Why is that so hard to understand?


  1. You didn’t give it much attention in your rant, but we WOMEN who support abortion want to strangle (and/or do other bodily harm to) these idiots who scream it’s their RIGHT not to wear a mask or get vaccinated or carry a AR-15 slung over their shoulder any/everywhere they go ( ALL of which can and does affect those around them).

    Yet when it comes to the WOMAN’s RIGHTS (!!!) to have an abortion — which affects the WOMAN ONLY (and no, at its core, the contributing male is not affected) — well, it’s piss on that!

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    1. No arguments from me Nan. What Texas and other mostly southern states are doing to a women’s right to choose is unconscionable and despicable. And with a 6-3 advantage at the SCOTUS, we’re in for some tough times in that regard. What will Dems do to fix it? That’s the big question.

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  2. I wish I knew why the simple truth is so hard to understand. I’d like to know how the trash talkers on Fox Tv which is entertainment-not news, are listened to as though they speak gospel instead of listening to the real experts. I’d like to know why so many feel that carrying a weapon in public makes them real men but they baulk at a little needle, I was tempted to say at a little prick but I may have answered my own question.
    And women’s rights, it would be nice if they had some. Women are men’s equals so why not acknowledge them as such instead of trying to regress a few generations.
    Huge Hugs

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    1. That’s a great analogy David. The idea that a needle in the arm, or a cloth on one’s face is an “intrusion” on their freedom is laughable. I have a few other adjectives I’d like to use on them. But, I shall keep it cool. Real tough guys, these dudes….

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  3. I believe the answer to your closing question is that the people you describe DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND. Have you ever heard an extremist in general, or a Trump supporter in particular, admit that he or she was wrong or mistaken? They live in what’s in their heads, oblivious to moral or self-examination, and we let them take power (before it’s too late) at our, and the country’s, peril.

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    1. Never mistermuse. They take their cue from their despicable disgraced former 45th president. He NEVER admits he’s wrong, or takes responsibility for anything. They’re a perfect match. I’ve never seen a more gullible and naive bunch in my life.

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  4. Sorry about the length Jeff.
    We are witnessing the Talibanization of a sizeable portion of the USA population.
    Though no word’s true depth ever survives translation ‘Taliban’ in English can mean ‘seeker’. This is conditional on the ‘seeker’ adhering to the principals of a fundamentalist set of beliefs. In the USA these have their roots in the late 19th century to early 20th century among some protestant movements; broadly give or take a decade or two in parallel with the Islamic Taliban’s rise.
    For the Fundamentalist the doctrine of belief is the true and only way. There can be no deviation, any such is seen as not simply a sin, but a threat to body, heart and soul of the believer; in this narrow view compromise is seen as another form of threat, thus the movement becomes tribal and feeds off its own narrowness and disaffections be they real or imagined.
    From the US normal political perspective government has been, for better or for worse a series of compromises and deals. Some may baulk at this but miss the idea that essentially it brings a measure of perceived stability into the body politic, allowing the ordinary person to grumble a lot but think ‘Yeah that’s what they do’.
    Over the past 50 years the USA has experienced tectonic shifts. On the plus side Equal Rights. On the arguable side, perceived military defeats in South East Asia, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan (defeats being failure to impose your will); massive financial scandals which affected jobs and wellbeing, Enron, Mortgages, Banking. And of course the successful attack on American soil on 11th Sept 2001. All these have shocks and after shocks throughout the national perceptions. And amongst the fundamentalists along with their sympathisers a collapse in toleration of perceived order.
    Thus the more extreme are able to mobilise the disaffected under their revolutionary banners; for they are seen as seekers of and The Bringers of Truth. Their words fit the disaffections, stir up the resentments and the angers, making those views we all normally reserve for when watching TV, some appliance doesn’t work or our team loses, respectable to be vented in public to the like-minded. As a result prejudices and consequential antagonism to those not in agreement grows. To maintain the momentum these feelings are constantly nurtured by true believers, politicians anxious to keep their position and of course the Opportunists; in turn their egos are nurtured by the support and so it goes on.
    In this febrile atmosphere nothing is too far fetched to support their views thus the plague of Conspiracy once the preserve of the Radical Left now becomes a pillar of faith amongst the fundamentalist on The Right, and as long as it attacks the current government it is embraced. Fundamentalism does not require rational thought, nor tolerance or compassion, it demands belief. Thus the mindset stalks.
    And in two nations bearded men, carrying guns in public walk the streets, while women and minorities feel fear beneath their grim hostile gazes. At least in one they have not yet seized control.

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    1. Oh yes, most definitely Roger. I’ve heard and read the comparisons of the far right over here and the Taliban. I think it is a most apt description to be honest with you. And also, “true believers” sum it up quite well too. Slowly but surely, they’re trying to bend our democracy to their will. I don’t think it will be successful Roger but I cannot discount it either. There are too many on the Dem side who simply do not believe it’s possible that a successful coup can take place again. I mean, we saw a failed one on the 6th of Jan. Who’s to say the next one won’t be successful? The Dems, in the next year, must seize the opportunity to make real changes to how we vote over here, and if it means ditching the filibuster, then so be it. Frankly, I’m pretty worried about it my friend. Keep your thoughts with us Roger!

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      1. Sorry about another reply of length Jeff. These are complex times.
        It is worrying Jeff to consider ‘Coup in the USA’ as not just a phrase used by the fringes of politics and writers of fiction. The question is not how feasible but how maintainable? This has to be looked at from two basic standpoints.
        Initially for any coup to work effectively this needs the support of key units in the armed forces, the acquiescence of the security/ intelligence networks and the general approval of the police forces.
        In the first case Section 502 US Code 10 Armed Forces
        “I, ____________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”
        Whereas that does commit the oath-taker to obey the Orders of the President, before that it binds the Oath-taker to the Constitution of the USA. Thus a coup can be considered unconstitutional and whoever claims to be president has a questionable claim and could not rely upon the unswerving loyalty of the armed forces. Some senior officer might well view the coup cabal as a threat and follow orders, to supress them. And there is the question of who gets the keys to the nuclear weapons; the senior officers would think very hard on that; coup within a coup?
        In the second instance security / intelligence networks tend to be concerned with the stability both internal and external of a nation. Whereas in some nations these organisations are politicised (one way or another) to a great degree in the USA they are more concerned with stability. A coup might appeal to some individuals but the apparatus is geared to a nation and not one group.
        Police forces are of course local, so tend to see things from a local standpoint; their oath is more flexible:
        “On my honor, I will never Betray my integrity, my character Or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of my community, and the agency I serve.” – We have seen, sadly examples of that falling short. Impartiality in a coup could not be counted upon by any side.’ My community’ being the key phrase.
        Thus a coup cabal in the USA cannot count of the entire apparatus which is the hard power. Armed forces; security; law enforcement.
        The second issue would take up several posts, but is summed up as:
        States, Cities, Regions.
        In the USA States and the larger Cities can and have acted in minor ways as semi-independent and in less frenetic times Washington has indulged this (unless there was a tight vote at Capitol Hill). In the case of a group seizing power in Washington, the response of opposition states and cities would be strident. Governors might well call out their own National Guards, whose oath is similar to the national armed forces. They who control Washington do not necessarily control the USA. Of course States and Cities are not unified blocs and thus breakaway groups either for or against a coup would surface.

        Finally coup cabals are brought together not by calm analytical folk, but those with agendas differing and personal, also the personalities tend to be highly motivated for personal gain or paranoia. Central control over something as large as the USA and with a history of personal independence is not a task suited to such people. Those dreaming of coups would do well to read the history of Roman after the assassination of one Caesar or another. They should also study the history of the Wars of The Roses and the decades preceding to see how’ uneasy is the head that wears the crown’.

        The threat is there, of course. If enacted who would win, is another matter. Democracies have a history of enacting a fearful price on those who threaten them.

        All of you true patriots are always in my thoughts Jeff.
        Take care.

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      2. Thank you for that Roger. Yes, it would be a herculean task for anyone to succeed in such an endeavor. What we know is that with our inane electoral politics-the way a president has to win a certain number of states, rather than the overall popular vote, is how a diabolical and deranged president, and political party, could actually maneuver their way into power. At least in theory. And with some mostly red states already implementing problematic voting requirements, as well as moving some of the power to the state legislatures rather than the Secretary of that state, you see a pathway for big-time mischief. Again, though, what will the Democratic Party do to prevent these shenanigans from ever occurring? I think that’s the big million dollar question Roger.
        Once again, thanks for all you do. I appreciate your thoughtful perspective.

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      3. In their blinkered hysterical urge to have a White Fundamentalist power system MAGA and their willing mouthpieces are treading an untenable path.
        They cannot rely on the entire obedience bottom to top of the systems of government. They are assuming they can move 70,000,000+ supporters and their selected politicians into complete control.
        This is possible in nations with recent histories of authoritarian regimes, where the matter is seizure of an established state apparatus.
        The USA is a divided nation, and you would have to go back to the mid 19th century to see a comparison and that was basically over one issue which turned into secession.
        In this current era the rights of minorities racial & gender; the rights of women; gun control & environment to name a few are major issues. Add to this the growing cultural divide.
        For one side to believe it can seize and hold control through physical force or political chicanery is delusional.
        If they do need a harsher lesson they need look no further than Ulster/ Northern Ireland.
        Those in the Republican Party with an ounce of intelligence should marshal their forces, albeit in a clandestine way
        The Democrats should simply unite, and put aside all squabbles. Then prepare from a tough, no holds barred battle.
        Those who decry both parties should simply wise up; there are no third options; not at this stage.
        Thank you Jeff, for allowing me in here. I do care for the USA. Here in the UK, we may yet ‘fudge’ through. For USA I want to be wrong in my forecasts.
        Take care.

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      4. You’re always welcome here Roger! Thank you for all your thoughtful insights and analysis. Like I said, your understanding of America is far deeper and spot-on than 99% of the people here!

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    1. Good one Don! Absolutely. When you give them that reasoning, their eyes glaze over because they cannot explain it otherwise. It’s just, guns are my right and I’ll be damned if you ever try to take them from me. That’s the mindset.

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  5. nan, if you support the idea of mandated vaccines, how does that square with “my body my choice” which is the argument often if not always used for support of abortion? Just curious.

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    1. I don’t believe I’ve ever expressed anything related to mandated vaccines. My point concerns those who refuse to wear a mask or get a vaccine because they scream it’s their “RIGHT” — yet it all gets turned around when a WOMAN wants to have an abortion. HER “rights” go out the window because a LAW (not a “mandate” — there is a difference) gets passed that FORBIDS her from making a choice that is relevant to no one else except her.

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