Another Disgrace From the Disgraced 45th

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On this solemn day, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I hadn’t planned on writing anything. So much is being said and has been said, I just don’t feel I’ve got much to add to be honest with you. But then I saw something that lit a fire under me. My blood boils as I punch the keyboard with a ferocity I haven’t felt in a while.

As was the case the previous four years, a certain person who resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave during that time was the culprit. Never before have we had such a despicable human being occupying the people’s residence. And while he was there, he managed to continually go lower and lower to the point nothing he did or said ever shocked us.

And as an ex-president, he continues to try his best to shame the office he once inhabited. To this day he spews lies, including the biggest of them all, that the election was stolen from him. In my mind, he’s the most dangerous man in America. Some of you might dispute that. But so be it.

And today, of all days, he once again showed everyone in America, at least the 81 million who voted against him, why it is he should never sniff political office again, let alone as the most powerful person in the world.

While four living ex-presidents were honoring the fallen in New York City and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the disgraced 45th president decided he’d do something else. Oh, I guess he visited a police precinct somewhere in the city, spreading BS and bashing the current president. But he couldn’t find it within himself to be, for once, a patriotic American. And why should he because he most certainly is not.

Seditionist, yes. Patriot? Give me a break.

To cap off his day of ‘solemn’ introspection, him and his spoiled son Don Jr. plan on providing commentary at tonight’s boxing match featuring Evander Holyfield. Thus, there you have it. This is how the most disgraced president in our nation’s history decided to commemorate 9/11. You can check him out as well for the small amount of $49.99. Surely his cult will pony up just to hear their dear leader, right?

I’d like to close with an honest question for our incredibly naïve friends who continue to wave his flags and sing his praises. Is this the man you’re staking claim to? The guy who couldn’t have the decency to attend a memorial in his hometown of New York City? Do any of you have an ounce of pride left in your souls?

Sadly, we know already know the answer, do we not? I’ll drive around my town tomorrow, hoping to see the many Trump flags torn down, or even better yet, burned in the middle of the street. I know better though. Nothing the man does, or has done, will ever make a difference to these folks.

He’s their guy, through and through. Spitting on the graves of the nearly three thousand who died on that day 20 years ago doesn’t even garner a tinge of disappointment from those devoted and pathetic souls.

It’s, of course, a blessing he didn’t show up at the memorial. He was never welcome to begin with. But the simple fact he wasn’t there speaks volumes to those of us who knew better in 2016, and who certainly knew better in 2020. The man belongs in prison. Or, better yet, a one way flight to Russia might even be better.

May our thoughts be with those who died on that day, as well as all of their relatives and friends. Thankfully, they were honored by the leaders who cared enough to show up. Consider it a blessing that one of them did not.


  1. I cannot disagree with a word you say. I could perhaps add a couple as in insurrectionist and boil on the arse of humanity. I’m not only disgusted that a living ex-President could choose to spend his time in such a banal way on a day when he should have been mourning the dead, but I’m truly surprised that Evander Holyfield hasn’t complained that such a racist is commenting on his fight, a black man who is no doubt beneath his contempt considering the way he treated another black man who held the post of President before him with a dignity he can only aspire to.

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  2. An excellent post Jeff. You did the right thing to call that creature out. Compare his sewer outporuings with the words of President George Bush jnr yesterday (OK the guy’s not perfect, we know). By Trump’s actions he insulted everyone who suffered or died on 9th September 2001.
    From now on, you have but one response to any supporter of that odious excuse for a person ‘Where was he on 9/11/2021?’

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    1. Thank you Roger. Yes, I was not a fan of GWB, but as an ex-pres, he’s stood up more than a few times against Trumpism, as well as the movement toward authoritarianism and white supremacist extremism. We’ve got to give him credit for that. After all, the 45th wasn’t even invited to his dad’s funeral. That says it all if you ask me. He’s, quite frankly, a pariah as far as I’m concerned.

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      1. It’s a sobering thought that as Brit I thought I could never loath a politician who got to the top in a democracy more than Thatcher (along with Norman Lamont- but that’s strictly home politics).
        Than came 2016 and we had a creature of venial narcissism, feeding off opportunism and now throwing the most immature unedifying tantrum in politics, and that’s saying something.
        Between 2016-2020 the USA did not have a president, just a freak of the voting system, the occupant of the Whitehouse did not qualify by any decent standards.
        Biden is your 45th president.

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      2. I will hope, for you and your nation Jeff that all this will pass as a warning episode.
        It would be of comfort to me in my last years (was 70 in July, you gotta be realistic) to look back on 2016-2020 and think ‘Boy. Did I get that wrong,’

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  3. Jeff, to sum up, the most corrupt, deceitful and seditious acting president ever to be elected has once again said something that is not truthful or factual. What is newsworthy is if he slipped up and said the truth. “Trump tells the truth. Reporters faint.” Keith

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    1. Yep, absolutely true Keith. Facts and truth are a rare thing these days, and he’s one of the biggest perpetuators of lies and information we keep seeing on a daily basis. Like I said in the post, to me, he’s the most dangerous man in America as far as I’m concerned.

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      1. Agreed Jeff. As a former Republican (and Democrat), his deceitful, corrupt and seditious actions are overt. The GOP is adrift and untethered to truth or lawfulness in support of the former president. I disagree with Dems on policies, but I don’t find them their leaders whitewashing history or condemning the courageous truth tellers in their own party. This is what the former president has done. It is sad that the GOP has to risk so many deaths with a posture by some governors and talk show opinion host to naysay public health steps in the guise of freedom. As my USAF veteran brother-in-law says “it is not like people are being asked to storm the beaches of Normandy.” At least, that is what this Independent voter thinks. Keith

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      2. So you now know how so many of your fellow Americans have felt over the past four years.
        The next question is.
        Are you all prepared to tear your nation apart and go the way of so many other nations, states, empire and other combination.
        (PS: Being of a certain age; I have to smile wryly at the image of a long-haired guy broadcasting from his bedroom as evidence now used by the Right. Ah how times have changed)

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      3. I’d submit to you that some guy broadcasting from his bedroom has more integrity than any journalist working for the corporate networks. consider who they are beholden to.

        By the way, Biden was booed by some when he made his sanctimonious miraculous appearance at the memorial, there’s video of it. you can see it for yourself.


      4. Oh I’m not at all surprised that he was booed! Trump’s fans make sure they don’t miss any opportunities.

        And I actually agree there are MANY journalists that are simply parroting the corporate line — but at least their appearance offers some degree of propriety. 😋

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      5. It’s amazing that you guys have such a hatred for Trump that you’ll say that bush was okay. It’s just pathetic.


      6. No Scott. Bush was NOT ok. He was the worst potus in history. Until Trump. Doesn’t mean he can’t at least try to be a decent human being as a private citizen. Decent and Trump can never be used in the same sentence. I used to think you had some common sense Scott. I was wrong.


      7. Sanctimonious? What should he have done Scott? Nothing? Or do what any potus, except one, would have done under the same circumstance. You still haven’t a clue what a complete embarrassment your hero was to the office of President. Hell, even the corrupt criminal Nixon looks like Ghandi compared to that guy. Go ahead Scott, keep watching Judge Jeannie, Tucker, and the rest of the liars on Fox. They’re damaging your integrity and you don’t even realize it.

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      8. I suppose ssso🤨.
        I also guess he edits out the bits of the hammering on his door and the accompanying calls of ‘When ya gonna get off ya lazy ass an’ go lookin’ for a job? Youse think yer momma an’ me are made o’ money?’

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      9. Common sense Keith. I expect nothing less from you. If only the R Party exhibited the same reasonable behavior we’d be so much better off.

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  4. you know, it’s amazing that you guys go on with your large mouths about authoritarianism but meanwhile, biden is going to demand that every private business in the united states who has 100 employees or more require that their employees get vaccinated. I know it’s not related to 9 11 but it doesn’t matter what the subject of authoritarianism is, it’s clear from your lack of posting and calling the current guy out on this that certain types of authoritarianism are okay for you and others are not. Do you know what that makes you and your readers? It makes all of you damn hipocrits, people who don’t apply the standards equally across the board to all and that is reprehensible. Do i care if you’ve lost respect for me because I don’t believe as you do? No. I’m not a trump supporter, I don’t know how many times I have to say it for you guys to actually believe it because he’s done some really stupid things but so has every president. I am as angry over your hipocrasy as you are over the absence of someone you have contempt for from a memorial service you didn’t even attend so I’d suggest that your outrage is fake.

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    1. I should only aspire to be as fair minded as you Scott. Give me a break. That quote of yours, that Trump did some ‘stupid things, speaks volumes about your complete and utter cluelessness and delusion. Really? Promoting a lie that he was robbed of the presidency, that it was fraudulent, isn’t a ‘stupid thing’ Scott. It’s freaking criminal and a seditious act against America. He belongs in prison-out of public life forever. Biden, on the other hand, is trying to save lives. Yes, even the dumbasses who refuse to get the shot because they listen to bullshit. Scott, please..please wake the hell up.

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    2. Actually requiring every business with a 100+ or more staff to have a vaccination is responsible government.
      On the other hand if we are concerned about authoritarianism, shall we talk about recent Texan legislation?
      Even though a European left-winger (I mean actual left-wing- but let’s not give you nightmares) for most of my life there was this admiration of the American individualism and a constitution with three branches of government interacting with each other, checks and balances. I said to myself ‘That’s the USA. It works for them,’
      Sadly no more, the Individualism as become a mere smoke screen for folk to say ‘The heck with you, I’ll do as I damn well please and never mind the harm it causes you. In fact you had better do as I want you to,’
      With Democracy comes Responsibility to be aware of the well-being of your neighbour

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    1. The fact you send anything from that garbage ‘news’ channel as part of the discussion on this blog, again, speaks volumes about you Scott. It all makes sense. I should delete and block. But I’ll let it go. People should know where you get your misinformation, lies, and snake oil from. So disappointing and sad.

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