Evangelicals: You Asked for it

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Our friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings has another excellent post out today. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading. Thanks, as always Jerry!

Every day there seems to be at least one new news story about another loudmouthed Trumpist anti-vaxxer being hospitalized with COVID-19. The latest is Fred Lowry, a council member from Volusia County, Florida. Not at all surprising is Lowry’s other occupation; he’s the pastor of a white evangelical church.

According to several credible news sources, Lowry, who labeled the virulent virus a hoax, has been sick for two weeks and was recently hospitalized with double pneumonia. Also, according to those news sources, in a sermon which has since been deleted from the church’s website, Lowry told the congregation, “We do not have a pandemic, folks. We were lied to.”

The Real Liars

Lowry was right in part of that statement. They were lied to. But it was the crazy far-right conspiracy promoters who lied to them, not reputable public health officials and mainstream media. You’d think that by now, as the infection rates are again spiraling and as more and more—mostly like-minded anti-vaxxers—die in droves, the goofballs would heed the foreboding forecast pointing to a perfect storm brewed up by mixing intransigent ignorance and ludicrous hubris with a mindless, violent virus. You’d think.

To avoid such nonsense, one must think rather than merely parrot the outlandish conspiracies circulating among one’s peer group.

And therein lies the problem. To avoid such nonsense, one must think rather than merely parrot the outlandish conspiracies circulating among one’s peer group. But I’ve seen such behavior far too often to hope humanity will ever, en masse, grow out of it.

A Misguided Old Friend

An example comes from an old friend, a dyed-in-the-wool fundamentalist white evangelical. I referred to him in a previous post. The man—as I said at the time—is one of the most gracious and caring individuals I’ve ever met. He truly would give anyone who needed it the shirt off his back. But, like so many white evangelicals, while he’s charitable, he’s not a deep thinker. He’s much more likely to succumb to groupthink than to diligently reason a matter through for himself.

This man recently emailed copies of his latest newsletter. He gave his lead article the headline “COVID-19: Judgement of God or Manmade Plan-Demic?” In it, my friend suggests that the government created the COVID virus as a means of usurping citizens’ freedoms and controlling us as pawns. In case you didn’t read my previous post referring to this friend, last year, he and his wife contracted the virus. He was ill for a couple weeks but recovered fully. His wife, on the other hand, was hit hard. She spent weeks in the ICU, on a ventilator, approaching death. Only recently have they been able to return to their home in Colorado’s high country where the oxygen levels are markedly lower than at sea level.

To continue reading, please click here: Grumpy’s Grumblings


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is what is OUT THERE!! — From a friend and his good friend … EVANGELICALS!! … “COVID-19: Judgement of God or Manmade Plan-Demic?” In it, my friend suggests that the government created the COVID virus as a means of usurping citizens’ freedoms and controlling us as pawns.”

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  2. I’m just sick and tired of these nut cases. I could care less what happens to them or their families. Sounds harsh, I know, but why do they think god gave them a brain to use! No excuse for blind willful ignorance.

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  3. Another Zinger from Jerry!

    And I totally agree about the persecution complex because in my “other life,” I was certain that “Satan’s army” (aka non-believers) was most definitely out to destroy us true and devoted “God-lovers.”

    Ya’ know … if their “God” was truly what they think he is, why doesn’t he PROTECT them from the virus? I mean, what better “witness” could they ask for???

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    1. There’s this old joke told along these lines, I heard it delivered by a priest. Goes like this.
      A devout fellow hears on the news that there is a very bad weather system coming, with heavy flooding and folk are to make ready to evacuate. Being devout he goes down on his knees and prayers to God to be delivered.
      The storm hits, and shortly he gets a knock on the door, local police advise him to make ready to move. He says ‘God will deliver me’. The cop shrugs, he’s got others to help. The man goes and prays.
      The floods arrive, and a rescue boat turns up with a crew offering to pick him up. He refuses, says ‘God will deliverer me’. They don’t hang around because they just got a message a woman down the road is in labor and needs getting out. The man prays.
      The floods get into his house and there he is on the roof. Along comes a rescue helicopter. He turns them down ‘God will deliver me,’ he says. Well they can’t hang around, the winds are bad and there’s a family of four need rescuing. And he prays.
      So the house collapses, he gets drowned and turns up at the proverbial Pearly Gates, Saint Peter on duty. The man demands to see God, Saint Peter decides ok, the guy is holding up the line. And God being the fellow He is comes down to talk to the man.
      ‘God,’ complains the man. ‘A dreadful storm descended and I prayed and prayed to you. Yet to still let me drowned. Why? Why?’
      God sighs, He’s entitled to.
      ‘Friend,’ he says ‘I sent you a media message. I sent you a cop with a warning. I sent you a rescue boat. I sent you a helicopter. What more did you want me to do?’

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  4. Perhaps if these fools could hear the last words of their friends as they lie in hospital and the realisation that they’re about to die kicks in despite them having done everything to avoid vaccine, masks, and sensible information. Maybe then they’d rethink taking the vaccine.

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    1. You would think so David, right? But, some of them are simply too far gone. They’ve been drinking the kool-aid of ignorance, denial, and selfishness. There’s no cure, unfortunately.

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  5. Three years (or there abouts) t all started out as a wry sarcastic joke for Jill’s benefit and amusement that not enough research was being carried out into a deadly and pernicious disease…Terminal Stupidity. Now it appears to have become reality.
    At the lowest depth of all this is the fact that The Conspiracy Theory has become the acceptable currency amongst section of folk of strong views, be they Right, Left, Liberal , Libertarian, New Age, Religious Fundamentalist, and so on. Thus there is a tendency amongst a substantial few to accept, as a matter of course and spread the toxicity.
    On this salutary anniversary of 9/11 I have sounded off about this on my own blog- had to get it out of my system.

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