The Silence of the Lambs

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Our good friend Jerry has another post, this one denouncing those within the evangelical community who remain silent, regardless of the depravity and injustice they witness on a daily basis. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading on his site. Thanks, as always, Jerry!

I’ve moved past the point of condemning Trump-worshiping white evangelical leaders and their zombie-like duped followers who make up the majority within evangelicalism. My anger is now directed toward those within the evangelical minority who have chosen to sit by idly while the faith they claim to follow is bastardized and the nation they claim to love is torn asunder.

The Bible often refers to Jesus as The Good Shepherd and to His followers as sheep, or as the flock. It’s an apt analogy. Sheep are stupid animals that seem almost unable to think independently; instead, they latch onto a leader whom they follow mindlessly. Far too many humans are like sheep, and that is especially true of evangelical Christians. It is not without reason that the Bible calls Christians sheep.

When faced with escalating evil executed by the leaders of the misled evangelical majority, most within the minority have chosen a doomed version of accommodation over a principled stand for truth and justice.

So, when the majority of white evangelical Americans followed their leaders in crowning Donald Trump as their new messiah, I was disappointed, but not too surprised. Most sheep did what came naturally. But a significant minority of the flock remained right where their true Shepherd told them to stay. Some among that minority even went so far as to object to their misled companions’ waywardness. But, sadly, the majority within the minority have chosen silence. When faced with escalating evil executed by the leaders of the misled evangelical majority, most within the minority have chosen a doomed version of accommodation over a principled stand for truth and justice.

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  1. Jeff, it does beg for a new set of evangelical ten commandments.

    1. The truth is a commodity to be used only when it favors you.
    2. Coveting another person’s wife is OK, because you can call it locker room talk when you brag on sexually assaulting or harassing them.
    3. It is Ok to worship a human because he appears to be tough and stands in front of his airplane.
    4. Bullying is OK to people who you think just don’t like you.
    5. Cheating is OK because winning is the only thing that matters.
    6. Caucasians are the chosen people, so history must be revised to reflect that.
    7. Extorting another country for personal gain is OK when you are president.
    8. Making money off the taxpayers is also OK when you are president.
    9. Narcissism is OK especially when you are great like the former president.
    10. Revenge on people who disagree with you is also OK.

    Jeff, it truly makes me ill that evangelicals have looked the other way to support a person who has exhibited all of the above. The former president has done more damage to Christianity than atheist ever could. Keith

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    1. Dear Keith and Jeff,

      It’s time for a ditty from SoundEagle:

      Oh Trump Donald had a Wall
      Here a Wall, there a Wall, everywhere a Wall Wall

      He defies all Care and Strife
      With his Snare and Knife
      Here a Snare, there a Knife, everywhere a Snare Knife

      Will Trump get his wall
      Or will he get us all

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      2. Thanks for that info friend. I truly was not aware of it to be honest with you. Now, I shall pay more attention to it. Still learning!

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