The Media and GOP Revel in Botched Afghan Withdrawal

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The daggers are out – sharpened the past seven months by a media devoid of drama, intrigue, lies, and other wrongdoing they’d grown accustomed to the previous four years. The GOP, eager to pounce, now has some chaos they can hang on President Joe Biden.

Why does it seem that certain people seem to be rooting for failure? Because they are. It’s pretty simple. The media and the GOP have specific reasons for loving every minute of the botched exit from Afghanistan.

We’ve heard, anecdotally, that certain media members haven’t been too happy in recent months. They long for those days when all you had to do was head to Twitter early in the morning to find out what crazy mutterings the disgraced former president was typing into his phone. Ah, there’s my story for today! Oh wait, it’s mid-afternoon, and now he’s gone completely off the rails!

Those were the good old days.

With the departure of the worst president in history on January 20, 2021 though, came the boring crowd. This was now the no-drama Biden team, many of whom came from the no-drama Obama administration, and with it, the media’s days became much more mundane.

Questioning why Biden keeps going to Delaware or whether it sends the right message by owning a Peloton treadmill were commonplace in the beginning and up until the last few days. But now, they’ve got their story – one unfortunately given to them on a silver platter by the Biden administration, who got the present situation over there very wrong.

Somehow they were blind-sided by the Afghan military’s complete surrender, as well as the government folding like a cheap suit. For that, they deserve blame and lots of it. We need to find out why the intelligence community got this so wrong. But the idea this whole thing is Biden’s fault is a bunch of, well, malarky. There’s much more nuance for why it went south, but as we know, nuance doesn’t sit too well in America these days. We want answers, black and white – nothing in between.

So Biden’s taking it from all sides. The left is pissed, the right is pissed, as are some of our allies. But here’s one sure thing: The current president owns the withdrawal, and he said as much yesterday in his speech to the American people. In words never heard the previous four years, he said the buck stops with him. We should praise him for that.

Perhaps worse, though, than the media’s obvious delight they have some chaos to report on is the complete and utter hypocrisy coming from the radical right GOP. We already hear calls for impeachment and the 25th Amendment from some of these folks. This, after ignoring the disgrace of the past four years, never holding the traitor-in-chief accountable for anything, and acting like January 6, 2021, was nothing but a spirited protest that got a little heated. Oh, and over 140 of them voted to overturn a lawful election.

These people cannot, and should not, ever be taken seriously. The same folks who think masks are an affront to freedom and downplayed COVID are the same folks now lecturing us about what Biden should have done in Afghanistan. Oh, and some are the same people who praised Trump for negotiating with the Taliban, as well as inviting them to Camp David near the anniversary of September 11.

In other words, failure by Biden is what drives the GOP. They can smell blood in the water, which means possible victory in the 2022 midterms and maybe even the presidency in 2024. So a story like this will have legs for a while, and we know the power-hungry GOP will spin it for their self-interest as long as they can.

But what if, in a few weeks, the evacuations going on right now are perceived as successful? What if the administration can right itself and get thousands of our citizens, and Afghani’s out safely?

You’d hope most of America would want such an outcome. But in today’s post-Trump world of anti-American sentiment, that most certainly is not the case.

In the meantime, the media’s regained the pep in their step, lost after Trump vacated the premises. They’re most certainly grateful for the opportunity. How the Biden administration gets itself out of this mess remains to be seen. But we ought to at least be honest with ourselves, shouldn’t we?

Did we think this 20-year debacle of war would end differently? Did we think the withdrawal would be orderly, efficient, and systematic? If so, then we’d be kidding ourselves. These kinds of conflicts don’t end neatly. Yes, Vietnam is a case study in such a chaotic ending, but there have been others.

The hope here, at least, is that America finally learned its lesson with the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. It seems that Joe Biden certainly has. Trillions of dollars down the rabbit hole and thousands dead or seriously injured ought to be the template for NOT getting involved in any nation-building or trying to help countries mend their own racial and religious hatred toward one another.

Biden is right when he says that it’s not worth another American GI dying on Afghan soil if they, themselves, aren’t willing to fight for their country. In the months and years ahead, we’ll see whether Biden was correct in his decision to pull out of that country once and for all.

The fact is, he’s taking all of the heat for it. He had to know he would, which, if we’re honest about it, ought to reassure America that even when he makes a mistake, this president will, at the very least, own up to it and try to make it better.

Yes, the daggers are out, aimed squarely at President Joe Biden. The media must, of course, hold him accountable for what’s going on right now in Afghanistan. But boy, can they at least hide their glee a little bit? As for the GOP, please ignore them at all costs. Until they’re ready to start rooting for America again, they ought to sit this one out.


  1. Well said, my friend! I don’t know, in all honesty, what we could have done differently that would have changed the outcome. If we had waited a year, five years, 10 years, or another 20, I think the result would have been the same. I don’t blame Biden, but I fear this may be his Waterloo. I hadn’t heard about Rick Scott calling for invoking the 25th and it made me see red, but then … like the rest of that bunch, they are scum just waiting for an excuse to try to take over this nation. Sigh.

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    1. The feeding frenzy is a disgrace. I can’t even watch anymore. America’s attention span doesn’t allow it to remember who it was who got us into this mess. Biden, at least, had the nerve/balls, to pull the trigger. The former guy? Didn’t Sarah Palin once say the Obama use to “pal around with terrorists?” Well what in the hell was he doing talking to the Taliban and letting 5k prisoners out of jail? This thing has his fingerprints all over it. We will be paying years into the future for the complete disaster of the past four years of that idiot. OYE VEY!!!

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      1. Agreed. G.W. Bush is rarely mentioned, though it was his to own. He directed this war for more than 7 years. Obama directed it for 8 years. And then the buffoon from Mar-a-Lago ‘directed’ it for 4 years. Blame Biden??? I think not. We will pay for a long time in many ways, not the least of which is our global reputation. Sigh.

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  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I’m already sick and damn tired of the media and the radical right blaming President Biden for what is happening in Afghanistan. Their own last two presidents are more culpable than Biden … G.W. Bush made the wrong decision to put boots on the ground there in 2001, and the former guy actually played footsies with the Taliban! Put the blame where it belongs if you must ‘blame’ someone. Our friend Jeff has written a post that precisely reflects my own thoughts. Thanks, Jeff!

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  3. We have some time Jeff… not too much, but we do have some time. Hopefully, no matter how this plays out, the voters we’re counting on will see the bigger picture and will be there for us when we need them most. Great writing Sir!!

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    1. Thanks Greg!! Yes, in politics, a year or two is like a lifetime. What things look like next year at this time will be totally different. Let’s hope it will be better of course. But this had to happen. We knew it would me messy. Well, most of us did anyway.


  4. Yes, down the road we’ll know whether this was a good decision –or not– on Biden’s part. But the nay-sayers will have a circus in the meantime.

    Personally, I’m really getting sick and tired of “politics.” Of course there’s always been dissension between the parties, but quite frankly, this is getting ridiculous. I often wonder who left the loony bin door open …

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    1. Agreed Nan. The last few days have tripped my wire. I just can’t listen to these so-called experts who want to be armchair Quarterbacks. Patience, unfortunately, is not a virtue for the media, or quite frankly, the rest of America.

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      1. yeah, probably so, everyone makes errors in judgement. This is just a horrible situation and think of how horrible those pilots feel knowing that people were falling from their planes? You have to wonder what kind of post traumatic stress that’s going to cause them? the untold unaccountable casualties of war that go far beyond the body count for decades.

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      2. We agree on that Scott. War is hell. It should only be used as a last resort, and with Congressional approval. God I hope we’ve learned our lesson finally. Sadly, we probably haven’t. Sigh

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      3. I tend to agree with you, after all there’s money In war for defense contractors and other people involved. it’s sad when money overrules life itself for, the last time I checked, if you’re not alive, how can you enjoy money or any of the options it allows people to have? You cannot.

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  5. This is meant for Scott, but WP will not me reply directly to him through your blog, Jeff. Being Canadian, I don’t get the details very often, just the big pictures.
    In all seriousness, Scott, when and under what circumstances did Biden vote to fund the war? I need that information to understand the question you posed.

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  6. Julian Assange speaking in 2011: “The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war”


  7. The response of the media was predictable. This is ongoing latest news and will occupy the headlines for a week or so, then will be shuffled down to overseas features, occasional revisits from specialist correspondents and the political commentators when they happen to be writing about Biden or all the presidents involved. And of course those who get high on Conspiracies will have a field day dredging up old saws from decades ago onwards.
    Those who were horrified at Biden becoming president will of course wax lyrical, rend their allegorical garments etc, etc as did the UK mis-named Stop The War Coalition use motivation was to attack the governments from Blair onwards and the US for quasi-racist reasons while letting brutal dictators have a free hand. Neither Right in the US or Left in the UK in their heart of hearts giving a happy damn about the people suffering.
    The brutal fact is
    This happens,
    Is happening, straightaway I could give you five instances comparable and the only referencing on the net would be to check I got the spelling of places, peoples and forces involved spelled correctly.
    No, I don’t have an answer, all I know is another large swathe of people have been let down and will suffer, maybe slowly this time, but they will suffer. And none of the words from our Western editorials, web-sight warriors, political players, supporters of Right Left or Centre or anyone else who makes a living out of Commentating will make one jot of difference.
    Until WE in totality embrace Unity, Tolerance, Compassion and Respect this will be played out over and over again and children will die.
    And until we ‘get that’ we will all have some blood on our hands.

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    1. Poignant words Roger, and I totally agree. You know, already, the right’s heads are exploding because we may end up taking some of these folks over here. It’s THOSE people. We don’t want them if they don’t look like us! That’s the rhetoric being spouted on Fox News etc…It’s pathetic and a disgrace. After occupying their country for nearly 20 years, of course we need to take our share over here. The double speak and hypocrisy from these folks never ceases to amaze. They deserve a shot at making something of their lives. Quite frankly, I’ll take some Afghani’s far more than the MAGA people we have walking in our midst-any day of the week!

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      1. Maybe I’ve been on this world so long the last shreds blessed innocence have burnt away. Nothing that spouts from the USA Right surprises me.
        When you analyse much of the MAGA spoutings they come out as a mirror image of The Taliban. Although The Taliban are way, way ahead when it comes to planning and astute operations.

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  8. There will be Americans trapped in Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of September 11th.

    This will be the lowest moment for America in living memory.

    Biden must resign.


    1. I find it laughable that the commentator of this video says that fox is just criticizing Biden rather than looking at the facts when, in fact, for the last 4 years, every democrat blogger has done that very same thing regarding “the former guy”. This is why I am so frustrated with some of these bloggers, they don’t want to acknowledge their own hypocrisy, no matter what the issue is. And when this is pointed out to them, instead of offering evidence to support their claim and contradict me being wrong with sound logic, all they have to offer is to simply say that the source is not accurate, bla, bla, bla. They haven’t been educated in the art of argument.

      If trump struck a deal with the Taliban, that was a stupid thing to do, you don’t negotiate with terrorists and over the years, I have called out a good number of stupid things that this former president has done and you of all people should be aware of and remember this very supported fact.


      1. Ok Scott. The evacuation could have been better. Is that good enough for you? The dude before Biden hamstrung much of what he could do, including slowing down the Visa process so translators couldn’t get out of there much easier. He did it because of one thing: they were the wrong color/religion, and his racist advisor Steven Miller didn’t want “those” people coming over here in droves. Those are the facts Scott, if you choose to accept them. He also drew down troops to 2500, making it virtually impossible to end this war without putting in additional troops, which he did and who’ve now evacuated close to 90k at last count.
        But the new narrative from your right-wing media is going to be, but he didn’t get EVERYONE out! Just like we got everyone out in Vietnam? Oh wait. We didn’t. Never mind.
        Here’s the deal Scott. We lost the damn war. We also lost Vietnam. What kind of evacuation did you think it would be? Tea and crumpets? Flowers? No backlog? People strolling to the airport like it’s church?
        Bottom line: Trump would have effed it up 10 times worse, and he did his best to eff it up for Biden. I’m not going to listen to the media whack out on this. You can be critical of the haphazard withdrawal. But you better damn well put it all in context. That’s the fair thing to do.


  9. and now this.
    BREAKING: At least 3 U.S. troops wounded in suicide bombing outside Abbey Gate at Kabul airport: U.S. officials.
    this administration keeps getting better and better, but hey, no mean tweets, right?


    1. Scott, your embarrassing yourself. If you think the previous 4 years were nothing but mean tweets, your incredibly more naive than I ever thought. Please stop the adulation of the most pathetic, corrupt, lying, criminal president we’ve ever had. We’ll be digging out of his messes for years. Oh, and did you forget he and his thug followers tried to overthrow a legit election? Or, is that something your media preferences politely seem to forget ever happened?

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      1. I don’t think the last 4 years was just mean tweets, I’ve called out trump for stupid shit as well, but you guys forget that, just as you accuse me of not remembering what happened on January 6th.

        At least I’m not like some bloggers who want camps for the unvaccinated.

        why is it that the European union is condemning the president now as well, 4 marines dead, 3 wounded and several hundred civilians injured because of those barbaric Taliban bastards who should just be wiped off the map and our president hasn’t said a damn word about any of it?

        Oh, and having different opinions isn’t embarrassing unless you’re not confident enough in your own to stand the test of a little opposition here and there.


      2. doesn’t this qualify as treason, giving aid to the enemy?

        if this doesn’t outrage you, there’s absolutely no hope and I would honestly question how you can have a conscience or a soul while still supporting this biological unit. I don’t want to insult the human species by classifying biden as one of us.

        It’s his state department, the people he selected so this is all on his reprehensible hands, all of it, every.single.drop.of.blood.


  10. And “every.single.drop.of.blood” was on G.W. Bush’s “reprehensible hands” for what happened in Iraq.

    If you’re waiting for the perfect leader who makes all the correct military decisions, puts the welfare of the U.S. ahead of the war hawks, and cuts off money to the defense contractors, you better hope the medical community comes up with a way to extend your lifetime.

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  11. pathetic, Biden sends drone strike to kill ISIS-K “planner”
    does he really think this will distract us from his complicity in the deaths of 13 American heroes…leaving thousands of Americans stranded behind enemy lines? what a sick, cynical monster Biden is
    13 Americans were murdered by terrorists, and President @JoeBiden was an accomplice. He ignored his military commanders and put those Americans in harms way.
    Where is our Vice President @KamalaHarris? Where is @SpeakerPelosi and @SenSchumer?
    Nowhere, this administration sucks!


      1. and then there’s this, unbelievable.

        ” The Taliban has a list of our Americans & afghan SIV interpreters, (BIOMETRICS, of all records) but our US GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PROVIDE US WITH THE 3 NAMES OF THE ENEMY THEY ALLEGEDLY KILLED!”


      2. I’m old enough to remember when TraitorJoe said we’d remain in Afghanistan until EVERY American was brought home.

        And he had the nerve to keep looking down at his watch while those dead soldiers were brought in form the airplane. What a disrespectful, vile, horrible man. he doesn’t deserve to be called president. How anyone can still support this person is totally beyond me.


      3. okay, what about this analysis? She goes after everybody, trump, the neocons like Bush, all of them.


      4. Scott, the war was ended by Joe Biden. Not by Trump. Not by Obama. And certainly not by GW Bush. Those are the facts. History will judge whether it was the right decision. I personally think it was.


      5. It’s the topic of the day … and there will always be those who want to promote their personal viewpoint. It’s up to each individual whether they want to agree or not. End of story.

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  12. one more point on a related matter to the withdrawal and that drone strike that happened afterwards.
    The biden administration was forced to admit that they killed an aid worker and 7 children in a car that did not have explosives but bottles of water. it wasn’t ISIS K, whoever that even is.
    Is this the kind of conpetence you support? Had this been trump, you and others would be screaming for his immediate resignation and even imprisonment is that not the case?
    don’t pass this off as just an error, that will look really bad considering you wouldn’t give a hundredth of the benefit of the doubt to the “former guy”.


    1. Thanks for the lecture Scott. The ‘former guy’ is praising the insurrectionists again and demanding Georgia’s Sec of State proclaim that he won Georgia. There’s another protest planned for today in DC. A fence, again was put into place by Capitol police, out of caution that the idiots may try something again. Scott, I would like you to denounce these people, and their disgraced leader, who continues to foment violence, circumvent democracy and rake in cash from naive and uninformed people-like you-who do not know any better.

      Prison is where he belongs. Do not mention him in conjunction with any President, let alone our current one, because he urinated on the office unlike any before him. Yes, even the other Republican criminal Nixon didn’t reach the depths of criminality, corruption, self-dealing, or treasonous actions of the man you continue to stick up for. How dare you Scott?


      1. I’ll denounce the violence which I always have and denounce the rest of them with an uninformed blanket condemnation as soon as you admit that defending Joe for killing civilians while excoriating trump and company for the same thing had he been president, is completely hypocritical and a double standard.

        you don’t seem to realize or care that the problem I have with the democrats is their blatant hypocrisy on everything.

        Look at environmentalism as an example. celebrities and politicians tell us to conserve energy while they fly around the country in their fuel guzzling jets. Noosome and other politicians tell us to “mask up” and social distance while enjoying lavish dinners at the French laundry.

        Biden wants to mandate the vaccine while exempting congress and the united states postal workers.

        are the republicans perfect? no, no, a thousand times no, they are just as hypocritical as the democrats, just on different issues.

        The thing that really makes me so angry about people like you and Jill is that you ignorantly give blanket condemnations to the republicans, you rightly call out their misdeeds and hypocrisies but you give a blanket pass on the democrats by ignoring and staying silent on the hypocrisy they exhibit every single day.

        And that is the truth as I see it. I don’t care about political differences, we’re all going to have those but at least be fair minded and call a spade a spade, no matter which side of the isle it’s on. I don’t see much of that coming from either you or filasofa’s word.


      2. And I will continue to give blanket condemnations to the Republican Party as long as I’m on this earth. If you want to see criticisms of Democrats and Biden, there’s plenty of other outlets for you to choose from. Joe killed the civilians, huh? I’m sure if and when corrupt Republicans get power back in Congress, they’ll investigate it for years at millions of dollars a la Hillary’s emails and Benghazi, which were a bunch of BS-all just to knock her poll numbers down. Which, by the way, was admitted to by Kevin McCarthy-another idiot know-nothing Republican who only cares about power.

        You’re barking up the wrong tree Scott. Go check out the about us page and that’s what we’re all about here. Don’t like it? Too bad.

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      3. it’s nice to know that you’re not interested in hearing the other side, or even briefly engaging in some writing that gives reasonable oppositional voice to the points that I raise in your blog entries.

        I have never, ever said that the republicans weren’t corrupt, have never said they were perfect, and have never supported the notion of the email scandal etc.

        Though I am a bit edgy and passionate in my speech, and though I come off as a troll at times I’m sure, I find it interesting that not a single argument was put forth to refute the claims about democrats that I posed. In other words, to make it understandable to you “don’t like it, too bad” isn’t a valid argument. your mission statement might as well say “Descension not tolerated.”


      4. I tolerate opposite viewpoints-not right wing talking points. Biden is not perfect. He will make mistakes. I won’t agree with him all the time. But not once do I think he’s not acting in what he thinks is America’s best interests. I agree with most of what he’s trying to do on climate change, the pandemic, infrastructure-human and non-human, voting rights, and other issues. Not once did I think Trump was acting in any way other than for himself. That’s my opinion Scott. Thanks for participating in the discussion.


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