Covidiots and Maskholes

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Please know that the derogatory title to this post only refers to those who refuse to do the right thing and help their fellow human beings by getting a shot and wearing a mask when necessary. By no means do I mean to offend anyone. But if I do? I couldn’t care less.

What’s it going to take, folks? How many more deaths? How much suffering must the American people endure? It appears that for a particular segment of society, there is no inflection point. Their minds are already made up, so the carrots our governmental leaders have extended to them are no longer worth continuing. It’s time to use the most oversized sticks we can find to whack them over their heads.


I want to submit to you some statistics from the Del Norte County Public Health website that will give you a glimpse of what’s going on in a small slice of rural America, of which I am a current resident. While I live in Oregon, my better half works at the only hospital in Del Norte, which sits just south of us across the border in California.

As of August 5, 2021, 40.9% of county residents are fully vaccinated – 53.3% are not. An additional 5.8% are partially vaccinated. As of August 6, there were 159 active cases, 35 new cases, 16 hospitalizations, and ten deaths.

Please keep in mind that Del Norte is a small county, and the hospital only has 40 regular beds and 10 ICU beds. The numbers above are horrific, especially for a hospital and county that have limited resources. So how did the county respond to this rapid spread of COVID? They allowed the county fair, which attracts several hundred people per day – maybe even thousands – to go on as scheduled.

And not only is the fair still going on, but there are no masks or proof of vaccination requirements either. Yes, much of the fair is outside, but indeed this will contribute to more community spread. The people around here are oblivious, at least most of them. Those who did the responsible thing and got vaccinated as soon as they were offered back in January, like my wife, now must contend with those who decided it wasn’t worth their time or effort.

Unfortunately, some of those unvaccinated employees recently got COVID and spread it to vaccinated employees. That’s right, breakthrough infections. And while those breakthrough infection employees are not severely sick, they still are experiencing flu-like symptoms and must be off work for at least ten days. Again, a small hospital dealing with a COVID outbreak needs to be an all-hands-on-deck situation. Missing quarantined employees makes things so much worse.

It didn’t have to be this way. The hospital never required everyone to be vaccinated. Did they strongly suggest they do? Of course. But in this day and age, with stupidity and ignorance at an all-time high, you cannot reason with these people and hope they do the right thing. Because so many of them most certainly will not.

Finally, though, the hospital changed course. The stick, or hammer, if you will, was finally lowered upon the disappointed heads of the irresponsible. As of September 30, all employees must be fully vaccinated or submit to regular testing – at their expense. They were not pleased. You’d think they were asking these people to put on a military uniform and head off to war.

Too bad. If these employees don’t like it? Well, I think you know about the door hitting one’s ass on the way out, right?

We’ve seen, in recent days, these kinds of requirements slowly but surely working their way throughout the country. Corporations, local businesses, and governments are all lowering the boom on the unvaccinated. It’s only fitting that these people start bearing responsibility for the rapid spread of the deadly and dangerous Delta Variant. The rest of us vaccinated folks have done our part. It’s time for them to do theirs.

It’s not going to be easy. Nationally, Republican Governors, especially those who seem to have presidential ambitions, continue not to give a shit about their fellow citizens by banning mask mandates or proof of vaccination.

Florida’s Ron DeSantis continues to do his best disgraced former president imitation by being the biggest jerk and cruel human being in the room. He told cruise ships they couldn’t require proof of vaccination. He also recently threatened local school boards he’d withhold their funding if they put mask mandates in place for kids going back to school.

Meanwhile, his state is raging with the Delta Variant daily with record-high infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. His response? It’s Biden’s fault for not getting the border under control. Yes, much like his hero in Mar-a-Lago, he’s blaming illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America for spreading the disease in his state. Last I checked, I know of no bridge from Mexico across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida, but maybe the Governor knows something I don’t. Are they swimming? By boat, perhaps?

That DeSantis is considered a front-runner for the 2024 nomination – if the Mar-a-Lago guy doesn’t run, of course – tells us all we need to know about what kind of party he belongs to. The bigger the jerk and more inhumane you can be will get you brownie points from the MAGA crowd. Oh, and he’s fundraising based on his response, or lack thereof, to the current disaster in Florida. The grift from these people never ceases to amaze.

And of course, there’s always the right-wing echo chamber that continues to spew misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. As Dr. Fauci so eloquently put it recently, if Fox News were around during the Polio epidemic, we’d still be dealing with it.

There’s much blame to go around for our current mess. But most of it rests with the failed blogger and twice impeached former 45th president of the United States. He infected us all through his callous disregard and incompetent response to the pandemic. He pimped unproven remedies, politicized mask-wearing, peddled lies and misinformation, and didn’t even have the decency to let us know that he and his wife were both vaccinated until weeks after the fact.

His reign of terror still permeates out here in rural America. The signs are still around, as are the flags proclaiming him the 2024 nominee already. Those who want to be his standard-bearer, if he does not run – DeSantis, plus Governors’ Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Greg Abbott of Texas – continue to fall all over themselves to see which one can be more cruel and incompetent.

However, I sense that the vaccinated in America have had it with those who continue to avoid the shots selfishly. To be clear, and I want to be fair here, millions in America are merely hesitant about getting the vaccine. Polling suggests that they are at least open to changing their minds. Perhaps the coming FDA full approval will spur a big chunk of these folks towards getting the shot(s).

So my ire today is not directed at the hesitant among us. Disappointed, yes, especially considering we’ve had over 165 million vaccinated, with basically no serious side-effects prevalent.

No, the object of my anger and frustration is directed at the deniers, liars, idiots, politicians, and grandstanders who continue to allow this plague to linger in our society. Their selfishness is breathtaking in scope. And, I might add that there are some on the left who fall into this category as well. That means you Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Your father would be ashamed.

Many politicians know better, as do those who call themselves ‘journalists’ over at Fox and the like. No other civilized society has to deal with this type of media bullshit. It truly is a uniquely American experience.

But we know, after months of this misery and surrender to the unvaccinated among us, how to move forward. The proverbial hammer must come down on these folks and come down hard.

If you want to participate in society, whether it’s going to a restaurant, a concert, or getting on a plane, whatever it might be, you’re going to have to show that you’re fully vaccinated.

From President Biden, all the way down to the local community council, it’s time for them to act as quickly as possible before an even deadlier variant of COVID starts to emerge. Hell, it may already be lurking for all I know.

Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with the Covidiots and Maskholes. Nice, doesn’t work with these people. It’s the same way you deal with bullies. Once you finally confront them, they stop bothering you.

Let’s end COVID once and for all. Pissing off some MAGA people in the process will be well worth the effort.


  1. Sigh. This ship of fools often makes me wish for the day I no longer exist, y’know? To add to your example of fools, I read this afternoon that Steve Scalise … you remember him, the congressman who got shot a few years ago? He is blaming Democrats for the surge in new cases and the anti-vaxxers. What a guy, eh? You’ve said it well, my friend … I’m tired of being nice, of being respectful of the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers wishes while I am fully vaccinated, wear a mask on my once-a-week outing to buy food for my family, and other than Kroger, I have not been outside my house for 17 months now. The utter stupidity of humankind never ceases to astound me.

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    1. So true Jill. We’re stuck with these fools, unfortunately. The ignorance and stupidity is breathtaking. That we had a dimwit in office for 4 years only magnified it a zillion times. I have no idea what’s to become of us.

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      1. Sigh. We, of all countries in the world, could have ended the pandemic here, but instead, ignorance and stubbornness have caused it to re-surge. I’m sorely tempted to smack the next person who tells me they aren’t getting the vaccine! If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’m probably in jail!

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  2. Vaccination is the only, working method to keep MERS-CoV from spreading. Getting the vaccines, to protect our selves, as well as, others, from, being in, danger, and yet, there are, the, smallest portions of our, communities who, refuse it, for whatever reason they may have, and, it’s, these, tiny populations of people, who will, end up, endangering, the majority of us who are, vaccinated, they surely, are, selfish all right!

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    1. Very true. These viruses need hosts in order to survive. The only way, like you said, to keep it from surviving, is to squash it with vaccinations. These selfish fools are the only thing keeping it alive, and that is a disgrace.

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  3. Jeff, we are supposed to learn from our mistakes, but if death of a close relative or friend cannot teach someone, then I do not know what will. I guess one way to make the point is to say, “I care so much about you, I would be remiss if I did not tell you that you are putting yourself at risk.” Or, another might be, please listen to your doctor – taking medical advice from a politician or a talk show host is not he wisest of moves.” Or, maybe we just stick with “My family and I are fully vaccinated and had only a little soreness and fever that went away.” Keith

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    1. Agreed Keith. You know, the one thing you said about listening to your doctor is usually true. However, there’s a doctor here in my small town who’s one of the biggest conspiracy theorist anywhere. He’s totally a Covid denying/vaccine denying Trump lover. My neighbor is actually one of his patients, and tells me the BS this doctor spouts to him. Luckily, my neighbor is smart and knows the guy is full of it. But how many more in this town are listening to him? In other words, there really are quacks that call themselves doctors all over the country. These are dangerous people.

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      1. Jeff, I guess just like there are imperfect people, there are imperfect doctors. Senator Rand Paul is an eye doctor who does not actively and consistently encourage vaccines or mask. To me, he is forgetting his Hippocratic Oath. Do you most doctors will err on conservative treatment as a CYA move? So, a doctor naysaying the vaccines, to me has increased his risk of malpractice. Keith

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      2. Yes, “Do no harm” does not apply to the likes of Rand Paul. He should be ashamed. But, we know he isn’t.


      1. Jeff, there is a piece on Linked In by a Ph.D who in a banner says something like. I called Kevin McCarthy and asked him for advice for my blood pressure. The staff member responded that the Congressman is not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. The Ph.D responded then he should not be giving advice about vaccines either. Keith

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      2. Great point Keith. Amazing how these guys think they’re experts. Why listen to people who’ve been doing this stuff for decades, right??

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  4. Yes, vaccinations should be mandated, for the good of all, including the knuckleheads who resist such responsible actions. However, given the depth of the convictions of that 20 to 30 percent of the population of intransigent anti-vaxxers, those needed mandates could be the tipping point. The next civil war–predicted by many on both sides–could be fast approaching. I hate to say this in such stark terms, but those Trumpist anti-vaxxer types need to be put in their place, and if ending up on the losing side of an all-out civil war (which they will start) is necessary to do so, then so be it.

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    1. I fear you may be right Jerry. 20-30% doesn’t sound like much, but we’re talking, what, possibly 75-85 million of these idiots walking around our towns and localities? That should be a wakeup call for all of us.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Couldn’t have said it any better!! I’m sick and tired too!! … “Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with the Covidiots and Maskholes. Nice, doesn’t work with these people. It’s the same way you deal with bullies. Once you finally confront them and whack them over the head, they stop bothering you.
    Let’s end Covid once and for all. Pissing off some MAGA people in the process will be well worth the effort.”

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  6. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters is angry, and I don’t blame him … I share his angst and anger on this issue. COVID in the U.S. could be but a distant nightmare today, but instead, thanks to politicians, the Republicans, the former guy, and willful ignorance, we are once again seeing surging cases and a rising death toll. We are still … those of us with any sense … confined mainly to our homes. It didn’t have to be this way … Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your thoughts on this, which are the same as my own.

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  7. so I guess you’re in favor of vaccine passports and separating out the unvaccinated from the vaccinated until they decide to do the right thing sort of like FDR’s internment camps in the 40’s? did it ever occur to you that people who are a bit hesitant might have good reasons in doing so, such as severe sensitivity to vaccines? Why is it that the manufacturers of these vaccines have made themselves immune from any legal liability if something goes wrong with a recipient who takes the shot? That tells me that since they don’t want to be held legally responsible, they must have something to hide or aren’t particularly confident in the effectiveness of that which they have manufactured? also, why no outrage over Obama’s birthday party where dozens were in a crowded room with no masks? Shouldn’t they be called upon to do the right thing to or is it only for the little people?
    What about the study in Israel that shows spikes of covid among the vaccinated? How do you answer these inquiries?


    1. Hi Scott, good to hear from you. I see you continue to spew right-wing talking points. Yes, some are merely hesitant. Some have health issues where it might not be feasible to get the vaccine. I get that. People not getting the shot span the scope of reasons. However, there are sizable high % who simply won’t do it because it’s the politically acceptable thing not to. Fox and other right-wing hack media organizations have been playing down the virus from the beginning. Shame on them, and shame on politicians, especially Governors who know better(DeSantis, Abbott), who continue to allow their citizens to die.
      The only reason people who are vaccinated get the virus is because of those who are not vaccinated, and have allowed the virus to now mute into a much more virulent variant. So yes, Scott, I do want to separate the unvax from the vax. I should have the freedom NOT to get infected by those who refuse simply because they think it’s an exaggerated disease, made up by a bunch of libs.
      As for Obama, everyone at his party had to be vaccinated. Did you know that? Is that being reported on the crap news you listen too?
      Nearly 170 million people have rolled up their sleeves to get the vaccine. I was one of them. I did what I thought was right for the betterment of society and my family. Do others who’ve not gotten the shots even give a shit about others? By the way, 99.9% of all hospitalizations and deaths are now completely happening to the unvaccinated. Those are the last numbers I saw. I believe soon, though, that number will go down because even the vaccinated will slowly start to become less safe. Why? Because of the irresponsibility of those who refuse to do the right thing, which at some point will allow an even more deadly variant to come on board. Again, shame on those who should be getting the shot, and aren’t doing it. Vaccine passports? You’re damn right. They can’t come fast enough. Have a good day Scott.

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      1. Thank you, Jeff! You clearly and in no uncertain terms outlined to Scott (and anyone else reading along) the absolutely insane perspective that currently exists within the anti-vaccine community.

        It continues to astound me that there are people in this nation who are so easily taken in by individuals who don’t have a single credential to support their views — other than being in a position of power or possessing a natural glib to sway people’s thinking.

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      2. I’m beyond frustrated Nan. In my post I mentioned that my wife’s work is now requiring all employees to be vaccinated. Well, a few of the nurses were protesting that very same day out front, with signs talking about ‘their freedom.’ Really? These are people on the front lines. How in the hell did they become nurses? Today my wife informed me that 7 patients are on ventilators, as we speak. And they’re worried about their freedom. Give me a break!!!


      3. I know you don’t want to hear this because it goes against the narrative that the unvaccinated are the problem but BREAKING REPORT: 40% Percent of MIGRANTS RELEASED in Laredo, Texas test positive for COVID-19…


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      4. The more accurate story is that immigrants are being sent to Austin, Dallas and Houston after they are released by the Border Patrol — and “Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, a Democrat, revealed Wednesday that the migrants are no longer being tested for COVID before being bused out.”

        Your sources are putting out the usual half-truths.

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      5. I have been educated a little more regarding this issue and that’s always the goal is it not? to be open minded enough to admit that newly acquired information can facilitate learning and dispell misconceptions.


      6. Which obviously explains the disaster in Florida, right Scott? You guys never cease to amaze. Blame, scapegoat, obfuscate, and outright lie. Those governors, in those two states especially, ought to be thrown out on their asses for what they’re doing. They seem intent on being as cruel and inhumane as possible, both of them in competition to out-hate their former disgraced president. The cruelty is the point though, right Scott?


      7. this is an interesting thought, especially since people have admited that the vaccination rate among minorities isn’t in proportion to people not in those groups.

        ” I can’t get over how the people who just last year were demanding we recognize (and rectify) historical racism now want vax mandates that would disproportionately bar Black people from dining in restaurants, joining the military, getting certain jobs, or going to college.”

        well, so much for all the talk about equity, it seems to apply only when it’s expedient to push a political agenda for those who talk about it the loudest.


  8. Very often, it’s the fools calling others by that name. I think, with many people, and I’ve been guilty of that, to find “pleasure” in discovering other people’s faults, yet we don’t see our own. Actually, the bigger the faults in one’s self, the more effort is placed to see others’ difficulties rather than seek real solutions.

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  9. I know this is an older post but I found a really interesting video on the history of quarantine that I thought you guys might also find to be rather informative, from the long now foundation. Lest you think my source is suspect, , I got this from a good friend who’s politics is quite different from mine. proud that I can


    1. Thanks for sharing Scott. I watched a little of it. I simply don’t have the time to devote to it at this time. But if your overall point is that quarantine/isolation can be a mentally taxing thing, I agree. As for the pandemic, my view always was that if we had initially shut the whole country down for about 6-8 weeks, near the beginning, I really think we could have eased the severity of what ultimately happened, now some 700k deaths later. Unfortunately, though, we had a 50 state solution. Some states did this, some states did that. The haphazard and uneven approach never allowed us to get the thing under control. Then, the complete politicization of masks, vaccines etc…doomed us even more. That’s my view. Thanks again.

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      1. watch here when rashita talibe as much as admits that masks are just for show.

        This is the problem I have with these people, sure I don’t agree with their ideaology but it’s that they lie about absolutely everything and they have so little regard for the people that they represent which just results in being the hipocritical horrible people that they are.


      2. Once again Scott, I wish you wouldn’t share stuff from the far right. But, whatever. I’m not a fan of her if that makes you feel better. I’ve never said the left doesn’t have hypocrites. But it’s nothing like the Republican Party. Most of them will lie, lie again, and keep on lying, right to your face. I’m sure you don’t agree.


      3. Oh, and btw, masks are NOT for show. The science says they do help in stopping the spread of Covid. You wouldn’t know that because you watch stuff like the Rubin Report, or whoever the hell that is.


      4. okay so if they’re not for show, and I’m not one of those people who is antimask just to “own the libs” as you and others have put it, but if they really do work, why is it that officials have gone against their orders regarding this issue? If you can give me a well-thought out, reasonable, logical explanation which answers that question, I am always open to new information, even if you don’t approve of or agree with where I elect to get my information.


      5. Well Scott, I can’t answer that question. In my view, the vast majority of the people you’re talking about do abide by the rules. Some, like Talib, may not. Maybe she’s a phony? Or, maybe the statement she made was taken out of context. How do I know? It was a 7 second clip, right? But I know what your trying to do. As usual you want to try and paint them all the same. The ‘both sides do it’ crap. Sorry, not falling for it. It’s the other side who has continually downplayed the virus, spread dangerous misinformation about so-called “cures” and, of course, the vaccines. They’ve continually yelled about their “freedoms” being infringed upon. All the while, the unvaccinated in mostly red rural counties are keeping this damn virus going. Btw, the Rubin guy, I’d bet you a dollar he’s one of the main spreaders of disinformation concerning COVID. He, Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, and others, are a danger to society. They’re literally killing people with their lies.
        How in God’s name can you continue to watch these snake oil salesmen?


      6. speaking of snake oil salesmen, here’s what I saw on the today show this morning.

        a staff nurse came into the studio to give the hosts vaccines live on the air. I never understood the purpose of doing this but whatever. After that, one of the hosts said that since she had just gotten her shot, she could take off her mask and she did. I could tell by the subtle differences in the quality of her speech before and afterwards.

        How does this message square with the people who say that even if your vaccinated, you should still be wearing masks? Answer me that one and it wasn’t out of context, that was the whole segment. If you’re okay with this kind of messaging, how can you ask me how I can watch content that doesn’t align with the popular narrative, how can you, in good conscience even ask such a question?

        oh and as for that crack about “not falling for this both sides crap”, you framed that in such a way to make it sound like I was baiting you when I was merely pointing out that politicians on both sides of the political spectrum are hypocritical and disingenuous and have been for decades, which is nothing new.


      7. IMO, that was a REALLY dumb move on the part of the hosts! For one thing, the vaccine doesn’t take effect “immediately.” And also, medical folk have been saying EVEN IF you’re vaccinated, masks are highly recommended because of the Delta variance.

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      8. yeah,, I felt it was a pretty silly segment. I guess my point in all of this is that the messaging hasn’t been consistent. isn’t consistency in messaging key to credibility, trust and an implicit expectation of belief by the public in that message?


      9. Well sure! But have you EVER experienced consistency in the political realm? Well, maybe consistency in pounding away at the opposite party … but overall, most of them tend to do whatever is convenient at the moment.


      10. Some of the messaging can be a bit confusing. But I’d add this Scott, COVID is a NOVEL virus, is it not? It’s new to the world. We’ve been, in many ways, learning as we go. New data comes in, the CDC, NIH, FDA analyze it, and try to get the best info they can to the rest of us. Sometimes it gets lost in translation. Other times, people misinterpret it. To Nan’s point, with the Delta variant, it’s many times more contagious than the original. If they say you should still wear a mask even if vaccinated, I’m going to do it. It’s a small sacrifice, is it not?
        Btw, I’m not going to go by what any host on the Today Show does or says. I’ll look to the science and experts and see what they say. Isn’t that what all Americans should do? Or, should we abide by the Today Show host or what Tucker Carlson/Laura Ingraham says? Too many, unfortunately, listen to the hosts and nothing else. That, my friend, is a sad commentary on our society. And it’s why this pandemic is still a think in America. It did not have to be this way.


      11. you raise a good point. these hosts are all just about theatrical displays of virtue signaling but there’s nothing virtuous about tucker, laura, sean, chris quomo, lemon, any of them. it’s all about money and ratings to these people. it’s just sad

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      12. the perspective of a doctor on the building of concentration (oops) health facilities, I typed it wrong.


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