My Team, Right or Wrong

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Our good friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings has another post out today detailing the follies of yet another phony Trump-worshipping evangelical pastor. I’ve included a link at the end to continue reading on his site. Thanks Jerry!

I spent decades in denial. Throughout my more than 40 years as an evangelical Christian, each time I learned of another prominent evangelical caught in another scandal, I convinced myself that he or she was an aberration, an anomaly, a departure from the norm. After all, he or she was an evangelical, a team member, and we must assume the best about our teammates. I’m still confident that most evangelical pastors and local leaders are well-meaning folks who are not flaming hypocrites. But I’ve also concluded that far more than I previously believed could be, really are phonies—particularly among those who rise to national or international prominence.

Over the years the world was treated to the delightfully dreadful dissembling of the likes of Aimee Semple McPherson, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Peter Popoff (yes, that is his real name), Creflo Dollar (ditto), Bill Gothard, Robert Tilton, Tony Alamo, Ted Haggard, Ravi Zacharias, and John MacArthur, to name just a few. And believe me, that’s just a small sampling.

I’d not recently given much thought to the topic of evangelical leaders’ hypocrisy.

White American evangelicals’ wholesale sellout to their new messiah—the crown prince of pretenders, Donald J. Trump—convinced me that I was part of a movement of easily manipulated, unsophisticated sheep. So then, having mostly disassociated myself from the evangelical movement, I’d not recently given much thought to the topic of evangelical leaders’ hypocrisy. Until I saw this news in Christian Post: “Global Fire Ministries founder Jeff Jansen leaves wife to ‘pursue his own desires.’”

To continue reading, please click here: Grumpy’s Grumblings


  1. Thanks for posting this, and thanks to grumpy for the original.

    I guess it all makes sense. If you want to commit fraud, but mostly fly under the radar, then you should do your fraud under the name of evangelical Christianity. And there seem to be many frauds there.

    I don’t doubt that there are also decent Christians. But too many of them are being taken advantage of by the frauds.

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    1. No prob Neil. I feel very lucky to have a chance to share Jerry’s insights on our blog. He really does seem to be the exception, instead of the rule as far as evangelicals go. He speaks the truth and recognizes the charlatans for who they really are. His voice needs amplified.

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  2. Jeff, I think I would rather listen to ministers like John Pavlovitz who is critical of evangelicals who have elevated the former president. As a Christian, the former president has done more to damage Christianity than any atheist ever could. He is has been put up as a paragon, yet his words, actions and behavior do not exemplify the teaching they pronounce. More than a few have left the church saying if this is your model, then I need to find another place to worship. To me, deceit, bullying, assaulting, harassing, corrupt and seditious actions and words do not respond well to WWJD? Call me crazy, but that is what I think. Keith

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    1. You’re not crazy Keith. You’re a good and decent human being, the opposite of the former president. It blows my mind that evangelicals would support him in any way.

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  3. Good share Jeff.
    Y’know it is one of the easiest things in the world to gain a reputation for theological wisdom amongst even-minded folk be they theistic, agonistic or atheistic. All you need to do find a pro-MAGA /Trump Evangelic then with several quick references to the Gospels start quoting the words of Christ back at them. True they will quote something back to begin with, but eventually they will likely rely on The Book of Revelations and worse as that one guy did; Alex Jones. If they do use the Old Testament there are so many arguments about the follies of relying on the literal of an anglicised of accounts poetical, allegorical and historically suspect and translated several times that it is too easy.
    The only danger being of getting swell-headed about the whole business, which from a Christian perspective is just plain wrong. One day you might run into a true theologian and get your allegorical face re-arranged.

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    1. Thanks Roger. It truly is the cult of personality. And while you and I see nothing but a narcissistic blowhard bully, they see him as some sort of messiah. It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever experienced on this earth.

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      1. I maintain Jeff, he’s nothing but a symptom.
        It’s as if the Right in the USA saw Trump’s Medicine Show antics, and thought :
        ‘Yeah! This will truly aggravate those Democrats, Liberals, Socialists and ‘Those’ People. Let’s put him in the Whitehouse and make up good stuff about him. Boy ! Will they hate that!’

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