Being a Jerk now a Prerequisite for Republican Presidential Nomination

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Apparently, being a first-class jerk is a prerequisite for being the front-runner in Republican presidential politics. According to many in the media, current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sits atop the leaderboard. The real question, though, is why would that be?

Why would a guy who constantly criticizes the media, whines about anti-conservative bias, and flaunts a no mask policy in the middle of a pandemic, be a Republican voter’s first choice to run for the most powerful office in the world?

We’re left to conclude that it’s because most Republican voters kind of like their candidate to be an asshole. They want him or her to be mean to the media. They love it when someone talks tough and owns the libs daily. Oh, and if you have spoken openly about the fallacy of wearing a mask or shutting down economies to slow down the spread of the worst pandemic in 100 years, it most assuredly catapults your possible nomination into the stratosphere.

Or maybe it’s simply that DeSantis is, for now, the logical successor to the former guy – the disgraced 45th president of the United States. We saw for four years how the misogynistic and racially insensitive commander in chief constantly achieved approval ratings in the low to mid-nineties from the Republican Party. Even today, he’s primarily revered by Republican voters and would be the front-runner were he to announce his candidacy for the 2024 nomination.

So naturally, DeSantis rises to the top of the list. And it appears that some in the media are more than happy to oblige. Recently Politico did a puff piece on him, stating that the Florida governor has exceeded expectations, at least as it pertains to how he handled the pandemic. It was predicted that Florida would do so much worse when DeSantis didn’t shut down the state and didn’t do a mask mandate.

But it wasn’t a total and complete disaster, which for Politico is enough to credit DeSantis as conquering Covid. CNN also weighed in, saying in part, “DeSantis’ gamble to take a laissez-faire approach appears to be paying off, at least politically, for now.”

However, it might be DeSantis’ other ability that makes him especially attractive to Republican voters: He can fling the B.S almost as well as the former guy. Here’s what he said in a fundraising appeal last week: “Everyone told me I was wrong. I faced continued pressure from radical Democrats and the liberal media but refused to back down. It’s clear: Florida got it right.”

Florida got it right? Approximately 2 million Floridians have tested positive, and more than 32,000 have died. The vaccine rollout was a disaster, with lines out the door and lengthy waits – not to mention accusations of political favoritism for who could get the vaccines first. And throughout the pandemic, DeSantis came under fire for whether he manipulated the numbers for political purposes.

But for today’s Republican Party, lying doesn’t matter; stretching the truth is a virtue, and, as DeSantis’ quote above illustrates, sticking it to ‘radical Democrats’ and the ‘liberal media’ means more to them than governing or keeping citizens safe.

It’s never a good idea to float generalizations about a particular person or groups of persons. It certainly could lead one to say it’s nothing but a bias opinion. But how are we supposed to think otherwise when we see the fruits of a four-year disastrous presidency resulting in a January 6 insurrection at our nation’s capital?

Even after the violent attempt to overthrow a lawful and legal election, perpetuated by the former guy himself, is not enough to keep millions in his party from voting for him again. And if he doesn’t run again in 2024, there will be guys like DeSantis ready and willing to take the baton.

Are there Democratic jerks for politicians? Of course – and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo might be at the top of that list. But Democrats, in general, police their own. Prominent leaders like Senator Chuck Schumer have already called for his resignation. When we saw former Senator Al Franken in a photo fake-grabbing a woman’s breasts, his party promptly ran him out of town.

But Republicans these days do not seem interested in such things. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson made explicitly racist comments last week when he said he wasn’t worried one bit about the January 6 rioters because they were law-abiding patriots. If they had been Black Lives Matter or Antifa? Now that would be a different story. He’d be scared of those people.

Not one peep from Republican leadership. No condemnation or demand for an apology. Just Ron Johnson doubling down saying what he stated wasn’t racist at all. Never apologizing for anything, and doubling down on what you said, was the hallmark of the former guy.

It’s jerk politics through and through, perfected by the former guy, and now, a seeming prerequisite for anyone interested in the Republican presidential nomination. There will be others besides DeSantis vying for the crown of who can be the worst of the worst. Seditionist Missouri Senator Josh Hawley surely fits the bill, as does fellow seditionist and Cancun Senator Ted Cruz.

We’re a long way from 2024, but it simply gives the jerks and liars more time to solidify their base of support. If the former guy somehow decides to run again, all comers will meekly and gently step aside. If not, though, lookout. They will fall all over themselves, trying to out-jerk the other.

Republican voters love their jerks. Thankfully, for them, there’s plenty to go around.


  1. Jeff, with my former party currently built on a shaky foundation of conspiracy, lies and fear, being a jerk is just part of the equation. The Republican party, now trump party could also be referenced as the ‘make stuff up party.” It is one thing to be more conservative than me on certain issues, but what I do not care for at all, is for people named Trump, Desantis, Graham Hawley, Johnson, Cruz, Paul to consistently make stuff up. I expect that from the seditious former president, but I would hope others would not be so brazen with their lying. Keith

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    1. Yes Keith, Trump infected your former party with the disease of lying and being as big an a-hole as possible, among other things. It’s got a long way to go to erase what he did to the once legitimate party. Now, they’re so far gone, all they have left is to suppress the right of the people to vote. It really has become embarrassing to watch.

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      1. Jeff, time and again, people who fly to close to the deceitful former president, end up getting burned. Each one thinks it will be different, but the end is the same. Their reputation is worsened. Keith

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  2. On listening to them all … DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, Mitchie McConnell, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Greene, Warren Davidson, Jim Jordan, Josh Hawley, and so many more … the only conclusion I can draw is that the Republican Party has no ideology of its own, but is simply rooted in the notion of taking the 180° stance on any issue the Democrats weigh in on. They began digging their own grave in 2015 when they threw their support behind the former guy, and now they are lost … all they have left is bluster, combativeness, obstruction, lies, and stealing our right to vote. And the hell of it is that there are probably a few within the Republican Party who have brains, but they are told to toe the party line, don’t make waves, support the Big Lie. And you’re right … their base eats is up, for they know no better. The wise ones left the Party years ago.

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    1. All true Jill. I cannot wait to see how they change the subject fast and hard from this most recent mass shooting(s). Hell, maybe Cruz will read some Dr. Suess books on the Senate floor! They disgust me. All of them.

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      1. I noticed Portman this morning was on the topic of some amphetimines they found crossing the border … I guess that’s an easier topic than the mass murder of yesterday, eh? Oh yeah … and let us not forget Dr. Seuss! Perhaps Cruz can write his own children’s book: Teddy visits Cancun! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff has written the post I’ve been pondering, and done it far better than I could have. The Republican Party, the GOP who prides themselves on being “The Party of Lincoln” are failing to live up to that grandeur … not only failing, but they have become the Party of Losers and Liars … and whiners. They no longer have a platform or an ideology, just negativity toward anything the Democrats try to accomplish, and toward the people of this country. Good post … thanks Jeff!

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  4. Thanks, Jeff & Thanks, Jill!~ It’s truly unbelievable! They’re not thinking about the good of the country. It’s all about self interest! It’s a tragedy of massive proportion!
    Yes… THE WORST of THE WORST….clamoring to reach the top of the heap!!!!

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    1. Thanks Patty. Which one can be worse than the other? That appears to be the number one priority these days-and they can thank you know who for that. They all deserve each other


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    You got that right!! … I’m in FloriDUH!! #MyGovernorIsAnIdiot … “If not, though, lookout. They will fall all over themselves, trying to out-jerk the other.
    Republican voters love their jerks. Thankfully, for them, there’s plenty to go around.”

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    1. Thank you Dr. Rex! My condolences to you for having to endure the idiot DeSantis. I see his approval rating is in the mid fifties down there. UGHHHH. Shaking my head!!!

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      1. I know!! Arrgghh … add to that the fact that the Orange idiot is here too! I have visions of whispering, calling, texting, coaching from ‘afar’ – if you listen to DeathSantis words & watch his demeanor … it’s all Orange!! 🤬

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      2. I’ve got a Republican friend who lives down there-near Homestead I think. He loves DeSantis. Needless to say, we don’t talk politics anymore! But I get your point on flight or fight. Totally

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    1. Yes, and I read where part of the reason his Covid numbers aren’t worse is because of that reason. It’s a high tourist state, especially during the spring. They simply can come down there, infect each other, and take it home to whatever state they live in. That guy…..if he’s the next standard-bearer for that party…..there’s no hope.

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  6. Not the party of Eisenhower or Bush snr (dignified paternalism)
    Not the part of Reagan (Approachability to all)
    Not the party of Bush jnr (Hey, we’re trying to do our best here)
    Not even the party of Nixon (Hey! This guy is a liability)
    Just the party of the hysterical white folk fed on a steady diet of rabid radio talk show hosts, and hucksters masking as preachers panicking after ‘one of those people’ was voted in as president…twice…without a mob invading the Whitehouse.

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    1. You nailed it Roger. I didn’t like most of the ones you listed above, and I wasn’t born yet for Eisenhower, but I certainly respect the man. He’d be a moderate Democrat these days. And the others? At least they were decent folks-well, Nixon…hmmm…maybe not. But you get my point. The cruelty and vindictiveness is the point with the new Trump Party. I don’t need my president to be an angel. Just be a decent guy or gal with some empathy. That’s not asking for much.

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  7. Part of Democracy is to accept that the person you may have voted in will disappoint you on some aspect at some stage OR to believe that the country made a mistake voting in ‘that’ person and then just having to grumble about it as part of day to day life without having to worry whether there will be another election.
    Nixon was a demon haunted (allegorical that is) behind-closed-doors racist who nonetheless had a shrewdness about him, which like LBJ before him he lost out to those demons. A not uncommon story in those who reach leadership. He reached out to China and signed some environmental bills (and continued the war in Vietnam for his own ends). If you subscribe to the hard view of politics you might say his only crime was being caught out.
    The moment that hypocrites like Gingrich crawled out from under their rock and spouted Confrontation and More Confrontation the signs were there. Since then the Party has been gradually losing its grip on its share of the middle ground. Trump wanted to play and they grabbed him up, gave him the script and cheered when he read the right lines (which being a selfish braggart he did). This is why I dispute calling it The Trump Party, he is but a figurehead of 30- 40 years of work by the White Hypocritical Wing. Their toy.
    No it’s not much to ask Jeff. It’s just that the forces which are Human Folly and Fear are loose in the USA. Nothing new there in Human History either. You have your warning signs. Hope for some very shrewd, ruthless Republican currently in the shadows who has the sense to discern what danger the USA is in and will work from within to draw the party back. It will not be pretty and you may not like that person but when folk of the ilk of Cruz start to fall and party members queue up to vilify Trump you will know it is happening. Don’t cheer at that time, just nod your heads sagely and let that person do their work. It won’t be a perfect process, but hey…nothing in Human History is.

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    1. I so hope you’re right Roger. I do think there are a few still out there who could rise to the top. Adam Kinzinger, a young Congressman from Illinois, isn’t afraid to call out the crazies. Mitt Romney, who’s getting along in years, has had his moments of course. But geez, they seem to be but a minor blip on the GOP radar. But, as they say, hope springs eternal my friend.

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      1. They always start out as minor blips Jeff.
        Hope does indeed spring eternal.
        And the other side of the ethical divide Smart Money does not invest in crazies. The Markets like stability.
        So when the funding starts to dry up…..?

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  8. Florida was microcosm of the bigger disaster of how not to manage the pandemic. Trump rewarded DeSantis with funding and most of tiny “stockpile” of vaccines, many of which were illegally and unfairly distributed and even wasted at the end of each day.

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