Putting Trump in the Rearview Mirror-Finally

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So it’s been three days since 43 Republican cowards decided to overlook what was overwhelming evidence blaming the former president of the United States for the insurrection staged at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

As the days go by, I find myself more and more putting the former president in the rearview mirror, which is right where he belongs. It’s time to move on from Donald J. Trump.

I’ve noticed something different in recent days, at least as it pertains to my well-being and mental stress level. It turns out that the previous four years were doing a number on my nerves. Many nights – more than I can count – I’d wake up at two or three in the morning with my mind racing in a million different directions. It could have been something he tweeted earlier in the day or even a rambling, incoherent outburst in one of his impromptu “helicopter” press conferences.

Whatever the case, I’d begin to do a sort of mental calisthenics. What the hell is wrong with this man? Why didn’t the media call him out for such a ridiculous comment? I’ve got to write about it; what should I call the post? My mind would lurch into so many different directions it was often tough to remove all of the clutter.

And many times, by the time I’d fallen back to sleep, it was too late. Time to take the dogs out. I’d love to know how many hours of sleep I lost, but I can tell you it was substantial. I’ll never get them back, of course, and I wonder, should I sue him? Sorry, I’m kidding. But you get the point.

Lately, though, my nights have gotten better and better. I’m not waking up as much. On a few occasions, I fell asleep, and the next thing I knew, it was nearly 8 hours later. Now that’s progress, but it makes me wonder how many people in America suffered the same kind of sleep deprivation? My guess is that it was a common occurrence.

To be clear, though, I know he will never be completely off our radar. The damage done to our country will take years to repair. And left in his wake is a group of cult followers who are more than happy to use violence in his name. We’re going to have to deal with those folks. It’s that simple.

So while the decision to not convict the former president angered me more than you can imagine, I’ve started to move on. The jig was up anyway. We all knew there weren’t enough Republicans who would have the courage to put country over party, so it was not a shock in the least. That seven decent and patriotic Senators did, though, is about as well as we could expect.

And I won’t get into each of those Senators’ reasons for doing so or what their political future may have had to do with it. For a change, I’m going to give them props for doing the right thing. It’s such a rare occurrence these days, so we need to sing their praises when it happens.

The quicker our media and the rest of us move on from the worst president in the country’s history, the better off we’ll all be. Twitter certainly has stepped up to the plate, albeit a little late. But they’ve said Trump’s ban from their platform is permanent. Facebook is referring their indefinite ban on Trump to an independent oversight board.

Here’s hoping Facebook keeps the ban permanent. There’s simply no room for an ex-president with violent and white supremacist followers to have an open platform to incite even more discord and resentment—the hell with his First Amendment rights.

The man is a danger to democracy and society. He doesn’t deserve deference, only contempt, and scorn.

Finally, my recent success with better sleep is not entirely attributable to Trump merely being gone from the presidency. Far from it. The man who replaced him has something to do with it as well. Joe Biden is conducting himself with the kind of dignity and decency we all expected. Knowing we have a good guy at the helm undoubtedly is playing a part.

Look, I know there will be challenging days ahead for Biden. But we’ll deal with those things as they come about. In the meantime, let’s begin the long healing process, finally putting his predecessor in the rearview mirror. He’ll never be invisible. But he’s fading – slowly but surely.

Have a good night, everybody. Pleasant dreams.


  1. You woke up at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m.??? Heck, I’m STILL up at that hour! But joking aside, yes, I find I sleep better, and if I wake for another reason, such as a cat walking on me, I don’t immediately grab my phone to see what the latest abomination is, but simply roll over and go back to sleep, knowing that the nation is in good hands. As re Trump … we must find a way to emasculate him, whether it’s the 14th Amendment or his timely death, for otherwise he will always pose a threat to our lives. But, for now, I bask in the knowledge that there are brains in the Oval Office!

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    1. LOL! Yeah, he’ll be hard to ignore because of all the freaking damage he’s done, and the outsized influence he has on GOP. But I sincerely hope that CNN, MSNBC, and others do not cover his ‘announcements’ like the one he had yesterday on McConnell, for hours and hours on end. That’s my fear. You know he’ll start being critical of Biden at some point. I better not hear or see his BS being covered like it’s news. The man needs banished from our lives-at least as much as possible. Like Biden said in his town hall last night, he’s tired of talking about Trump. AMEN!!

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      1. I think that the press needs to be very careful not to repeat their mistakes of 2016 when they gave him unlimited coverage, 24/7. And we, as bloggers, need to do the same. Time to focus on the Biden administration, policies, staff, etc., and put ‘the former guy’ where he belongs … in the annals of history as the worst president in the history of the United States! If we and the media minimize him, don’t give him the attention he seeks, he loses his power. That’s what we MUST do! Sigh. Hey, I’ve got an idea … let’s get busy on our project! I must pull myself up by the bootstraps, as my grandpa used to tell me, and get to work!

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  2. Well said. But putting Trump in the rearview mirror isn’t good enough (or should I say, bad enough). He must be prosecuted in every appropriate jurisdiction in the land until his rear ends up behind bars, or NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW will be nothing but a piety (if it isn’t already).

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    1. Agreed. He must be prosecuted…sued, kept in courts for years. I believe that’s what will happen. They called John Gotti teflon Don, and he certainly was that for a long time-much like Trump. Eventually though, his luck ran out. Let’s hope to hell the same holds true for Trump.

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  3. As January 6th approached, my wife was filled with a sense of dread and had many restless nights. When McConnell finally acknowledged Biden’s victory, I reassured her that there was nothing Trump could do and that, “We will see who’s boss, Trump or McConnell.” Well, I guess we did find out, and McChinless’s actions this week were truly desperate and pathetic. Trying to play both sides of his party, he has successfully stranded himself on an island. Serves him right. He is dead to the Trumpists. The small group that had the guts to vote for impeachment know he stands for nothing, certainly not any recognizable principles of the traditional GOP.

    Now that there is division, they need to hound the former media influencer and his followers with criminal charges and civil lawsuits at every turn.

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    1. Absolutely. I want him to rue the day he ever became president. Like you said, lawsuits, criminal charges etc…Every day and every year he has left on this earth, should be toward that end. He deserves nothing less.


  4. I wake up each morning since November 3rd hoping to see that the whole Trumpist experience was just a horrible dream. But it was as real as Nazis and KKK marching in the streets of Charlottesville, as real as a U.S. President tossing paper towels–but doing little more–to desperate, storm-ravaged Puerto Ricans. It was as real as families separated and kids in cages. It was as real as a U.S. President seeking the aid of other nations to aid in his election and re-election. It was as real as a U.S. President urging his crazed, rabid, cultish followers to attack the U.S. Capitol to halt the official counting of the electoral college votes. It was as real as those cultish followers seeking the Vice President and the Speaker of the House in order to murder them. And it was as real as 43 cowardly Republican senators giving that President a pass for all his outrageous wrongdoings.
    The nightmare of Trump is fading, but the hideous reality of Trumpism is, sadly, here to stay.
    I, too, am grateful for the honor and dignity President Biden is restoring to the nation’s Executive Branch. Now, Jeff, please send some of your qualified optimism my way. I need it. You are a good man.

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    1. I try to be optimistic Jerry. I know I can’t totally ignore the idiot, even as he sits in disgraced exile. But I’m going to do my best. Yes, he’s ruined so much. He’s terrorized us, quite frankly. BTW, did you see Governor Abbott of TX go on Fox trying to blame the power failure on the Green New Deal? There should be a law against doing what he did. The real shame is that many Texans will buy it hook, line, and sinker. This is Trumpism Jerry, as you’ve described so eloquently. We must stand tall and defeat it at every turn. It’s gonna be easy my friend.


  5. Personally, I don’t even want to see him in my rearview mirror!

    Regrettably, Trump is going to remain in our lives until the day he becomes totally incapacitated (however that comes about). And that fact greatly disturbs me.

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    1. Yes, it’s going to be hard to put him away totally. My hope is that he will finally answer to justice. He’s gotten away with so much. If there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s that. But, he’s in tremendous legal jeopardy. Let’s hope, Nan, that the chickens finally come home to roost for the idiot.

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      1. That legal jeopardy you mentioned? I can scarcely wait for that first bit of news that he has been “served.” No doubt he’ll immediately put his trusty lawyers to work and they will undoubtedly give it their all in anticipation of a sizeable remuneration for their efforts. Won’t they be surprised?

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  6. Jeff, in my view, we are passed a tipping point which folks like Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley et al don’t understand. There is an increasing number of Republicans feeling empowered and pushing back on the seditious former president. I recognize fully he carries influence over the MAGA folks, yet more than a few Republicans have left the party post 1/6/202, yet when his sycophants censure those who voted to impeach and convict, it is those who censure who look bad. As one person said, my Senator is being censured for voting his conscience which is in agreement with 58% of Americans.

    I have done a pretty good job of ignoring the traitor as his words matter little. Someone said the seditious former president was mad about something and my response was so what, he is always mad about something. Whoopi Goldberg said it well today on The View. She said she is ignoring what he says,, but she is keeping an eye on him. And, to be honest, the best strategy against this person is to ignore him. Keith

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    1. I like Whoopi’s idea Keith. Luckily, with Twitter banning him permanently, he’s megaphone is much much less powerful. My hope is Facebook does the same. Then he can become basically an exiled and disgraced former president with no power and very little influence on American politics. That, and hoping he gets indicted as well. Make him fight like hell in court for the rest of his days. That should be his legacy


      1. True that. But, we should not forget, being in court is the seditious former president’s modus operandi before office. He averaged about 1 1/2 court cases per week throughout his business career. totalling about 4,600 before being sworn in. So, he is always in court.

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  7. Trump will work in the background to impede effective government and at a time of his own choosing, will resurface to cause more turbulence once again … unless the civilian justice system puts the manacles on his plans to make America into a personal autocracy.

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