Some Advice to GOP on Unity

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Even though they haven’t asked for it, it’s time to offer some thoughtful advice to the Republican Party about unity and what it means when President Biden invokes the word.

You see, unity does not mean that when you become president, you must make sure not to upset the other side by introducing legislation they disagree with. But when the American people strongly support legislation, across party lines, mind you, it’s easy to conclude that you’re trying to unify the country.

Yes, it’s hard for the GOP to understand the concept. They know it but would instead try to use the issue to score cheap political points with people who either have short memories or do not pay attention to real news. It’s been a constant for years now. They play to the ignorance of their base — in this case, that Biden is the one not unifying the country.

Look, Biden won the election by seven million votes. He made a series of promises, including, first and foremost, dealing with the most pressing issue facing America right now: an economic disaster precipitated by the worst pandemic in one hundred years. He’s pledged to go big or stay home. If Republicans want to help, great. If they do not, so be it.

A group of ten Republican Senators did reach out to Biden with a proposal of their own. They were invited to the White House to discuss the issue and, by all accounts, were treated fairly and warmly for the two-hour meeting. Unfortunately, the offer was nothing more than a pittance of what is needed. So it’s looking more than likely that the Democrats will do most of the heavy lifting on their own through the sausage-making process called reconciliation.

The usual lecturing from hypocritical Republicans has already begun. How dare the new President use reconciliation to get his agenda passed? It’s an abomination, they say. They fail to mention that they used the same process only a few years ago to ram home their nearly $2 trillion tax cut that benefited mostly the wealthy and corporations. They had all three branches of government and yielded that power to pound their counterparts into submission.

But sure, let’s bash Democrats and Biden for not unifying the country.

At some point, maybe bipartisanship will be possible on some things in the future. It appears that some of the few moderates left in the Senate might be ready to work with Biden. But until then, it’s time to get the Covid relief bill passed and out to the American people — by whatever means necessary.

It’s time, though, to issue another dose of reality to the Republican Party. Yes, their memories are short, as is their attention span. But when it comes to achieving unity, our new president is already doing it well. While he may not be unifying the political parties yet, he’s certainly doing his best to bring the country together.

Our Republican friends keenly forget how the previous president ripped the heart and soul from the nation daily. Every morning, you’d wake up to a ridiculous tweet, an embarrassing insult, or pitting so-called red states vs. blue states. Division and cruelty were the points with the 45th president. That’s not the case anymore.

We haven’t seen an insulting tweet yet from the current president, nor have we seen any childish nicknames for politicians. We haven’t seen him rail against Republican governors who refuse to enact mask mandates. We haven’t heard threats going after any Democrats who might disagree with him.

We haven’t seen the scientists ridiculed. On the contrary, they’re holding briefings a few times a week, conducted without the president anywhere in sight. The same can be said for the daily White House press briefings, handled with dignity and grace by Jen Psaki — absent her predecessors’ pathological lying.

So far, there’s not been a visit to any golf properties that any of us are aware of, although some of the press were ‘shocked’ he would travel via Air Force One to his home state of Delaware this past weekend. Maybe things are a bit too boring for them at the moment.

But perhaps most Americans believe ‘boring’ is a welcome thing. We can go about our daily lives, not wondering what scandal awaits or what unethical act the president might be contemplating. We no longer have to wonder whether Vladimir Putin compromises this president. We’ve already seen a readout of a frank and challenging discussion he had with Putin in a phone call. No such transparency existed with the previous guy. Hell, most of the time, we had to rely on Russian media to tell us the scoop.

When Biden talked in the campaign about “lowering the temperature,” it meant getting back to normal, leading by example, and treating people with respect. It’s about wearing a mask in public — not insulting others for doing the same thing. It’s showing compassion and empathy, which he did so eloquently at the solemn ceremony for Officer Brian Sicknick last week.

And it’s refreshing to see an actual First Lady back in the White House. We saw Jill Biden, the other day, imploring the American people to wear a mask so we can continue to try and stamp this pandemic down once and for all — in the presence of their two beautiful dogs. Normalcy. It’s a beautiful thing.

So when our Republican friends try to lecture us on President Biden not unifying the country, they have it completely wrong. Perhaps they need to start asking themselves what they’re going to do to unify the country. And it would be nice if the press demanded the same thing.

Convicting the former president in this week’s impeachment trial would be a good start because without accountability for the heinous acts on January 6, 2020, you cannot have unity. Absent a conviction and subsequent disqualification from Trump ever holding future public office, the rot and disintegration of the Republican Party will continue — unabated.

Unification? It’s on you, Republicans.


  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    “Normalcy. It’s a beautiful thing.” Oh yes it is! Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has some advice for Republicans who are doing their damnedest to throw a wrench into anything good that President Biden is doing to help bring this nation together once again. Thanks, Jeff … wise words … now if only the congressional republicans would heed them!

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    1. Thank you Jill! Yes, and I’m also somewhat amused that some of them, Rubio and Cruz to name a couple, are suddenly worried about the new ‘variants’ of the Coronavirus. Hmmmm. Wonder why? Could it be that there’s a new president that they cannot wait to pummel if the pandemic isn’t solved in say, oh, a couple of weeks from now? These jerks have no shame, no scruples, no honor. You name it Jill. I thought my BP might get a rest now that Biden is in. No such luck!!

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      1. Yeah, they happily went along with Trump’s bungling of the pandemic, nodded their heads like bobbleheads when Trump claimed the pandemic was a hoax, but they will hold Biden accountable for every single death, probably even those that happened while the bastard was still in the Oval Office! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No, your BP and mine will kill us before we catch a break with nincompoops like Cruz, McCarthy, Paul, and Graham still hanging around.

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  2. It is gracious folks like you, Jeff, who can help repair the rift and work toward unity. You repeatedly referred to the Republicans as “friends.” I’m sad to say that many of the Republicans I was long associated with would not refer to you as a friend–quite the opposite. Unless the Trumpist Republicans are willing to accept truth and leave their cult, this country will not be united. Unless they become willing to accept plain, objective facts over the lies and deceit of their pseudo-messiah, this nation will remain divided. Your summation hit the proverbial nail on the head: “Unification? It’s on you, Republicans.”

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    1. I’m sad to say that many of the Republicans I was long associated with would not refer to you as a friend–quite the opposite. — One wonders why this is so. What do they gain by slinging insults and using derogatory names? Does this endear them to their supporters? Or is it just the nature of the political beast? And if so, why don’t Democrats do the same?

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    2. Thanks Jerry. You know, I heard a quote the other day that also sums things up quite accurately. Democrats, as a general rule, view Republicans as opponents and adversaries. Republicans, also as a general rule, view Dems as the enemy. Am I wrong to agree with that statement?


      1. Jeff, I wrote a long reply basically saying, no, you are not wrong. But it refused to post. Then when I tried to refresh the page, it disappeared. Anyway, bottom line, I agree with you.

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  3. The thing is, Jeff, I think, the GOP does not really want unity, if it is not on their terms. They still believe they are superior to everyone else, and they intend to go on believing that.

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    1. I cannot disagree with you rawgod. There’s no such thing as unity, if they cannot be in power. And then, unity flies out the window anyway. It’s screw you..we’re in power…sit down and be quiet. It’s becoming worse every day.

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  4. Like some children who always point the finger ” It was him ” the Republicans are never prepared to accept the blame for the things that go wrong but are ready o accept the credit for things that go right, even if it’s nothing to do with them. In this case “It was him” is pointed at the Democrats and refers to the disunity in Government. Since they haven’t developed policies that appeal to voters they must always hope to win votes by discrediting the other party. If they try to stick to Trump and have him sand in 2024 they’ll learn why they lost this election by such a margin and have to start squeaking for unity again.

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    1. Yep, that’s them in a nut shell David. At one time, they were not this way-at least not to this point. It’s way beyond reality anymore with them. They’re bought and paid for by the billionaires/corporations…and owe blind allegiance to Trump. A recipe for disaster, in my view.

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  5. Jeff, convicting the former president probably won’t happen, but I cannot honestly see how someone could not vote to convict this traitor. Seven people are dead because of the former president’s sedition and incited insurrection. If the Trump Terrorists found Mike Pence, he would be dead. If the Trump Terrorists found AOC or Nancy Pelosi, they would be dead.

    To be frank, any legislator, Republican or Democrat could have been found dead because of wearing business attire. Words matter. Lies matter. The specific lies on election fraud started about eight months ago by the former president. This alleged fraud tactic was staged, planned and predicted. And, too many Republican leaders did not call out the former president for his lies.

    Attorney General William Barr was forced out after telling the former president in a raucous group meeting,”The election fraud stuff is bulls**t.” As the former president’s niece said of her uncle, he lies so much he starts to believe his own lies. I have observed this to be true since he operates under a conspiracy minded echo chamber.

    Of course, the former president provoked these actions. We must make him accountable as we cannot have a president betray his country and get away with it. This is not a freedom of speech issue, it is just common sense. We expect our leader to protect us, not have us hide from him. Keith

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    1. Keith, you speak the truth, my friend. You have the whole thing pegged exactly right. You’re a common-sense independent. There are many out there like you who feel the same way. I did see a poll today where only 52% wanted conviction-45% does not. If that’s accurate, it’s very concerning. Of course, 74 million voted for the criminal. That’s a lot of folks, and to know that many are probably in his corner to some varying degree, we’re in big trouble Keith. Regardless of conviction or not, Dems are doing the right thing by getting it into the public record. We must have historical accountability at the very least. Let Republicans go down on his side. We’ll let history decide which party stood for the Constitution and which party stood for sedition and insurrection. You and I know where the truth is.


  6. eff, here’s the latest ridiculous “cancel culture” claim from the far right: Disney Studio’s firing of The Mandalorian actress who belittled The Holocaust is an example of 1984-style government censorship and thought control. Here was my comment on the site that made that claim:
    Mr. Frisch, really? You use Orwell’s evocative novel, 1984, about government control as the starting point for your argument. Next you discuss government censorship of citizens. Then you return to this actress’s firing for her outspokenness, implying for those not paying careful attention that the government fired her. This is rhetorical sleight of hand. Disney Studios–a private business, not a government agency–fired her. When the Christian bakers–a private business–came under fire for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, did you side with those who condemned them for their stance? I suspect not. I suspect you supported their right to run their business according to their beliefs. If the government had forced Disney to fire the actress, you’d have a valid point.
    As a decades-long conservative Republican and evangelical who was deeply involved in right-wing causes but who couldn’t stomach Donald Trump and Trumpism, I look back now and see that my folks, white evangelicals, tend to be the ones more likely to try to censor those who disagree with them. I truly believe that when real persecution comes upon the church it will be because we’ve devoted so much of our time to whining and complaining about the evil secularists when we should have been looking for ways to show them God’s grace and love.

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    1. Jerry, like I’ve always said to you, if only the majority of evangelicals had the moral courage to stand up and call out the hypocrisy as you do, we’d be in a much better place in our society. Now that Trump is gone, I hope to hell we can bring the hatred down a notch. I think Biden, so far, is living up to the standard he talked about during the campaign. Setting the example at the top will go a long way toward that end. I do realize some of the hatred is permanent with these people. So, we’ve got a long way to go. A good start, though.


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