A Hilariously Scary Scenario

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Our good friend Jerry at his new site, Grumpy’s Grumblings, has written another excellent post where he shows how the astonishing ignorance and conspiracy theory nonsense of the Trump era may haunt us well into the future. Here is an excerpt. I’ve provided a link at the end to read the post in it’s entirety. Thanks Jerry!

A quarter million Chinese troops are currently stationed just across our borders in Mexico and Canada, poised for a takeover. But fear not, secret Trump loyalists within the U.S. military are aware of this nefarious plot and will put a quick end to it.

That’s just the beginning of a wacko clandestine “report” making the rounds in Loony Tune America. An old friend—I’ll call him Ted—sent the copy of the report to a select group, which I guess I still qualify for. Now mind you, for months, Ted and his wife echoed Trump’s crazy claims that COVID-19 was a hoax—until the nasty little virus wiggled its way into their elderly bodies. Ted became quite sick but recovered in mostly good health. His wife spent months in the hospital, nearly dying, and is still in frail condition.

You’d think his wife’s near-death experience would have taught Ted a lesson about which information sources to trust. I certainly would have thought so, because the Ted I knew was an intelligent, kind, thoughtful man—until he boarded the Trump train. Abandon hope—and logic —all ye who enter here.

For the rest of the post, please click here: Grumpy’s Grumblings


    1. Hmmmm. Ok, thanks Keith. I’ll let him know. Hopefully he’ll head over here and check out your response in comments.


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    The full story is in a link at the end of the post!! “Grumpy’s Grumblings” … “The approaching U.S. civil war will not be north versus south, or any region against another. It will be unarmed rationals versus armed-to-the teeth irrationals.”

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