Who’s Surprised?

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None of what’s happening at the U.S Capitol today should surprise any of us. At least not those who’ve actually been warning what might happen were the Mad King to lose the election. Now we’re seeing in real time the disintegration of democracy playing out on our television screens for all of the world to see.

The crazies are making their last stand, at the behest of their dear leader. He’s been egging them on for months now; told them to “stand down and standby.” They all knew what he meant. They’ve been plotting this insurrection ever since. The real question right now is, how in the hell was this allowed to happen? How could there not have been National Guard stationed and surrounding the Capitol, days before in anticipation of today’s certification proceedings?

People will have to be held to account and I don’t just mean those in law enforcement who allowed this to happen. Lawmakers themselves, the Ted Cruz’s and Josh Hawley’s of the world, who’ve enabled this despicable president for four years also need to pay a huge price for their complicity.

As I write this post, some in Congress are calling for the current president’s immediate impeachment. I could not agree more but I highly doubt we’ll see such a thing — but you never know. Maybe this time will be different. Maybe experiencing the radical mob overtaking their workplace will force their hands. It’s all fluid right now.

To all of the racists and deplorable’s out there, I guess today was your day. I hope you’re happy with what’s going on. I hope you’re proud that we’re now in full banana republic mode, led by your tin-pot dictator Trump, who can spend the rest of his days, wherever that may be, surrounded by pictures like these:

As protesters breach US Capitol, Alabama and Georgia lawmakers react to  violent unrest | WRBL
Pro-Trump Protest DC Jan. 6, 2020: US Capitol in Lockdown - Bloomberg

I can see it now. Trump, in exile, perhaps in Saudi Arabia or Russia, sitting in his chair with a Diet Coke, gazing about his photo collection and saying to himself: “Look how much they loved me. Look at those signs and flags with my name on them. The radical Democrats stole the election and these people fought for me! They really did love me.”

And isn’t it ironic to see a Confederate flag being paraded around in the U.S. Capitol? Funny, not even during the Civil War did we ever see such a thing. But what else should we expect from a racist president and his hateful low information followers?

What a day folks. And it’s not over yet. Again, it’s no surprise whatsoever. To those in the mainstream media who continually assured us that Trump was merely performing “political theater” and only needed to blow off steam after his election loss, today’s disaster is also on you . You bear much of the responsibility for normalizing the idiot-in-chief. You didn’t call him out forcefully enough for his lying and corruption. You continued to report on him like he was an actual president, not the total disaster and unfit lunatic he really was. Shame on you.

And shame on America for letting it happen in the first place. Never again.


  1. Yeah, Jeff, no surprise to any of us who can see the obvious. (Unfortunately, many cannot.) But despite having seen this coming, I’m still saddened, embarrassed, and especially furious. I dare not communicate with any of my Trumpist relatives or friends now. I would not be able to be civil. I think I’m even angrier at them than I am at Trump. They gave him his power, and they’ve repeatedly refused to see his many abuses of that power.

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    1. You’re right Jerry. No excuses whatsoever for their behavior. They’re all adults-at least legally-certainly not in their actions. But all Americans got to see them all for who they really are. A bunch of racist bigots. Sorry but I don’t know how else to describe them. I’ve got relatives and friends who fall into that category and who still support him. You’re right, I cannot talk with any of them right now. Hell, maybe never.


  2. I think Nancy Pelosi has suggested that Congress invoke the 25th Amendment and get Trump removed as mentally incompetent. The thing is, his condition hasn’t changed since day one, or even over the past 50 years. But, you can’t blame the scorpion for stinging–that’s his nature. We can only hope that we fast track a vaccine for Trumpism. No doubt though; we are all witnessing some disturbing shit.

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    1. We sure are, and yes, Trumpism is without a cure unfortunately. We’ll be dealing with these folks for a long time I fear. But we all saw the types of people that stormed the capitol. We saw the Confederate flags..the Don’t tread on me banners etc…They think they’re patriots. They are NOT patriots. They’re cowards and bigots. We need to keep calling them out for what and who they really are. I hope social media bans Trump permanently, even when he’s out of office. He’s public enemy numero uno in my eyes. Time to treat him as such.


      1. Public Enemy #1 and should be removed from office along with Cruz, Hawley and other traitors. However, that won’t happen.

        He connected with a deeply rooted segment of our society. Biden administration has an immense task in front of them. Things are changing rapidly and I think they are transitional. In parallel with all the heavy lifting, there needs to be a plan to further protect voter’s rights in future elections and to identify a progressive candidate who can appeal to a broader base.

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      2. Yes, HR 1, was passed last year I think, in the House which dealt a lot with this stuff, but as usual, it never left Mitch McConnell’s desk. That’s about to change. No longer will he be in control and it’s that prospect that has me cautiously optimistic. We have to push Biden to do the right thing. A 50-50 Senate, though, won’t be easy to get things through, regardless. Yes, he really does have a tough task ahead.

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  3. I was not surprised. I am thankful that it was not worse. But there are still 2 weeks to go before Biden becomes president.

    I did notice that one news outlet is describing senators Hawley, Cruz et al as “The sedition caucus”. That’s a great name for them.

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  4. Insurrection and anarchy at the hands of the stupid. Those who either cannot see or will not see the lies their President has fed them over the last four years. I real terms he’s done nothing for them except to see them get killed in great numbers. This man has not earned one dollar of his pay and has now enticed his followers to create as much mayhem as possible even knowing they’re armed and dangerous. One innocent victim so far, how many more? For once the Government just acts in concert to depose the would-be tyrant and make sure justice follows swiftly. He has been happy to arrange pardons for the bad and executions for some on death row. I would suggest such an inglorious end for that traitor also.

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    1. They do Kim. They really do. Question is, what will the price be for their blood? Sadly, most of them will get reelected. That’s beyond a disgrace.

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  5. Yes, my friend, you and I saw this one coming long ago. I’m disgusted, broken-hearted, and furious still. There is much blame to go around … the media, the sycophants in Congress, even the Supreme Court … but at the end of the day, the blame lies on the shoulders of those fools who think more of Trump than they think of the welfare of this nation, those people who broke into OUR Capitol Building, killed at least one person, damaged OUR property, and have put this nation on high alert. Yes, Trump incited them, but they each have a brain (maybe) and free will … nobody forced them to go commit treason against their country. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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    1. Yes, you and I sure did, and we’ve been writing about it over and over. No surprise whatsoever. As of this moment, I’ve not seen one press conference from one law enforcement agency. Why? How can that be? How could they have let this happen? Maybe you saw the video I saw, of the Capitol police shoving aside the barricade to let the lunatics in? Jill, he has accomplices, supporters, and enablers throughout our government apparatus. I think this thing was planned and allowed to happen. We need a massive investigation/commission to get to the heart of this. Something smells, and it’s not just the moron-in-chief. I think it goes much deeper than we know. Biden cannot ignore this once he’s sworn in. I know we all need to heal this broken nation but we cannot allow this shit to happen. People need to pay for this. Consequences must be severe for those who in any way enabled, contributed, egged on, or incited this crap.


    2. Trump is so insecure, simplistic and juvenile in his thinking that everything is a polar opposite, black and white, us against them, as if we are talking about sports teams. Even with that, Trump would be your worst possible teammate, selfish and back-stabbing.

      He doesn’t understand teamwork and sacrifice, compromise and public service. He has accelerated the separation of Americans into competing teams, when the team should be Team America. And, there is no shortage of opponents–the pandemic, unemployment, social injustice. Plenty to keep one busy if not preoccupied with golf, watching TV, Twitter and consuming mass quantities of “hamberders.”

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      1. You are so right … he took an already divided nation and used those divisions to his advantage. He operated on the premise of “divide and conquer” and in so doing he widened the divisions even more. The 74 million people who voted for him in November … I can’t imagine what goes through their head … they have sold their souls downriver to pander to a monster. This is no longer a country I recognize.

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  6. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Jeff is as angry as I am tonight … he and I, along with many others have predicted this for some time. It was right in front of our eyes, but apparently the media, Congress, and others couldn’t see it. Remember, my friends, the lunatic who created today’s madness also has access to the nuclear codes …

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  7. Surprise? About as much of a surprise as the sun rising in the East. I guess the only surprise was why were the Capital Police not reinforced/ When the BLM protesters came to DC, every street was blocked to prevent any happenings like today.

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  8. Roger, I’ve been struck at the reactions from around the world. They types of scenes we saw yesterday could have been from Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, etc….Never in a million years did I think it could occur here in the United States of America. Our democracy beacon is broken my friend, and I just do not know that we can ever truly repair it.


  9. and here’s a video from on the ground at the protest. buses of antifa were brought in, piles of bricks and yet the security wasn’t elaborate enough to keep them out?
    Step away from the mainstream propaganda and think about it from a more rational objective perspective for a moment.

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      1. This is why we’re in such deep trouble here in America. He thinks this stuff is credible. It is not. But you cannot convince any of them otherwise. I don’t know what else we can do.


      2. it was video footage from on the ground from someone who was actually there.

        Maybe my comment about antifa was inaccurate as I do have the distinct disadvantage of not being able to see the images themselves but other than that, what makes such footage “not credible’?

        What about footage that’s out there of other trump supporters trying to stop those idiots from breaking the windows? Cnn didn’t show you that but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        It’s a serious question, not meant to antagonize but just asked out of genuine curiosity so how do you answer?


      3. it’s funny how slow coming a reply is from anyone to an honest question I have on this matter but how swift the written retribution is to a link I share?

        Maybe that’s because you don’t have an answer to the inquiry or don’t want to answer.

        Well, either way, that just shows me that you’re not really interested in any thought provoking engagement, or, to make it simpler, you don’t really have an intelligent counter argument so you decide to say nothing and not admit it. I’m not surprised, just as you’re not surprised by what happened in the capital on Wednesday.

        I really don’t know why I do this to myself, try to engage with people who have no interest in opinions outside their own media driven narrative.


      4. Have you ever considered that it might have something to do with how alternate opinions to the “media driven narrative” are presented? Too often those who line up with Trump’s perspective immediately go on the defense and respond with insults, assumptions, attacks, etc. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t work both ways, but on Jeff’s blog, I do feel he tries to remain respectful when he encounters different opinions.

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      5. Scott, I’ve engaged with you often in this space. More often than not, you send links from media outlets that have been proven over and over to be nothing but lies and propaganda. What I’ve told you over and over is that you are not getting the real picture. There are multiple fact-check websites you can go to. Do you ever do this? Politifact is one, snopes is another and factcheck.org in one as well. There’s Reuters, a media company that’s been around since 1851. The Associated Press, considered the gold standard, has been around since 1846. Just because they’ve been around that long doesn’t make them perfect, but it does give them immense credibility.
        Why not send me legit sources? Antifa was NOT involved in the insurrection the other day. Do you not understand this? Btw, you are definitely at a disadvantage if you cannot see some of what being shown on our screens. I get that Scott. Because if you could, you would have seen confederate flags, Trump flags, anti-semitic memes, a makeshift hanging gallows with a noose, and many other disgusting and pathetic racially sensitive memes. This is who the Trump base is Scott. I know you don’t want to hear that but that’s who was responsible for Wednesday’s disgraceful takeover of OUR house. That’s right, the peoples house. We pay for it, and they desecrated it. We’re lucky that only 5 people lost their lives that day. It could have been much worse.
        So please. Do better. Research more before you send me this stuff and quit relying on far-right conspiracy theory BS. It’s dangerous Scott. And I will not tolerated it or accept it. I do want to engage with you, but not if you continue to rely on hateful, divisive, and provably false disinformation. Take care.

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  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    What a day indeed!! It’s Friday now … and I still feel the effects of it! Still shaken … “not even during the Civil War did we ever see such a thing. But what else should we expect from a racist president and his hateful low information followers? What a day folks. And it’s not over yet.” … more in the post. Please, read it!!

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