Blood on his Hands

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I assume that most of you have not heard of Crede Bailey, so I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned about him the past few days.

Bailey, a 54-year-old married father of one and career civil servant, is the current White House director of security. His job includes handling White House credentials and working with the Secret Service. If you remember, back in September, we began to hear about numerous Covid-19 infections spreading within the White House.

It’s believed that Bailey contracted Covid around this time and was hospitalized shortly before the official September 26 super-spreader event nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. I remember hearing about Bailey around this time and how he was very sick but have not heard anything since then. Until Monday, that is.

It turns out that Bailey has been gravely ill for the last three months, spending much of this time in an ICU. He’s recovered from Covid, but his life going forward will never be the same. According to a family friend, Dawn McCrobie, Bailey’s recovery from Covid has come at a high cost: “his big toe on his left foot as well as his right foot and lower leg had to be amputated.”

The only reason we know about this is that McCrobie has set up a GoFundMe page to help with Bailey’s rehabilitation. According to her post from that page, he’s currently at a rehab facility undergoing physical therapy. “Consider yourself disabled for a moment and look around your house to imagine all the changes necessary to accommodate a disability of this magnitude,” McCrobie wrote.

The cost of reconfiguring his home and other rehab related issues is substantial, and thankfully they’ve already raised more than $36,000 of the $50,000 goal as of late Monday afternoon. McCrobie also made it known that neither Bailey nor his family was part of the GoFundMe effort, as they are much too proud to request such a thing.

It’s a depressing and heartbreaking story for sure, and there are many more like it all around the world, unfortunately. But in this case, it’s not just sad, but also highlights how wholly and utterly irresponsible this White House has been in dealing with the pandemic.

I have no idea how Mr. Bailey contracted the virus but is it a stretch to think he got it at the White House? His workplace may have been one of the most infectious anywhere in the world – led by the super-spreader-in-chief himself. He never took the virus seriously in the first place, and his reckless campaigning and other White House events were nothing but massive breeding grounds for this virus to spread like a raging wildfire.

It’s no surprise we didn’t hear much about Crede Bailey’s harrowing experience until now. The White House refuses to comment on the situation, as we should come to expect from this crowd. It should not surprise us that Bailey was known to be a loyal supporter of the current president.

How many more loyal Trump supporters have suffered the same or even worse fate as Creed Bailey during this pandemic? We may never know, of course, but I bet it’s a substantial amount. His supporters pay attention to what he says. They saw how he rarely wore a mask and ridiculed those who did. All the lies, disinformation, and inaction led to needless deaths and suffering for thousands of people.

If there’s a more despicable human being on the planet, I’d like to know who that may be. Because this president, and his team of despicable sycophants, must be held to account for their actions during this disastrous pandemic.

Yes, he contracted the virus himself but received experimental treatments and drugs that most of us out here in the rest of America could not get. His buddy Rudy Giuliani got Covid as well – saying out loud what we already knew – that when you’re a “celebrity,” you get access to the good stuff.


What a mess. They should all be charged, or at the very least, sued for negligence in how they conducted themselves. Crede Bailey is but one of the thousands who’ve suffered needlessly, and we certainly hope that he and others who’ve survived can have a decent life moving forward.

It didn’t have to be this bad, but when you’re led by a group of people lacking any empathy whatsoever and who don’t give a crap about anything other than the power they possess, this is what you get.

You’re damn right the current president has blood on his hands. Unfortunately the only punishment he’ll likely receive is the one nearly 82 million of us dished out to him on November 3, 2020. In 36 days, his pathetic ass becomes a private citizen again. I can only hope the long arm of the law catches up to him –one way or the other.


  1. What a damn shame! Another boss, especially one with the amount of money Trump claims to have, would have volunteered to pay for the renovations to Mr. Bailey’s home, as well as any out-of-pocket medical expenses he incurred. But, am I surprised? No, of course not. You asked if there is a person on the earth today more despicable than Trump … sadly, there probably are some. This is what happens when a person simply has no conscience, no awareness of others except as they are able to do something for him.

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    1. So far there’s been no word that Trump has contributed to the GoFundMe page or made any contribution. But isn’t that the very least the idiot should do? I mean, my God, his followers simply cannot see through his con. It just kills me. I don’t get it.

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      1. Incredible, isn’t it? And those people who are sending checks for $20 or $50 can barely afford to pay their rent and buy food. Plus, they are the very ones who resent their tax dollars being spent to help people in need. I just don’t get it.

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      2. I guess they’re worried about the poor guy making it, huh? Maybe he’s so broke he’ll have to sell some of the gold from his golden toilets? Maybe that’s it Jill. They just want him to be “comfortable” in his post-presidency. UGHHHHHHH


    1. Yeah I hear you Kim. As far as I know, his medical bills were most likely taken care of, but it’s what he’s going to need going forward, especially in his house. Let’s face it, his life will never be the same. As Jill remarked in comments, you’d think Trump or one of his other rich a-hole friends would take care of it. As of yet, we’ve heard nothing. So pathetic.

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  2. I can hardly wait until this EVIL slime gets hit with the attacks of the AG of NY and all the other lawsuits waiting. I see where the citizens of Palm Springs are fighting to prevent him from living in Mar Lago. And then there’s his slimeball family.

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    1. I hear you Don. Would you want this clan anywhere near where you live? Hell no, and neither would I. Again, he should just live the rest of his years in Moscow with Vladimir-his best bud!

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    CREDE BAILEY … know this name!! And like him, there have to be so many others!! … 300,000+ were unavailable for comment!! … “It didn’t have to be this bad, but when you’re led by a group of people lacking any empathy whatsoever and who don’t give a crap about anything other than the power they possess, this is what you get.”

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    1. Thank you Jill! I remember hearing about him back when it started and have occasionally done searches to see if there was any more news on it. Finally this week, we find out just how serious it was. The inhumanity of this White House and his minions are disgusting Jill. Good riddance to these a-holes in 35 days!!!!

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      1. Me too Jill. The main point really was that nobody in Trump’s orbit cares about him-or anyone else who has suffered the same fate, or even worse, death. It’s a death cult. How else can we describe it?

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      2. The press secretary typically sets the tone for the administration, and if you think back to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and now Kayleigh McEnany … both of them are cold-hearted bitches who echo the lack of empathy in the entire administration. It is no longer a government by, of, and for the people, but one of corruption and greed. Yes, a death cult … they don’t care whether we live or die. Soon … 33 days now … I hope to see that change.

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      3. And I really do think they’re sabotaging the incoming Biden administration-they’re simply a bunch of vengeful bastards.


  4. Jeff, thanks for sharing this sad news. How many have fallen by doing their duty or blindly attending an event without protocols. Herman Cain was another who likely picked it up in Tulsa at a Trump rally. Keith

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    1. For sure Keith. We don’t hear much about Mr. Cain, do we? At least not from the MAGA crowd. It makes you think that many of the current president’s cult followers share the same character traits as their leader. It pains me that there are millions of them throughout America. I’ll never understand it.

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      1. Jeff, too many people bought into the misleading information provided early on, largely by the outgoing president. As with his nature, he made it a wedge issue – you were either for precautions or for cautions be damned. People want to get back to work and school, but we cannot throw caution to the wind. So, we need to be mindful that this is not a political issue, it is a public health and safety one as we try to survive economically. Trump supporters are not the only ones to gather foolishly with disregard for safety, but too many believe what the outgoing president said early – it is a hoax – which we are still hearing.

        So, it saddens me that people get the virus and moreso, when they pass. I just left a blog of someone whose mother just passed. And, when I sent a note out about being smart and safe, a friend told me his mother had just passed away. My wearing a mask has zero to do with Donald Trump. He just thinks it does. Keith

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      2. Very sad to hear that story Keith. You’re right, though, it’s not only Trump supporters who fail to take precautions. We’ve been invited to a dinner get-together tomorrow with some really good friends. Multiple people were invited, from various parts of Oregon and California. We have no idea where these people have been, or whether any of them are taking this thing serious. So, we are not going. And, my wife is getting pushback because of it. That’s where we are these days Keith. I suppose with many people, it’s more selfishness, than political. They just aren’t willing to give up any of their freedoms. To me, I’ll gladly sacrifice this year’s holiday get togethers, for the opportunity to attend future ones. Seems like a logical choice to me. Others? not so much. Be safe Keith. And thanks for your usual thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it.

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  5. A good post Jeff. I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate and say as a very well-paid member of the administration why can’t he pay for these renovations himself. A GoFundMe would usually be donated to by people with much less money but far more empathy than a Trump supporter. On that note, as a loyal Trump supporter it’s likely he also followed a no mask policy and I wonder what the chances are that he contaminated someone through his denial. I hope he recovers well and the work on his house goes well. I also hope he now sees the truth about Trump and the story causes Trump to lose a lot of his followers.

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    1. You’re not wrong David. It’s hard to feel sympathy for those in his orbit, isn’t it? I hope you’re right about him losing followers. But frankly, I doubt it. 74 million voted for him. How is that even possible?

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    1. Yeah, he’s a career civil servant so he’s been around a while. I’m sure his health insurance is pretty good. He probably got the virus on the job…so maybe it’s a workers comp issue? Hard to say.

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  6. so the confirmation of ACB was a superspreader event whereas the celebration of Biden isn’t? If you want to talk about blood on someone’s hands, how about when obama and darling hillary toppled libia and paved the way for isis or the hundreds if not thousands of civilians who died because of his ridiculous drone strikes around the world.
    This is just stupid crap and I am sick of the hipocrasy of you people and your ridiculous blogs of propaganda bullshit.
    Find another hobby, no one is believing the crap you guys are spreading except the mindless sheep who just follow mainstream media.


    1. Scott, I guess I am just a mindless sheep. I will give you one in that hypocrisy abounds all around us. We must guard against it, especially with politicians who cannot tell the truth like the outgoing president. By the way, I read and watch multiple news sources, and on occasion will see what some of the more news-oriented Fox people are saying. You lessen your arguments with your name-calling, so I almost did not read this as a result. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday, as we all need it. Keith

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    2. ‘you people.’ Ok Scott, haven’t heard from you since the election. Obviously, you’re bitter and upset the most despicable and horrific president in the history of our republic lost-bigly. Landslide. 7 million votes. A massive rejection of his policies….and him. The next four years will be tough for you. Sorry for that. Good luck.

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    3. I am sick of the hipocrasy of … your ridiculous blogs of propaganda bullshit.

      But isn’t it your choice whether or not you read it? Perhaps it is you that needs to find another hobby.


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    4. Scott … once again you have crossed a line. Your comment was out of line. You tell us to “find another hobby” … better idea here … why don’t you find some nice right-wing propaganda blogs to read and stop reading mine and Jeff’s. We’re trying to do something good here, and while I don’t mind differing opinions, I do mind being called names and comments that are disrespectful, as yours is.

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    5. Hi Scott,

      Perhaps you are indeed seeing or sensing something that some of us have missed, and perhaps you could indeed be so kind and bold as to enlighten us with true analytical rigour and intellectual insight on what has come to pass in the USA, not the least showing us how to be safe from both types of virus, one that attacks the body and the other the mind, as discussed in my latest post entitled “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity”.


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