Firing Squads for Death Row Inmates?

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A Fitting Swan Song for This Administration

Justice Department rushing to expand execution firing squads for federal death row inmates: CNN headline. November 28, 2020.

Of course, they are. Surprising nobody, it looks like the current loser president wants to end his reign of horror – with even more shock and awe. Because, as we’ve seen for most of his term, cruelty is the point, not the exception.

According to the CNN piece, there are some scheduled executions set to take place in the last days of the administration, and they’re doing everything they can to make them happen by rushing through changes to rules through an approved amendment to the “Manner of Federal Executions.”

That rule change gives federal prosecutors a wider variety of options to avoid delays if the state in which the inmate was sentenced doesn’t provide other alternatives. The rule was pushed forward by none other than the most corrupt Attorney General in history, Willam Barr, and the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

According to CNN, the Justice Department did not provide comments on why the new rule was made. Let me help them. They did it because it’s about making sure the loser president cements his legacy for being not only the most incompetent and corrupt in history, but also the vilest and inhumane.

The fact that incoming President Joe Biden has vowed to abolish the federal death penalty probably enters into it as well. But it doesn’t matter. These people are going to be nut cases until the end. As I’ve said many times in this space, there is no low with this crowd.

As for the death penalty itself, I’ve evolved on the issue. Count me as one who despises the practice. As a younger man, I was prone to think it was justifiable punishment, at least for the most heinous crimes imaginable. But as DNA technology advanced, so too did cases of innocent people put to death. In my view, one mistaken execution is enough to render the practice obsolete and wrong for the country.

Not, though, for millions of Americans, especially, I’m sure, for a high percentage of the 73 million-plus people who voted for the current loser president. For most of them, cruelty, insults, racism, misogyny, and homophobia, etc..are not disqualifying traits for a president of the United States – but in actuality are traits that they possess.

Caging kids at the border didn’t matter, nor did losing track of over 600 parents. The more the merrier, I suppose. How miserable must one’s own life be to accept the indignities inflicted upon our fellow human beings by this despicable administration?

And let’s not forget that his devoted followers also think the current Covid-19 pandemic is much ado about nothing. Soon to be over 300k deaths, the response from the super-spreader-in-chief was spot on as far as they’re concerned. A few more deaths are more than acceptable as long as they can worship at their churches and not be told what to do by a bunch of liberal snowflake bleeding-hearts. Again, the inhumanity does not resonate with this group.

So what’s the big deal about firing squads, right? Most of these folks are the worst of the worst criminals, and many of them are people of color, so what’s not to like? Hell, they ought to go one step further and throw in death by guillotine and make it a nationally televised event. The current loser president could even have a pre-event address to the nation, touting how his administration was the most formidable crime-fighting organization in the history of humankind.

His cult would love every minute of it. Hell, they’d pay top dollar if it were pay per view. Maybe we could even throw in a few hangings while we’re at it.

As we wind down the days and hours of the horror show inflicted upon the United States of America for the past four years, expect the cruelty and lunacy to continue at an alarming pace. There’s no way the Mad King will ever accept his embarrassing loss. As those who know him best have said, he’ll take down as many people as he can. America will pay for having the nerve to throw him out of office.

And his crazy base will continue to insist, just as their dear leader is doing daily, that the election was rigged and conducted fraudulently. Even today, in my small Oregon town, the crackpot contingent of crazies are out with their Trump flags and pickup trucks. And condoning the behavior sit the spineless Republican Party, listening to the bullshit with a shrug of the shoulders and deaf ears.

In the meantime, bring on the firing squads. Fire up the electric chairs, fill up the poisonous gas chambers, and string up some rope for the gallows. We’ve got 52 days of carnage to go. The Mad King may as well make it worthwhile for his rabid base of voters. After all, according to most of the media, it’s all about how they feel, right?

The 80 million who voted against him? Never mind, train wrecks bring better ratings.


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Did you ever, in your wildest imagination!! … leave it to Christian some-sort-of- award recipient BARR …

    “In the meantime, bring on the firing squads. Fire up the electric chairs, fill up the poisonous gas chambers, and string up some rope for the gallows. We’ve got 52 days of carnage to go. The Mad King may as well make it worthwhile for his rabid base of voters. After all, according to most of the media, it’s all about how they feel, right?”

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  2. I read about this a few days ago in The Root and was as appalled as you are. WTF is wrong with people? Sigh. Like you, I once believed that there were some people who could never be trusted in society and that the death penalty was the only way to ensure the greater good, the safety of us all. Then, I took a course as part of my work on my Ph.D. that was taught by leaders of The Innocence Project and my thinking changed 180°. So many have been tried and convicted of crimes they did not commit … we simply cannot execute people! You’re right … Trump’s ‘brand’ is cruelty. The reality is that if … firing squads or electric chairs are brought back, they will be used almost exclusively on people of colour. This simply cannot be allowed to happen! Thanks for this post, Jeff … I was pondering one along these lines, but hadn’t gotten beyond the pondering stage yet! I shall re-blog this afternoon.

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    1. Thank you for the reblog Jill! You know, I’ve always said great minds think alike! I find it so ironic that you started to change your mind when you took the course headed by The Innocent Project. Well, several years ago when I lived in the So Cal desert, I attended a film festival where one of the movies was a documentary on, you guessed it, The Innocent Project. It really made me rethink the death penalty. And my late father was always an opponent of the death penalty as well. We’d have several discussions about it. He would always use the mantra about ‘if even one innocent person is put to death, it’s one too many.’ He was right. Who are we as Americans? Obviously to Trump and his cult, cruel and unusual punishment is what it’s all about. That says it all about them. Deplorables!!!

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      1. You’re so right … that’s why we make such an awesome writing team … great minds thinking alike! That is ironic that we were both affected by the Innocence Project! They do great work!

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    I read a few days ago in The Root that Trump is trying to push through a plan to perform executions by firing squad and the electric chair, and I was incensed. This is the most unconscionable … it is something I expect in Somalia, not in the U.S.! I hadn’t yet written about this latest abomination, but this afternoon, our friend Jeff has, and he has done such a great job that there is no need for me to re-invent the wheel! Thanks Jeff! 52 days and counting …


  4. It is not just the legalized murder of wrongfully convicted death row inmates that is wrong, it is the legalized murder of anyone that is wrong. I want to say especially convicted and sentenced youth, but that would weaken my argument. People do things at times in their lives they would never think of doing at other times. Is this good enough reason to take away their ability and right to reform, and change?
    As example I offer both Jeff and Jill (and whoever else fits this requirement) who grew up thinking capital punishment was okay, but now have accepted that it is no longer right, for whatever reason. PEOPLE CHANGE! It is a norm of society. How can someone change if they are dead?
    Even worse, who taught them to do horrible things in the first place? People do not suddenly wake up one day and go out killing, raping, etc. These things are extremely seldomly the sole idea of the doer.Serial killers are idolized by Western society. Everyone condemns them publicly, but privately they aspire to be them, if only they had the guts. Very few have the guts, fortunately for us. But those that do, they feel goaded on and given permission by the ways our society fails to work.
    But above all, who gives us the right to kill others, especially legally and publicly. If we are going to do unto others what we want others to do unto us, we are giving everyone permission to kill us by killing others. Is that the society we really want?
    Let me inform you, in case you don’t get it, that is the society we already have.
    Trump? Barr? Let them be the first ones to face the firing squads? If they survive, I guess they are truly bitches.
    And just for emphasis,it would be a sorry excuse of a human being who would allow themselves to be on a firing squad, or an executioner of any kind. Who the hell could willingly do that?
    Probably 73 million American voters…


  5. OK- hands up time- I am a supporter of Capital Punishment for child killers, serial killers and rapists along with a few other choice categories. So lets get that out of the way otherwise I am being hypocritical.
    However that said I can also sense mean spirited desperate vindictiveness and frantic fanatical hysteria.
    The last days of this fluke of your voting system is showing parallels with the last days of a certain regime back in central Europe circa 1945. Denial, lashing out in all directions determined to bring down everything with it.
    Yep not surprised. Since he can’t actually shoot all those ‘traitorous’ folk who voted against him and worked to ‘steal’ the election from him, he can take out a few scapegoats right?
    At least Nixon went with a veneer of dignity.

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    1. Thanks for your honesty Roger. My wife and I have had this discussion over the years and she agrees with your take more than mine. And, I used to have the same view years ago. I’ve just evolved over the years. It’s that simple.
      But to your point about the current president and his vindictive/oppressive/vengeful ways? Yes, he does resemble a certain regime in 1945. As I’ve said, there is no low with this crowd!

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      1. The Death Penalty discussion should always be a hard call for both sides. Of course the one argument against which none of the Capital Punishment side can truly answer is ‘What happens if there was a miscarriage of justice?’……… ‘Sorry’ just doesn’t work and we have admit, no system is perfect.
        The one thing about Trump my wife Sheila and I disagree over is his state of mind.
        Sheila questions his mental health, whereas I assert he was brought up as a spoiled rich brat and in terms of character, emotion and maturity has never evolved beyond the age of ten and thus he gathers all sorts of unpleasant folk.

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      2. Re: Trump — I tend to agree with you that essentially he’s a spoiled rich brat. But I also can see Sheila’s POV in that age and mental health often play a role.

        Sometimes it’s just part of a person’s inborn nature to be cantankerous and it’s been exhibited throughout their life. Others, as the body ages and fails, they start taking their aches and pains out on anyone around them.

        In Trump’s case, I tend to think it’s all of the above. 😁

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      3. Yes, it’s all of the above. Agreed. I didn’t read Mary Trump’s book but my wife did. Much of his pathos can be traced to his childhood and his relationship to his dad, who was a real peace of work. It almost made me feel a slight bit of empathy for him. Oh….very…very slight!!

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      4. Yes, it is a hard call. To be fair, one could say that it’s hard to deny that a person who does something so heinous should suffer the ultimate penalty of death. It’s a dilemma for sure Roger. That’s why it’s such a passionate debate over here. The support for it over the years, though, has come down a bit. But last poll I saw shows more people still are in favor-just slightly less of a margin. We’re an evolving society my friend!

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