Someone Please Invent a Cure for Crazy

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Despair. Despondency. Gloom. I see dark days ahead. Yes, Donald Trump will be out of office soon—or should be. But the crazies who put him in the White House aren’t going away.

Even if Trump were to concede graciously—any bets on that?—the insanity he brought to our nation’s political system will be with us for the foreseeable future. And my former people—white evangelicals—will be the primary perpetuators of the madness.

My despondency is tied to a series of recent emails with an evangelical pastor and his wife I’ve never met or conversed with until a few days ago. Here’s how it went down:

I watched a YouTube clip of this pastor on a program hosted by another white evangelical. The first question the host asked the pastor was about services at the pastor’s church. The pastor replied that his church had experienced no disruptions to their weekly services. Then he said of his congregation, “A few people wear masks, but it’s not that big of a deal.”

Then he said of his congregation, “A few people wear masks, but it’s not that big of a deal.”

I was horrified. I tracked down the pastor’s website and sent him an email with this message:

“A few people wear masks, but it’s not that big of a deal,” you said in your interview. Please say that again to the loved ones of the 263,525 dead Americans (as of Nov. 25). Go tell them to their faces. Please go tell my friend Chuck that COVID is not a big deal. Like you and so many other Trumpist evangelicals, he and his wife downplayed the danger of COVID-19. They rarely wore masks, choosing instead to “trust God.” Well, COVID had no regard for their trust in God. They caught it. Now Chuck is quite ill and his wife is in the hospital, near death. Please, pastor, go explain to the 11 COVID-infected frail, elderly residents in the senior nursing home where I work that COVID is no big deal. Go hold their hands and repeat that callous statement as you watch them die. Your chosen replacement messiah, Trump, repeatedly downplayed the severity of this horrid virus, and you Trump disciples bought into his nonsense rather than listening to health experts–and rather than showing compassion for your neighbors.

And then, you share yet another “vision” from God that Trump would win. Obviously either your vision was nothing more than a wishful imagination or God is unable or unwilling to bring to pass the “vision” he gave you. When will you charlatans repent? Ask God to forgive your arrogant presumption.  

I wasn’t sure if I’d even get a reply. I did, quickly. He read me the proverbial riot act. I then replied as follows:

Yes, sir, we will watch and see what happens. May we converse again—compare notes—in a few months? Might we have a reset and converse as potential friends? I apologize if my initial message was rather snarky. But when I see folks all around me sick and dying, I become concerned about those who seem to dismiss it.

I wish you and your loved ones a blessed and COVID-free Thanksgiving.

The pastor’s wife sent the next reply, the gist of which was that COVID-19 is grossly overblown; the numbers are grossly exaggerated, and it’s all a plot cooked up by Satan and his liberal minions. And, of course, God raised up Donald Trump to save us from the satanic-liberal cabal.

I then countered each of her bizarre claims with facts and logic, always striving to be cordial rather than combative. Her reply to that was more of the same conspiracy theory nonsense. And then she inserted a link so I might see the truth for myself. Any guesses as to what the link was? If you said InfoWars (Alex Jones), you get ten points. Yes, Alex Jones, the nut job who had to pay $100,000 in the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit. The same Alex Jones whose wife told the court in their divorce hearings that her soon-to-be ex doesn’t really believe any of the bizarre fairytales he spouts; he just does it for the money.   

No, you can’t trust Judy Woodruff, Nora Roberts, David Muir, or Lester Holt to give you honest, objective news, but you can trust Alex Jones, the snorting, wild-eyed wacko who at various times claimed chemicals in our water system were making frogs gay, that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor basement, and that Robert Mueller is a literal demon. Yes, this is where this mega-church pastor and his wife get their news—and then pass this twaddle along to their gullible followers. And there are hundreds—perhaps thousands—more just like them.

Oh yes, speaking of literal demons, now many of these crazies are making the same bizarre claims about Joe Biden—not just that he might be influenced by demons, but that he, too, is a literal demon. With beliefs like that, these folks will never accept Joe Biden as our nation’s legitimately elected president. It’s likely they’ll never accept anyone other than a Trump as the leader of this nation.

Yes, folks, we are in for some dark—and likely violent—times.


  1. You have far more patience than I with these types of people, my friend. I share your despondency, for as you say, Trump is but a symptom of a greater evil and while he will be going away (although I expect the media will keep him in our faces for years to come), the element that put him in office will remain and likely do everything in their power to turn this nation … the world … into something I never wanted to see. Excellent post … thanks for sharing your conversations with us!

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  2. I would have concluded, from the start, that this pastor is not actually a Christian.

    Jesus was clear — love your neighbor as yourself. This pastor doesn’t care about his neigbors.

    I often hear the argument “faith, nor works”. But faith in Jesus should at least mean an attempt to follow his teachings. “Faith” was never supposed to refer to a meaningless intellectual commitment. This pastor has faith only in his own ego.

    Christianity in America is pretty much dead. There are many who call themselves Christian, but so few of them who really are.

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    Our friend Jerry over at On the Fence Voters shares his story of a recent encounter with some people and it explains, in part, why this nation is so divided today … it is almost as if the human species has split into two sub-species, neither of which can possibly understand the other. Thank you, Jerry, for sharing this story with us!

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  4. I hope your predictions are wrong and that you’ll soon be sharing a path to peace with your neighbours. Of course, god will have to give them permission and he’s in a sulky mood at having to leave the White House. Honestly, these people live in an unreal world and believe in another one here god really looks after the innocent, especially children.

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  5. I have seen the true face of Christianity for a very long time. When I saw Stephen King’s The Mist (movie version) I was not at all surprised by the bizarre behavior of the religious ‘righteous’ in that film. Only now someone high up has told them it’s ok to raise the shades and display the ugly naked truth of their real mind warp.

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    1. When I was a loyal member of that movement I never would have believed that the vast majority of them would so easily be won over by an obvious conman. Now, even the few who did not drink the Kool Aid, are too fearful to speak up. I fear most of them have reached a point of no return.

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      1. I think the thing I abhor the most is the hypocrisy of Christianity to hate other religions as worshipping ‘false gods’. Every religion thinks their god os the true god. Heck, when I was in school the war between Catholics and Protestants was still a huge issue. I just got sick of the games.


  6. In 1882, Neitzsche declared god dead, though he really should have prefaced that with, If ever god was alive. Covid 19 is proving him correct. No matter who your god is, he/she/it is not there to protect you. Maybe he/she/it was the first real victim.
    I cannot believe the number of religious leaders of allfaiths and philosophies who are telling their true believers their god will protect them. Come to church, give us your money, you will go to paradise. Forgive me, my believing friends, but when are you going to open your minds. Only you, and those around you, can be the difference between a good life and a bad death. Rely on yourselves; wear a mask, social distance, be considerate of others. What is so hard about that?

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  7. Jerry, it is easier said than done, but we need to vote with our feet (or the remote, tuner, or delete buttons). It matters not what Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity say as I do not put much credence or veracity. Being smug blowhards does not make one right. Shouting down another or at the top of your lungs does not make one right.

    There is an old saying “Never argue with a street preacher,” as the zeal cannot be overcome. The same goes with the “street preachers” online like the ones I mention above and others. The best thing you can do is simply ignore them. And, when people use them as a source, say simply “you are not helping your argument. ” Keith


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    Couldn’t have said it any better … we’re not out of the woods yet!! … “Despair. Despondency. Gloom. I see dark days ahead. Yes, Trump will be out of office soon — or should be. But the crazies who put him in the White House aren’t going away.”

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