Undecideds, Please Cast Your Vote This Tuesday!!

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If this photo represents how America seems to you, use your power as an American Citizen to change that image.  Staying home on Election Day will never help, nor will voting for an unknown or a write-in candidate who has no chance of winning. Wasting your vote will only cede your power to the folks who drive around with banners on their pickup trucks… who will cast their votes, guaranteed.  Our democracy will only work as designed if your voice is also counted.

Please…. don’t be On The Fence for the most important election of your lifetime!  

Even if your first choice for President didn’t win the nomination and you don’t like either candidate on this ticket, vote anyway.  Keep in mind that improving America is a continuous and gradual process and no candidate may ever seem ideal.  This won’t be the last election you’ll participate in.  Every four years you get another chance and next time you may be more enthusiastic about your choices. 

For now, weigh all the factors then choose the better candidate.  Consider all that has happened to America in the last four years then come to a decision. To me personally, Joe Biden is the only choice to make.  Joe’s the only candidate on the 2020 Ballot who will move us forward from our dark and racist past.  The other candidate, Donald Trump, simply won’t bother.

Please get out and vote this Tuesday.  This is the most important election of your lifetime and your country needs you more than ever!


A note on this photo:  This was taken in 2016 nearly two months after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.  It was laying against a curb beside a Trump supporter’s house.  I’d seen it there for weeks as I drove past in my truck.  He’d never bothered to pick it up after it had blown into the street after the election was over. I got out of my truck one day and photographed it exactly as you see it.   It was so sad, so abused and so disrespected.

It was to prove remarkably prophetic of the Trump Administration.


  1. “It was to prove remarkably prophetic of the Trump Administration.” Yes, and it also reveals the hypocrisy of those pretend patriots who put and have kept Trump et al in power. Great to hear from you, Greg. I hope you will be able to find time to write more posts soon.

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    1. Thanks so much and you’re right! I wanted to keep that post short and sweet (about all I have time for these days) but that’s the point I wish I’d taken the time to mention. Only weeks before I snapped this photo, the yard from which this small disrespected flag came from was literally decorated with dozens of similar flags (and Trump banners.) Once Trump was elected, I suppose it wasn’t important enough to pull it from the street. So much for true patriotism, eh?

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  2. Hey Greg!!! So good to see you here! I know, I know … I am a terrible communicator and have owed you an email forever … soon, I promise! I am planning to stay home on Tuesday, but only because I have already voted! Dropped mine and the girls’ ballots off a few weeks ago, and I’ve verified that they were received and accepted! But, I’m glad you reminded those who may not yet have voted … this is the most crucial election of our lifetime, bar none. A tipping point, as it were, for the U.S. on many fronts. I am amazed that there are still people who are ‘undecided’ … the difference is as night vs day … how can anybody be undecided? And those who will throw away their votes on ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Ronald Reagan’ (the governor of Maryland actually wrote in Reagan’s name), are without conscience. Sigh.

    I hope you and your wife are both doing well, and I do promise to write soon!

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    1. Thanks Jill, and no worries at all! I feel bad I’ve not kept in touch with you! I think the only mistake I made in helping to start OTFV was even imagining I’d have enough time to write it. Total miscalculation. I’m hoping to retire in March, and even then, many things which have been neglected around here will have to be addressed. Soon thereafter though, I’ll be back. I have plans. Being on the sidelines has… well, I don’t want to tease anything. Actions speak louder than words but I think I’ll be able to make a contribution.

      Just want to take this moment to thank you for all the incredible work you do… both on your site and with Jeff on ours. I never know what to say, but I’m always very grateful!! Thanks also for the Reblog!!!!

      Tomorrow it’s for all the marbles…. I scheduled this week off from work nearly a year ago because I knew I’d never be able to concentrate. I’m so glad I did. I’m on edge, stomach in knots.

      Take care and stay healthy Jill! Brighter days are coming!!


  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Ohio Realist is one of the co-founders, along with Jeff aka Brookingslib, of On the Fence Voters. For the past year or two, he has been limited in the time he has to contribute, but today he has written a very important post for any who have not yet voted, are undecided as yet, or who have a plan to write in a fictitious name. Please read his words and take them to heart. Thanks, Greg, for this timely reminder and appeal!

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      1. Hi Jill.

        Thanks for the description. It’s terrible that someone would just leave something like that to come to such an end. Have a good night my friend.

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  4. After your presidential election is over and decided, and in the worse case scenario Trump wins, then when you meet someone who complains about ‘the state of things’ etc your first question should be:
    ‘Did you vote?’
    If they say ‘No’ (with a lot blah-blah) tell them ‘Then you have no one to blame but yourself’ and walk away (The proverbial shaking of the dust from your sandals- Matthew 11-15)

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