America’s Wake-Up Call — Voting & Voters — Part III

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Jill ends our three-part series on voting and voters with another in-depth look at what it is we can do to make things easier for everyone to exercise what is perhaps the most fundamental right we have as citizens of the United States of America: the right to vote. We must always remember that one political party is trying like hell to erode this most sacred right. We cannot let them get away with it. Thank you Jill!

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In Two weeks ago, we looked at the reasons people give for not voting, and in last Wednesday’s post, we looked at the demographics … who isn’t voting, and why. When we put those two together, we see why some people aren’t voting, for the system is designed to make it difficult for them. In this, the final post on voters not voting, we will look at some ways to effect change. There are actually three distinct groups of non-voters: those who are at least partly disenfranchised, for whom the system has made voting a difficult task, those who are either too lazy or apathetic to stir themselves to vote. The solutions are different for each of these groups, so we need to look at them separately. But first, a disclaimer. There is no panacea, no simple, single solution that will all of a sudden solve the problem…

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