America’s Wake-Up Call — How The World Sees Us

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Some say it doesn’t matter how other countries feel about America. But Jill provides compelling reasons why this approach is so misguided. The current president, with his America first policies, has destroyed many of our once ironclad alliances throughout the Western world. Contrary to his belief, we NEED our friends and allies. If Joe Biden is victorious on November 3, he’s going to have his work cut out for him. Repairing the damage done to our standing in the world won’t be easy, but must be high atop the priority list in 2021. Thank you Jill!

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Donald Trump says he has accomplished more in just under four years than any other president in history.  Quite a statement, isn’t it?  Most people, on hearing his boast, rolled their eyes and muttered, “Yeah, right.”  But in one sense, he is right.  He has accomplished more to destroy our alliances and our image in the rest of the world than any other president to date.

According to a recent PEW Research survey, Donald Trump is less trusted than the leaders of Germany, France, UK, and even Russia & China.


In Western Europe, here is how the current administration ranks compared to the past two …


And I could go on with further studies and charts, but you get the picture … Donald Trump, and by extension the United States, is less trusted today than it was four years ago.  The important thing, I think, is to understand two things: …

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