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It’s taken several years, but the Republican Party’s imminent death awaits on November 3, 2020. It took a malignant narcissist pathological lying president of the United States to do it, but it’s almost time to issue last rites.

When a political party embraces an accomplice to negligent manslaughter/murder, they must have calculated that it was better to stick with roughly 40% of the voting public, rather than stand up for principle and honor. We’ll never know the real reason, but the GOP’s complete fall from grace is upon us.

We can argue about the true origins of the demise if you wish. I could easily surmise it began nearly 50 years ago when President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace in 1974, only to be pardoned days later by President Gerald Ford.

I could also make a case that the fall began when the Party decided to embrace Supreme Court decisions in 1976 (and 2010). Those decisions essentially laid the groundwork that corporations were people, which unleashed the billions in dark money contributions we’re now seeing in our political campaigns.

But for today’s post, let’s go back to the year 2000 and the debacle election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Of course, Bush was declared the winner when the Supreme Court halted the recount in Florida, which happened to be where his brother was Governor, by the way. Indeed, nothing to be suspicious about there, right?

There were also shenanigans surrounding Ohio in 2004, where the state purged thousands from the voting rolls in the race between Bush and John Kerry. Kerry, to the chagrin of many on the Democratic side, decided not to pursue a judicial remedy. Thus, Bush won a second term, setting the stage for the worst presidency in history, until now, of course.

The Bush-era gave us 9/11, the disastrous war in Iraq, and the worst financial recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The American people had enough of Bush and decided to elect the first African-American President in our history in 2008 and again in 2012.

Unfortunately, the election of Barack Obama didn’t sit very well with the Republican Party. They set out from day one to try to stop every meaningful piece of legislation they possibly could, as well as hold up Obama’s nomination of federal judges. I guess they didn’t like his tan suit?

But perhaps the worst ramification of Obama’s two victories has been the overt voter suppression and gerrymandering they’ve perfected. The surgical precision by which they manipulated voting districts, reduced polling locations, and initiated substantial roadblocks to voter registration, must make them proud.

And then came the election in 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Not only did Trump win, but in turn, became the current face of the Republican Party. During the campaign, many party leaders questioned his temperament and qualifications for office. Since his victory, though, their silence and complicity to his disgraceful presidency will be impossible to ignore.

We’ve seen them capitulate. We’ve seen them squirm in every way imaginable when reporters ask them to respond to one of his tweets, racist statements, or other insane behavior. You’ll get a few “concerning” words or “inappropriate” tone condemnations, followed by quick exits and “no further comments.”

It’s as if they’ve resigned themselves to the current president’s imminent defeat, as well their own Senate majority. Their dogged pursuit of confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court says it all.

One way or the other, they’re going to get it done. Senator Ron Johnson – yes, Covid infected Ron Johnson, who went to Moscow in 2018 with some of his fellow Republican colleagues – put it best when he said he’d gladly put on a “moon suit” to vote for Ms. Barrett.

That seems to be the mentality of most of them. Senate Republicans will jump over the moon to confirm a radical right-wing justice. Still, they can’t seem to find the time to pass meaningful pandemic relief legislation for the American people.

The events in the past week have laid bare, for the world to see, a political party and a United States president, who’ve decided to punt the football when it comes to helping the rest of us. Let them all fend for themselves; they surely must think. We’ve given them enough crumbs, and it’s not the government’s job to keep you safe from a pandemic. Mask? What mask? Be a man and go about your life.

After all, look at the current president. There he was on the Truman balcony yesterday, in Mussolini-like fashion, declaring victory over his Covid infection and ripping off his mask, a signal to the cult that this whole thing is a big fat nothing. Surely the Party he leads would condemn this behavior. Again, the muted response is more than telling.

The US president and the Republican Party are now inexorably linked forever. The Party decided long ago that they would tie their fate to his, unwilling and unable to speak out (other than a few), for fear of alienating his base they so desperately need to keep power.

After years of drifting further and further to the right, solidifying their support for corporations and the wealthy, and ignoring the regular folk in America, the moment of truth has arrived for this once respected political Party. The Trump Titanic is going down, and they’ve decided to go down with the captain of the ship.

The only possible silver lining is if the Party decides to change course in the face of an embarrassing defeat. Maybe the leaders get together and decide it’s time to moderate their views and reach out to the growing culturally diverse American society.

We shouldn’t hold our breath. Remember that Mitch McConnell is still around, and will most likely win a sixth term to the Senate. The ancient relic seems to realize what’s in store, though, so he’ll make sure he gets the 6-3 majority at the Supreme Court he most desperately wants to secure. That way, he keeps the wealthy, the corporations, and the evangelicals happy. The rest of us, the majority, can kiss his ass, I suppose.

After all, it’s about solidifying judicial power in order to keep them from ever giving in to the “liberal mob.”

Final Thought

After the horrific Parkland High School mass shooting in 2018, I got a phone call from my good friend Greg. He and I were both beyond angry. He suggested we do a blog together, and I couldn’t agree fast enough. Soon, On The Fence Voters would become our platform to speak out against injustice, political matters, and other newsworthy events.

But I’ve always kept in mind what one of our main goals has always been: to factually show where our two political parties stand and why we believe one is better than the other (Read Why We’re Here in About Us).

We both agreed that we have one party that believes in government and helping the people in our two-party system, while the other party does not. Time and again, the Republican Party has demonstrated their extreme ways. Whether it’s blind allegiance to the NRA, tax cuts that benefit the one percent and corporations, the lack of belief in science and expertise, or trying to keep people from voting, this party has failed spectacularly.

The Democrats are not perfect, nor will they ever be. But I’ll gladly defend their policies against those of the other party any day of the week.

And now, by refusing to hold the current president accountable in any serious manner, they deserve to go the way of the Whig Party back in the 1850s. Ironically, it was back in those days that the so-called “party of Lincoln” was born.

Yes, Abraham Lincoln is undoubtedly turning over in his grave.

But if the polls are correct, and right now I’m cautiously optimistic, a stake is about to be driven into the heart of this GOP, and their disastrous leader of a president. Here’s hoping the defeat is so massive and so enormous, we’ll scare them into actually giving a rat’s ass about the American people for once.


  1. Jeff, I would argue the party officially died during the RNC convention when they did not vote on a a platform. As one reporter said the platform is whatever Donald Trump says it is. This was the coronation of the Trump Party.

    At this same time, an Alternate Republican Party was occurring led by The Lincoln Project, Republicans for the Rule of Law, Republican Voters against Trump, etc. Keith

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    1. Yes, agreed Keith. There are these moderate current and former Republicans who’ve spoken out against the madman. And they are doing wonderful work over at the Lincoln Project. My point, of course, is the R Party members currently holding office in D.C. They’re the ones who are going down with this clown of a president. I might add though, that there are a few current moderate Republican governors…like Charlie Baker of Mass, and Larry Hogan of MD…who seem more like the Republican Party I remember from my youth. We need more of them!!

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      1. Jeff, true. Hogan is a very credible public servant. I am less familiar with Baker. My hope for Senator Tillis in NC to lose is now threatened as his very good opponent decided to commit adultery which may cost him the election. That was a very poor decision. For some reason male politicians think they will not be discovered, yet they universally fail in that belief. Keith

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      2. I saw that Keith. What an incredible lack of stupidity by Cunningham. Certainly looks worse for him now. That was definitely a pickup Dems thought they had. Hopefully they still pick up enough seats to win back the Senate. Fingers crossed!


  2. How did I miss this post a week ago??? I really must get my eyes checked again … or slow down a bit, for I’m missing far too much! Excellent post, my friend … in the past, since I first became eligible to vote, I have on occasion voted for a Republican, but for the past decade or two, I’ve found them all to be without a conscience, and this year’s crop is the worst yet! Sorry I’m late to this party!

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    1. LOL…Jill, as much as you do on a daily basis…again, I don’t know how you do it! No apologies necessary my friend. The state of this country, and the world for that matter, has us all of our heads spinning. 21 more days!!!!! Please let me survive!!!!

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      1. Awww … thanks, Jeff! I feel like I spin my wheels all day while accomplishing very little! Sigh. You’ll survive, my friend … if you don’t murder your visitor next week! Oh, and don’t forget that Part II of our Voters & Voting project will go out at 3:00 p.m. EDT today!

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Jeff wrote this post a week ago, but somehow I missed it until today. Some of you have already seen it, but some haven’t and I think his analysis is astute and worthy of re-blogging. Thanks Jeff, for your take on the demise of the GOP … I think they will either learn to put the people of this nation ahead of corporate profits, else they will land in a heap in the cemetery of the “ghosts of parties past”.

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    1. Thanks Jill! If they lose the Senate, House, and presidency, you’d certainly think a little ‘self-reflection’ might be in order, no? My biggest hope-and I know it probably won’t happen-is that the moron loses Texas. Can you imagine the complete hysteria if that were to occur? I mean, Texas? Maybe that would do the trick Jill. Maybe then, they’d be forced to change direction. Because without Texas, their toast. Maybe even Georgia? I think it’s coming. I just don’t know if we’re their yet.

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      1. My fingers have been crossed for so long they are fused and will need to be surgically separated! I would love this election to be a landslide with yes, him losing Texas, Florida and Georgia! What a colossal slap in the face that would be! Of course, he would claim voter fraud, but … bottom line is most of us, I think, are sick and tired of his whining. I just wish the press would stop giving him so much attention. They’re doing the same thing they did in 2016 … non-stop free exposure!


    1. Thank you David! Yes, if the party returned to those kinds of conservatives, I could live with them. I’d still disagree on just about everything they believe in, but there’d be a sense of decency and common sense at least. We certainly are a long way from that.


    1. I saw some clips of that Kim. I mean, the choice is so clear to you and I, isn’t it? Kentucky needs McGrath. Hell, the country needs her to win. Let’s face it Kim, next to Trump, he’s the most despicable and dangerous politician out there. God I hope he goes down.


  4. In the final analysis they have made their own bed, dug their own grave, cooked their own soup (that’s mine by the way), at this stage they are tied to the voter base which created Trump and that is an end of it. It is too late for them to change now; the 3rd November beckons like a spectral shape on the horizon. It waves two flags, one bears the word ‘Victory’ the other ‘Defeat’, what they don’t realise that written on the back on both flags is the same word ‘Woe’, while the figure is standing right on the edge of a long deep precipice and to grasp that ‘Victory’ flag means they have leant too far over the edge.

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    1. For now Roger, it appears their leader will only accept victory. A defeat, which he cannot fathom, will only compel him to challenge in every which way possible, the legitimacy of the election itself. Even a landslide, overwhelming victory by Biden will not prevent him from crying “RIGGED.” 20 days Roger. The world is watching.

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  5. Sadly both parties display such feckless ineptitude toward their constituents, it’s no wonder voter turnout keep reaching new lows every election cycle. This phony 2-party system doesn’t even support it’s own citizens during a raging pandemic, yet bails out every large corporation with theirs hands out!
    Is this the type of “democracy” our founding fathers had in mind? Sadly voting would not change the fundamental structure our oligarchic corporatocracy.
    Of course Republican are horribly delusional, favoring big business and the military at the expense of everything else. That we knew from the beginning.
    But since the Clinton 90’s Democratic Party has aligned it’s values with the elite, no longer is it the party for the ppl, by the ppl.
    Biden is no different, he was sucking up to the banks so hard, the National Review referred Biden as the “Senator from MBNA”.


    1. Warren called Joe out during the primary debates and soundly trounced him on key issues, including campaign finance corruption. It’s worth noting that Biden’s son Hunter worked at MBNA for five years and was retained as a consultant for another five — all while Biden was backing the bankruptcy bill that would help MBNA.
      Check out:

      No doubt good old Joe will win this election handily, but he’s not the savior to all our national problems, indeed he’s a huge contributing factor within the Washington swamp.

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      1. Regrettably, 1EU, I have to agree with your last sentence. I’d like to think otherwise … you know, have a “positive attitude”? But $$$$$ is the name of the game, no matter who’s “in charge.”

        Nevertheless, I do feel “good old Joe” has a TON more empathy towards “the people” than the guy currently in charge … and that, for me, speaks volumes.

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      2. Regrettably rose glasses and a positive attitude is not going to cut it his election cycle. The hard working honest citizens who lost their jobs, losing their homes, difficulty putting food on the table…. all deserve better than empty campaign promises and petty partisan bickering holding up crucial stimulus aid.
        The fat kats in Washington aren’t hurting, so what do they care, procrastinating all they want, meanwhile the majority suffer.
        Yes of course everyone knows – no contest- Biden is infinitely better choice than the current moron, but the Democratic Party no longer inspires hope and change for the future. Obama administration gave us that, Joe sadly won’t. Research Biden’s potential cabinet members…. a veritable who’s who from Wall St. Former bank CEOs, corporate cronies etc.
        Somehow i’m not inspired, although foreign policy should improve as relations with our allies mend. Better trade relations with China will stabilize import prices. But job loss will accelerate under neoliberal policies.

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      3. Joe’s not perfect. No politician is. If he wins, we must push him to do what’s right for the country. He’s got plans to deal with corruption, money in politics, climate change, and many other vital issues to our country. The choice is clear, in my view. BTW, I agree with you on the bankruptcy bill. Not one of the high-points of his career.

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      4. Joe is a seasoned politician. He talks a good game but does nothing to affect any meaningful change. His crime bill from the 90’s started the whole prison industrial complex. Locking up low income and black minorities in private-for-profit prisons for the cheap prison labor.
        AG Kamala Harris was soundly criticized for draconian prison sentencing for drugs (marijuana), and instrumental in implementing California’s controversial “three strikes” law.
        “Based on Harris’s record, supporters easily could have expected her to come into the California Department of Justice as attorney general and really shake things up. But that didn’t happen: Her office’s handling of over-incarceration, the death penalty, and wrongly incarcerated people were among the several issues in which Harris, by and large, maintained the status quo.”

        Not exactly an awe inspiring candidate for VP, but a great establishment figurehead for the corporate oligarchy.
        Remind me again what the differences are between Republicans and Democrats?


      5. Someone who said members of the KKK were ‘good people’ and was tolerated by the party. Someone who boasted of his sexual exploits and was tolerated by the party. Someone who gave Rush Limbaugh an award and was tolerated by the party. Someone who insulted every airman who got drafted to Vietnam and was accepted by the party. Someone who indulged nepotism and was tolerated by the party. Someone who has joked about being president for Life and was tolerated by the party.
        And that’s not even trying to list the all evidence that the GOP is so set on a right-wing agenda and is in pocket to the fundamentalist evangelicals and the gun totting NRA that it will accept anyone as long as they are not Democrats.
        A party which has displayed a determination to stick with an agenda which has divided as nation into a nearly inseparable society of pro and anti-. A party which has fanned the smoulderings of Hate and Intolerance and unless checked will bring a firestorm across the USA which will bring memories of your Civil War which will give you a taste of what the states such as Ulster did in the 1960s to 1990s, Lebanon in the 1980s-1990s suffered, and if then unchecked resemble something which tore through the vast lands of the dying Russian empire until stopped by a dread totalitarian state.
        So far as a young nation the USA has got lucky. The fearful forces of internal conflict simmer in each nation and this GOP is willing to gamble with those.
        There is your difference. Thus warns History

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      6. Thank you very much.
        From across ‘The Pond’ I will be with you guys on ‘The Day’.
        If Biden does win celebrate with quiet dignity for the hysterics and the Hate-Mongers on the Right will be looking for trouble. They will not go quietly.
        There was a gallows-humour joke amongst Berliners in the latter weeks of WWII as the Russian forces closed in ‘Enjoy the War. The Peace will be terrible’.
        I would suggest this can be changed from a grim joke to a warning for the Democrats
        ‘Enjoy the Election. The Victory will be Exasperating’

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      7. Thanks Jeff.
        Historical perspectives can be very salutary and depressing
        You folk had one Civil War and the price of Peace would very soon be the persecution and terrorising of the African-Americans for the next 90 odd years.
        We in Europe have been indulging in civil strife of one sort or another for the past….well who can say…Let’s be conservative and say 800 years….and still haven’t learnt. (If you lived east of France, Belgium or Holland…World War I did not finish on the 11th November 1918. There may have been celebrations in the UK & USA 8th May 1945, not on mainland Europe, scores were being settled of all sorts).
        In short, the runes are read and I hope I’ve read them wrong, missed out something, somewhere.
        Take care you guys.


      8. I wholeheartedly agree with you that Trump is rotten to the core. But have the Democratic Party done RECENTLY that has improved the lives of US citizens? Minimum wage is pathetic, workers salaries has actually been flat to lower, adjusted for inflation, since the 80s! Meanwhile the average CEO salary has increased to 29x workers’.
        Read my response to Jeff’s comment and prove me wrong. I’m open to critical thinking and debate. Thanks for your input.


      9. Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard a more wrongheaded ‘both sides do it’ response. I’m not going to get into all the reasons why you’re so wrong. My friend Roger has done a wonderful job of that below.
        That being said, please tell me which party believes the planet is warming and is in crisis? Which party gave us Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? Which party believes health care is a right, not a privilege? Which party historically has more indictments and scandals over the past 50 years? Which party wants us off fossil fuels by 2035? Which party wants to hold politicians accountable and make it easier for every citizen to vote? Which party wants comprehensive immigration reform?
        The answer to every one of those, except one, is the Democratic Party….I’m sure you might be able to guess which one belongs to the other party. Ok, I’ll tell you. The one about all of the indictments. I could go on.
        If you think both parties are the same….well….shame on you I guess. We disagree–immensely.

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      10. Thank for the ref. Jeff.
        When it comes down to it, in a Democracy the party you vote for will disappoint you somewhere along the line, if only because everyone has a different take on how to do things.
        In defence of Democracy of your nation you need to develop a rather hard and pragmatic side to your perspectives. Churchill was no lover of Communists, he made this comment justifying British support for the USSR ‘If Hitler were to march in Hell, I would at least make a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons’ .

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      11. Agreed Roger. Democrats have disappointed me numerous times over the years, and if Joe Biden wins, I’m sure he will frustrate me. I hear him talking about working with Republicans on some things. You know what? That would be great. I do think there might be a few who would be amendable to that, because he knows a lot of them and most seem to like him. Time will tell, though. The social media/echo chamber seems to have pushed everyone to their own political corners, with cooperation being seen as capitulation and a surrender of one’s values. It’s going to be a rough ride for him. Of that, I’m sure.

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      12. One thing about the GOP, they’re great at generating false narratives and conspiracy theories…to disguise their own failings, corruption, and crimes. I expect nothing less after November 3.

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      13. Sadly, me neither.
        It is a sad reflection on the times in the US is that maybe the ideal president would be one dedicated to uniting the nation again, but quite willing to trample over and ruin any one or group who would divide. A ruthless sort.
        Either that or one who is one heck of an orator and operator. A Mix of FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, LBJ with just a dash of Regan for the geniality & JFK for the rhetoric.

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      14. He couldn’t carry a glass of water for any of those presidents you mentioned. You’re right, even a modicum of a few of those traits would be nice. But this guy? Nope, not a one.

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      15. Yeah, you can hear them in a ghostly bar clinking drink as one say to the other:
        ‘This’ll get Washington, Adams and Jefferson off of our backs. Dunno ’bout you but geez that ‘More Presidential Than Thou’ act was getting to me.’

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      16. Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you. Yes you are correct that the Democratic Party has done much good in the past. But what have they done lately for the ppl?
        I don’t see universal healthcare for everyone during a pandemic, when every other civilized nation on Earth covers their citizens. What really disgust me are medical establishments who charged patients thousands for a simple Covid test because it was considered an “emergency room” room visit. I didn’t hear a peep from Democrats.
        The most outrageous case a man was charged $55K for a helicopter ride to the hospital for Covid, WTF?
        LOL, Biden is pro fracking and fossil fuel industry, and accepts huge donations from them in the 90s and 2000s… do your homework, it’s public record.
        Like i said, after Bill Clinton’s administration, Dems were practically indistinguishable from Repubs.
        Obama was the one who built the cages to house and separate children from their mothers, and that’s a fact – no matter how much you want to disregard these inconvenient truths.
        When it comes to war, Obama took us from 2 hot wars in the middle east to 7! In this regard Dems are somewhat different from Repubs in that they are more blood-thirsty!
        Sorry but i have to disagree with your position that the Democratic Party is superior to Republicans, they are both equally rotten to the core. You are revelling in nostalgia and not reality. Prove me wrong.

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      17. So, with all due respect, what’s your solution? We have a two-party system. You either make a choice, or sit it out. You want a viable third-party? I’d be all for it. I see many on Twitter advocating for a People’s Party. A very progressive/socialistic party, from what I’ve been reading.
        But I have a problem with them in that they’re actively bashing Democrats at a time when we need all the votes we can get to remove this disastrous president from office. Why do that now? They say their sick of waiting. It seems they take the view that Trump is no worse than any Democrat before him. I totally disagree with that. History will show him as the worst president ever.
        But, you seem to sing from the same hymnal. Am I wrong? You think Trump deserves another four years? Again, what’s your solution? You bash both parties, call them rotten to the core, yet I’m not hearing any alternative solutions.
        By the way, Joe Biden was not my first choice. I thought Elizabeth Warren was the best candidate. But, she lost. So, I will support Biden with as much passion as I would have if she were the nominee. I appreciate your dissent and anger about the system we have. I’d just like to see or hear what it is you want to do about it. Everything I said in my first rebuttal to you is correct, by the way. Nostalgia? No. Facts? Yes.


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