Is Joe Biden Worth Your Vote?

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In recent months, I’ve been amused at the sight of the following campaign sign: Any Functioning Adult 2020. Yes, it’s very tempting to feel that way, isn’t it?

The way things are going in this country, a functional and literate adult would be a luxury that we simply do not have. We’re jumping from one catastrophe to the next under the current president, from a raging pandemic and wildfires to racial inequality and injustice. And his only answer seems to be: “Elect me, or this is what you’re going to get in a Biden presidency.”

Of course, what’s happening now is on his watch, not Joe Biden’s, a fact he deceptively and casually refuses to acknowledge. Unfortunately, his cult band of followers will blindly nod their heads in agreement at whatever utterances ooze from their dear leader’s mouth.

In this election, we cannot worry about those voters. But we do have some voters who aren’t wholeheartedly convinced that Joe Biden is a viable alternative. It’s hard to believe for most of us out here, especially those who pay attention to the most corrupt and inept administration’s daily goings-on in modern times. To many of us, it’s Biden or bust.

And while Jill and I will undoubtedly spend time over the next eight weeks explaining why we must vote against the current president (the evidence is overwhelming), merely ignoring who he’s running against is unacceptable. And you should always give voters a reason to vote for someone.

The contrast between Joe Biden and the current president is striking, although they actually have one thing in common: both are a couple of old white guys. Other than that, take your pick – you couldn’t find two more different candidates.

So to those voters who aren’t quite sure about Joe Biden, the person and the politician, here are a few facts about him to keep in mind when contemplating whether to give the former Vice-president your vote.

The Early Years

*Born November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe would become the oldest president in history if sworn in on January 20, 2021: 78 years-old.

*When he was 10, Joe and his family moved to Claymont, Delaware, which is where he spent most of the rest of his life. He enrolled at the University of Delaware, where he double-majored in history and political science. Later, he went on to earn his law degree at Syracuse University.

*Eventually, Joe gets married to Neilla Hunter, and they have three children: Robert “Beau” Biden 111, Robert Hunter, and Naomi Christina.

*While practicing law at a firm in Wilmington and working part-time as a public defender, he launched his first-ever campaign for the New Castle County Council, which he won by 2,000 votes.

*Is first elected to the United States Senate at the age of 29 in 1972.

*Just weeks after his election to the Senate, tragedy strikes the Biden family when Neilla and Naomi are killed, and Beau and Hunter are critically injured in an auto accident. Later, Joe is sworn into the U.S. Senate at his son’s hospital bedsides. He begins commuting from Wilmington to Washington every day, first by car and then by train – a practice he continued throughout his time in the Senate. (Sadly, in 2015, he would lose Beau to cancer.)

*Joe calls for the public financing of elections in the early 1970s.

*Joe married Jill Jacobs in 1977. They have a daughter together, Ashley Blazer, born in 1980.

Political Career

*Chairman of the Committee on the Senate Judiciary (1987-1995)

*Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee twice (2001-03; 2007-09).

*Led a delegation of senators to meet with Kremlin officials in Moscow to present U.S. conditions for the ratification of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks – SALT 11, which began a decade’s long leadership on nuclear arms control and strategic security negotiations.

*Joe was one of the more outspoken Senators when it came to urging action and intervention against Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic in the early 1990s.

*He wrote the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which hardened federal prison sentences. Years later, he was roundly criticized for the bill for unfairly targeting people of color.

*He co-sponsored the Violence Against Women Act in 1994 with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah.

*Joe took on the NRA, helping secure passage of the Brady background check bill in 1993, and in 1994 by championing the passage of bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

*He voted for the Iraq War in 2002.

*He ran for president for the first time in 1987 but quit the race amid allegations he plagiarized a speech by a British Labour Party leader. Later he tried again in 2008 and quit a second time after a disappointing finish in the Iowa caucus.

*Barack Obama asked Joe to be his Vic-presidential running mate in 2008. He accepted and served alongside him for two terms.

*As VP, Joe was tasked with overseeing the massive $787 billion Recovery Act, a plan designed to prevent a second Great Depression.

*In 2012, in a break with Obama, Joe came out in favor of gay marriage.

When you look back at a Senator’s career, especially one that spanned 36 years like Joe Biden’s, you can pick apart some of his votes. That’s a long time in D.C. by any stretch of the imagination. So if we look at Joe’s record over the years, it’s not perfect. And we should not expect it to be.

But more often than not, Joe was on the right side of things. The Violence Against Women’s Act and how he fought against the NRA to ban assault weapons and help pass the Brady Bill are significant pieces of legislation that gives you an idea about what was important to Joe, the politician.

As for Joe, the human being? Well, if we’re going to compare him to the current president, there can be no doubt left in anyone’s mind, except the crazy cult, of who is the most decent, honest, and caring man between the two.

Countless times we’ve seen him talking, with emotion, about dealing with the tragedies in his own life. We’ve also seen him show genuine empathy towards others when they’ve told him about similar stories in their lives. Perhaps having a president with this kind of trait isn’t essential to some voters, but I’d like to think it’s vital for most. And Joe gets an A+ in the empathy department. The current president? Can we go lower than an F? Because he’s failed at every possible turn.

Look, Joe Biden was not my first, nor was he my second choice for winning the nomination. I, too, wanted someone younger. Joe’s 77 years old, and it’s certainly a problem for a lot of people. And we’re going to have to live with his gaffes. That’s who he is, and the radical right will make fun of him for it.

But the man he’s running against isn’t exactly a poster boy for the fountain of youth either. We’ve got nearly four years of gaffes, mispronunciations, slurring of words, and other disturbing instances of a man in decline. And I ask that you look at both men side by side. See which one seems in better shape between the two. It’s not even close. Joe’s up to the task, and I’m confident in saying that. And, he’s picked a much younger VP candidate in Kamala Harris to help balance out the ticket.

But here’s what it’s all about, my friends. Joe Biden was already a heartbeat away from the presidency. He spent eight years as Barack Obama’s right-hand man. Before he accepted Obama’s request to be VP, Joe made it a point to tell him he’d do it on one condition: he wanted to be in on every critical decision that needed to be made.

As the following photo shows, Joe was there. When Bin-Laden was taken out, he was right next to his boss, as he was during the whole health care debate, immigration reform, gay marriage, and dealing with the Great Recession, among others. If he wins on November 3, Biden will be more than ready to hit the ground running on day one.

What we need now, more than ever, is competency, decency, experience, and an ability to navigate the rough waters of Washington, D.C. politics. Joe Biden possesses these attributes. And, he values something that the current president does not: a belief in science. With a pandemic still showing no sign of ebbing, we’re going to need competent sound leadership. We’re not getting that now.

As for policy, first things first. Let’s do all we can to elect Joe Biden. Then, we can push him on issues most important to all of us. We’ll go more in-depth in the coming days on what kind of policies a Joe Biden administration will pursue. For now, how about we ditch the purity tests?

So, my friends, I’m going to ask the following question: Is Joe Biden worth your vote?

Answer: Yes. 100 percent.

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  1. what about when he was a key player in the legislation of the 94 crime bill whereby hundreds of African Americans and other people were locked away for victimless crimes? what has he done to address the national debt? did he ever vote against a spending increase in congress, ever vote to hold the federal reserve accountable, cast a vote to abolish the xm bank which is a key component in corporate welfare which all of you and I are very much opposed to, vote against the unconstitutional patriot act? No Joe and Donald are similar in all of these ways and more, a vote for either one of them is a vote to further erode your freedoms. vote libertarian.

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    1. Once again, another misguided effort on your part sklawlor. I shall vote for Joe Biden and I will be damn proud I did. Go ahead and vote for whatever ridiculous candidate the libertarian party puts out there. I couldn’t care less. The idea that you would say Biden and the idiot are one in the same tells me all I need to know about you.
      I point out in the post that Joe is far from a perfect candidate. But he’s a freaking million times the man the current person occupying the White House is.
      We need rescued from this nightmare of a pathetic president, and fast. Our democracy hangs in the balance. Book after book. Former aide after former aide. 4 star generals after 4 star generals. All are warning of impending doom if this monster ever sniffs the presidency another 4 years. I’d advise you to do some reading and research please. This isn’t just any other election. Please do better.

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      1. I misspoke regarding my earlier assertion but on the issues I pointed out such as the debt and other items, I stand my ground regarding those.

        Why do you call the libertarians or other candidates ridiculous? does it have to do with their ideology or the fact that they don’t have a chance to win not for their lack of trying but because of a rigged two party system that is only interested in its survival?

        Oh by the way, I am much more than what you or anyone else sees in a passionate, though admittedly at times, rough response to a blog entry so perhaps you don’t know as much about me as you may assert, just as I don’t know much about you aside from what you post on your blog.

        You might be surprised how mellow and easy going of a person I am in reality.

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      2. Sklawlor, I’m sure you’re a decent guy in person. This is only about your political viewpoints. I just disagree with you on a lot of issues. Not everything, of course.
        As for voting libertarian, hey, that’s your right. I don’t know what state you live in, but a vote for a third party in a swing or battleground state simply draws votes away from Biden, which is a recipe for disaster, in my view.
        My best friend lives in NY. He’s a moderate Repub and did not vote for Trump in 2016. Can’t stand him. But, he couldn’t stand Hillary either. So, he wrote in John Kasich. He wasted his vote, but in that state, he knew it wouldn’t matter much. It goes to show you how ridiculous the electoral college is. I don’t know how you feel about that, but the popular vote winner would eliminate much of this nonsense. It probably will never happen in my lifetime. But, who knows?
        As for the debt, by the way. Yes, it’s been growing for a long time. It’s growing at a much higher rate under Trump, as is the deficit. Yes, the pandemic has forced the Gov to spend lots of money it does not have. But taxes are going to have to go up. The $1.4 trillion Trump/Republican tax cut was not needed, and was irresponsible. Now look where we are. Exploding! You cannot blame Biden for that. Blame Trump and the R’s.

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      3. Oh absolutely, the republicans under trump have exploded the debt and he said that he could balance the budget in his first term. Just like Mexico paying for the wall, anyone who believed either of those two sales pitches was gullible.

        all lies.

        There are some people who voted for him in 2016 who have regreted that decision and are voting for biden this time, take Joe Walsh, former congressman of Illinois, check out his podcast called f*ck silence, it’s pretty good, I think you might like some of what he has to say.

        I live in Texas but I didn’t vote for trump either.

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  2. I have always liked Joe, though he has never been a good candidate.

    Right now, he is older than I would like. But he is still more mentally alert than Trump. His campaign speeches have been pretty good. And it is clear that he will be president for all the people, not just for himself.

    Yes, the choice is easy.

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    1. My sentiments exactly Neil. Perhaps he serves only one term? We shall see. If he’s elected, he’s going to have so much on his plate. I think he’s up to the job. He’ll put good and competent people in charge of agencies. That will make all the difference in the world.

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      1. I am so sick of democrats and republicans and people who claim to be independent telling people that a third party vote is a waste. I bet you didn’t say that to anyone who voted for ross in 1992 when you knew that third party votes would take numbers away from the republican candidate at the time.

        Search your memory and tell me if you felt this same way back then because history matters.

        If you don’t want to answer, that will tell me all I need to know about what your unspoken answer would have been.

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      2. It appears Jill, that we have thousands, maybe even millions, who just don’t take this serious. What the hell more can we do to make them understand?

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      3. Sigh. As Nathan Hale once said, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Or, as somebody else once famously said, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” We are leading them, and if they choose not to drink, that’s their problem. Sigh.

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  3. I’d add one more key attribute, Jeff, and you know my emphasis on this one: honesty. Eileen Cook said, “I wasn’t sure which was worse – to know you were a liar or to believe your own bullshit.”
    That’s a conundrum that might be pondered about most people. Then there are those, Trump at the top, for whom there’s no such thing as objective, irrefutable truths or lies; there are simply narratives that either benefit or bother them. Trump has urged his willing, gullible followers down that dark path.
    I’m confident that Joe Biden understands the very real difference between truths and lies, and that he respects honesty.
    Four more years of Trump would–if the nation were to survive such an era–so erode our confidence in our ability to discern the truth that genuine communication would be endangered. Life in a complete fantasy world of choose your own truth could not continue for long. I know I sound overly alarmist, but I truly believe that if Trumpism wins this next election, this nation–and perhaps the entire world–will be approaching the end.

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    1. No Jerry, you are not being overly alarmist. I point you to my response to Sklawlor’s comment. He, like so many, do not see what you and I do. I worry like hell what might come to our country and world if he were to win again. I know that’s why you do what you do. That’s why you write such passioned posts for us. You’re sounding the alarm, loud and clear. To me, we can’t say it loud enough!!!

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      1. Thanks, Jeff. Tomorrow I will be participating in my second Swing Left, Get Out the Vote phone bank. Prior to 2016, I could not have imagined doing such a thing. I was dedicated to the other side; I was an active Republican. But, as I’ve said before, Trump and Trumpism revealed to me the rank corruption in the Republican Party. I’ll probably always disagree with my Democrat friends over the abortion issue. But, as I’ve also said before, the GOP only pays lip service to that issue to placate evangelicals. So I refuse to put all my eggs in that one basket. All reasonable people must unite to defeat toxic Trumpism.
        By the way, Swing Left can always use more volunteers.

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      2. Thanks for that Jerry. Good on you for being active and being a fair-minded person. I can only hope there are many more of you out there. People who are smart enough to know a con when they see it. I do know he’ll still get the lions share of the evangelical vote. We only need to knock a few percentage points off of what he got in 2016, though. I sure hope that’s what happens. Sadly, from what you’ve told me, most of your friends in that community do not want to hear the truth. That’s a tragedy in and of itself.

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    1. Thanks Dan. SIGH. I’m not giving up. Everyone’s entitled to vote for whomever they want to. But I’m not going to let them rewrite history, nor am I going to let them getting away with somehow saying a vote for a third-party candidate does anything but help reelect this terrible man. Now, if they want to start a viable third party? Go for it. Last I checked, we have two political parties. That’s the way it is. Like it or not. Remember, we heard the same crap when Hillary ran. I’m just not going to let people get away with it. This is way too important of an election.

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      1. I agree 100%. Last election the Green Party took away a lot of votes. Turned out the candidate had close ties with Putin. In some states Kanye West is on the ballot put there by the GOP hoping to stop some of the black votes that might go for Biden.

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      2. Yes, and the idea that Trump is all for Kanye doing that tells you all you need to know about him. I guess he feels that enough black people will vote for Kanye, it will drag votes from Biden. Why, because he’s a rap star? So disingenuous. And yes, it shows his ignorance and racism.

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  4. Jeff, thanks. There are many reasons not to vote for Trump – the corruption, deceit, bullying and incompetence. My post today (and Jill’s earlier) is around the precipitous decline in America and the president’s reputation (per Pew survey), something that is a lightning rod, but it seems to matter little to his followers. America is less trusted as its president is untrustworthy.

    Why is this important? An EU ambassador said America’s strength is two-fold – its military and its allied relationships. We are squandering these relationships, with Trump’s focus on a short term transactional view. I truly could not see him building a coalition to do anything, as no one would trust him.

    We are become isolated. And, with global commerce here to stay, we cannot shrink to greatness. The Trans-Pacific partnership continued without us after Trump pulled us out – this was supposed to help us compete better with China. The Iran nuclear deal has continued without us. The Paris Climate Change Accord goes on even when we officially pull out.

    It pains me to see our allies lose trust and faith in America. The most-trusted country is Germany. If we told our troops marching into Berlin 75 years ago, that the leader of the free world would be Germany, not America or Great Britain, they would have laughed in your face.

    Joe Biden is not perfect, but he will work to unite us. He will work to improve foreign relationships.


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    1. All true Keith. Who would have thought that a president of the United States could actually politicize such a widely admired and respected agency such as the CDC? His followers could not care less. In fact, most of them probably don’t even know what he’s doing for they only listen to one news outlet.
      Yes, Joe will bring this country together. I firmly believe that. He will earn every bit of that 400k salary, though. Fixing what this president has clearly broken, will not be easy. But he’s been around a long time and he knows what levers to push, as well as what kind of people to put in charge. That right there should be enough for most people.

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  5. I just can’t bring myself to vote for Biden. I know he and his son are criminals. The Democrats impeached Trump with no evidence but give Biden a pass with a video of him bragging about doing what Trump was impeached over! His mind no longer functions properly, which isn’t his fault- but doesn’t mean he needs to be president either. Not this time people. I’m either voting for Trump or sitting this one out.

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    1. Jerry, I’m inclined to agree with you on this one, though there are things about Trump I’m not happy with which I have said over and over on these political blogs. Like when he said take the guns first and then do due process. Unlike some people, I give him credit for the few things that I feel he’s done okay with like the right to try legislation as just one example which some people don’t want to see.


    2. So basically, you’re going to ignore the thousands of lies, the denigrating of our democratic institutions, the politicizing of every agency, the attempt to curry foreign influence by ginning up phony B.S against his political rival, the deliberate attempt to downplay a pandemic that’s killed 200k plus, the encouraging of his followers NOT to wear masks, the ignoring of science and/or climate change, the utter failure to ever hold Putin accountable for anything, the obsessive cozying up to dictators and autocrats…..?
      I could go on and on Jerry. But most likely, you’ve never even heard of any of these things because your head remains in the sand of Fox News and wherever else you get your news.
      Good luck, my friend. Vote, as you wish

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      1. from twitter and this is about right.

        @Styx666Official: @JoeBiden You’re a multimillionaire career politician who has been rich and well connected for 50 years.

        C’mon man give the working class hero crap a rest.

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      2. So let’s reelect the elitist fake billionaire criminal? That really makes a lot of sense sklawlor. I really fear for my country, especially with ill-informed voters like yourself.


      3. this is a horrible election cycle, both candidates are elitist billionairs, it’s not even a choice of good and evil but evil and less evil.


      4. I think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to elect a POTUS that doesn’t have a few bucks in the bank. In this country, one has to be rich to even be a member of Congress! The difference is that one party recognizes not everyone has the same wealth and tries to help them better themselves, whereas the other party caters to their friends and pals that run in the same crowd.

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      5. Major difference isn’t it Nan? I’m so sick of the ‘both parties are the same’ B.S. Both parties are NOT the same. I don’t know why some people cannot see that

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      6. on some issues both parties are the same. they both increase the debt, they both continue to support the unconstitutionality of the patriot act, and they both prop up the military industrial complex with their unnecessary endless wars around the world. How can people not see that?


      7. Wrong again sklawlor. Joe Biden is NOT evil. You can certainly describe the current president in that manner and you’d be 100% correct.
        I think you told me you live in Texas? If so, a vote for Biden would absolutely be the patriotic and right thing to do. It’s a state where every vote matters. It’s too bad you have an incorrect narrative in your head about Biden. I’ve written and said all I can. For some unknown reason you actually are equating the two candidates as more or less, one in the same. Shame on you. But thanks for debating and taking the time to read what I had to say. I do appreciate that. I just wish you’d come back to reality.


      8. Nobody cares about Hunter Biden, Scott. Senator Johnson of WI should be investigated for treason. What was he doing in Moscow on the 4th of July, 2018 with about 8 other treasonous Republican politicians? Why is he using information from a known Russian agent? Why was Rudy G allowed to go sniffing around Ukraine, meeting with shady characters trying to dig up dirt on the Biden’s?
        Really Scott, nobody of serious mind and integrity believes this crap. Nobody.


      9. because it’s not corporately purchased and owned mainstream media? Is that the only reason?

        You don’t have to be bought and paid for by a corporation to be a legitimate source of information.


      10. this sums it up pretty nicely.

        “We don’t need more than two choices confusing people. Americans are a simple people who like everything broken down into neat little binary choices. It’s like you’re either a boy or a girl right? You can’t just choose to be something else.”


      11. There is no difference between @realDonaldTrump and @JoeBiden when it comes to our debt. They both want to spend more money! The only disagreements revolve around how much to spend and what precisely to spend it on.

        If you don’t think the debt is a vital issue, try living your life in a nation that is bankrupt because of irresponsible politicians and citizens who continue to vote in the same tired politicians every election season.

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      12. When it comes to our debt, Republicans have been absolutely the worst party. The 2017 tax cuts blew a hole in it. There was no reason to do it. Now, with the pandemic, and a couple of trillion more spent to try and keep economy breathing, it’s out of control. Scott, you just do not have the facts my friend. Please try and do better. Biden will raise taxes on those making $400,000 or more and raise corporate taxes to 28%. Actually I wish he’s tax the hell out of the rich even more. But, this will do for now.


      13. more video, sounds racist to me. if trump had said this, it would be all over the news and blogs for weeks.

        so just to be clear, you’re voting for a racist, just to let you know.


      14. Oh yeah sklawlor. Sure, go with that. Anyone with a pulse knows what a white supremacist racist pig the current president is. So sad that you’re stuck in the ‘both sides are the same’ BS. Guess what? Both sides are NOT the same. Please educate yourself better. This is getting ridiculous


      15. I am sick of you people calling my positions silly and ridiculous. Then perhaps you should find another blog or outlet where people agree with your position.

        (Sorry, Jeff … I don’t mean to run off one of your followers, but … )

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      16. LOL. No problem Nan. Scott and I can agree to disagree. I don’t mind debating him. He can read our blog, or not. Entirely up to him. I welcome all, unless they’re mean or insulting. That’s my red line.


      17. “George W Bush is a warmongering traitorous scumbag who bumbled his way through his presidency making a mockery of our nation.

        If he endorses Biden it would be just one more reason to acknowledge how crooked and ineffectual a Biden presidency would be.”

        Just add this to the list of reasons not to vote for him, including this one.

        “Biden sent secret letters to segregationist allies in the Senate.

        One of his Democrat colleagues called blacks an “inferior race.”

        This isn’t the most important election of our lives, it’s truly the worst election of our lives.


      18. If the FBI, the CIA, Wall Street, the Atlantic, China, Bill Kristol and seven Bush cabinet members want one guy to win, for the love of God pick the other



      19. Who does Russia want? North Korea? Brazil? Turkey? Syria? How many dictators want ‘the other guy?’ How many want the buffoon-in-chief wannabe autocrat? Scott, this is your first actual endorsement of the current president. You keep telling me both guys are equally bad, yet your’e going to pick the guy who’s putting thousands of people’s lives at risk with his reckless and irresponsible behavior? I do not know what reality you’re living in my friend. If I didn’t know any better, it’s as if you’ve been part of his cult from day one. Have at it Scott.


      20. in case you haven’t seen it, Biden told a reporter that people don’t deserve to know his opinion on whether he’ll pack the court. That’s not what I’d call being transparent or honest with the voters. Tell me again why should I trust such a deceptive person to run this country?

        I’m not saying that trump is any better but with so many people making biden out to be a saint, I really have to wonder about their mental conditions.


      21. Nobody called him a saint. There’s no such person. But I’ll take a guy who gives a shit about people, over one who only cares about himself any day. Pack the court? I hope he does. They’d have every right to do so. Republicans are about to steal their second SCOTUS seat. NO president has ever nominated one this close to an election. Hell, millions have already voted. This is an outrage and a disgrace. Keep the focus where it needs to be Scott: on the corrupt lying Republican Party. I still hold out hope you may come to your senses some day.


      22. absolutely, Jeff, we may disagree on a lot and though my presentation can sometimes be a little colorful, I don’t believe I’ve ever personally insulted you. If I have and my memory fails me on such occasions, I would ask that you hold me accountable for such times so that I can do what is necessary to make those right.

        There’s enough personal insulting of people and I try to not do that, though I am only human and I fall like everyone else.

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      23. Scott, I don’t know why you just don’t say, “Yes, I’m voting for Trump?” It’s ok to admit it. That’s your right as an American. Thanks for the article. There’s nothing in it surprising. It’s obviously a right-wing outlet, with a right-wing author, who still thinks the current president is just wonderful. Hard pass

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      24. a question for you guys.

        if you’re against dark money in politics, what’s your position on something like this?

        Seems like undue influence from a foreign entity to me, the very thing everyone has been complaining about for the last 3 and a half years or so.

        Just curious if I’ll hear something other than crickets on this one?

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      25. Scott, I want dark money gone…period. Whether it’s from a Democratic big-wig donor, or a Republican. Does that answer your question?


      26. absolutely and I totally agree with you. I don’t like this idea of corporations being counted as individuals either, it’s terrible. Hope you’re having a good day my friend.

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      27. if I remember, trump had said that he doesn’t need the money of big doaners, I think he had mentioned this repeatedly so contributions by such political action committees proves, once again, that Trump is lying, otherwise he wouldn’t need to accept such contributions and would be public about not taking it. In my humble opinion, accepting such dark money doesn’t give me any confidence that the candidates will have my or the average best person’s interest at heart, after all, when someone willingly accepts money from someone else, that person making the donation rightly wants a return on his or her investment. It’s only natural and understandable.

        what isn’t acceptable is candidates pretending that they’re not beholdant to such people when they’re out there trying to get your vote when, all the while, it’s understood that the opposite is true. but alas, people on both sides just go along with it, believing they’re voting for the lesser of two evils and it’s just a terrible situation all the way around.


      28. If donald trump wasn’t worth anyone’s vote in 2016 because of family corruption, why should Joe receive votes from people as a result of the ostensible corruption of his son?

        Seems that the laptop wasn’t a Russian conspiracy, something the democrats really must love. They must have some sort of weird fetish over the Russians.


      29. Scott, please. Enough with the whataboutism. There’s no evidence whatsoever that Hunter Biden did anything wrong–at least nothing coming from credible sources, that is. The current president has demanded that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama all be put in jail. This is the man you’re defending? Are you ok with living in a banana republic? This is the kind of thing that two-bit dictators do. And, quite frankly, the current occupant of the White House makes two-bit dictators look like Winston Churchill. Have a great day Scott.

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      30. the problem is, what criteria do you use to determine whether a source is credible?

        I think it’s tasteless that people at trump rallies shout “lock her up” and he does nothing about it. If in fact, politicians are guilty of crimes, they should be tried and given whatever consequence is fitting for those activities.

        But why did twitter suppress the new York post article in the first place and why is that not a credible source of information?

        All I’m saying is that the media went gaga over trumps involvement or alleged involvement with Russia yet they’re not willing to entertain the possibility that the same could happen on the left side of the isle?

        the whole thing is just hypocritical that’s all. Let the public have all the facts, the media is not supposed to cover for anyone, they’re supposed to be as nonpartisan as they can be. Everyone has biases, that’s human nature but if someone is in the media, they have a responsibility to keep those biases in check while doing their job, it’s called being professional.

        have a good day yourself, I hope you’re doing well my friend.


      31. well the dems are changing their position on this matter, at least admiting that there’s something to it.

        “there’s a shift in defending #HunterBidenUkraineScandal. Now Dems are saying his computer & contents are real but not relevant.

        Is it relevant for a son to use @VP dad’s official clout with Embattled foreign ally (#Ukraine) or big pocketed Enemy (#China) To Make Money?”


      32. Shall we then talk about the numerous trademarks Ivanka has gotten from China while working in the White House? Scott, I’ve said all I’m going to say on this. I too, can play the whataboutism game. We’ve beaten this to death my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      33. Not only that, but there is simply NO comparison to this possible incident and the numerous things that Trump has done … while in office! (I won’t even mention the I-word.)

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      34. Let me ask you something Scott. So the white guy who spent 8 years playing second fiddle to the first African-American president and chose a woman of color to be his running-mate, is racist? Just like Trump? This is from your correspondence from a few days ago btw. I meant to respond to it earlier.
        I couldn’t care less about whether they pack the court or not. They have every right to do it. It’s not unconstitutional. Why do Dems always have to play nice? Especially when the other side does what they want, when they want, all in the name of keeping power. Hypocrites…every damn one of them. America hates their policies. Every poll shows it. They’re trying to keep people from voting because they know they’re going to lose otherwise. And you know what? They’re still going to lose. People have had it with their racist backward policies and tax cuts for the 1% and corporations. Enough already!


      35. it’s not that I don’t want to read blogs where people disagree with me but calling people silly and ridiculous does nothing to convince someone with a different opinion of the validity of your own. just think about it.


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