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Soon we’ll be less than 50 days before America gets to decide what she wants to be as a country going forward. Do we want to continue the current President’s march towards tyranny, injustice, and autocracy? Or, do we take a stand? Do we say, enough is enough?
I shutter to think we choose the former. Because folks, we’re better than this. Deep in my heart I feel that to be so.
My good friend Jill begins our final push to November 3, 2020, reminding us all that this President is, and will always be, woefully unprepared and unqualified for the gravity and seriousness of the office. We’re going to do our best in these closing days to not only remind you of why re-electing the current occupant of the White House would be an unmitigated disaster, but also why former Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris deserve your vote in 2020. As bad as he is, Biden and Harris cannot just be a vote against the status quo. It’s mine and Jill’s job to show you why they’re more than worth your choice.
Thank you Jill!

The date for the re-start of mine and Jeff’s project, September 11th, came about quite by accident … to start with, that is.  We counted back eight weeks from election day, picked the first Friday in those 8 weeks, and … were stunned to see that with this logic, our first post would be on […]

America’s Wake-Up Call — Jeff & Jill Are Baaaaack!!! — Filosofa’s Word

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