Don’t Let Trump Rise Again

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After a day of off-roading in a rented Jeep on our mini vacation trip up into the mountains, my wife and I sat down and stared blankly at the TV in our rented cabin. I tried a couple times to tune into an NBA playoff game but soon realized that the games had been postponed out of respect for and to protest another young black man having been gunned down by another overzealous white cop.

Anyway, playing in place of the game was a movie that we soon realized was Kong of Skull Island, not a film we would have sought out. But in our semi-vegetative state, we let the movie play out before us. Near the end, the story followed a hackneyed plotline in which the protagonist (in this case a giant gorilla) appears to have dispatched the antagonist (in this case a bizarre dinosaur-like creature with a mouth the size of Greyhound bus and teeth the length of Samurai swords) when, suddenly, the antagonist returns for another round of fighting.

The Monster’s New Life

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Republican National Convention had ended the previous night, and President Trump, who just days before was behind Joe Biden by double digits, was back within striking distance of his Democratic challenger. Like that monster-mouth beast returning for one more round against King Kong, Donald Trump was back, aiming for a death grip on his opponent’s throat. 

Like that monster-mouth beast returning for one more round against King Kong, Donald Trump was back, aiming for a death grip on his opponent’s throat.

Despite my grave, long-held concerns about the unwavering devotion of the millions of Trump cultists, I honestly believed Trump was too heavily wounded to recover; the November election would be little more than a formality. Biden could not lose to a man who would have to find a way to counter ads sure to remind voters of the following blunders and outright atrocities:

  • Confusing 9/11 with 7/11
  • Mocking a reporter’s disability
  • Not knowing that as U.S. President, he is President of Puerto Rico
  • Not knowing that Puerto Rico is in island
  • Not knowing that when he was in Israel, he was in the Middle East
  • Misspelling his wife’s name
  • Misspelling coffee
  • Misspelling unprecedented
  • Not knowing that Colorado is not a southern border state
  • Not knowing that Frederick Douglas is not still alive
  • Spreading the lie that President Obama was not a U.S. citizen
  • Spreading the lie that President Obama is a Muslim
  • Spreading the lie that President Obama had lied about his education (when it was Trump who actually had done so)
  • Spreading the lie that most Latinos are rapists and murders
  • Attacking Judge Gonzalo Curiel because, in Trump’s words, the judge is “of Mexican heritage”
  • Bragging that he could get away with sexually assaulting women because he’s rich and famous
  • Bragging that he could get away with murdering someone on Fifth Avenue because he’s rich and famous
  • Referring to African nations as “shithole countries”
  • Paying a porn star to keep quiet about their sexual encounter (which took place shortly after the birth of his youngest child) in order to influence the election
  • Calling white supremacists and neo-Nazis “good people”
  • Colluding with Russians to influence the 2016 election (as clearly seen in the Mueller Report, despite his assertion of “no collusion”)
  • Attempting to influence the 2020 election by colluding with Ukrainians (as evidence clearly showed, despite the denials of nearly every Republican member of Congress)
  • Separating poor immigrant families as they attempted to enter this country
  • Declaring that COVID-19 would “magically disappear”
  • Suggesting people ingest chemical disinfectants to cure COVID
  • Being called out by former administration staffers for being a f***ing moron—and similar descriptions of his ineptitude and cruelty

The list could go on for pages. The man is monster. And it seemed that his many wounds—mostly self-inflicted—would soon prove fatal to his re-election hopes. By all appearances, he was politically dead. But the recently concluded Republican National Convention pumped new life into his campaign. The apparently dead monster has arisen from his catatonic state and is back at his opponent’s throat.

The Protagonist Needs Our Help

In the Kong of Skull Island movie, Kong alone ultimately vanquishes the horrid beast protagonist. In the coming election between a mortal man and a malevolent monster, the mortal man will need our help as this monster makes his final bid to hold on to power and feed on his lowly subjects.

If you can afford to do so, give financially to the Biden campaign. Vote. Encourage other reasonable people to vote. End this monster’s reign of idiotic terror.


  1. Thanks for another outstanding post Jerry. I’m worried. Very worried. Your warning is needed desperately. I keep hoping that Joe Biden is up to the task. In the end, I think he will be. But if I were his handlers, I’d be making sure that this week, NOT Labor Day week, is a week where he gets out on the campaign trail. Frankly, he needs to live in the half dozen or so swing states that we will need to supplant this most dangerous monster from the White House. What the hell are they waiting for?

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  2. Yes, Jeff. Nothing will pry loose Trump’s zombie base, but we must hope Biden can draw in enough fair-minded independents and disillusioned Republicans–along with Democrats–to thoroughly vanquish the monster.

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  3. Thank you, Jerry!!! The man is indeed a monster, yet too few are willing to call him one. If he is allowed to ‘rise again’, if he is handed another 4-year term, then all the things you mention will be as a drop in the bucket to the horrors he will impose on the people of this nation over the next 4+ years. Many of us won’t survive it, and those that do will not recognize this as the democratic-republic it once was. The people of this nation are too easily swayed by pomp and pageantry such as the RNC earlier this week, too easily swayed by his talk of “law and order”. They forget that over 1,000 people daily are still dying in this country due to his bungling of the coronavirus. They forget because he distracts them by focusing on almost anything and everything else. We need to keep our eye on the ball. I agree … we must do all we can to help not only Biden, but also democrats running for Congress. We need to ensure people like Mitch McConnell, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham and others are voted out this term. The stakes are too high for us to go hide in a closet, much as we might want to. Great post … thanks!

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  4. You mentioned that the recently concluded Republican National Convention had pumped new life into his campaign. Do you feel there’s any chance that this “new life” could be thwarted a bit if some of the unmasked and cozy attendants started testing positive for the virus? Perhaps even a few being hospitalized? Or are these merely “inconveniences” in the Trump agenda?

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  5. No doubt some of those RNC attendees will contract COVID-19, and some likely will die. But I suspect even that will not bring repentance to the Trump loyalists. Devoted cult members that they are, they will twist facts in order to blame someone else. After all, messiahs do not make mistakes.

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  6. No matter what one thinks of Biden’s position on this or that issue, he is a decent, empathetic, experienced, and competent man. Trump is Biden’s polar opposite in every respect. That alone is reason, if not moral obligation, to support and vote for Biden. You cannot vote for Trump and call yourself an open-minded, well-informed, good judge of character and values.

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  7. In “The Art of War”, which is credited to Sun Tzu, it is written that “The Opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy.” Make no mistake, trump is the enemy! Joe Biden & Kamala Harris must find that opportunity to defeat trump and all of us must do our part to ensure his victory. Thank-you!

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  8. Jerry, I mentioned this in a recent post, but on NPR a reporter said the Republicans did not vote on a platform at their convention. The reporter added that the platform is whatever Trump wants it to be. That officially drives a stake in the Republican Party. It is now the Trump Party.

    The main tenet of the Trump Party is lie, steal, cheat, and divide – do whatever it takes to win. While the base thinks that stops at the campaign end, the tenet is modus operandi for the Trump White House. As Michael Cohen, Trump attorney and fixer said under oath, “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” I agree 100% with that assertion and so do others who know him. Who is fueling the flames of division? – it is the guy with a gasoline can in his hand – his name is Donald Trump.


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    1. Keith, I firmly believe that the political party you and I once were a part of is now beyond the point of reformation; the only hope for it is death and resurrection.

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      1. Jerry, so true. A couple of thoughts;
        – on the good side, the Trump convention did not offer a bump
        – on the down side, he closed the gap before the convention my guess is the Fed’s low rates keeping a stock market higher than it should be with this economy

        Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for some time thanks to his mishandling and example of mask avoidance. And, his fanning the flames of racial unrest may back fire on him. Most of America is not buying it.

        With that said, his base still does. And, will not change. So, if I were Biden I would hammer home the message this BS is happening on his watch and is, in part, causally related to his decisions. Keith

        PS – My recent post on the Alternate Republican convention is getting some interest; we need to get the word out to more.

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  9. What saddens me most of all is that friends whom I have known since childhood, a best friend who wore POW bracelets with me after Vietnam until they came home, those with whom my history was so solid that if we ever thought we might differ politically we just didn’t talk politics, have during this smoke and mirrors administration become so staunch in their support of Trumps diatribe that I have had to disconnect with more than a few. These were people I believed to be intelligent. I get (but don’t buy into) tradition and have always voted according to conviction about platforms and what I thought most beneficial to the greater good. It’s sad enough that anyone is so ingrained in a party that they vote against conscionable and rational platforms; but that anyone would go OVER to another side under the influence of such an obviously narcissistic, criminally inclined sub-human being and support his lies, intent while nodding like a bobble-head doll every time he opens the anal opening on his face defies any reason I was ever taught to understand. Sigh….If they don’t lose my mail in ballot or fail to count it, or rip it to shreds or kill me first, I will be supporting Mr. Biden. You’re welcome.

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