The Violence Must Stop

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I’m fearful of November 3, 2020. The polls are starting to tighten, as expected. And they’re going to tighten even more. While things still look good for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, what’s unfolding on America’s streets as we speak, cannot continue.

Folks, it’s playing right into the current president’s playbook. He has no desire to bring this country together. The violence over the past 48 hours in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after another senseless shooting of an unarmed black man, threatens to hand this election again to the most dangerous president in American history. We cannot let that happen.

The violence has to stop. And while I wish I had a bigger platform to shout from, I’m going to say it as loud as I can. The looting, arson, assaults, and overall anarchy and mayhem are playing across American television screens and social media 24/7. And the current president is exploiting it for his own personal and political benefit. Ads proclaiming this is what a Democratic presidency would look like are incredibly disingenuous. After all, it’s happening during his presidency. Yet, it’s effective in swing states that Biden must win. It pains me to say that.

We’re slowly but surely losing the narrative to this despicable president. We all know he’s the most lawless president ever, but there are those out there who don’t pay attention the way most of us who participate in the blogosphere do. In other words, when he proclaims himself as the law-and-order president, we laugh out loud. Others, unfortunately, see the unrest going on and start to take him at his word.

Listen, I’m all for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. It’s warranted and desperately needed. And what are the odds that another shooting will occur over the next 70 days? That’s right, very high. So we must prepare ourselves for what may happen in the future.

We want peaceful protests. We need peaceful demonstrations. Anything more than that, where injury to others or property is prevalent, is unacceptable. Now, of course, it’s not a majority of BLM causing all of this mischief. There’s an element of Antifa involved, just as there is a growing involvement of White Militia Movements such as the Proud Boys and the Bugaloo Boys. Just today, a 17-year-old was arrested for the murder of 2 protestors last night. Here he is, brandishing an AR15 with what appears to be white supremacist militia members.

These groups have also infiltrated the protests going on in Portland, according to HuffPost. And you can guarantee they will continue to cause as much harm as they can as long as racial injustice protests are going on. Most, if not all, of these groups are supporters of the current president. Should that surprise or shock us?

These groups, white supremacists, as well as Antifa, do not care about calm. They do not care about anything other than causing anarchy, division, and harm to property. Left unchecked, these groups will fight it out in the streets to the point where the federal government will indeed have to act — once again, playing into the hands of an autocratic dictator of a president who wants and thinks he can be president for life.

Before writing this post, I thought how essential it was for Joe Biden to come out on this issue forcefully. He needed to address not only the shooting of Jacob Blake but also to condemn, loudly and without hesitation, the violence on the streets. Thankfully, he’s done just that.

It’s how a real president should react. He praised the mother of the victim, who, by the way, has been outstanding in her restraint, and lauded the peaceful protests, as he should have. But he also called out the violence. That’s what we need from our future president because the current one has no desire to do anything of the sort. Calm on the streets will defeat this monster — not anarchy and violence.

That said, perhaps Biden and Harris would do themselves some good by getting together with black activists and leaders, urging calm and an end to the violence, and praising those who are protesting peacefully. We cannot let this president hijack racial injustice for his own selfish needs. It needs to be OUR issue. Not his.

I apologize if I’ve offended anyone who thinks I’m out of line here. Once again, I’m a 59-year-old white guy who hasn’t had to deal with the kinds of police brutality and systemic racism that’s plagued our country for so many years. I get the frustration, and it breaks my heart when I see these young men gunned down for no reason other than they happen to have dark skin.

But now it’s time to adhere to the words of the recently deceased civil rights icon John Lewis. We desperately need good trouble. What we don’t need is fires, looting, and violence. Otherwise, you can kiss America goodbye on November 3, 2020, because he can win again, folks. He really can.


    1. Thanks Kim. Yes, my headline, unfortunately, was used in Mike Pence’s lying speech last night. I recoiled, of course. But, I think you and I both know we’re coming from two totally different worlds. I want it to stop because I fear the monster might get reelected. Pence’s declaration is nothing but a shout out to all the crazies that Trump is the real ‘law and order’ president. It’s all so laughable. Not one mention of Jacob Blake. Not one mention of the 17 year-old white supremacist Trump supporter who murdered two protesters. That says it all, doesn’t it?

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  1. We know that violence is treacherous and never the path of choice.

    Please also respect this, those whose actions create the climate for protest do not get to dictate the form or terms of the protest.

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    1. Man, those are true and powerful words. Totally agree. Funny, they never mention police brutality do they? They never talk about the need for police reform either, or the needless killings of unarmed black men. I’ll wait patiently to here Trump talk eloquently tonight about it. RIGHT! Fat chance of that.


  2. Jeff, thanks for your ongoing pleas. Two things. (1) Please write to editors of papers in the midwest and south, whose information is controlled by Sinclair Broadcasting (they own about forty TV stations), Fox, Breitbart and the talk show hosts. Let them know about the Alternate Republican Convention going on right now of Republican Voters against Trump which has a line-up of speakers more impressive than the Trump sycophants in the Trump convention. Let them know 73 former intelligence officials for Republican presidents have come out against Trump and for Biden. People don’t know these facts.

    (2) Get out and vote. The passion of the mid-terms in 2018 must be built upon. If Dems turn out like 2016, Trump will be reelected. Trump won because he purposefully worked on getting Dems to stay home in 2016 and to get a few Bernie voters to vote for him or Jill Stein. He will do that again.

    Trump must not only be defeated, he must be convincingly defeated. Like before and as he has been doing for going on two years, he will cheat and lie to win. The unjustified attacks on the mail-in voting system is a key example. Just think of this, a US president is not defending and reassuring the right and process to vote – he is crying foul. The US Intel disagrees with the president on this as do other Republicans.

    Sorry for the soap box. If Trump wins, he will follow his autocratic bent and punish his critics. This last point is important because he punished Inspectors General, whistleblowers and honorable public servants who testifed, and the GOP Senators rationalized it away. Trump fired the umpires and the players who did not cheat. Think about that.


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    1. Thanks for all of that Keith. And you’re certainly right about how he punishes his critics. My God, what would he do with another 4 years? If we thought his first 4 were a disaster, if given another term? I can’t even think about it because it makes me sick.


  3. Jeff,
    I don’t disagree with anything you’ve written here, and I’m very glad you included the Biden video. Focus groups are showing violence surfacing as a concern, while support for Black Lives Matter has diminished. I find those trends equally distressing: how committed could all those white people be when a demonstration evoked by yet another criminal, inhumane act by the police makes burning buildings the focus of concern? I understand it, but I also understand how that feeds Black people’s hopelessness.

    The looming question is how to stop the violence. MLK called it “the language of the unheard.” Add into the mix opportunistic looters and probably more than a few white supremacists. The same police officers who knew that one of its members’ heinous acts had provoked these reactions stood by AFTER that 17-year-old vigilante had murdered two people and injured a third. He was later arrested, unharmed by police. That bizarre counterpoint should infuriate every peace-loving American.

    I think Biden and Harris must be seen everywhere making the kind of statements in that video. While I keep my hopes up, the deadly mix of racism and guns poses problems that exceed the relatively few crimes against property. I’m not defending such crimes—I wish they’d stop—but I find it regrettable that our concerns are so skewed.

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    1. Good to hear from you Annie. You’re so right. You know, I’ve always heard the story about how the cops bought Dylan Roof, the right-wing whacko who gunned down 12 African-American church goers, a sandwich from Burger King. And video with the 17 year-old brandishing an AR15, waving it around trying to get their attention, to no avail, tells us all we need to know. The double-standard is off the charts.
      But throwing bricks at windows, setting fires etc…It’s just not going to help us defeat this idiot. I’m worried. Very worried.
      And one more thing Annie. I realize that campaigning is difficult because of the pandemic. But I need to see Biden and Harris get out into the country. I hope they plan on doing that. I haven’t seen much of them all week. Even if the crowds would be sparse, they’ve got to go to the swing states. They just have to. 68 more days. This is now a sprint, not a marathon. Do you agree Annie? Do you think they need to be much more visible? We cannot cede the airwaves to you know who. He swallows up every damn news cycle, every day. Biden/Harris must do their best to counteract this. What do you think?


      1. I think they need to be more visible, but whether that means “in the flesh” is questionable—though they’d both be more effective that way.

        They certainly can’t, and shouldn’t, do rallies. So how would it work? Fly to Michigan, meet with a small group at a social distance, and tape for a larger audience? I dunno.

        In the meantime, there is some impact to the trump officials leaving and speaking out. According to Bill Kristol, when Elizabeth Neumann, who just left as the Asst Sec for Threat Protection at trump’s DHS, released a video saying he makes the US less safe, it was viewed by more than 1 million people in 7 hrs.

        I know Biden’s planning a 2-minute speech that he’ll make while trump is speaking tonight. That’s good.

        I do wish he’d follow Tom Friedman’s advice and agree to debate ONLY if trump releases his tax returns AND there’s an on-site fact checker.

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      2. Yeah, it’s a tough dilemma for sure. But I did just see Harris awesomely smack him down in a 20 minute speech that CNN and MSNBC both covered. That’s what I’m talking about!!! More of that please!!


  4. Good post, Jeff, and I will try to expand your ‘platform to shout from’ this evening by re-blogging. A few thoughts … While I don’t condone or support violence, right now there is so much anger … justifiable anger … in this nation that I think a certain degree of violence is inevitable. That said, for the most part those causing the violence are not the legitimate protestors, but members of white supremacist groups who, I believe, are hoping to help Trump so that he can point to Portland and Kenosha and say, “See?” The fallacy, though, is that as you said, this is happening under HIS watch! Not since the Civil Rights movement in the ’60s has there been this much strife under ANY other president, democrat or republican! He has poured gasoline on the embers of discontentment that are a result of years … nay, decades … of abuse by police and white supremacists. And he keeps pouring it on.

    Biden’s words were just what we all need to hear, but … are the 40% who drool over the thoughts of another four years of Trump even listening? I understand Trump’s speech tonight at the RNC is going to be a scathing put-down of Biden, and we both know his supporters will lap it up like a dog lapping up a puddle of beer. I didn’t realize it was possible for so much evil to reside in one ‘man’.

    I shall re-blog in a bit. Thanks for such a thoughtful … and thought-provoking post!

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    1. Thank you Jill and you know how much I appreciate the reblog!
      Yes, the violence is definitely understandable. As Dr. King said, it’s the voice of unheard. I know the majority are peaceful. As we all know, it only takes a few to screw it up for everyone.
      As I just responded to Annie, It was nice to hear Harris all over Trump a few minutes ago. She was forceful, truthful, and very effective. I heard Biden is gonna do a rebut tonight. So, they just have to really go on the offense. Every day. As much as possible. He’s such an oversized buffoon. He sucks up all of the oxygen. I do get a sense Biden/Harris will start kicking some ass on a daily basis though. The 40% Nope. He’s got all of them.
      One more thing. Took my dogs to a state park out here. On the road up, I counted 6 Trump/Pence signs….zero Biden. So these knuckleheads out here in flyover country are enthusiastically still in his corner. I figure we’re left with about 5-7% who might be persuadable. That makes me sick even thinking about it! Do you think I’m accurate on that number?

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      1. I do hope you’re right and that Biden/Harris go on the offensive, come across as decent and intelligent … Trump is neither.

        And here I thought Oregon … all three of the west coast states … were 90% liberal/Democrat! Where are these nutcases coming from??? Send ’em back to Mississippi! As for the 5% – 7% … well, you’re probably right at this point, for many who would be convinced, already are and are coming out against Trump already, like The Lincoln Project, and the former McCain & Bush people who are coming out in support of Biden. Let’s hope it’s enough, my friend.

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      2. Me too Jill. Yes, Oregon is deeply red when you take Portland, Eugene, and Salem out of the mix, give or take a few other areas as well. But, as with most states in the country, it’s the rural folks who seem to love the moron president. I’ve stopped trying to figure them out. What’s the point anymore, right?

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      3. Sigh. You guys did go for Clinton over Trump in 2016, but apparently only in the cities, which was enough to win the state. I’m afraid I would show my worst self if I saw all those Trump stickers! Fortunately, they are rare in my own neighborhood, and since March, I haven’t left my 1/2-mile radius, so …

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  5. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our friend Jeff has written a thoughtful post about the violence happening in Kenosha (and other places) Violence that is largely a result of Donald Trump pouring fuel on a smoldering fire. There is so much anger in this nation, that I don’t know how we stop the violence, but it plays right into Trump’s rhetoric, and if it isn’t stopped, it may be the thing that turns the upcoming election in Trump’s favour. Thank you, Jeff!


  6. Jeff,
    One thing we must do is make sure we get as close to a landslide as possible. As I point out in my most recent post, more than half a million votes were lost in the primaries because of self-imposed problems with mail-in ballots—even before DeJoy’s destructive maneuvers. I’m taking the liberty of posting my link, which also links to fellow blogger Joseph Urban’s solid voter information and two helpful resources. We can’t afford to have these votes thrown out! I hope people take the time to plan their votes—and then, if possible, track them to ensure they’ve been counted.

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    1. Thanks for that link Annie. Geez, I swear I was following you. I don’t know how that happened. But, I’m following you now. I sincerely apologize. Now I will receive your posts directly!
      Great voter info in your post. We need as much of that info as we can get. And I watched most of Dem convention. I thought it was wonderful and inspirational. So much better than what little I’ve seen from the RNC. I can’t bear to watch too much of it. I just can’t.
      Biden wasn’t my first or second choice. But I also realize that he’s the right person at the right time. We need decency and honesty now more than ever. Joe will give us that. And competent leadership. And I also think his selection of Kamala was the right choice as well. It’s not going to be easy Annie. We cannot get complacent!!

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      1. I think you have been following me, Jeff. I got the message that you’d just signed on, but your name didn’t appear under new followers. There have been lots of WP glitches with others, so if you don’t get a notice of my Saturday post, I’m afraid you’ll have to complain to WP. When I do it, they tell me the person with the problem must contact them directly. I try to post Wed and Sat.
        Good news: just saw an Axios article that Biden plans a “modified” return to the campaign trail in the swing states. He heard you!

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      2. Thanks Annie. I thought so. WordPress. Figures!
        Yes, I saw that about Biden. Makes me very happy. They need to do it. Harris did an interview with Craig Melvin earlier today. I saw a little bit of it. Bottom line is that they’re becoming more visible and are responding in real time to the lies of you know who. That’s a good thing!!


    1. Excuse me, where is the rest of my comment? Damn Word Press.
      i started with the quote, “Anything more than that, where property or injury to others is prevalent, is unacceptable.” Putting property belfore life is unacceptable!

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      1. You know what rawgod? You’re correct! I changed it. Thanks for pointing that out. Should have realized it when I wrote it.


      2. Thank you. I would not have said it if I did not think it worth saying. Someone has to “”watch the watchers,” so-to-speak. One oy my earliest attempts at Science Fiction went unpublished of course, entitled Who Watches the Watchers? Earth was an experiment in finding out if it was possible to find a way for various races to get along in peace on one continent. When that resulted in nuclear warfare the competing races blew Earth to bits. reverberations went up the proverbial ladder. War in the world, war in the solar system, war between solar systems, war between galaxies, war between universes, and war between multiverses, though I don’t think that last level had been invented yet.
        I really thought the story spoke to hope, but whoever was Editor of Astounding Tales at the time thought it completely without hope. REJECT.

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      3. Words matter rawgod! Especially when speaking to sensitive subjects such as social injustice and inequality. Thanks again


  7. I put up my sixth Biden/Harris sign in the yard today..why did I put up six? The first was spray painted over, the second had feces smeared on it..the third was torn up and reposted upside down, Lord only knows where the fourth and fifth ones went. Maybe someone was just jealous? lol I have another twenty-five signs and am hoping I won’t have t use all of them before we catch the “alleged criminal”. Oklahoma is a bleeding red state, so i shouldn’t expect anything else. I am terribly afraid it will only get worse before cooler minds begin to take over again…and I am terrified of what will happen should the damned cheeto win the electoral college again.

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    1. Wow Suze. That’s appalling. What the hell is wrong with these people? Yes, my wife ordered a sign and we put it out in our yard a few weeks ago. So far, so good, but we live on a cul-de-sac with not much traffic. Most of my neighbors are friendly and we know them. In fact most are not fans of the moron president. But, nothing would surprise me if I come home one day to some sort of vandalism. I hope not but the fever is so high right now. Only 67 days left. I hope we can make it!!!


  8. again, I’m calling you guys out Jeff and anyone who reblogs this, for your hipocrasy. Remember, it was maxine waters who said that if you see any member of trumps cabinet in a mall, at a gas station, at a restaurant, you draw a crowd, you push back and say they’re not welcome. So democrats calling an end to the violence they are complicit in because of their silence on the matter for all of these months is just total bullshit. I am sick of the hipocrasy of all of you who blog and reblog this crap. I can select not to read it and I don’t read everything because I only have so much frustration that I can experience but when I see this hipocritical shit, it is incumbant on me to call it out for what it is, propaganda.

    I’m not a democrat or republican, both parties are horrible, both have raised the debt, proped up the military industrial complex and both partise are addicted to spending and making careers out of lying to the people who they say they represent.

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    1. Do your own research Ragnar. I’m not going to do it for you. Many of the mass shootings in recent years were perpetrated by right-wing domestic extremists. Against gays. Against Jews. Against Black folks. Was it left-leaning domestic extremists who took out these people? Of course not. We have a right-wing so-called White Christian Nationalism problem in this country. Who were the folks ransacking the Capitol on January 6th? Please get your facts straight before you weigh in over here. Thanks

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      1. Brookingslib, I was never suggesting that you do my research for me. I am just suggesting that you get your information from sources that use tragedies associated with guns to push a gun control narrative.


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