The Predictable Lying Hatefest Begins

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“‘The radical left.”

“‘The radical Democrats.”

Beware of Socialism!”

As expected, the RNC Convention got off to a rousing start last night. Even before it began, it wasn’t hard to predict that the words above would show up continuously. And sure enough, they did their best to meet and exceed those expectations.

Yes, my friends, the lying hatefest, is now in session. Admittedly, I didn’t watch the whole festival of deplorable’s, but I saw enough of it live and on tape to get an overall feel of what transpired.

You’ve got to hand it to those folks. When the leader of their party is a certified pathological liar, you can’t offer up a platform (which they do not have) of truth to the American people. Because to do otherwise would expose their dear leader for the absolute disaster that he most certainly is.

So, the lies were flowing freely, of course. To highlight how low the bar is with this administration, the network I watched, MSNBC, fact-checked some speakers in real-time. Now, of course, that network is left-leaning, and those on the other side will yell and scream that they did not do the same with the DNC Convention last week.

I’ve got news for them: they didn’t need to. While no political party is ever pure when it comes to speaking the truth at all times, the level of dishonesty from the Republican Party and the current president is unprecedented. So please spare us the self-righteous indignation over the supposed ‘both sides do it’ bullshit when it comes to lying.

And much of the fact-checking was geared to the current president himself, especially as it related to the pandemic. There he was, bantering about with a group of ‘real’ Americans, telling them the virtues of hydroxychloroquine and other snake oil remedies he took to ward off the virus. MSNBC merely spoke the truth about what the science says about those ‘magical’ so-called cures, and we should thank them for doing so.

But while painting Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the second coming of Chairman Mao and Fidel Castro was terrible enough, the speakers themselves represented perhaps the biggest whopper of the evening – that the Republican Party is diverse, welcoming, and has a big tent. Yes, they tried to pull that off.

Oh sure, there were people of color speaking at the podium. There were African-American speakers such as former football player Hershel Walker, who calls himself a long-time friend of the current president. We also saw Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones speak and the current Senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott, who closed out the first evening delivering the keynote address. Former Governor of South Carolina and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, an Indian-American, also gave a speech.

I suppose we can give them credit for trying. But folks, don’t fall for it because it’s nothing but an illusion. Pure and simple, this is the Grand Old White Party (GOWP). All you have to do is take a look at the demographic makeup of our Congress and the overall voting public to see which party is diverse, and which party is dominated by one race.

For example, for this 116th Congress, there are 56 African-American members. Of those, only two are Republicans, one in the Senate, and one in the House. Also, there are currently 51 members of Congress who are Hispanic/Latino – only 12 of which are Republicans.

And you can see an even more significant diversity gap when you look at the demographic/party affiliation of who voted in the 2016 election. According to a Center for American Progress Report, nearly 9 in 10 Republican voters were white (88%), while just 60% of Democratic voters were.

So while they’d like to have us believe, with tears in their eyes, that they’re a welcoming party, the facts tell us something entirely different. Throwing a few people of color up to the stage to make it look like the party is something that it’s not is a slap in the face to the American people. What they ought to do is embrace themselves as the white party and be done with it.

Until this party is willing to make some drastic changes to its overall philosophy, it will continue to go down the road of irrelevance. Suppressing votes and gerrymandering to keep power isn’t how you win over people of color. On the contrary, if you want to be inclusive, how about working with Democrats to make it easier to vote, not harder?

Let’s summarize how the next three days are going to go. Joe Biden is a radical left socialist who’s sold his soul to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If you elect Biden, expect death and destruction in the streets, with anarchists running wild and Black Lives Matter members taking over neighborhoods. Forget about your suburbs because Biden’s going to make sure there’s a black or Latino family on every corner. You must re-elect Donald J. Trump, or you can kiss this country goodbye.

That’s pretty much it, folks. If Day one is any indicator, expect the hate and lies to continue at an accelerated pace, leading us to an all too familiar crescendo on Thursday. That’s when the liar-in-chief himself will take the stage—a fitting end to an absurd convention. One for the ages, he’ll say. The greatest convention ever, for the greatest president ever.

And the party that’s embraced him like no other will cross their fingers and hope that on November 3, the American people will forget about the carnage their leader has bestowed upon our country. Yes, our attention spans are known for being a little short. I’m inclined to think that thousands of needless deaths, economic ruin, and continuing social unrest might make that attention span a lot longer this year.

Do we want four more years of this?


    1. I hear you Kim. That surprised me as well about Fox. At least MSNBC is fact checking. Still, I’d only cover a few of the main speakers and stay away from the rest of it if I were them. It’s such a disgrace. I switched to an NBA basketball game that was a blowout! I can’t take it!!

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  1. Not being a glutton for cruel and unusual punishment, I couldn’t bear to watch “the lying hatefest.” (I could barely stand to watch snippets on the news).
    Now that I think about it, with Trump and Company, no punishment is cruel and unusual.

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  2. Jeff, the paint brush is out. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are moderates. They are tugged on from the left to be more progressive and chastised from the right as socialists, a word many could not define. They did the same with Barack Obama, who was a moderate.

    What tickles me is the TV commercials that have slipped past my mute button reveal that many GOP candidates, regardless of the race, are running against Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and AOC. They are cookie cutter commercials, paid for by the RNC, with the name-the-candidate put in at the beginning.

    These three have been made the “whipping poster children” for some time, with AOC being the latest addition. Facts and subtleties are unnecessary. They have been painted so badly by Fox, Limbaugh, Jones, etc., to the Republican mind they are the Freddie Krueger. It is a terrible form of name calling. Keith

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    1. Yep, it’s the RNC playbook Keith. Paint all Dems with the broad brush and call them all the ‘radical left.’ But maybe Biden/Harris ought to start calling R’s and Trump radical. I see no reason to cede that form of campaign name-calling to them. But that’s what the R’s do so well. Pound a theme over and over till you can’t get it out of your head. I mean, really, if you can’t call what Trump and the Rs have been doing for years as radical, what else can you call it?

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      1. Jeff, Biden and Harris need only quote people who know or worked for Trump and ask now why would they say that? For example, why would General James Mattis say the president does not even try to unite us? Keith

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      2. Yep. Now another former DHS employee has come out warning of the danger we face if he’s reelected. I wish they would have come out earlier. However, being this close to the election, maybe it’s better that they do it now. As we both know Keith, people forget things very quickly these days.


  3. In your “If you elect Biden …”, you forgot to mention that all guns will be confiscated and the Second Amendment will be trashed.

    Sidenote: Did the major networks carry the Democratic Convention? I can’t imagine that they didn’t, but I don’t recall seeing the TV guide filled with all the channels that were broadcasting it like it has been with the Republicans. Maybe it’s because I wanted so bad to watch something else (!) and my choices were limited.

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    1. Not sure Nan but I think they did carry it. I’m with you. I’ve avoided most of it. My brain and body can only take the continual lying. The amazing part is that they do it with such ease. Straight on look into the camera lying. It’s one of those ‘gifts’ that only so many people have I suppose. The king of them all will give his acceptance speech tonight. I think I’m gonna do a hard pass!!

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  4. Watched the DNC, but not watching one minute of this shit show, though I do see clips on the news and Colbert’s show.

    Insane how they describe the near anarchy that is America as if Biden is the standing President, and the pandemic in the past tense.

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    1. It’s called Shameless 101. They don’t care, and they don’t care that they don’t care. His followers lap it all up though. That’s what’s scary about where we are right now.


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