Jeff & Jill Need Your Help!

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The most consequential election in modern times is upon us. Jill and I took a break from a project we started earlier in the year. But we always knew we’d be back for the closing months of the campaign. And here we are. I’ll let Jill explain how we intend to move forward. Thanks Jill!

Filosofa's Word

As most of you know, Jeff and I began a project titled Discord & Dissension in January of this year. We posted every Friday on a variety of topics concerning the upcoming November election, from the various congressional races, the candidates, climate change and other critical issues, the Courts, voter apathy, and more, until May when we found ourselves exhausted and decided that we needed a break, a hiatus, so that we could come back strong in the weeks leading up to the election. Well, guess what, folks? We are just 11 weeks from election day as of yesterday!

So, Jeff and I have begun collecting our thoughts (some had run away and we had to chase them down!), dusting off the cobwebs, and doing a bit of brainstorming about our direction in those all-important weeks before the election. We plan to resume our posts on the afternoon of…

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