Why We’re Here


Our goal here is to convince or persuade those voters who in most elections are on the fence when it comes to choosing a candidate. Sometimes you vote Democratic. Sometimes you vote Republican. Sometimes you vote independent. Sometimes you write in a candidate not even running. And sometimes, unfortunately, you do not vote. We realize your vote is sacred and personal. In turn, we will go to great lengths to present factual and thoughtful analysis, as well as current news that we hope will enlighten and educate.

Make no mistake, we feel that Democrats more often than not, project the most positive way forward. Our democracy, for better or worse, is a two party system. While all candidates are certainly not created equal, the differences between the two parties could not be more stark. We seek to highlight those differences.

Finally, please think of our blog as a living and breathing thing. What we do and how we do it is always a work in progress. We’re never afraid of change. In fact, we welcome it.