Logical Fallacies


Greetings!  You’ve clicked on one of our pages that has no content yet because it’s still ‘Under Construction’. (Sorry about that!)  It’s on our ‘To Do’ list, you can be sure.  We’re still somewhat new, and although we’re up and running, we still have many loose ends to tie up.

We left ‘Logical Fallacies’ up as a menu item because we don’t want to forget about it in our efforts to get things done on our site. We feel it’s important because many people have trouble seeing deceptive elements in both verbal and written arguments, and then form opinions (and eventually cast their votes) based on flawed understanding.  This section will eventually address how deception can be detected in our every day contact with less than trustworthy news sources.

Thanks for stopping by!  We’re working hard to get content on this menu item!